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  • Meet Kenya's indie gaming pioneers

  • Woffls 01/04/2013

    3/4 in check shirts? Looks like the games industry to me :D Reply +3
  • Dress as Link, get The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword free

  • Woffls 16/11/2011

    Awesome, but I want to give Nintendo my money (and already have a pre-order) so I will pass on this one. Also I'm going out on Thursday and won't fancy waking up at 7am. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Asks: How do you become a games journalist?

  • Woffls 05/01/2011

    omg it's Simon Byron! :D [edit] 7/10 - saw that one coming ;p

    Umm, so the short answer is write reasonably well, but most importantly make sure you have a friend who can get you a job? Sounds about right.
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  • "Oh no, what's Bobby said now?"

  • Woffls 04/10/2010

    Finally, an attempt to portray the side of a story that people are seemingly so ready to ignore. It is entirely feasible that West and Zampella became big-headed and started making demands, and that's just not how business works. It's a team effort, and they shouldn't get special treatment just because their game sells better than the other studios' work.

    EA have been on the way back up for a couple of years now, all it took was for Call of Duty and Guitar Hero to peak. EA have very solid foundations now, and this next rise to the top spot might be their last for a long time.
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  • Tim Schafer hits back at Bobby Kotick

  • Woffls 27/09/2010

    Both of them need to grow the fuck up, especially Tim. Reply -3
  • Bobby Kotick slags off Tim Schafer

  • Woffls 27/09/2010

    So nobody thinks it's possible for someone to be taken out of context on the internet? Reply -4
  • COD creators "betrayed" me - Kotick

  • Woffls 27/09/2010

    News articles about Bobby Kotick will continue to be published for as long as we click, read and comment on them. Reply +6
  • EA on APB: Sometimes ideas are too big

  • Woffls 19/08/2010

    I don't think more time and money on APB would have made any difference. They had more than enough of both, and I don't think the concept was profitable to begin with. I can't think of any successful retail MMO's that aren't based on an existing franchise with an established user base, so I think making the game was a bad move in the first place. I forget what happened between them and Microsoft, but they should have played it safe a bit longer and developed Crackdown 2 and maybe another IP, then attempted it when they had money to waste and more experience. Reply 0
  • Zampella: Reviewers should finish games

  • Woffls 13/08/2010

    I'm not sure this is entirely fair. If a journalist doesn't finish a game because they feel like they've experienced it all by the half way point, then that's cause for concern and it is a real problem. But, I'd hope that it's more often the case that a reviewer doesn't finish the game because they simply don't have the time. And multiplayer is another issue altogether, because it's inherently difficult to judge.

    I'm sure there's pressure from benefactors for journalists to get reviews done for the game's release, and maybe if they got review code earlier they'd spend the time with the game that it deserves. Another thing I think is worth pointing out: why do ALL the reviews need to be done by launch? People who go and buy it day one probably already know they want it, everyone else might get it a week later. This does conflict with the short-tail marketing of most games, so maybe it's not viable.

    Either way, I think if journalists were less pressured in general they'd feel more inclined to spend time with a game rather than constantly thinking "Have I played this enough yet? I really need to move onto something else today." Of course, as with any observer, my insight is limited.
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  • 11 bands to debut in next Guitar Hero

  • Woffls 12/08/2010

    John 5 – “Black Widow Of La Porte” - helll yehhhh.
    The best thing about WoR is that it has a target audience now, and they'll love this game an awful lot. Everyone else will go and play Rock Band 3, everyone's happy. Right? Or do we still need to bitch about being forced to play Guitar Hero?

    Not sure if I'll buy this with the guitar yet. I've played hundreds of hours on the other two (Xplorer & Les Paul) so they're pretty worn down, and hell I've gotten my money's worth from both of them. I've only bought Metallica since GH3 because I got bored of the songs being too diverse and with not enough focus on the guitar. In addition to that there's only 2 other games coming out this year that I actually want to play, so I think I'd be happy buying the game + guitar bundle.

    Also, I like playing stuff I've not heard before and exploring music through Guitar Hero; it's how I started listening to metal properly. We've not really had this for a few years because the main music games haven't been focussed on just a few genres.

    And my GOD did they chose the worst Atreyu song ever.
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  • Nintendo explains Wii 2 silence

  • Woffls 03/08/2010

    I like to think it will be as significant a step from Wii as from DS to 3DS. I don't mean to imply that it will be 3D - though I'm sure Microsoft and Sony will assume it is and pump all their money into it - but it wont just be a Wii with tacked on HD. I'm sure anyone that looks at Nintendo's approach to the industry in recent years will acknowledge that just adding pixels doesn't make them money.

    First off, it wont have Wii in the name. It will be an equally abstract name, but it will mean something new and consumers will buy something new before they buy an improved version of what they already have. It will definitely be 1080p because the hardware capable of doing it is now commonplace and cost effective, and I expect it will have similar specs to current consoles, if not better. Maybe the vitality sensor be the first step towards what Nintendo 6 will be (it's 6 right?), but then they didn't experiment with motion control, touch screen or 3D shortly before Wii, DS or 3DS so that's unlikely actually. It will probably have motion control of some kind, but that wont be the focal point.

    This one's out there a bit, but I think the online will be something special. Wii does some special stuff, but it doesn't have the seamless unified structure we all know and enjoy on XBL. I'm not saying it will be comparable, but I think they'll put a lot of focus there as historically each console they've made has been about bringing people together more easily. Be it 4 controller ports, a handle, link cables, wifi or motion control, Nintendo wants us to play together, just not the way that most of us enjoy doing so! The innovation might not be in playing games, but it will be akin to Home, LBP and whatever that Arcade thing is called on XBL. It'll be about bringing people together, but not necessarily to play Call of Duty or whatever.

    I could type endlessly speculating about this, and maybe if I was paid for it then I would :P, but I've gotta' say I'm far more excited about Nintendo than MS or Sony at the moment... and I've barely mentioned 3DS!
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  • Eurogamer appoints News Editor

  • Woffls 28/06/2010

    MEGAWEZ!! Hell yeh \m/
    I think I'll be subscribing to the EG podcast aqain!
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  • Fils-Aime: iPhone Apps not a "mouthful"

  • Woffls 06/04/2010

    Speaking from personal experience, iPhone games very rarely hold my attention and a lot of them are just bad games. It's very easy to dismiss Nintendo outright as offering 'bite-size' experiences compared to other consoles, but you really need to look at this in the context of iPhone vs DS, not Wii vs XB/PS3. In the case of iPhone vs DS, it is as simple as one being made for games, and the other being made to accommodate games.

    Rastamonkey was pretty sick :D
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  • Banjo-Kazooie

  • Woffls 26/11/2008

    Ultimately it's still fun to play. Sure it's entrenched in old mechanics, but they aren't broken and the game is still enjoyable. I'd rather not justify it as I'm sure anything worthwhile will get lost in the other 119 comments on this story, but it really comes down to me getting everything in the game AGAIN and still thoroughly enjoying it. Nostalgia does not apply as I played it recently anyway. Reply 0
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

  • Woffls 06/11/2008

    EG are saying this is a worse game than King Kong and Call of Juarez... Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero World Tour - Heidi Klum

  • Woffls 05/11/2008

    This makes me embarassed to play Guitar Hero.
    Now all the Rock Band kids can claim to be cooler because they don't have to stoop down to using sex to sell their game.
    You are losing respect Activision.
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  • Eurogamer Expo: Top 10 Games

  • Woffls 31/10/2008

    This is fantastic. I'm really happy and surprised that Mirror's Edge made the top spot. It was by far the game of the show for me, and i think it had the best showing overall too. It looked incredible and played even better. Top job again from EA on a new franchise for 2008. Reply 0