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  • Secrets of Raetikon review

  • Stepharneo 17/04/2014

    @vert1go Well, it is the same dev, so... Reply +1
  • This is what the Batman: Arkham Origins Cold, Cold Heart DLC looks like

  • Stepharneo 10/04/2014

    @Darren He's playing with bats either way. Reply +2
  • The Crew levels up the CarPG

  • Stepharneo 08/04/2014

    @grassyknoll The first I've heard of micro transactions in this game was you mentioning them. I thought I'd been keeping up to date with this game, but apparently I've missed something.

    I'm not being smarmy; do you have a link to an article citing this? (I just did a control+F on this article and I don't think I missed it. Eurogamer are usually pretty quick to point out IAP's and microtransactions).

    I think it is pretty disgusting for a game that you've paid for to have ads or IAP's, but I quite enjoy DLC when done right. From what you've mentioned it is definitely sounding more like IAP's rather than decent DLC.
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  • Tickets go on sale for EGX London 2014

  • Stepharneo 02/04/2014

    @Spence1115 Totally doing that this year.

    I asked my dad for his virgin account number last year and it took him so long to find out what it was that all of those tickets had gone and I ended up paying full price for two tickets.

    Sad face!

    This year I have the details safe and sound. Haha!

    I've been every year and enjoyed it each time, though my favourite one will always be the first one, playing GTI Club on a set of PS3's on a lan playing bomb mode. No one was touching it, but the three of us that went started playing together and a few randomers joined later, it was great.

    It would be good if there were a few more set ups like that. The NFS and asscreed MP games usually do it, but they aren't that same frantic fun of bomb tag. Any small competitive indie game would work really.

    Edit: I'm also going to bloody well remember to take my 3DS this year for spot passing while I queue for stuff.
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  • UK chart: InFamous PS4 holds off Diablo 3 expansion

  • Stepharneo 31/03/2014

    @Vanmunt To be fair, Titanfall did come from nowhere. This is what happens when there aren't enough news stories about your game in the run up to release. ;-) Reply +9
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • Stepharneo 21/03/2014

    @skowhegan That's a bit unfair, Constantinople was spot on. The roof tops still look just the same in Istanbul now, just go re-watch the intro to 007: Skyfall .

    I'm still hoping for an asscreed set in England, because it is such a novelty. The Getaway and Resistance may have been quite average games, but I loved that they were set in places I recognised (Resistance was quick to go all alien, though that just served the juxtaposition even more).
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  • Need for Speed film review

  • Stepharneo 12/03/2014

    I wonder if we'll see a game of the film...of the game...of the film..."of the game"? Reply +2
  • Watch Dogs closed beta spotted for Xbox One

  • Stepharneo 11/03/2014

    @penhalion I think that is pretty obviously the case, yes. Reply 0
  • Stepharneo 11/03/2014

    @arcam By context, what I meant was, when watchdogs was announced, it was the prettiest game anybody had ever seen.

    Now there is the division, the order etc...there have been other pretty games. So in the context of other pretty games, maybe it is a bit less special.
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  • Stepharneo 11/03/2014

    @George-Roper I was watching a comparison video between the pc 2012 footage and the ps4 2013 footage and the main difference seemed to be that the game looks fugly in the daytime.

    Yes the PC footage looked better, but in similar sequences, it didn't look that much better. The game looks it's prettiest at night or in the evening.

    I do remember struggling to pick my jaw off the floor when I initially saw this and Star wars 1313, but since then there have been a fair few ultra pretty looking games announced. Is it possible it was just in a different context when we first saw it?
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  • Ni No Kuni has now shipped 1.1m copies

  • Stepharneo 07/03/2014

    Best special edition ever. I honestly pity people who didn't play the game with the wizard's book.

    I think that it would have been cool to include it in every copy and make it more relevant to the game, like the DS version did.
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  • Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition comes with a real life Spiny Shell

  • Stepharneo 07/03/2014


    When you put it like that it sounds pretty great, but I don't think I've ever seen 3 people get hit by the blue shell and it is fairly rare for two people to get hit with it (though I'll admit that by dodging it the player in second has probably been slowed).

    I think my main thing is that even when I've been doing poorly in a race, the blue shell is never a weapon I want, I still always pray for three red shells, because it is more likely to help me gain positions. The blue shell is rarely going to help me, it will just screw over someone else.

    I do see what you mean about the randomness keeping it fresh though.
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  • Stepharneo 06/03/2014

    @Spong But it doesn't make sense for the player in last to even use a blue shell. It benefits them in no way.

    Lightning, star or even bullet bill are much more helpful power-ups if you are in last place. Blue shell would make a lot more sense if it was dropped for players in 4th/5th, but even then it is stupid.

    Blur did the blue shell weapon type much better with the lightning that made obstacles for the first few racers. Instead of helping the person in second place it drew the leaders all back in line with the rest of the pack, it was dodge-able, but it caused a disruption to your driving line which reined the faster players in.

    No, blue shell is dumb and not well thought out at all. Also no, the best player doesn't always win, having spent many hours playing with my friends, blue shell makes the winner completely random.

    Whoever came up with the blue shell is bad and should feel bad.
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  • Watch Dogs release date revealed

  • Stepharneo 06/03/2014

    @danielgibbs1 These days I intentionally turn up late to the cinema so I miss the trailers. Reply +2
  • Stepharneo 06/03/2014

    I had to stop watching that trailer... so many plot spoilers.

    Why do some people find it so difficult to make trailers that don't ruin the material that they are advertising?

    Urgh, that aside, the game is being released just after my birthday and also just after pay day. Woop!
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  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate targets PS4 and Vita this summer

  • Stepharneo 05/03/2014

    ...Not sure that I actually like the new style. The ship looks weird and it has lost a bit of it's character in being made all shiny.

    I don't exactly remember the originals being clunky, so I'm not sure I see the point of this, but if it gets more people to play it then I guess that's good. It ranks as one of my favourite co-op experiences. When the second one was announced, my brother banned me from playing it with anyone other than him, because we'd enjoyed the first so much.

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  • Podcast S2E9: Cheaper Xbox Ones, South Park and thank yous

  • Stepharneo 04/03/2014

    Not listened to this yet, but I think one of my favourite little touches in gaming is the fact that the Ryno guns in Ratchet and Clank (Future's at least, not sure if this is true for the originals) have their own soundtrack as you fire them. In "a crack in time" it is the epic "1812 Overture". Reply 0
  • Titanfall's 15 maps revealed in new leak

  • Stepharneo 03/03/2014

    @GAmbrose Well, you are right, I don't know for sure.

    Surely though by playing one of three classes, that gives a pretty good idea. I doubt that the other two classes would be that different to play as.

    My main issues with it were; I had as a titan was that I just felt restricted, to be honest I'd say that that probably has more to do with the maps than the titans.

    The titans didn't really feel that different to control. Admittedly your point could be valid here, the heavier mech could be more my cup of tea if it is hulking round the map and the smaller faster one could also be interesting if it keeps you agile (though I think that my first point will be a bigger issue with this one unless it can jump or unless there are some maps that are much more open (which would hurt the parkour side a bit)).

    I just didn't enjoy riding the Titan's as much as I think I should have, considering that they are giant robot suits.

    Technically you are correct, I can't be 100% sure, but from what I took from the game it just wasn't what I was expecting. I'll buy it if Origin ever have it on the cheap and I can convince other people to play, but otherwise, nah.
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  • Stepharneo 03/03/2014

    So there are levels (with turrets) that makes the titan's even more under powered!?

    This really looked like a game that I would love, but it just didn't click with me at all. :-(
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  • Konami makes next-gen Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes cheaper

  • Stepharneo 25/02/2014

    I'd buy this demo if it came with a free copy of ZOE 3. ;) Reply +4
  • Video shows off new Xbox One party and friends features

  • Stepharneo 25/02/2014

    @hurst21uk Terrible how exactly? It keeps important stuff that you will always need locked in place and organises the less constantly needed stuff by how recently it was used or updated. (Admittedly I wish it didn't keep moving stuff because of patches, that is pretty dumb, but still doesn't make it terrible).

    It might be nice to have the option to lock certain games/apps in place (i.e. the games that you are currently playing all locked to the far left and you could manually unlock them once they were completed).

    Still, it's not terrible. I'm not even sure it's bad... I actually quite like the UI.
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  • Letter from America: Want an iPhone Game Boy?

  • Stepharneo 23/02/2014

    @JiveHound These emulators make this sort of thing really exciting though.

    I mean, this has to be one of the coolest things that is currently being developed.
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  • PS4 sales shoot through 5m target ahead of Japan launch

  • Stepharneo 18/02/2014

    Honest question: Are shipped and sold the same thing? Reply 0
  • Tiny vs Big: In praise of Titanfall's smart pistol

  • Stepharneo 17/02/2014


    To be honest, my Pc is no beast and I can run this with everything on high with 4xMSAA at a decent framerate.

    Running basically on the source engine, it is very scale-able. When the PC beta goes open I'd suggest at least giving it a go.

    As others have said, the mechs are a bit naff compared to other mech games, but the parkour is really fun and easy to get into.

    I'd say that the free-running is a bigger unique selling point than the robots.
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  • Steam users already having fun with game-tagging

  • Stepharneo 13/02/2014

    @Jimjamyaha order the comments section by "best"!?

    Well we clearly live different lives. :D
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  • inFamous: Second Son is likeable, but not yet loveable

  • Stepharneo 12/02/2014

    I know that I always have to read between the lines with Christian's reviews and opinion pieces. I know from past experience that he and I have completely different opinions and things that he will mark a game down for, barely even register for me.

    And that is fine, but for my own personal taste, the inFamous games (2 in particular) are some of my favourite games of the 360's/ps3's generation. They really got right the sense of super powers. The ice powers of the second game were just so spot on. The way it changed your modes of traversal and play style.

    My only complaints with the second game were that it felt like it could have done with more environmental destruction, it was not a pretty game (though a vast improvement on the first, it just felt like it needed more powerful hardware a lot of the time) and that they changed the design of the beast from a cool demonic monster that looked like Ifrit from final fantasy, to some lame molten red version of Dr. Manhattan.

    From everything I've seen so far, I am super hyped for this.
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  • Podcast S2E7: Nintendo's fortunes, Hearthstone's launch and why Vita rocks

  • Stepharneo 05/02/2014

    @Nikanoru I kind of got the feeling that it sounded like a game I should try from your first response.

    Out of interest, what did they add in to the Wii version that was so bad. I was thinking that it would look slightly better on the wii, or is it a more direct port just with added waggle? (There is also the fact that my brother has my Wii now, which would play the GC version, and I now only have my WiiU which would only play the Wii version).

    With DKCR, there are definitely people who appreciate it, but I've seen loads of people who slag it off solely because it isn't Metroid. like somehow Retro are at fault for making Donkey Kong instead of more Metroid. If Donkey Kong was a bad game I would understand.

    To be honest my argument now feels pretty circumstantial as there isn't much evidence on this thread. It was more the "oh Donkey Kong *Sigh* they should be making Metroid" comments in the podcast that brought it to mind. Just though I'd have a rant. :-)
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  • Stepharneo 05/02/2014

    @Nikanoru Admittedly we mainly played multi-player, so I wasn't taught any of the basics.

    Basically my time consisted of my friend standing on a higher level waiting for me to enter a room and killing me from above. The fact that he would be waiting, already aiming down meant that he was quicker to get me in his sights than I could ever be relying on the auto-aim, which either wouldn't find him fast enough or not at all.

    I get what you are saying that the single player was a more unique experience. All that sticks in my memory is the deathmatch, which really isn't that unique.

    From your explanation, DM probably shouldn't have been shoehorned into the game as it wasn't a fit for the play style of the game.

    I think my point still stands that Donkey Kong Country Returns is an amazing co-op game. It doesn't deserve the abuse it gets, just because it isn't another Metroid game.
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  • Stepharneo 04/02/2014

    I'm not joking when I say that Donkey Kong Country Returns, when played co-op was my favourite game of the Wii, I put it above both Mario Galaxy games, Xenoblade and Skyward Sword.

    Whereas when I played Metroid on a friends Gamecube I was presented with a game where you had to stand still to aim up or down. What the hell was that control scheme?

    I don't understand people who think Metroid prime is better than Donkey Kong. Especially when those people get angry about the mere existence of Donkey Kong because it is holding up Metroid. I get that it's all personal opinion, but I've seen it cause pure vitriol. I just don't get it.
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  • Isometric mech combat roguelike Matador announced

  • Stepharneo 04/02/2014

    Love that sound track. Reply +7
  • Thunder claps in as Killer Instinct's free character

  • Stepharneo 24/01/2014

    @vert1go You know TL;DR means "Too Long; Didn't Read", right?

    It's only a 6 and half line long article! What do you do when it comes to reviews? Do you just look at the pictures and read the number at the bottom?
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  • Nintendo must pay royalties for every 3DS following court ruling

  • Stepharneo 07/01/2014

    @ballsandshaft Well, the whole sale price I was using was using 2 as 1.82% and then working that upwards to 100%.

    I was just comparing that to the prices on Amazon so that people could see the difference, which is pure profit.

    Admittedly I was forgetting that part of that difference would be Amazon's cut, rather than being all nintendo profit.
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  • Stepharneo 07/01/2014

    @DrStrangelove Well in the past, they've made a profit on both.

    A quick bit of maths tells me that the wholesale price of the 3DS is just less than 110. I'm not sure if the numbers in the article are based on the 3DS, 3DS XL or the 2DS.

    A new 3DS is listed at 110 on Amazon, with the XL at 160 and the 2DS is 100.
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  • This Steam Machine "doesn't make any compromises for performance"

  • Stepharneo 12/12/2013

    Well...I completely misread teased as tested. Oh well. Reply 0
  • The Podcast: Undercover Bertie

  • Stepharneo 03/12/2013

    Hmm, I can't help but disagree about the speed of the ps4. By the time I had finished messing about with The Playroom the patch was ready. I downloaded everything on the store in about 3 hours (which includes DC universe at 33gb, warframe 9.4gb, war thuunder, 8.7gb, fifa demo 3gb, escape plan at 3gb and contrast at 3gb and about 11 other smaller files). It was insane how swift the experience was.

    I didn't have to wait for killzone to install, I was just in to the game.

    Also, the voice control works a lot better than I had been led to believe and I like that it gives you prompt words, to give you an idea of things you can say. I think it was something the 360 had with Kinect, but from what I've heard, the xbox one has no prompts and it's like flying blind, shouting random instructions at the console until something happens.
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  • BBC iPlayer confirmed for PS4 launch

  • Stepharneo 21/11/2013

    @StooMonster This works on PS3's (slim or super slim only) as well.

    I think some kind soul started a forum thread about it a while back.

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  • Assassin's Creed film dated for August 2015

  • Stepharneo 12/11/2013

    Fassbender is currently my favourite actor. He was the highlight of the otherwise mediocre Prometheus (possibly an understatement... I didn't mind it) and he was an awesome Magneto.

    I wonder if they'll ask Danny Wallace to play Shaun.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 time-lapse: world in motion

  • Stepharneo 27/10/2013

    This is why I don't understand how anyone can not like GTA.

    Even if you don't like the shooting/driving mechanics or if you are overly precious about the whole Trevor thing. Just walking around GTAV's Los Santos is worth an absolute minimum 5 hours of your life.

    The world is beautiful and it holds up really well on consoles that have no business still looking this good. The cars, the random police chases, the weapons, oh lord the petrol can, the random shit he's doing any time you switch to Trevor, the radio is amazing, off-roading, parachuting, getting shot down in a plane and watching the engine slowly die out rather than just explode.

    With some of the crazy emergent stuff that happens in the background, I could literally stand still and just watch the world go by.

    It has been a long time since I have been so desperate to spend all my spare time playing a game.

    Also, Trevor is the best, get over it.
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  • Xbox One and games playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013

  • Stepharneo 05/09/2013

    I'd really like to play on an Xbox one just because neither I nor anyone I know will be getting one anytime soon and it'll be pretty much my only chance to play forza. Reply +1
  • Microsoft giving free Xbox One consoles and games to aspiring streamers

  • Stepharneo 23/08/2013

    @cloudskipa That actually sounds like an evolution of the threads for WiiU games.

    I'm not trying to be one of those "stole it from nintendo" people, I just think that actually Nintendo got something right and Microsoft are building upon it. Hopefully, in a meaningful way.
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  • Microsoft explains Ryse micro-transactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

  • Stepharneo 23/08/2013

    @cloudskipa It's probably a knee jerk reaction, because so often it results in a pay to win situation.

    Devs obviously never add micro transactions to their games with the aim of ruining the game, but that hasn't stopped many a game being ruined by microtransactions.
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  • Whisper it, but Xbox One is finding its stride

  • Stepharneo 23/08/2013

    @spongebob "Yeah, definitely deciding NOW what I am going to use for gaming for the next generation"

    So I take it you haven't pre-ordered a nextgen console yet then?
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  • Zone of the Enders: how Konami remade its own HD remake

  • Stepharneo 18/08/2013

    I wasn't sure if the game would have updated itself due to PS+. I also wasn't sure if I'd be able to see the difference, comparing from memory. Helpfully when loading up the game once you have patched it, there is a HexaDrive splash logo. Plus the game is definitely, noticeably, better.

    I actually thought some of the pictures in this article made the patched version look a little blurry when compared to the crisp (if jaggy) standard version. In game however, it is stunning. Jehuty looks absolutely gorgeous.

    This is the way it is meant to be played.
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  • Konami asks: would you buy a Metal Gear Rising Revengeance sequel?

  • Stepharneo 02/08/2013

    ...I'd prefer ZOE3. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 will be playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013

  • Stepharneo 01/08/2013

    Been every year, but I'm really excited for this year. So many games I'm looking forward to. Reply +1
  • Eidos Montreal founder Stephane D'Astous resigns over "irreconcilable" differences with Square Enix

  • Stepharneo 23/07/2013

    That... is depressing.
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  • Leap Motion controller launches today for PC and Mac

  • Stepharneo 23/07/2013

    Was that Bertie at the 0:36 mark, or is someone just ripping off his style? Reply 0
  • Magicka: Wizard Wars gameplay footage will cast a spell on you

  • Stepharneo 21/07/2013

    Really!? A completely new engine?

    It looks almost like it could be dlc for the first game from hat gameplay video. What makes you say it is a new engine? (honest question)
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  • How The Crew was ported to PlayStation 4

  • Stepharneo 19/07/2013

    "it's a cross-platform game so we can't do too much that's PS4-specific"

    I don't like the sound of that. I could be reading that in a way that wasn't intended, but it sounds like they are worried about upsetting a certain other platform by making one version too good.

    If the consoles have different strengths and different work arounds, surely you should be playing to them as much as possible. Especially when your whole team is focusing on just one platform.

    I realise the differences are much fewer in number this time around, but there are clearly still important differences in the designs.

    I hope I read that wrong.

    In any case the game looks amazing and I don't care what people say, the scale implied by the trailers definitely says next gen to me.
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  • The Division to launch towards the end of 2014

  • Stepharneo 19/07/2013

    Thinking about it, that long a wait does make sense, seeing as the first things we heard at all about it were very recent, but it doesn't make it sting any less.

    +1 to the "I want it now" brigade.
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