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  • Bay attacks MS and HD-DVD

  • UweBoll 05/12/2007

    "next on eurogamer: Uwe Boll attacks Sony and Blu-Ray. "

    Blu Ray is ze SwineHund!!
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  • Blu-ray trounces HD-DVD

  • UweBoll 28/11/2007

    Warner Brothers are apparently very close to agreeing a deal to go HD-DVD exclusive. This war ain't over by a long shot. Reply 0
  • Uwe Boll launches lawsuit

  • UweBoll 07/06/2006

    Hah ha lets all bash Uwe Boll again. Tell me, how many of you watched my films? Or do you just bash me because it's the 'in' thing to do now. It's so easy to talk bullshit about somebodys work when you sit in front of keyboard in your house where mummy and daddy pay for everything.

    Do any of you know how hard it is to make a film these days on a tight budget in small length of time, with company bosses breathing down your neck all the time. I choose to make games into films becasue otherwise these films would not get made, and I wanted to give these licenses a chance to make it to the big screen. I do the best I can with the budget and time that I have and to those who go to see my films expecting wonderful stories and charcters. What do you expect when the stories are already shit to begin with? Let me tell you games are about action not storyline. I try to make my films fun with lots of action and a lot of people enjoy my films, but because a small group of losers on the internet who like to write bullshit about me everyone now thinks Uwe Boll is a terrible director.

    Go and watch some of my films and if you think they are shit then that's fine. Call me what you like and tell everyone you hate Uwe Boll, but don't bash me first without seeing my work first.


    Uwe Boll
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