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  • Face-Off: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • Trent_Steel 13/04/2014

    10 years ago the graphical leap between games on PS2 and the original Xbox was higher than this.

    I just can't see the point in either XboxOne or PS4 at the minute. For the cross-generation games the leap seems so small your average COD / FIFA gamer wouldn't notice at all. Neither platform is either dripping with must-have exclusives either.
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  • Microsoft details its Games With Gold initiative

  • Trent_Steel 24/06/2013

    Good news. Finally something to smile about for the Xbox underclass! No more trawling CashConverters to find a cheap copy of Halo3 or FIFA 11 to play with their pals "WeEdSMOKA1995" and "LFCnumba1fukmanu" online. Reply +1
  • The Wind Waker's missing dungeons were reused in other Zelda games

  • Trent_Steel 14/06/2013

    When I played this back in 03 I thought it was the best game I'd ever played, I'm sure it still is, but when I try to go back to it I can't get used to the camera controls, which have the x-axis inverted and seemingly can't be changed.

    It wasn't a problem back then, but now I'm so used to twin stick games I just found I couldn't get used to it. Has anyone else had this problem or more importantly, have I missed some option to change the camera?
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  • The Club retrospective

  • Trent_Steel 14/04/2013

    It's weird to be thinking "They don't make em like this anymore" with regards to a game in the current generation.

    This was perhaps a turd, but I remember at the time in late 07 / early 08 seeing games like this come out and feeling genuinely excited about what new and innovative stuff could come out of the current generation. I've been largely left disappointed since then.
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  • The Bridge review

  • Trent_Steel 01/03/2013

    The arthouse puzzle / platformers is becoming a bit of a cliche these days, I think I've had enough. Reply +5
  • 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Europe and US in June

  • Trent_Steel 15/02/2013


    Good shout. It's worth a try, you might just love it!
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  • Trent_Steel 15/02/2013


    1. It's full of characters that are at the same time surreal and reminiscent of people you know in real life.

    2. You'll find the dialogue and behaviour of the townspeople hilarious, but you won't ever be quite sure why.

    3. You'll become genuinely attached to the oddball residents of your town and upset when some of them leave
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  • Levine: BioShock Infinite ending "like nothing you've experienced in a video game before"

  • Trent_Steel 18/12/2012

    Some onion rings and a smash cut to black?

    I always had it in my head that the perfect ending to this game would somehow involve jumping forward to Rapture before the start of the first game for the epilogue. No killing, no big boss, just slowly walking through the art deco opulence in its prime to meet Andrew Ryan.

    Ani ideas if this will be on PSN from day 1? Due to living in the arse end of a far Way continent it's the only way I can get it easily.
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  • Far Cry 3 High Tides co-op DLC exclusive to PS3

  • Trent_Steel 05/12/2012

    I wonder if the reason Cloudskipa and similar members of the eggsbawgs gaming underclass are so hostile out of bitterness at not being able to afford the more upmarket console?

    It's startling how the consoles attract a completely different demographic despite having similar content.
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  • Sony sells 525,000 PS3s in the US during the week of Black Friday

  • Trent_Steel 30/11/2012

    Indeed, there is no doubt that there is a fairly high degree of Xbox bias present on Eurogamer and a lot of Western gaming sites. It's not some kind of massive cover-up, it's universally acknowledged in the manner that the Daily Mail supports the Tories or the Guardian supports labour. Rather than rant or rave about it and put it down to spite though, why don't we think where it might come from?

    Considering the age of most game journalists, It's strange that they favour Xbox in the UK, as It's a much newer brand and much less culturally iconic than either PS or Nintendo have been at one time or another. Maybe MS offer financial incentives for blanket positive press, maybe as a company they're just more pleasant to deal with and so earn goodwill that way? Whatever it is, there's no point in moaning about it because all the ranting in the world won't change it.
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  • Wii U price round-up: where's cheapest?

  • Trent_Steel 29/11/2012

    I might go for the ZombiU one and buy Nintendo Land separately as that saves me 20 quid on a pro controller, but does anyone have any idea if the pro controller is actually of any use?

    Surely you'd lose some game functions with it?
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  • Microsoft sold over 750,000 Xbox 360s in the US during the week of Black Friday

  • Trent_Steel 28/11/2012


    Yeah it's strange that the 360 has the chav image when last time round it was PS2 that snared that market, though in fairness it did cater for the leftfielders as well.
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  • Trent_Steel 28/11/2012

    Has anyone actually thought about why different consoles do better on different regions? A mix of patriotism and genre preference explains the Xbox American dominance and the Sony / Nintendo situation in Japan, but is there any explanation as to why the 360 does so well in the UK but the PS3 better in Europe? Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • Trent_Steel 18/11/2012


    I'll rephrase your post for you.

    Eeeekkkkthhhbbbooooxxx! Marcuth Feenikth roolz 4ever!

    PS3 fanboys (a few geeky Japophiles aside) are largely tasteless knuckle draggers as well, but you lot are a cancer that has plagued the gaming industry for years and the reason that horrors such as Bulletstorm and the new MOH plague release schedules nowadays.
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  • Trent_Steel 18/11/2012


    Nice try Georgie. I'll have access to the Wii U version in a week or two also and my PC could likely run it at mid-settings at least.

    I wouldn't be seen dead playing lager lout dross like this on any console or computer though. Watching you people bitch and sneer about microscopic graphical differences is amusing, but sums up why I've now largely closed the book on the current gen to go back through the 16bit classics on my GBA.
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  • Trent_Steel 17/11/2012

    Bitching and griping about the microscopic differences on a set of almost entirely identical screenshots sums up how low some gamers can go.

    The shadows slightly less well defined on that tank? Really ruins the experience doesn't it....
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  • PlayStation Plus hits Vita next week alongside 2.00 system software update

  • Trent_Steel 14/11/2012

    Not meaning to dump on this excellent service but on the PS3 you can only acces PS+ games as long as the system is connected online. Not an issue on PS3 but perhaps more so for wifi Vita owners especially .

    Does anyone know why the situation is regarding PSPlus on Vita in offline mode? It could be a seal breaker for me as I'm tempted both by the machine and this offer.
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  • NeoGeo X console costs 175, Limited Edition includes Ninja Masters

  • Trent_Steel 31/10/2012

    To everyone looking for a portable SNES, a Gameboy Advance SP / Gameboy Micro should serve most of your needs. Reply 0
  • The truth about Japan: a postcard from the Japanese games industry

  • Trent_Steel 10/10/2012


    I wasn't having a go at them, in fact if I'm being honest I quite admire their general distaste towards learning English.

    In general the Japanese people don't see learning English as a priority, thats all I was getting at.
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  • Trent_Steel 10/10/2012


    I can assure you it is compulsory as I work as an Englishteacher In a Japanese school. All kids get at least 3 years, the vast majority 6.

    Most of them still can't string a sentence together mind you. Their language is so different that training their brain to English is just too much hassle and the insular attitude of many Japanese people doesn't help either.
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  • SNK NeoGeo X Gold handheld arrives worldwide in December for $199

  • Trent_Steel 13/08/2012

    Are there going to be other games available or just the 20 built in?

    If it's the former then I'd maybe give this a try
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  • Free horror game Slender is absolutely terrifying

  • Trent_Steel 04/07/2012

    When I load it up I get a "powered by unity" screen then nothing else, just blackness.

    Any ideas?

    It's a shite laptop but only 2 years old so surely it can play this no bother?
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  • Streets of Rage, Golden Axe collections hit Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow

  • Trent_Steel 29/05/2012

    It's annoying that they've never put the arcade version of Golden Axe on any of these re-releases. It was largely the same but the graphics, sound and effects were just that little bit meatier all round.

    Still a great game though, got it on the MD collection disc 2 or 3 years back and I enjoy it every time.
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  • Much-loved indie video game shop Game Focus shuts down

  • Trent_Steel 12/04/2012

    Anyone know if GForce in Glasgow is still going strong?

    Last indie in Scotland if I'm correct. Was still fully stocked and looking good at Xmas when I visited.
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  • Sony to cut 10,000 jobs - report

  • Trent_Steel 09/04/2012


    Seriously how thick are you?

    Gaming divisions aside (both pretty small parts of both companies) they aren't even competitors. What OS do you think you'll find on a Sony computer? Sony's troubles aren't even anything to do with the Playstation part of the business.

    Now run along and have a game of Gears of War or FIFA 10 with your "dudes" online. Stupid child.
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  • Xbox 10th anniversary in Europe today

  • Trent_Steel 14/03/2012

    Miiguel / eldrirch

    Haha! Like it :)
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  • Trent_Steel 14/03/2012

    Miiguel / eldrirch

    Haha! Like it :)
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  • Trent_Steel 14/03/2012

    10 years of gaming's constant decline into a chav-dominated hobby. 10 years of dumbing down. 10 years of eschewing all risks and creativity to make ever-more generic soulless FPS games.

    Here here! Many happy returns Xbox
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  • Nearly a third of PS3 owners "seriously considering" buying Vita - poll

  • Trent_Steel 21/02/2012


    Excellent point, but when I find myself going through the motions in Skyrim for 6 hours, I sometimes feel it's out of habit rather than enjoyment.

    I get a very different feeling playing Mario 3D Land and OOT 3D, but i suppose that's just as likely down to the Nintendo factor as it is the fact it's on a handheld.
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  • Trent_Steel 21/02/2012


    This is a bit strange, but I've actually begun to dislike the "immersed" feeling a bit when playing games of late, maybe because I'm getting older and subconsciously feel I'm wasting my time or something.

    As a result, I've found myself enjoying my 3DS more as I can get into the game while still feeling some connection to the world around me.

    Anyway, before I start sounding like a dreadlocked road protestor, if I thought a Vita could replace my PS3 and eventually have a library of the same quality, I'd buy one. At the moment, I'm not too confident but would like to be proved wrong.
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  • GAME confirms it's not stocking Tekken 3DS

  • Trent_Steel 18/02/2012

    Last time I was in just after Xmas they didn't have a single copy of PES 2012 for the 3DS, and I also suffered the indignation of being looked at like an idiot for daring to ask about Cave Story 3D, which they hadn't heard of.

    I bought Dark Souls, then they tried to flog me a "limited editon" copy of Demon's Souls on top. Upon telling them I'd bought and completed he cut me off with "but was it the limited edition?"

    If it dies, it dies.
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  • Bethesda: Skyrim DLC to follow different model to Fallout 3

  • Trent_Steel 18/02/2012


    No, I'm saying that this "glitch that makes a game unplayable" affects a tiny minority of players. It is not an issue worthy of the ridiculous amount of outrage it has recieved. It's also certainly not grounds for Bethesda to issue free DLC to PS3 players as was suggested early in the thread.

    Whilst I understand that in order for you to self-validate your own personal choices you would rather hear that the PS3 version is a laggy, hellish disaster for everyone foolish enough to have bought it, sadly that's not the case. For the vast majority, it has worked perfectly fine. I'm sorry if that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    At least smelly gets it...
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  • Trent_Steel 17/02/2012

    I didn't say anyone here was. I said that the media focus on these issues is intended to start such wars in order to get website hits. The issues brought up usually effect a small minority of players or in cases like I mentioned such as LA Noire, would be entirely unnoticeable without such media exposure. Reply -9
  • Trent_Steel 17/02/2012


    How is pointing out that my copy has had no major problems "being a dick" exactly?
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  • Trent_Steel 17/02/2012

    One of my mates has clocked 90 hours on PS3 with no problem. Before I get accused of fanboyism I've also got a friend with the "inferior" 360 version of Dark Souls who has loved every minute. I played LA Noire round at his last year which was supposedly weaker on 360. Seemed utterly identical to the PS3 version from what I saw.

    Most of these arguments about inferior versions focus on issues that affect a tiny minority of users or on graphical differences that would require a microscope to notice. It's bullshit designed to whip up fanboy frenzy on websites such as this. Look further than the various face-off articles and their analysis of pairs of identical screenshots.

    Seriously, who gives a flying fuck if the anti aliasing is slightly better on one version? or if the detective's hat is a deeper shade of black? Who would even notice?!
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  • Trent_Steel 17/02/2012

    My PS3 version has crashed twice in 31 hours. No slowdown to speak of and no serious bugs. As it autosaves every few minutes I lost nothing from the crashes so I wouldn't say it was bad at all.

    There seems to be a completely false myth that it doesn't work past a certain point, but I suppose that's what gets clicks on websites like EG.
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  • Activision working on new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game - report

  • Trent_Steel 17/02/2012

    The TMNT NES game (the first one) was my first ever video game. Still love it for that and remember all the levels. Reply +4
  • Hats off to this new Fez footage

  • Trent_Steel 02/12/2011

    The whole arty 2D platformer genre was in danger of turning to cliche with the soulless Outland a few months back, but this really looks absolutely beautiful.

    Gutted I can't play it so crossing my fingers it eventually appears on PSN.
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  • Techland not shocked by Germany's Dead Island ban

  • Trent_Steel 30/11/2011

    Good news for the Germans as far as I'm concerned. The fewer people that can buy dross like Dead Island the better. Pure, unadulterated bargain bin fodder. Reply -2
  • Will Kinect come with next-generation TVs?

  • Trent_Steel 24/11/2011

    Got to love the blinkered view if all the fanboys, who are genuinely convinced that Sony and MS are some kind of arch rivals. What operating systems do you think are used in Sony laptops?!

    Microsoft is primarily a software company, apart from consoles their business doesn't often overlap with Sony.
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  • Jurassic Park: The Game Review

  • Trent_Steel 23/11/2011


    I agree with the Mirror's Edge idea, I love dinosaurs enough to feel bad killing them in a game. Te feel of being hunted could be tremendous if applied well.

    I also think that there's potential for a dinosaur game a bit like Afrika in PS3. Maybe not fior the JP franchise though
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  • Pixel Art: The End of an Era?

  • Trent_Steel 18/11/2011


    I'm exactly the same, the All-Stars version just feels wrong.

    Oddly enough, I prefer the All-Stars takes on SMB 2 and 3
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  • Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Review

  • Trent_Steel 17/11/2011

    The review is overwhelmingly positive, the idea fairly novel yet it gets a 7.

    Seems like it's being marked down as it's a kids' game. Pretty unfair
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  • Del Toro's Insane "really, really nasty"

  • Trent_Steel 17/11/2011

    What's this being developed for? Surely not the current consoles? Reply +1
  • The Sly Trilogy coming to PSN

  • Trent_Steel 17/11/2011

    Are these games la bit like cartoon versions of MGS but with all the cutscene hokum removed?

    If so, I'll buy.
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  • In pictures: Microsoft remembers a decade of Xbox

  • Trent_Steel 16/11/2011


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  • The Xbox is 10 years old today

  • Trent_Steel 15/11/2011


    Apologies for grammar, writing on a phone that autocompletes words for me.

    Chav is indeed a slightly snooty term. Proles or frat boys would better describe the 2 branches of the 360 userbase. I live in Japan and amongst the Johnny Foreigner community here 360 users aren't really considered proper gamers (except if they're Japanese oddly enough, in which case 360 ownership is a sign of being a bit "hardcore"-a very strange contradiction).

    Anyway, I loved the first Xbox but sadly it was my flatmate's not mine. Would still like to pick one up cheap with Doom 3, Battlefront 2 and Outrun 2 first on the list.
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  • Trent_Steel 15/11/2011

    A great console that was ahead of it's time technologically and delivered many experiences that I dont think could have been done on PS2. Had a great summer in my student flat ploughing through Doom 3.

    As for it's chav-focussed knuckle dragging successor, the less said about that the better.
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  • Naughty Dog addresses Uncharted 3 gunplay debate

  • Trent_Steel 03/11/2011

    On chapter 9 and finding myself resorting to hand to hand combat quite a bit, always found the gunplay a bit of a drag anyway.

    Best parts so far were the view out over the London Skyline and running through a visually incredible forest to the chateau. Very frustrating in parts though, mainly as it's sometimes very difficult to work out what parts of the environment can be jumped / climbed on
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  • Joe Danger Special Edition for Xbox Live Arcade announced

  • Trent_Steel 03/11/2011

    Picked it up for PS3 and loathed it. So desperate to come across as charming but I'm truth a soulless and repetitive experience.

    Eggsbawgs owners should stick to Trials HD, which I've only played a bit of but was far better from what I saw.
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