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  • GC: Dark Sector dated

  • T.G. 23/08/2007

    Really looking forward to getting my hands on this game. Surprised it hasn't garnered more attention. Nice nick by the way Raziel. You a Soul Reaver fan? :) Reply 0
  • Wii Fit

  • T.G. 22/08/2007

    I think that Wii Fit will be a success. I also think it'll be fun. That is all. Reply 0
  • Haze

  • T.G. 05/06/2007

    So, this is definitely coming out on the 360 then. Hurrah! :D Reply 0
  • Gates talks up new control idea

  • T.G. 05/06/2007

    It seems that Bill talks a lot of shite these days... :/ Reply 0
  • PS3 on US shelves a good sign

  • T.G. 28/02/2007

    For Sony to say that their supply chain is great is simply laughable given that "they missed shipment targets in their first two launch regions (Japan and the US) and delayed the launch in Europe by 5+ months". They should be worried that there's more demand for Wii and 360 than there is for PS3.

    This fact is not changed by their ability to meet that demand, nor is it changed by the fact that the PS3 is more expensive, the fact is simply that consumers want the PS3 less than the other two consoles right now.

    I don't doubt that once the killer games come along and they drop the price, it will sell better, but clearly they will be up against the Nintendo and Microsoft killer apps then, and a virtually guaranteed price drop in both consoles.

    Bottom line - this is all very bad news for Sony, even though they will certainly bounce back.
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  • Drunken Jaffe goes mental

  • T.G. 05/12/2006

    +1 David Jaffe, you crazy son of a bitch. :) Reply 0
  • PS3 delayed in Europe

  • T.G. 07/09/2006

    Come on you bastards, we're not far off the magical 1000th post!!! Reply 0
  • T.G. 06/09/2006

    /has nits and fleas

    /is also in mild shock

    /prays Ninty don't follow suit
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