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  • Ubisoft E3 2017 live report

  • Zeburdee 12/06/2017

    The big Can-Csn finale... Reply 0
  • Microsoft E3 2017 live report

  • Zeburdee 11/06/2017

    "By 'eck!" Improved Hovis graphics? Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture on PC

  • Zeburdee 23/04/2016

    Enjoy these write-ups, although it's a shame that your i3/750ti frame-rate tests seem to be on the decline.

    Higher end tests are great, but adding in your lower end 'console matching' PC often gives a great idea of how well a port has been done, plus it covers a much higher percentage of PC gamers in the process.
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  • Live: Ubisoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Zeburdee 11/06/2013

    Good God! NextGen voice overs! (HD'er acting resolution) Reply 0
  • Zeburdee 11/06/2013

    Is this CGI monotony the XBox One TV-machine's exclusive content? Reply 0
  • Zeburdee 11/06/2013

    Looks like it's another game powered by the effing cloud. Reply 0
  • Zeburdee 10/06/2013

    Let's face it, the guy's a plank. Reply 0
  • Zeburdee 10/06/2013


    The shirt's fine - he's been sick from shit-game nerves before coming on.
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  • Zeburdee 10/06/2013

    My video feed has gone - audio only: is that Steve Hawking describing Watch Dogs? Reply 0
  • Zeburdee 10/06/2013

    Great pic, Robert :)

    Lana. Lana. LANA!! 'What?!' Put your hands down, Lana, so people can see the stage. Because, you know, MONSTER HANDS, Lana!
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  • So, who's the Remember Me voice actress?

  • Zeburdee 21/08/2012

    Christ alive - the quality of both reporting and writing on Eurogamer is becoming worse every week (if that's even possible).

    As has been said, what the f&^k has this (yet another) misleading article got to do with focusing on the voice actress?

    Still, at least the level of reporting matches the professionalism of the author's bio pic.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Outsiders

  • Zeburdee 11/08/2012

    "Must be something wrong with me."

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  • God of War: Ascension gameplay footage

  • Zeburdee 01/05/2012

    Should have gone to Specsavers. Reply +10
  • Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road

  • Zeburdee 22/09/2011

    Sure, reviews are purely opinion and all. But I have to wonder if Dan gets given certain reviews in order to ramp up the controversy.

    Most of them read like Marvin The Paranoid Android giving a speech at a euthanasia convention. And many of them seem way off the mark in relation to the target gamer for the specific game being reviewed.

    Not saying this isn't a valid set of criticisms for Lonesome Road (not having played it yet), it's just becoming a stretch too far (for me anyway) to put much weight into the validity of them.
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  • First Dragon Quest 10 footage

  • Zeburdee 08/09/2011

    "urgh i don't think so. its had a few good games but the rest of the games are trash, tacked on motion control and the interface is one of the worst interfaces in console history."Always good to hear sputum spouted forth by those who've evidently never/barely touched the console and actually 'gamed' with it while the good stuff spins in its drive (and though more would always be nice, there is *plenty* of the good stuff).Usually this is due to their knuckle-drag on the floor preventing proper wiimote holding. Reply +1
  • Identity Theft

  • Zeburdee 13/06/2011

    Utterly ridiculous assumptions strained from yet another drivel-filled article...

    For Christ's sake, regardless of the 'mistakes' made by Nintendo, they're managing to pull in eyeballs and controversy over 12-months before the WiiU's release. Added to that, they've got an install base of around 80 million Wii users, so of course they're going to want to leverage the success of their existing branding to a high degree.

    But hang on, No!...If some 2-bit middle-aged gamer with invisible researching and writing abilities - and zero *real-world* sales & marketing skills of any note - "suspects that their decision is a very bad one" then I concede: Nintendo have truly fubar'd.

    Why in the crying-hell is this author still on the Eurogamer payroll? Even more shameful is that I wasted time reading it in the hope it's not the same super-bland tripe as every other article that's gone before it.
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  • Acti confirms new Bond game for 2011

  • Zeburdee 10/05/2011

    Dire 'Nother Game
    From Rushed Dev With(out) Love
    Pissino Royale

    Having said all that, thought Wii Goldeneye was really well done.
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  • Real Racing 2 HD: 1080p comes to iOS

  • Zeburdee 30/04/2011

    'Look everybody!! It's a high-res Dreamcast game!'

    With this being a Digital Foundry article, I can't believe there's no reference to the quality (or lack thereof) of the visuals (in relation to shaders, lighting etc). While it's great to hear about the leap in power between iPads or other devices, this seems to be a shining example of pure graphical daftness.
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  • Slapped Down

  • Zeburdee 27/03/2011


    "I do wonder why journos allow themselves to comment and reply in such a public manner on Twiitter, knowing full well that the whole world can see. Maybe it is ego."

    Hmm...well let's see what his website bio says...

    "Through my work for The Times, GamesIndustry.biz and Eurogamer, I’ve become fairly recognisable as a games commentator"

    Ego it is then.

    And yes Rob: through your sterling journalism you have indeed been recognised fairly...
    ...as a complete fuckwit.
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  • Zeburdee 27/03/2011

    At least one thing has been proven beyond doubt, and with a high degree of statistical significance, from this article:

    Rob Fahey has passed the Twatus Absolutus exam with distinction.

    And if there's any journalistic justice, he'll be forced into a sex change, bent over a man's knee and summarily slapped (possibly while being filmed for 'We Dare 2's marketing campaign).
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  • Nintendogs + Cats

  • Zeburdee 19/03/2011

    Does the guide(dog) price for this include Vet?

    And as for the spam post above - what kind of weirdo likes to see shoes forking?
    Absolute arse-soles.
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  • Threat Level

  • Zeburdee 06/03/2011

    "Probably one of the biggest problems in this thread is all the opinions from people who actually did not hear the speach. Why don't most of you turn off your brain and watch Fox News and let them tell you how the world is. Rob came away with an opinion from Iwata's speach but to believe his opinion is the only one you can take is being silly. I know I did not take the same thing away from the speach and if you want to get a good perpective from someone who understands the industry, I suggest everyone actually hear the speak first before forming an opinion off of Rob's article."

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  • Zeburdee 06/03/2011

    Erm, Rob?...

    Just help me out a sec so that I can make a better judgement on who's opinion/interpretation is possibly more valid:

    I know Satoru Iwata is the CEO and somewhat successful strategic mind behind at least some of the profitable success of a multi-billion dollar, profitable games company.

    But beyond clicking a controller, shakin' a Wiimote and writing [seemingly misinformed] articles to earn a crust as a games journalist, what's your background of hands-on achievements and expertise in relation to this industry again?

    Thought so.

    Science-fiction or science-fact? As much as I love dipping into Eurogamer, quite often these articles turn out to be nothing more than science-fu**ed.
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  • PS3 hacker Geohot raps against Sony

  • Zeburdee 14/02/2011

    Can you really sue a 9-year old these days?Besides, the poor lad's got yellow skirting boards for f*%@'s sake - have a heart! Reply +6
  • THQ's Danny Bilson

  • Zeburdee 19/01/2011

    I like the bits about the creative, and how creative that creative is - in a creative kinda way. All hail The Creative!

    An interesting read though.
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  • Nintendo hails "powerful" MS, Sony games

  • Zeburdee 11/01/2011

    "Let's hope the much touted 3DS actually turns out to be a proper games machine and can rescue Ninty's reputation."

    Let's hope you're not quite as much of a tw*t in real life as your comments hear lead one to believe.
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  • Fan plays Cataclysm 149 hours a week

  • Zeburdee 17/12/2010

    > "5 hours masturbating, 5 hours watching Star Trek"

    Those are probably concurrent though.
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  • The man who made GoldenEye

  • Zeburdee 01/12/2010

    Is this a Donkey Kong-related article?...just seems like a bit of barrel scraping.

    However, for unintended-entertainment-value-because-it's-so-poor, it's quite a classic:
    Reads a bit like Katie Price interviewing Marvin the Paranoid Android.

    More of this accidental cornflake-packet fluff please! :)
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  • GoldenEye 007

  • Zeburdee 07/11/2010


    Beautifully prosaic. Wonderfully colourful. You're clearly amazing with the 4-letter word. Truly amazing.

    Please feel free to pop back when your balls drop and your voice stops squeaking.

    Until then reread the parts where we question why - as a *reviewer* - you'd ONLY use/refer to that control method (but don't do so at the expense of your year-7 homework).
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  • Zeburdee 06/11/2010

    @RevanNL / KILLA & similar...

    Great - let's all look forward to 360/PS3 reviews of Black Ops using the Street Fighter IV pad then.

    Yes, that's supposed to be a stoopid example...

    ...directly in-line, in fact, with the stupidity of not understanding that a review of this *without ANY* relevance to the Wii's main control scheme (pretty lovingly integrated by the game's creators by the way) is closer to 'Browneye' than Goldeneye.

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  • Zeburdee 06/11/2010

    Can't agree more with the flabbergast over not reviewing this properly with the motion controls (which are great by default incidentally, plus lots of custom options).

    Simon Parkin - you sir are a great big Octopussy.
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  • God of War AA coming to PC/360?

  • Zeburdee 26/10/2010

    Beyond the consoles, would be great to see this implemented into drivers on PC for mid-range gaming laptops for the same reason...

    My trusty old(ish) nvidia 9600m based lappy plays a lot of games great at 720p, but smoothing things out like a baby's 8x anti-aliased arse would be super nice.

    Also, looking forward to God of War finally coming to PC and 360. ;)
    [SEO results... New visitors: 28,493 Immediate bounces: 28,493]
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  • DJ Hero 2

  • Zeburdee 21/10/2010


    Well done. You've clearly demonstrated the ability to make poor assumptions and be way off target. Keep up the great work!
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  • Zeburdee 20/10/2010

    @Keza: regarding the multi-format info...

    => "We've got face-offs for that. Sadly we can't review every format of a game at once. We tend to only get one!"

    Thanks for taking the time to answer that, but it really sounds more of an excuse rather than a solution (which is simple)...

    - *Ask* for another copy (if it's a 9 game, how many are really going to say 'No' to extra multi-format exposure?)
    - At least *mention* the review version(s) in the review! (especially when linking directly from - for example - the dedicated Wii section of the site as a Wii game review [same applies for other consoles of course])

    It's probably taken as long to type that comment as it would to specify which versions were/weren't reviewed!
    Ho hum.
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  • Zeburdee 19/10/2010

    Lovely info provided regarding the potential differences/similarities between formats - *not*.

    For fugs sake EG, is it too much to ask for a multi-format 9/10 review to have a 3rd page letting us know any info relating to the game between the 3 consoles? (especially when it includes the poor old Wii).

    [Note: that question is rhetorical, and the answer should be "No, we'll add one"]
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  • A Shadow’s Tale

  • Zeburdee 17/10/2010

    This is not so much a disappointing score (though it seems that way as well) but a disappointing *review*...

    When you read beyond the review here at EG you soon realise there's *plenty* left out of the write-up and makes you wonder if Dan actually played through to the end (at least while conscious). Though at least there's consistency to several other recent reviews here (not pointed at Dan) with the inclusion of irrelevant moaning and double standards.

    krudster: big thanks for your info in this thread - without it I personally wouldn't have looked further into this hidden gem (which unfortunately goes to show the 'power' a popular gaming site can indirectly wield in a fast-paced low attention-span world).

    Though in respect of "he's a top, top writer, and extremely thorough", it really doesn't seem demonstrated very well here. (Hence the ironic need for that phrase to be written!)

    Review of the review: Light-weight. And should possibly be stuck where the sun don't shine.
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  • OnLive monthly fee waived forever

  • Zeburdee 05/10/2010

    Is 'clouding' similar to 'cheesing'?...

    In this case probably a yes.
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  • 3DS out in Europe and US in March

  • Zeburdee 30/09/2010

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell: "Because, as I said, I'm an interested observer."

    Stuart, let's get this semantically correct - in this instance you're choosing to be an interested troll and a twat. Not my words, but the words of Top Gear magazine.

    Impressive that you can multitask the two states above, but nothing more. And certainly not adding much to the thread beyond a degree of misguided and assumptive twaddle based around a strange decision to 'not buy anything Nintendo'.

    Sorry that you were molested by a Nes as a youngster, Stuart. But maybe it's time to rehabilitate? (use google for that too).

    Going by your blog you've got a great ability to entertain, but it seems unfortunately counter-balanced beyond the tipping point by acting like a complete prick.
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  • PS3 overtakes Wii in Japan

  • Zeburdee 21/09/2010

    Perspective anyone?...

    Those figures work out to less than 0.16% higher sales of the PS3 above the Wii's figures.

    Considering the relative profit margins Nintendo stuff into their consoles (along with the overall sales figures), it's unlikely there's too much sweat dripping down their cheeky little faces just yet (can't imagine a future £99 quid not raking profits in and selling some more boat-loads, for example).

    And all this nonsense about sewer-filled game-age on the Wii only shows a complete lack of effort (as a *gamer*) to grab and enjoy the good stuff: Galaxy, Zack & Wiki, Little King's Story and other quality exclusives have seen just as much fun playtime recently as my PC and an Xbox.

    If you're concentrating purely on the 'sewage games' (of which, yes, there are plenty) then it's also likely that you're talking crap.

    (And on the other side of the story - congrats on Sony for turning their sales around considering how they started out.)
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  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • Zeburdee 06/09/2010

    Loved the Penumbra series - pretty much shoe-string master classes on how to create disturbing atmospheres within a game.

    However, the game requirements should list 'Headphones, Utter Darkness, Solitude, and Incontinence Pants' as mandatory. For me, that's the best way to get the most out of these spine-tingling little gems.

    [Bonus tip: the inco-pants also prevent the atmosphere being broken when needing to pop off for a piss mid-game]
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  • MS clarifies gamescom event format

  • Zeburdee 17/08/2010

    "Please note that all interactions with Microsoft staff will be conducted in the standing position. Sitters may be able to converse within the stall, but only for elementary chit-chat. A slight lag in response to questions may also occur.

    Please also remain still for the safety & benefit of our stall trapeze artists."

    Seriously though, I do hope there's some Kinect game demo improvements on show. [decides not to hold breath]
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  • Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

  • Zeburdee 21/07/2010

    The success rate will be down to how well they *market* Kinect to their target audience. What i'm personally disappointed with is that the target they have in mind is obviously not me...

    This could have been a serious cutting edge bit of technology with exciting gameplay to back it up and some serious E3 wow factor. But instead it seems to be becoming more and more a piece of shovel-ware arse-batter aimed at people who don't know their gaming anus from their elbow.

    On a side issue, anyone responding with the serious use of "if you will" in an interview immediately sets off the twat-o-meter for me. Still, good luck to 'em (i'm quietly hoping they need it.)
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  • Microsoft confirms Kinect price

  • Zeburdee 21/07/2010

    Microsoft UK rep:

    "We're about to unveil the price - you might want to sit down for this...
    ...err...actually, scratch that idea - it may not be technically possible."
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  • MS insists you can sit with Kinect

  • Zeburdee 08/07/2010

    In the last few months the poor old Natal/ Kinect AI seems to have developed suicidal sub-routines. What a real shame for something many of us were hoping could be really special.

    MS Kinect Demonstrator:

    "So as you can see, down these rapids there's a giant enemy crab: just attack its weak sitting point for massive damage"
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  • R.U.S.E. PS Move support confirmed

  • Zeburdee 07/07/2010

    I was quite looking forward to the potential of Natal/Kinect until its presentation (or lack of) sucked balls at E3. Little did I know that MS were busy designing it to become the next HD-DVD drive. Reply +6
  • Alan Wake

  • Zeburdee 05/05/2010


    "I'm not convinced that this is a case of 'getting someone who hates the genre to review it.'"

    Neither am I - especially considering I didn't use that turn of phrase.

    As stated, I don't own a 360 or PS3, but do have a heavy interest in games...

    My comment just attempted to reflect an understanding of the rants not just being about the score itself, but about the review disparity in relation to other reviews...especially for such a high-profile title...

    The review doesn't just get thrown out like a wedding bouquet - the reviewer gets selected. And this particular selection happens to cause quite a stir. Anyone in business (especially those in PR or related) may have extra thoughts as to why that might be :) [coincidence or otherwise]

    Me? I'm just here for the behavioural psychology lesson and a 5-minute trash-talk fix!
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  • Zeburdee 05/05/2010

    @Chickenflange (and others):

    As a PC-based outsider who's thoroughly enjoying the freak show (comments section) I don't see it as grinding against the 7...it seems more about the *choice* of reviewer for this type of game...

    On the one-hand, a highly regurgitated (though extremely polished) SFIV sequel gets a 'fan-based' max score (and probably deserves it for that genre) while this review appears (on the face of it) like the equivalent of allowing a paedophile out to review a child safety program.

    The best bit of these reviews though is having a text-based version of Eastenders to read before work :)
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  • PrimeSense: Beyond Natal

  • Zeburdee 03/04/2010


    "The actors seem to press on screen buttons from distance. Just try doing that, you need to close one eye to aim correctly." [my emphasis]

    Why? Do you do that when you aim with a Wii remote or potentially a wand?

    There are too many assumptions that go on with all this tech (with a capital "ass"). Some of those assumptions may well end up being valid in retrospect, and yes there'll undoubtedly be plenty of Natarse-ware for people to say "I told you so" (just as with other systems)...

    ...But if you think that after the amount of cash thrown into the R&D of this by MS that there won't be at least *something* that makes you go "Fruk! I never thought about being able to do that in that way *and* it feeling so cool to do so!" then god help the future of gaming.

    Regardless, great article. And exciting times ahead across all formats.

    [removes motion capture suit and stops talking like Gollum]
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  • Sony patents degradable demos

  • Zeburdee 08/03/2010

    "The first instance of this 'GGS' (Gradual Game Shittening) technology will be seen in 2K's next underwater save-the-planet sequel: Bio-Degradable" so said a hapless Sony exec somewhere today. Reply 0
  • Aliens vs. Predator

  • Zeburdee 20/02/2010

    Hard to read beyond the 3rd paragraph as (also stated by others) it's the last "nearly 30 one" years, not "20 five", for friggs sake.

    The result is that I'm trying hard to suppress a Pavlovian instinct to slap your face for that schoolboy error (but will wait until Ridley Scott and Mr Geiger have knee'd you in the crotch first).

    Shame though that once again such a high-potential license seems to have been dipped in acid.
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