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  • Spies, lies and Eve Online

  • agparrot 04/05/2014

    @Xeaon I have happy memories of this. My PC was tearing at the edges to keep up then, and I've still got the same PC now. :(

    One day, though.... one day...
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront is "DICE's interpretation of what Battlefront should be"

  • agparrot 14/06/2013

    Luke, you can have one Proton Torpedo for your Death Star run, but if you want to take two, for optimal mission success parameters, you're going to have to pay for the Proton Torpedo Premium package, which only costs one of those boxes of credits that Han Solo was just loading up onto the Falcon. Reply +3
  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • agparrot 24/05/2013

    @Bertie Sorry, my swearing was not necessary, but Parfitt's nonchalance about how his conclusions were basically arrived at by not receiving denial is spurious and not very journalist-like in my humble opinion. Reply +1
  • agparrot 24/05/2013

    Seriously though, fuck MCV and the 'journalism' that Ben Parfitt engaged in to source this 'story'. It's tantamount to trolling.

    From which Parfitt writes: "Could one or both of our Xbox One stories be wrong? It's possible, of course. Microsoft need simply put us straight. We gave them the chance"

    This odious behaviour reflects very poorly on EG for repeating it, in my humble opinion.

    Also, I've surmised the Xbox One is made out of cheese, and so long as Microsoft don't deny it, I'm sticking with that as fact.

    Dumb fucks.
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  • It's the Xbox One Eurogamer Podcast special!

  • agparrot 22/05/2013

    Would also like to register my approval of Mr Higson's video - the best things about the Xbox One reveal for me have been the funnies that have cropped up as a result. While I've also enjoyed the serious analysis of game writers who remain as clueless as the rest of us about what the next generation is bringing, the stupid stuff is very entertaining, in this case particularly your No Russian Scooby, and Xbox Off finisher. Reply 0
  • EA to discontinue Online Passes

  • agparrot 16/05/2013

    Excellent, this means they'll be able to continue their program of regularly closing down as many servers for their games as possible, without accusations from gamers that the Online Pass means that those services have been paid for.

    No wait, not Excellent, the other thing... very annoying.
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  • Next Xbox to be called Xbox Infinity - report

  • agparrot 10/05/2013

    I'm going to call it Xbox 8.

    As will everyone else, eventually. Especially people who don't know that sideways 8 - Infinity.

    If this is even true.
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  • Will Wright's next game to be "built around the player's life"

  • agparrot 08/05/2013

    A new Manhunter game?

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  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sequel possible, says Michael Biehn

  • agparrot 07/05/2013

    @zootle This is a standalone game, downloadable from Steam, XBLA or PSN. Reply +2
  • agparrot 07/05/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil The 'Far Cry 3' titles is interesting - the game is clearly made in the same engine, and implemented by the same team and features many of the same gameplay mechanics.

    As well as ribbing films, the Far Cry 3 prefix has allowed the writers to make a few loving jokes at the expense of games generally, and about Far Cry 3 specifically - players of the original game will recognise where the dialogue and mission stuff has been lifted from, just in order to be mercilessly, if affectionately mocked.

    To my mind, though, there is a joke in retaining Far Cry 3, tipping a nodding hat to the numbered 80s films it incorporates - thinks like Rocky I, II, III, IV and so on, and things like "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"
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  • agparrot 07/05/2013

    Thanks, Michael Biehn!

    The work of Mr Biehn on Blood Dragon really cements the whole game together - it sets the tone perfectly, balancing a kind of loving appreciation of 80s films with a knowing, gentle mockery of the action genre.

    It works because of Dwayne Hicks and Kyle Reese and whether news of a sequel is a wind-up or not, I'd happily pay a similar price for a similar thing, or perhaps even stump up money for DLC for Blood Dragon.

    Mark IV style.
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  • UK charts: Dead Island: Riptide remains in top spot

  • agparrot 07/05/2013

    @Whizzo Yes - it'll be interesting to see if we get any Blood Dragon numbers.

    I really feel as if I've been spoiled for games that are focused on FUN, with Riptide and Blood Dragon. Riptide has many little alterations in the weapons, skills and loot-collecting mechanics that make it much cleaner than the first Dead Island in many ways.

    Riptide is also an absolute riot in co-op, and I'm starting to believe that the scripts for the story missions were written in much the same tongue-in-cheek way as those in Blood Dragon. The more missions you play, the harder it is to hold on to the idea that Dead Island takes itself seriously - a common but I now think inaccurate complaint in reviews.

    I can't quite get my head around the critical response to Dead Island, when, as others have mentioned so many other franchises are guilty of the same quality and stagnation issues, but somehow escape the damping of review scores that Dead Island seems to incur.
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  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition boxed release dated

  • agparrot 01/05/2013

    Including a 48-hour Gold subscription seems a little bit strange.

    If you can get online to use the subscription, why not just download the game?

    Perhaps there are pricing considerations, though.
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  • "The next generation is going to be, possibly for the very first time, the next generation of game design"

  • agparrot 30/04/2013

    (He says the real limiting factor in current-generation machines wasn't the power, "it was the memory". "Give me the same processor but give me 8GB of memory; you would see games on 360 or PS3 you would not believe," he said. "We get that next generation.")
    Well, the comfortable thing about being a gamer is that all we have to do is sit back, and wait to see whether this is the case or not.

    I certainly hope that he is right, I really enjoy stuff that has a little more depth or more complex systems. As others in the comments have already said, though, it is hard to see anybody, even larger indies backed by console manufacturers, deviating too far from what have become the developments of rather generic titles if they want to sell their games in huge numbers.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited retrospective

  • agparrot 28/04/2013

    Much of the trouble with the handling wasn't really to do with the driving models of the cars. - which is actually a better model than appears in the sequel. The problems really arose from the way that the roads were pieced together from flat 'panels' that are stitched together almost like a scalextric set. Where these pieces met,.there was an angular join rather than a smooth change of elevation.

    Sadly, the sequel addressed the problem of these sections but having a smooth, undulating road world, and then throwing away the handling of the first game in favour of something much less 'realistic' which ultimately didn't ever give the same, satisfying driving feel.

    Nevertheless, this article is completely right about the communities that formed, whether temporarily with like -minded strangers or through an attempt to get a group of friends together. That Drive Club game from the PS4 reveal offered hope that perhaps someone was going to put driving ahead of the gaming, but I suppose only time will tell if we're to be fortunate enough to receive another open world driver.

    Can't quite believe they've turned the tdu servers off, either - I'm sure I was playing online with others as recently as 6 to 9 months ago.
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  • Despite Kickstarter shortfall, Defense Grid 2 development now under way

  • agparrot 26/04/2013


    The original kickstarter was not for Defense Grid 2, it was for a Defense Grid expansion, and they have in fact reached the funding goal for that target.

    If they hadn't got the mystery investor, it seems fairly clear that instead of making DG2, they would have progressed instead with the hefty DG expansion that the kickstarter was for.
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  • agparrot 26/04/2013

    I bet the mystery partner is Frontier Games.

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  • Battlefield 4: more evidence of Commander Mode, Battlelog 2.0, release date

  • agparrot 25/04/2013

    I've put something around 450 hours into BF3, and I spent a great deal of time in BC2, but I'm sorry - I'm not getting this one.

    Maybe I'll have a peek at an eventual next-gen version, but despite how much fun I've had with '3, I'm a bit burnt out on the whole thing, and the thought of needing to buy another premium pass for the next game makes me feel a bit ill, if I'm honest. I already had my perceived 'savings' scuppered in BFPr3mium by really not liking Armoured Kill - an expansion I wouldn't even have bothered buying if I'd realised how little I would like it, personally.

    Plus, as stupid as I know it is, there's another reason I'm not getting it: EA. I'm just not buying any of their full price stuff while they continue to be so business, money focused. It should be In The Game, not In The DLC or MTX or Annual Reports.

    Yeah, Go me.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Leave me alone

  • agparrot 20/04/2013

    @scuffpuppies and others - there is an option in the Xbox dashboard to turn off notifications. I use it frequently for single-player games where I feel that immersion is important.

    Hit the guide button, tab over to the right until you find Preferences > Notifications, and untick them. You can specify whether it notifies you of nothing at all, or only disable the popups for movie playback.

    I can't imagine playing Bioshock Infinite with popups enabled... so I didn't!
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  • Julian Gollop reveals how the original X-Com was nearly cancelled - twice

  • agparrot 28/03/2013

    @bristolmunkeh Haha - Did you? I did too! I once got my friend's mum to drive me up there to drop off a job application when I was much, much younger. As we pulled back out of the T-Junction from the Wickwar road, back into the High Street, a man in a hurry to get to a meeting at Microprose drove into my friend's mums car.

    I didn't get a job there, either. Lose-lose.
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  • BioShock Infinite review

  • agparrot 25/03/2013

    Sounds great.

    Here's another link, like the one at the bottom of the review, for the Eurogamer Scoring Policy

    Where it quite clearly states in black and white that a 10/10 is not equivalent to perfection, for all those people too set in the thrust of their argument to read it for themselves.
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  • This is what top-level COD competition ****ing looks like

  • agparrot 21/03/2013

    I wish to register my displeasure at this foul-mouthed video, by calling all the people involved in it really, really offensive names.

    Congratulations, EG commenters.
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  • Lord British thinks "most game designers really just suck"

  • agparrot 20/03/2013

    I think a few years ago I'd have jumped to the defence of other designers, and to some extent, if I had the energy, I would here, too.

    Then things like Aliens: Colonial Marines happen. And Walking Dead: Survival Instinct happen, and I wonder whether Lord British might have a point.

    He doesn't, of course, as the other, wonderful games we are regularly spoiled with prove.

    Perhaps amid the apparent lunacy of his claims though, there might be a shred of truth that applies to some designers.

    The egomania certainly doesn't help his argument, I'll grant you.
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  • Next Xbox games run from hard drive, discs not supported post-install - report

  • agparrot 20/03/2013

    I have no idea whether this will, or will not happen. Nor does the article itself:

    The one caveat to this is that, while apparently genuine, the information is dated from last year. It's no surprise that Microsoft is exploring methods of blocking used-games. What remains to be seen is whether such technology makes it into the final machine.
    As Machiavellian mentions, nobody really knows what the final approach of Sony will be either.

    The sooner that the speculation gives way to actual facts, the sooner we can all stop making idiots of ourselves by basing our claimed next-gen purchases on this kind of non-information.
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  • BioShock Infinite, Walking Dead: Survival Instinct headed to PSN Store

  • agparrot 20/03/2013

    Let us just establish, here and now that anybody who spends money on The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is going to get exactly what they deserve.

    A very, very bad game.

    Do not reward Activision for this cynical travesty.
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  • Tomb Raider DLC will be entirely multiplayer-based

  • agparrot 20/03/2013

    I haven't sampled the joys of Tomb Raider yet, but I do have to ask whether anyone is actually playing the multiplayer? The few comments here that refer to it certainly don't make it sound like, erm, the games strongest area?

    This seems like a big missed opportunity, given how my limited reading on it seems to suggest that even the people who loved the game seemed to be in favour of a sequel having more exploration, and more tombs.

    A very kind chum of mine has offered to lend me his Tomb Raider, so I'll hopefully have a better handle on whether this decision is more crazy than it already sounds.
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  • Watch five of us play Gears of War: Judgment live from 8.30pm GMT

  • agparrot 19/03/2013

  • Bastion creator announces new game Transistor

  • agparrot 19/03/2013


    Nice, that flowed straight into my head in The Voice.
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  • Why publishers refuse games such as Remember Me because of their female protagonists

  • agparrot 19/03/2013

    @Bluetooth Urban Chaos on the playstation had a black female lead, but I can't think of any others.

    Some of the ways people associate female protagonists with other things in these comments and in their heads is pretty depressing. Perhaps it shows why publishers have exactly the same attitudes.

    It just doesn't matter who or what the protagonist is, and the point of the article is that a lot of publishers think that it inherently does. That's pretty backwards.
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  • 24-year-old Total War fan immortalised in Rome 2 shortly before losing battle with cancer

  • agparrot 18/03/2013

    Ok, I've suspended the account of the idiot, and apologies to those people whose comments I have edited so that it isn't quoted - I'm never usually in favour of censorship but I hope you'll all understand why I've removed all trace of matty's insensitive and thoughtless post.

    As for the article - full props to Creative Assembly and to Willow. RIP James.
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  • Thief 4 hero Garrett less "gothic", more "mainstream"

  • agparrot 14/03/2013

    "We wanted to bring him more for the modern audience of today's console market," Cantin carried on. "He's now in the game doing more action moves and that's how we wanted the costume and the suit to reflect that.
    I.... What?

    Isn't this a sequel to those thief games of which I have fond, fond memories of sneaking around, careful plotting and stealthy funtimes? Please don't muck this up with 'action moves'.


    I'm not abandoning all hope just yet, but re-purposing Thief seems akin to sacrilige.
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  • Dead Space 3: Awakened review

  • agparrot 13/03/2013

    On the plus side, at least we can be reassured by this review that they didn't take out the good bits from the game, in order to sell them separately. Reply +2
  • 1.92GB Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch live

  • agparrot 12/03/2013

    @zakrocz They did up the capacity of the USB sticks that the 360 can use, fairly recently to 32Gb, so you don't have to just get 16Gb ones anymore.

    edit: The size limit was doubled in November 2012, and the maximum is documented at the end of this link
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  • agparrot 12/03/2013

    Yup, as @Typhoid says, the 1.92Gb patch is in addition to the 1.73Gb download for today's End Game download for 360 Premium players.

    Making the total multiplayer footprint of BF3 on my 360 a whopping 24GB!
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  • Zynga: "all games are derived from other games"

  • agparrot 11/03/2013

    I'm pretty sure that somebody else already stated that games are derived from other games, and Dan Porter is just copying whoever said that. Reply +16
  • US retail giant GameStop reminds Microsoft and Sony why it thinks always-online consoles are a bad idea

  • agparrot 07/03/2013

    @adamantium There was talk about the percentages of used game sales in another article I read a couple of weeks ago, and I'm sorry but I can't remember where it was.

    It was Michael Pachter saying that, I think, Gamestop does about 20% or its game sales in the form of used games, whereas in the UK, used sales account for about 10% of the total. 20% is definitely a high enough figure to impact publisher profits, but this data was in isolation from any information about what the people who had traded their games in had spent their money on, and if 70% of that credit is spent on new games, then it reduces the negative impact of the used sales.

    Man, that sounded simpler in my head.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Voting with your wallets isn't the whole answer to abusive micro-transactions

  • agparrot 03/03/2013


    I think it's disingenuous to try and shoehorn your latest blog entry into a reply to a comments thread here on EG.

    Either it is a standalone piece of your blog, about something else, or it is a comment here on EG about this specific article. You've gone to a lot of effort in your two posts here to try and make it seem like your post is more relevant than it really is, and you haven't made any effort on your blog to acknowledge that your blog entry is merely a reply to a piece on Eurogamer. Presumably because all that is really happening here is you trying to garner more exposure for your blog.

    DarthMartious is correct to pick up that your reply is odd, because it isn't really a reply to this article at all. I'm tempted to remove both your comments, but I'll let them stand on this occasion. Let's say that this is the last time this kind of redistribution of your blog is going to happen though, shall we? It's dragging this conversation off in a direction it didn't ever really start in for your own aims.
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  • agparrot 02/03/2013


    I just am not sure, if you really believe that the standard of writing isn't very good here, why you'd keep coming back and reading it.

    He he! You've given a sound counter-argument but I fear you are wasting your time addressing the writer. These game journos don't know what the hell they are talking about, especially on this site.

    They want to wipe the publishers a*se with one hand and pet the core gamers with the other. They dish out high marks to these games and then put out articles where they slate them.
    There are plenty of places on the internet to find very poor writing about games. As much as I sometimes disagree with the points that some of the writers on EG make, I still think they do a great job of expressing themselves. I think it's disingenuous to say that it isn't of a high quality just because you don't agree with what they say.

    The reason that games get high marks and also get slated is because EG isn't written by one person, and increasingly these days EG articles offer different sides of the same argument. I don't see how this is a bad thing.

    anomagnus makes some critical thought-through points, even though I don't agree with what he writes. I agree with him about the way the comments voting is used - as a moderator I can see exactly which users have voted, too, so I get a good idea of things like who the users are who always, always downvote things that aren't completely positive about the consoles they love. It's exasperating. He makes a reasonable debate, even though I can't agree with his understanding of how or why the article was written. Even anomagnus doesn't stoop to insult the quality of the way the piece is put together though, even though he fundamentally (I'm joking again here) loves microtransactions!

    So, if you don't think the writing is very good, why on earth would you keep coming back to read it, and furthermore bang on about it in the comments, with no critical analysis behind this baseless idea you have that the quality is poor?
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  • agparrot 02/03/2013

    @Bremenacht I also +1'd anomagnus, despite largely holding contrary views. It was a considered reply he'd put a lot of thought into, even though (I'm joking here) he's wrong!

    Completely agree with moroboshi about online passes, too. I don't entirely disagree with the concept of maybe helping to fund servers, hell - I even gave actual money to the EGer who organised a 360 BF3 server for a while. However, specifically on the 360, it grates a lot that there are online passes when Live Gold is also a paid gateway to online play.
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  • agparrot 02/03/2013

    @IvorB I don't know why you get so angry about the Saturday Soapbox pieces that you don't agree with. They are essentially op-eds - opinion pieces, that certainly do have a place here on EG, and often fuel some of the more interesting discussions.

    You may feel that they'd be better consigned to a blog or comment, but you've certainly had no problem in joining the discussion in the comments here. I simply don't understand the rationale behind your "WTF AM I READING" pictures, and picking up on where you think the piece should be published, espcially when you then go on to largely agree with the thrust of it anyway when you say you won't be buying any new EA games.

    You may have views on hardware architecture complexity and developer originality, and the symbiosis between these things, but your WTF picture obscures my understanding of what you are trying to say, all I can see is whining, and then you counter this with well-reasoned talk in your second post. It's a bit schizophrenic.
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  • agparrot 02/03/2013

    Another great write - I do enjoy reading some of these Saturday Soapbox pieces. even if I don't agree with them I do appreciate the love and thought that has gone into them, and I also like to have a meander through the interesting comments around the discussions they spawn.

    I'm broadly in agreement with the first part of the article, as I commented on the news piece about what Cliffy said, I'm one of the apparently vocal minority who has changed my spending habits to 'reward' developers and publishers who don't go for these immersion-breaking gameplay-balance-altering methods of monetisation, and to 'punish' those that do. This should not be mistaken for some sort of adolescent huff - I do spend money on games, and I do spend money on content-based DLC. I even buy things made by EA, but nowadays I buy them when they are very cheap, or choose specifically to rent them, or occasionally buy second hand. I get to play the game, EA sometimes get to make whatever profit they can out of my roughly £15 spending limit. There was a time, as Tom details in the article, when EA seemed to have turned a corner and be making things that weren't just annual iterations, and I'd buy those sorts of things for £40, but that isn't going to happen so long as I perceive that there is a detriment to the products in the form of microtransactions, or DLC that seems to have been stripped from the game. This isn't specific to EA of course, the removal of sequentially numbered chapters from Assassins Creed II provoked a delayed purchase response, from me.

    This isn't a hard and fast rule - I bought Borderlands 2 at launch because I had so much fun with the first game. It also had a DLC pass and other DLC content that could have been interpreted as rip-off DLC, but there is much less of a sense that you are missing anything if you choose not to buy these add-ons, and there certainly isn't the nagging invasion of what Ghibli identifies correctly in his comment earlier of immersion-breaking pay reminders.

    I bought Minecraft XBLA, and I've bought every DLC in-game skin pack since, as a prime example of my voting with my wallet - I love the game, I want to give the developers more money. I bought a spate of Milkstone indie games from the XBLIG because I thought 80 points wasn't expensive enough for the excellent Little Racers: Street. I've even bought repeat, new copies of some games, like Dead Island when my friends have come around to the idea of playing them. I could've bought second hand the second time, but I sought out a reasonably priced new copy to show my appreciation.

    I have money to spend on games, and I'm not averse to spending it, but I'm simply not buying the games that have these abrasive business models shoehorned into them, on day one. The first week of game sales are critical to publishers and their shareholders, and it seems a great shame to me that more people can't defer their purchase for a month or two as a way to register discontent over the invasiveness of MTX models and torn-out DLC, even if they themselves don't mind just 'ignoring' these things - something that is anyway impossible given how game balancing must change to incorporate microtransactions, however aware of it you are or are not.

    Anyway, I thought it was a good read, if only because more often than not these days I'm left with the impression that the majority of the gaming press, even in the wake of what didn't really change after Robert Florence's piece, don't always have quite the same perspective on this as money-spending gamers do. That corrosive, chummy relationship between PR and press often feels like it extends beyond happy-go-lucky game previews and into corporate mantra, and it depresses me to see some gamers willing to defend full-price products with cut DLC AND microtransaction simply because "It's business". It's also my hobby, and as much as I love to spend money on it, I'm being much more selective about what I spend my money on, and when I spend it, as a result of the combative relationship between me and publishers that they have decided to instigate.

    I couldn't agree with any of the stuff about less complicated architecture leading to less creativity, but I still think it's an interesting view, and I'll certainly be looking to the next gen to see whether it is even possible to pin a correlation between hardware complexity and developer creativity.
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  • Microsoft's war of independence

  • agparrot 01/03/2013

    For those asking, the EG forum thread that tries to keep track of some (but doesn't catch all) the decent XBLIG games is here:

    A few games even make it to having their own threads if they drum up enough interest - Odyssey 3011 and Arcadecraft being two recent examples.

    Fans of turn-based tactics games should check out Miasma and Miasma 2, and you can't do any harm to yourself buying the excellent Little Racers: Street, Applejack, and a bunch of other stuff referenced in the thread. Like Lasercat.
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  • agparrot 01/03/2013

    @illage2 There's a decent thread on the EG forum that keeps track of the good Indie games, although it isn't updated all that regularly, it is a good way of finding out what the real gems are. Reply +4
  • agparrot 01/03/2013

    Have a lot of time for Milkstone, and the other great studios who are consistently producing very high quality products on the XBLIG. It must be a thankless task sometimes to see your products drowned in a sea of very poorly put together things that aren't really games.

    If only there were some sort of Independint (CHARLES) reviewer who could sift the wheat, from the chaff.
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  • Forget the Dead Island: Riptide pre-order incentives, what's happening with that awful Zombie Bait bikini torso edition?

  • agparrot 01/03/2013

    Seems that these Dead Island pieces always suffer if you can't get hold of Koch. Reply +2
  • Amid growing anger at micro-transactions, CliffyB calls on gamers to vote with their wallets

  • agparrot 01/03/2013


    I can't really disagree with you about there being a load of great games around at the moment. I'm playing a load of fantastic stuff, and although I've never really stopped to think exactly how I'd rate my happiness against previous consoles, or whatnot, I'm certainly very happy with the games.

    I'm also aware that businesses need to make money, and I'll happily give them my money for things I want to buy and play. I think it is sometimes increasingly difficult to have a rational discussion about DLC and microtransactions. It's a pretty broad subject, encompassing things like the GTA IV and Borderlands DLC - meaty, value propositions in my opinion, things that add to already great value games, and the discussion also covers other games where people feel as if the DLC has been removed from the game prior to its release - I know there are plenty of contentious titles, but I'm always reminded of the main game of Assassin's Creed II skipping from chapter 11 to chapter 14 because the intervening chapters were DLC.

    I'd guess the ACII model is one that companies will avoid in future, as the perception of it being removed for profiteering is too easy to make in that case. It's hard to always trust that publishers aren't also doing this with other titles, like the DLC that is ostensibly new content for Dead Space 3 - the 'scary bits' that fans of the series often quote as their favourite bits, being announced just before the game itself was released as an add-on piece of DLC. I don't feel like I'm RAGING ON THE INTERNET as Cliffy puts it, when I just shrug and defer my purchase of DS3 to some indeterminate point in the future.

    I'm having a ripe old time with gaming - I'm playing a great deal of varied stuff, just on my 360, and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm loving it so much I blogged about it However a lot of the games I've bought recently are ones that I deferred buying because I didn't agree with the general direction of what I saw as the money-grabbing involved. So I picked up SSX for £8.99 in a Games on Demand sale, and this price included the online pass. It annoys me that game balancing inherently has to be changed in order to include microtransactions, and this is why I can't agree with the "ignore them if you don't want them" argument - it strikes me that if the balancing of games hasn't been changed to include microtransactions, then there simply isn't a place for them. I've still given EA £8.99 for SSX, and I even spent a further 320 points on a mountain and some characters - DLC content I didn't mind spending money on. I don't honestly know if EA would have received more money if I'd bought SSX on day one for £40, but I imagine they would have done, and it is here that my tiny, not particularly vocal protest is taking place.
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  • agparrot 01/03/2013

    As one of the 'vocal minority' who does already vote with my wallet, it can often feel a bit like we aren't all that vocal, so it's nice of Cliffy to help spread the word!

    Every game must have a steady stream of DLC, he said, because otherwise it will be traded in or rented. "In the console space you need to do anything to make sure that that disc stays in the tray. I used to be offended by Gamestop's business practices but let's be honest... they're the next Tower Records or Sam Goody. It's only a matter of time.
    This quote sends different messages though. Are games sold at full retail value not making the publishers or developers any profits? I understand that they might want to make more money of course, but this desperate need to keep the disc in the tray can only be born of either being determined to make as much money as possible, or as a result of the original sale not being profitable. Either of these possibilities has problems associated with it. It dances around all sorts of issues to do with game quality and longevity, around profiting from 'nothing' - either selling microtransactions or as a retailer who trades in second hand games - and almost displays a real fear of the seemingly ordinary practice of trading or renting games.

    I'm a buyer of DLC, I don't mind spending money on content. As others have pointed out, Microtransactions aren't really about selling content, they are more about selling progress, essentially replacing easy modes in games with paying to make the game easier. Perhaps in a purely free to play model this is alright, but the mix of full retail prices with (sometimes acceptable) optional DLC is a very different bag to the monetisation of progress in those same titles.
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  • Real Racing 3 review

  • agparrot 28/02/2013

    I've been trying to make the maths at the end fit into the review score, as I thought that last paragraph was going to be the equivalent of a stunning olympic dismount at the end of a gold medal winning review, but I can't make those figures equate to anything near 3/10 or even three divided by ten or anything like that.

    Is it my maths that are broken, or is the denuouement not as hearty as I'm trying to give it credit for?
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  • EA putting micro-transactions "into all of our games"

  • agparrot 27/02/2013

    @Fox89 I know you've only just posted this, and everyone can see it, but I'm going to quote it anyway:

    The problem is not with micro transactions per se - I understand that businesses need to increase their revenue in a difficult market. But by implementing these micro transactions into the game itself, the entire balance of the game is at stake.

    How are you supposed to design your levels in a challenging but engaging way? How are you supposed to control resources and character progression that ensures the player always has just the right amount for the tone of your game? How can enemies be tough but consistently rewarding?

    Trying to design a rewarding game is already a tricky business. To try and make it work with a micro transaction system as well is just a recipe for disaster.
    This is exactly the issue that should be being more broadly investigated. I know the Dead Space 3 devs were very vocal about the MTX not affecting game balance if you want to ignore them, but this simply can't be true, or nobody would need to pay for extra stuff.

    I accept that there might be a bunch of time-poor, money-rich gamers that don't want to do the grind to get through games, but this is why EASY difficulty was invented.

    I must be in the minority, in that I'm just not buying games containing these 'enjoyable' ways to get gouged out of my money. The amount of money EA is making from me is greatly reduced, as I strive to wait until I can get their games cheaply, or in some cases second hand.
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  • Wii Mini out in the UK on 22nd March

  • agparrot 26/02/2013

    @Whizzo Firewire ports!

    I still have a six-port firewire hub, awaiting the day that I have six PS2s, six TVs and a mansion big enough to house them all, for some networked A-Spec!
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