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  • The rise of the coming-of-age video game

  • Stranded87 20/02/2017

    Highly recommend this. Planned to give it a quick try when I downloaded it and ended up playing the whole thing in one sitting (not that this takes long, but it did keep me up later than I'd planned). Reply +7
  • A new Vampire: The Masquerade game has been released

  • Stranded87 17/02/2017

    So this isn't the Vampire game any of us wanted, but.... 30 minutes in and it's a really great piece of interactive fiction. The writing is of a calibre I'd read even without interactions, so give it a shot. Reply +4
  • For Honor is the best fighting game I've played in ages

  • Stranded87 14/02/2017

    @TheStoneRoses Anti-consumer is a pretty vague term, I don't think you can definitively say always-online does or doesn't fit into it. But it doesn't even matter, the point is the same whether you agree with the term or not.

    Always-online where there's not a beneficial reason for it is a dick move. Best case it leaves you at the mercy of your internet connection. Worst case you can't play the game anymore a few years later when the servers are shut down. When you're paying full price for an even partially single player game that's definitely not pro-consumer.

    The fact that there are warnings (ones which some casual players may not fully grasp) doesn't change that. All that said, I bought Steep and don't regret it. I don't feel strongly enough about this to not buy a game because of it. But it's not okay.
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  • Skate 3 rolls onto the EA Access Vault

  • Stranded87 14/02/2017

    @Nynja Fair point. They should still give people the option though. Personally I pay for EA Access on Xbox One and use it exclusively for current gen games anyway. For me it's still worth the money (just). Reply +1
  • Ł60 Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch now Ł50 on Amazon UK

  • Stranded87 18/01/2017

    @rubberducko It's not more next gen at all. Nintendo, for better or worse, aren't playing the generation game, they're just launching weird stuff, some of which is good, some of which isn't.

    And I seem to recall Eurogamer being a bit sceptical of both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S ahead of launch too (can't remember what their attitude was to the original models), so it's not limited to Nintendo - though there is the sense Nintendo isn't learning from past mistakes, so the criticisms are valid.

    Fallout 4 also isn't a great comparison to make, since the critical response to that was solid but fairly muted. There's no way Splatoon 2 won't review well, but that doesn't mean it's the game it could or should have been (though the good news is Nintendo have time to change that).
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  • Modders are putting Liberty City inside Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Stranded87 03/01/2017

    @TekMerc They gain sales. GTA 5 may have outsold Skyrim, but there's nothing to say it wouldn't sell even more with better mod support.

    There's also something to be said for just, you know, supporting customers and fostering a mod community just because it's a nice thing to do.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2016

  • Stranded87 02/01/2017

    @Cold_Waste not sure if that comment is a bad joke or spectacular stupidity, but I'm genuinely curious. Reply +22
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2016

  • Stranded87 01/01/2017

    Disappointed in the lack of Oxenfree, and the order is a bit questionable. But I guess it's natural that the AAA games would rise to the top, simply because they have the most players. Reply +1
  • Steep review

  • Stranded87 09/12/2016

    @AlistairLangfield Really? Maybe on PC since they seem to be pushing almost console prices, but the world is enormous, full of events and the entire region of Alaska is being added for free post-launch. There's no lack of content here. Reply 0
  • Stranded87 09/12/2016

    @arcam I've only spent about an hour playing Snow, because I really don't get on with it, but Steep has a way bigger world with way more content (whether you want organised events or just to freeride and explore) and, crucially, gets the snow right, unlike Snow. Can't really remember how Snow controlled but I think I prefer Steep there too - though probably similar levels of realism. Reply 0
  • Stranded87 09/12/2016

    @captain-T-dawg The map screen is a clusterfuck, but outside of that there are usually very few distractions. I think that's intentional - even the soundtrack is turned off by default. Reply 0
  • Stranded87 09/12/2016

    I really like it, but not sure I could recommend it to someone who doesn't ski or snowboard for real. While it's probably not the most realistic game of its type the semi-realism combined with brilliant graphics and little details makes it the closest game I've found to recreating the feeling of the real thing. Reply +25
  • Criterion's Star Wars Battlefront experience is the best demo for VR yet

  • Stranded87 07/12/2016

    @riceNpea I'm returning to it more than any other PSVR game, but I've probably still only played it for about 15 hours total, so I wouldn't say it's worth the full price cost, but if you can get it for say Ł30 or less I'd recommend it. Reply +4
  • Stranded87 07/12/2016

    @Ep1cN3ss1e The graphics are slightly better than Eve Valkyrie, but the gameplay is worse imo. The ship is slow and can't barrel roll etc (or, if it can, I couldn't work out how). Reply +1
  • Stranded87 07/12/2016

    This is probably a good show of VR for newcomers, since it's Star Wars, and since the inability to go fast or do intense manoeuvres minimises the nausea potential, but that same decision makes it slightly dull compared to other dogfight games in and out of VR imo.

    It's well made, I think I just wish there was an "I can handle VR" mode.
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  • DoomRL roguelike attracts eye of Zenimax, may be shut down

  • Stranded87 02/12/2016

    This is a dick move from Zenimax, but also an unsurprising one. And not just because Zenimax is a dick. Using someone else's game trademark in your game name is surely always asking for trouble? Reply -1
  • Face-Off: Titanfall 2

  • Stranded87 04/11/2016

    @Yoona You're an odd fellow. Did the Xbox sleep with your girlfriend or something? There are plenty of reasons to buy an Xbox One S and there will be even more reasons to buy Scorpio. PS4 is great too, as is PC. All depends on what you want. I game on all three. Reply +1
  • Let it Die is like a reunion for the original Star Wars trilogy cast

  • Stranded87 04/11/2016

    @IronSoldier Nah, the console wars aren't even a thing for anyone over twelve who doesn't work for Microsoft or Sony. Which makes your joke extra weak. Reply +4
  • Journey and Flower studio thatgamecompany teases its next title

  • Stranded87 02/11/2016

    @erp Good spot, but so what? Mobile games tend to be bad, but they aren't automatically bad. One of my favourite games of the year is a mobile game and I could see thatgamecompany's style of content working well on mobile if built from the ground up for it. Reply +5
  • Sony edges closer to 50m PS4 sales, PSVR "on track"

  • Stranded87 01/11/2016

    @crazy-Tetsuo Yeah I agree it's an odd connection, it was the guy I was replying to's, not mine. Both Kinect and PS cam / Move were pretty underwhelming imo. Reply 0
  • Stranded87 01/11/2016

    @GameChampionz Unlike the Kinect, which was always a bit meh, VR is brilliant, whether it's mainstream enough to have staying power remains to be seen, but it's definitely good enough. As for PS4 Pro it also benefits PSVR and is likely to help at least a little with HDTVs, as developers can do whatever they want with the power. Reply +17
  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Stranded87 20/10/2016

    I was expecting this to be shit, because frankly Nintendo haven't made a great home console in years, and even the 3DS isn't as good as the Vita, despite selling better. But Switch actually looks amazing. It's also got a clear USP and a proper name, so there's even a chance people will understand what it is/Nintendo will be able to sell it. I'm impressed. Reply +3
  • Sounds like Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has shut down

  • Stranded87 18/10/2016

    @sizu_sizu I suspect it's automatically included. They probably could have removed it, but it may not even have crossed their minds, which isn't unreasonable either, depending on how their CMS is laid out there's every chance that they don't see it when putting the article in. Reply 0
  • Rez Infinite review

  • Stranded87 14/10/2016

    @JackBauer2007 "Back when it was released, there were some complaints that the 60 minutes it takes to see through Rez constituted poor value for money. 15 years on, I think they're enough to justify investing in a VR headset." Admittedly your other question isn't answered. Reply +15
  • Sony PlayStation VR review

  • Stranded87 05/10/2016

    @Gigaflop But it wasn't really a statement, it was a question, albeit one where I noted what I'd believed to be the case. And I'd think anyone who knew the answer (particularly if my assumption was wrong) would jump to say so. Anyway, thanks for the answer. That's troubling if true, I haven't used PSVR but Gear VR is far from sharp, whether gaming or watching videos, which is partly why I assumed it couldn't be using all the pixels. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 05/10/2016

    "Indeed, even Samsung's smartphone-based Gear VR outstrips PSVR in terms of the core pixel count."

    This isn't true is it? Or the very least is a misleading statement, if I understand Gear VR correctly. I know the phone screens used are higher resolution, but do you actually get the benefit of that full resolution when viewed through the VR goggles? I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that PSVR, Vive and Rift packed the pixels into a smaller, sharper display, with no wasted space.

    Edit: I wish I could understand the psyche of neggers. I'm not even criticising someone's favourite toy here. There's literally nothing to be offended by.
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  • Three days with Nintendo's Ł35 Pokémon Go Plus accessory

  • Stranded87 16/09/2016

    @Aj64 You might be right, but @the9000 still has a solid point. By even pointing out that a competition is (possibly) sponsored sizu_sizu is implying that's in some way a bad thing, but it's no more so than reviewing a game you've been given - in fact it's less so, as with a review you're required to pass judgement. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Vita isn't dead, in Japan anyway

  • Stranded87 13/09/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Quite a few of the Japanese things do make it outside of Japan. In fact, if you have an interest in weird/obscure Japanese games it's still a great console. It just lacks the mainstream western releases that might make it a big seller here, though with smartphone and tablet competition I'm not sure it would do well even with more support. Reply +2
  • Apple iPhone 7 more expensive in UK - blame Brexit

  • Stranded87 08/09/2016

    @Crazy-MadBob While arguably no one has directly refuted your claims they have pointed out some of the ways in which our government is even less democratic (and that's before we get to the fptp system) all of which you seem to have conveniently ignored, instead focusing on the people who insult you. Reply +7
  • Imminent thriller Virginia gets first proper trailer

  • Stranded87 07/09/2016

    @Whitster Because they played it and liked it? I doubt there's any conspiracy here if that's what you're hinting at - being an indie game there's probably not enough money being spent on it for that (not that I think Eurogamer do such things anyway). Reply +7
  • Firewatch spreading to Xbox One later this month

  • Stranded87 03/09/2016

    My GOTY so far. Buy it peeps. Brilliant ending too, don't listen to Parallax. Reply +4
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided tops UK chart but Human Revolution sales were "much stronger"

  • Stranded87 30/08/2016

    @Alestes If it's just a matter of principle then fair enough I guess, I'm not a fan of microtransactions either, but I have the game and the campaign (which is all I've played) doesn't feel unbalanced or grindy without them, in fact I suspect buying them would make it unbalanced. They're also not at all pushed on you, I wouldn't even know they existed if not for articles about them online.

    So on the off chance you're actually waiting because you fear it's an inferior game for them you needn't.
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  • No Man's Sky Sony's 2nd biggest ever PS4 launch in UK

  • Stranded87 15/08/2016

    @Calib4n Still better than the Xbox One's library and I get the sense console exclusives are a dying breed, which is no bad thing imo since it means there's less need to own every system. Obviously PC slaughters it for content, that's always been the case, but if you just look at games rather than exclusives the PS4 has a good library. Reply -1
  • Outcast remake heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in March

  • Stranded87 12/08/2016

    "one of the first truly open-world video games"

    This isn't even slightly true unless you have a very narrow view of what makes something "truly" open world.
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  • No Man's Sky finishers have advice about Atlas Stones

  • Stranded87 11/08/2016

    @scottjamesholland To be fair I don't think that's the sort of thing that Eurogamer normally does report on. No conspiracy here and almost certainly no advertising. A big game is always going to lead to a lot of articles and it's not as if they're all positive. Reply 0
  • Microsoft Xbox One S review

  • Stranded87 02/08/2016

    I would buy this, but afaik Microsoft still hasn't made it clear enough what if any difference Scorpio will make to people who don't have 4K TVs. I don't plan to buy a 4K TV any time soon, but nor do I want to buy a console that's going to be outdated in a year. Reply +9
  • After a flood of negative feedback, Pokémon Go's developer is finally ready to talk

  • Stranded87 02/08/2016

    Pokemon Go has had one of the most shambolic launches I've ever encountered and the way things have been handled haven't improved much in the weeks since. I get the sense Niantic are really in over their heads. Reply +1
  • Abzu review

  • Stranded87 02/08/2016

    @IronSoldier The length shouldn't come as any surprise (nor really be a bad thing for the type of game/experience it appears to be). It always looked a bit like an underwater Journey and stretching it out probably wouldn't be to its benefit. Reply +6
  • HTC Vive price hike for UK - blame Brexit

  • Stranded87 01/08/2016

    @BobbyDeNiro We'll have to agree to disagree then. Much of it (again, on both sides - I voted remain but take issue with how the campaign was handled) was fear mongering and speculation and some things were outright misleading, if not quite lies.

    I also read up extensively on likely effects to various industries etc before the vote and still wouldn't say I felt as confident in making a decision as I would like, yet I'm fairly sure most people didn't go far beyond the headlines.
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  • Stranded87 01/08/2016

    @BobbyDeNiro "It is correct that in such matters of fundamental importance the decision is put to the country. Suggesting otherwise displays a worrying lack of respect for the democratic process."

    Trouble is I'm pretty sure the majority of people on both sides of the debate didn't know enough about it to make an educated vote. That's partly on them for not doing the research, partly on campaigners for not making it all clearer and partly because the effects are/were going to be complicated and to some extent unpredictable.

    It's very different to voting for an MP or government that seems broadly in line with your politics. Also unlike a general election you can't essentially change your mind a few years later.

    Part of the reason we have a government is to make the decisions that the people don't have the time or inclination to become educated on.
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  • Stranded87 01/08/2016

    @rob When has anything ever been a direct conversion? You've got to add VAT and even then UK stuff is usually priced higher - no idea if there's a good reason for it, but that's the reality. A massive drop in the value of the pound relative to the dollar is obviously going to start pushing prices even higher.

    Edit: Having said that, the rise here does seem questionably steep, but to think things weren't going to start getting more expensive is just ignorant.
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  • Stranded87 01/08/2016

    @Bagpuss Not being happy with the result or its impact on the country doesn't mean we don't believe in democracy just as disagreeing/disliking any given government (which almost everyone does at one point or another) has never meant not wanting there to be elections. If and when there are positive impacts of the result I'll happily read about them, but not reporting on the negatives would be ridiculous. Reply +90
  • Gravity Rush 2 drops in December

  • Stranded87 19/07/2016

    Really hope this is good. I wanted to love the original but it was ultimately a (still solid) 7/10 for me. I loved the art and the ideas though, if they can just tighten it up and add a bit more variety here it will be great. Fingers crossed. Reply +1
  • Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that's pushing people together

  • Stranded87 10/07/2016

    It's very cool, but I feel like it could have been a lot better. They've captured the magic of hunting down Pokemon if anything better than the normal games do. But the battle system is awful and I don't see why they couldn't have used the tried and tested one, or something closer to it.

    I'd also like to see ways to battle other players directly and ideally more of a built in social aspect. Hopefully some of this will be added over time, but I doubt the battle system will change now, which is a shame.
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  • UK release of Pokémon Go "paused until we're comfortable"

  • Stranded87 09/07/2016

    Wanted to wait for the official release, but also wanted to play this weekend, so APK it is. All the good trainer names are already gone, thanks Niantic. A free Pokemon game on a platform that everyone has is popular? Who'd have thought it? Reply +1
  • YouTuber presents a copy of Undertale to the Pope

  • Stranded87 06/07/2016

    @garyfaceman Plenty of games don't have violence, though I guess having the 'option' of whether to use it or not is a fair point. There are still lots of points against it though and people might have watched the video if his delivery wasn't unbearably irritating. I tried, I really did, but I can't remember the last time someone annoyed me as much as him. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 06/07/2016

    @smelltheglove Oh absolutely. There's no chance he'd play it or appreciate it whatever game was chosen. But it makes some sense for a game-focused YouTuber to gift a game, just not this one. Reply -1
  • Stranded87 06/07/2016

    From what little I've played of Undertale it seems built around subverting gamers expectations, which makes it a truly terrible choice to give to someone who doesn't play games. Reply +3
  • 65daysofstatic are touring the No Man's Sky soundtrack

  • Stranded87 27/06/2016

    @dmanning We understand democracy. We also understand that a referendum that never should have happened (and only did as a now backfiring tactical move from the Conservatives) is going to have caused more damage to this country than any vote perhaps ever, not to mention its impact on Europe and the wider world.

    We also understand that many of those who voted leave already regret it and that even if they didn't they just barely had a majority (and probably wouldn't have done if everyone had come out to vote - but that's more a criticism of the relatively apathetic remain side).
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  • The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one

  • Stranded87 23/06/2016

    @vert1go That's....not how that works. It was maybe a 7, but 6 doesn't seem that unreasonable and lots of not great things are very popular. Reply 0