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  • Bank Holiday update plans

  • TYtanium 03/05/2008

    I think the review is going to be Boom Blox. Reply 0
  • Mario Party DS

  • TYtanium 05/12/2007

    gamecentral gave this 8 out of 10. Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime Pinball

  • TYtanium 12/04/2006

    Has anybody else tried the rumble pack on metroid prime hunters. it gives a lot more powerful rumble during the cut scenes but the noise of the thing is odd to say the least.
    it sounds like an underwater fart.

    There was a rumble feature built into the wario ware twisted cartridge and it was good it wasn't very powerful but vibrated very fast and had a normal, quite noise.

    anyways, i kind of enjoyed metroid prime pinball but it was also the most infurating game i ever played. i don't like the idea of dying without any way to stop it. if you fall through the flippers i think you should go down to a different area and have to try and get back up. i would not care if it was really hard it's better than just dying.
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