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  • Inside Adventure Games

  • RipperSU 10/01/2012

    Excellent read. Despite the history of the genre being known to me, the developer interviews were a great insight. As someone who cut their gaming teeth on a pc in the early 90's, I've played my fair share of Adventure titles and it's good to know the genre is still being talked about. Reply +2
  • Japan chart: Ace Combat, Just Dance rule

  • RipperSU 20/10/2011

    All joking aside, it really does seem as though nearly a quarter of Japanese 360 owners bought Forza. Reply +1
  • 50% off Resi HD remakes on PSN

  • RipperSU 24/09/2011

    If I'm honest, I'm happy enough playing my copy on GameCube. If the price wasn't so extortionate for XBL/non-PS+ members, I might have got it for the convenience. Reply 0
  • Why there's no Elder Scrolls MMO

  • RipperSU 31/08/2011

    I agree with Todd Howard. Good single player experiences are way better than any sort of community feature set. Reply +11
  • Face-Off: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • RipperSU 28/08/2011

    This game looks great. I was contemplating on getting it for my PS3 when I get paid, but think I might actually save up for a better PC for a gem like this. Nothing against my PS3 at all, I just really want to play this with my mouse and keyboard like the OG Deus Ex. Reply +2
  • Child of Eden PS3 to cost 19.99

  • RipperSU 18/07/2011

    15 sounds perfect for the amount of content in the game. A much more sensible price. Reply +4
  • "Noisy" PS3 ads get Channel 5 in trouble

  • RipperSU 05/07/2011

    Channel 5 is still an actual thing? Reply 0
  • DC Universe adds micro-transactions

  • RipperSU 03/07/2011

    I like how EG is running a story about how small nuggets of information lead to unfounded speculation in gaming journalism (Mercenaries 3D article). Yet, it seems here that we have an article using a small nugget of information going wild with unfounded speculation. Reply +1
  • Sony predicts return of virtual reality

  • RipperSU 29/06/2011


    I think you'll find that a large share of PS3 owners use the device for Blu-Rays. Not to mention the benefit to gaming by vastly increasing disk space. Also, even with the redesigning of the console, Sony are still making a substantial loss on each console, so you can hardly call it overpriced. The comparison to Mac did make me laugh though, I've yet to see hipsters and indie clones champion a PS3 like a cultural status symbol.

    Your argument easily just stems from misguided fanboy loyalty. If you don't like the PS3, don't worry about it, focus your energy on something you do. I personally enjoy my PS3, just as much as I do my 360. The Wii on the other hand, isn't to my taste, but I couldn't care less about having to bitch about it on the internet.
    Reply +6
  • Retrospective: Metroid Prime

  • RipperSU 27/06/2011

    I'm not the best gamer ever and I didn't find Prime to be as hard as the writer describes. I stick to normal on all but a few games and found the bosses relatively easy after figuring out their patterns. That's all the bosses in the Prime series are really, just patterns and fairly simple ones at that. Reply +1
  • US Catherine release date

  • RipperSU 10/06/2011 are offering it at 40.47 for the normal edition and 54.88 for the limited edition. I've already put my pre-order in, I'm very much looking forward to playing this. Reply 0
  • New Devil May Cry gameplay trailer

  • RipperSU 09/06/2011

    I think the game looks very interesting.The setting and the whole questioning of reality aspect really piques my interest. It's nice to see a different direction after the mediocrity of the fourth installment. Still, haters gonna hate. Reply +2
  • inFamous 2

  • RipperSU 03/06/2011

    Although an 8 is a great score, the lack of negatives also lead me to believe that it was going to be a 9. I found the first one to be pretty decent, so I'll most likely get this later in the year. Right now I have Demon's Souls and Yakuza 4 to finish. Reply +1
  • Mortal Kombat

  • RipperSU 20/04/2011

    I concur with those saying that the review read more like an 8 until the last paragraph. Also, it's true that this game isn't finely tuned to tournament level play but it's never meant to be. Mortal Kombat has always been about bloody good fun that anyone can sink their teeth into. Reply +1
  • L.A. Noire has five hours of cutscenes

  • RipperSU 13/04/2011

    This is nowhere near as bad as MGS4. As much as I enjoyed it since I'm a bit of a Kojima fanboy it really did take the piss at times. Theres really no bones about the fact that I spent more time watching that game than I did playing it. My first run took 21 hours and my second took just over 4 since I skipped the scenes. Reply 0
  • Garry's Mod sets trap for pirates

  • RipperSU 13/04/2011

    This sort of anti-piracy measure is definitely the right way to go, especially on PC. Boot the game once with your internet connection and if it's pirated you can't play. Simple but more effective than any of that 1 time only activation/registering bollocks. Reply +5
  • Valve insists all Portal 2s are the same

  • RipperSU 10/03/2011

    Well, I'll most likely be getting the PS3 version of this then. Like the concept of cross platform co-op though and I think that Steam could do well by being integrated into more console games. Reply +11
  • Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC PC problems

  • RipperSU 05/05/2009

    Well, from how I've been monitoring the situation, its being microsoft dropping the ball. It was actually Microsoft who corrupted the copy of the pit and its Games for Windows DRM software thats causing this particular problem. I think people are being too harsh on Bethesda. Reply 0