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  • GTA IV review on Sunday

  • RichGL 25/04/2008

    Ah sweet, fightman thinks he has the game, that's so cute.

    You've just been staring at the tv for three hours, and it's not even on, is what really has been happening.
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  • Rockstar details GTA IV multiplayer

  • RichGL 08/04/2008

    They had good reasons for not putting co-op in the main game though.

    Essential they said you can have a really balanced single player game, or you can have a really balanced co-op game, or you can have a game that is unbalanced in both. We wanted our game to be balanced perfectly. So we opted for single player.

    Read the recent interviews on IGN for the full info.
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  • Eidos quiet on talk of Thief 4

  • RichGL 07/04/2008

    Join us... join us NOW! Reply 0
  • Games a "colossal waste of time"

  • RichGL 02/04/2008

    What are kids supposed to do? Kiss chase is probably seen as rape chase now, so they can't do that. British Bulldog is faaaar too violent for little Harry, can't have him doing that either. Tick is probably viewed as being a bit too like picking on someone.

    There's only drugs, porn and video games left. Hey wait, that's what I was into in 1985, OMFG alert the papers, things haven't really changed at all!

    I'm about to start my own business and it doesn't involve murder, rape, theft or abduction. So he can shove that up his arse if he wants.
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  • Byron defends adult gamers' rights

  • RichGL 01/04/2008

    @Cloudane - Why?

    She is the governments choice of child Psychologist when they want some work done. Her work pretty much pushes her to the front of media attention. She made the choice to back out of the TV programs she was involved in when they wanted her to get more alarmist (and hence make less useful programs) and less professional.

    How on earth did you figure out she is seeking attention?
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  • X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

  • RichGL 27/03/2008

    I'm confused here maybe you could explain.

    The 360 will never apparently break out of the mould that it is currently in. The popular and successful one of releasing games that the 25+ age group love.

    That is a bad thing?

    Hmmm, you see how your argument is complete shit don't you?
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  • World of Warcraft

  • RichGL 19/03/2008

    After a long break playing wow I'm back playing it again and as far as the population in concerned it seems exactly the same as before.

    There always have been kids calling each other names and begging for money. Since day one, as I remember thinking begging was actually part of the game when I first played it (on day one of release, not beta).

    There always have been unhelpful and unfriendly people, as much as there has been helpful, friendly people.

    The levelling speed change does make the game more fun in my opinion, it's certainly refreshing not to have to tackle every quest.

    It's definitely a 10, read the scoring policy if you need explanation as to why. It's pretty clear.
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  • EA boss talking "bullsh**", says analyst

  • RichGL 19/03/2008

    Also, why can't Rockstar publish themselves? Reply 0
  • RichGL 19/03/2008

    I thought that buying Take Two doesn't automatically mean that they get Rockstar. Are Rockstar tied into Take Two? Reply 0
  • It could cost a billion to take on WOW

  • RichGL 28/02/2008

    Lord of the Rings has over 200,000 subscribers. I don't think they see themselves as failing either.

    I don't play it mind, I would but my laptop had smoke coming out of it.
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  • Sony US responds to HD-DVD demise

  • RichGL 20/02/2008

    Is it true that when you leave the room the ps3 will try to rape your pets? Reply 0
  • RichGL 20/02/2008

    PS3 is a great machine. It's just a shame all the multiplatform games have been proved to be better executed on the 360, and the PS3 only games are uninteresting, and it's overpriced or I'd have one by now. Reply 0
  • Rez HD and Chessmaster on Weds

  • RichGL 28/01/2008

    EVOLVE Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto IV dated

  • RichGL 24/01/2008

    Hoorah! Reply 0
  • Rez HD

  • RichGL 17/01/2008

    I'm playing it without rumble as I removed the rumble motors to mod my controler (right trigger on left hand side if you recall).


    You can extend the wires that attach to the motors and shove the motors inside something else to provide the thrill.

    Any ideas?
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  • RichGL 16/01/2008

    Quick someone call Wolfman a doctor! His intelligence chip has MELTED! Reply 0
  • Lode Runner

  • RichGL 10/01/2008

    Firs.... oh who cares.

    I was crap at Load Runner, funny considering how bloody easy it all looked.
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  • McDonald's links games to obesity

  • RichGL 09/01/2008

    McDonald's don't kill people, games do.

    I saw it on a documentary on BBC 2.
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  • Console Accessories Roundup

  • RichGL 21/12/2007

    Not the stick then?

    BTW - Did you know that the puritans pretty much reduced Christmas to the same importance as any other unimportant event (such as Fathers day). The Victorians then decided to bring the celebration back in the style that we know do it by leaving out certain parts of the pre-puritan style Christmas celebration.

    I heard it on the radio so may not be entirely correct.
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  • New Grand Theft Auto IV trailer

  • RichGL 08/12/2007

    Arrogant twats?

    I have to ask... why?
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  • RichGL 07/12/2007

    My word but doesn't this game attract the hate!

    Having said that maybe Rockstar should have used a dedicated engine to do the movies. Gamers are shallow after all.
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  • Mass Effect

  • RichGL 01/12/2007


    What kind of a film student finds Tarkovsky's Solaris boring? I think you have completely missed the point of the film.

    Those bits where nothing happens for 5 mins are supposed to be making *you* think. All hail the 5 sec attention span generation eh?
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  • Blacksite

  • RichGL 30/11/2007


    I don't think you need to explain anything. The typical whinger that brings up these score based moans on a regular occasion isn't going to be swayed in the least by rational explanations of how Eurogamer has to operate.
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  • Fresh GTA IV clip next week

  • RichGL 29/11/2007

    The naked Olympics no less. Reply 0
  • Throw away games - footballer

  • RichGL 27/11/2007

    NickJD for gamers representative.

    He the MAN!
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  • RichGL 10/11/2007

    Who cares about character customisation anyway? In my opinion they should have left it out completely as it's only icing. What is important in Skate is the dynamics of riding a skateboard and they have nailed it 100%.

    I hated the camera originally but now I love it, it adds that element of difficulty due to randomness that the world has.
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  • Rail Simulator

  • RichGL 10/11/2007

    "What ever the price of this game is, it might make more sense to spend the money on an actual train ticket and head somewhere nice for the day ;) "

    My dad is disabled.

    next question ;)
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  • RichGL 10/11/2007

    My dad would love this. Reply 0
  • Manic Miner

  • RichGL 26/10/2007

    This should be at least a 9 simply because friendships were made on this game alone. Yes other kids at school had spectrums, quite a lot of them in fact, but what really made you sit up was when you realised that there were other people who could do screens on Manic Miner which you couldn't and vice versa. So you'd all get together and complete the game with a team effort.

    Happy days!
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  • Assassin's Creed at HMV on Sat

  • RichGL 24/10/2007

    [sexist comment]

    Not important as a nice arse and tits though eh.

    [/sexist comment]
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  • Every Extend Extra Extreme

  • RichGL 18/10/2007

    I'm a bit pissed off as I bought the game on the strength on the PSP version. Wasn't expecting a completely different gameplay FFS!

    There are no refunds for this product.

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  • Football Manager 2008

  • RichGL 12/10/2007

    Is the real time match engine realistic? I tried the demo of last years and the very first shot the opposition had was a huge lofted pass from in their own half into the box. This was volleyed into the net by the striker. So the volley would have had to be on the half-turn, from a huge lofted pass, hmmm.

    My team then went 4-0 down within 6 mins of the game. I switched off not long after.
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  • Skate

  • RichGL 25/09/2007

    DAmmit why no comical captions for the images? Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • RichGL 24/09/2007

    No mention of the co-op mode then?

    Or did I miss it (I read it all I thought).
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  • Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction

  • RichGL 19/09/2007

    Is it intentional that Ratchet looks like Robin Williams? Reply 0
  • BioShock is CliffyB's GOTY

  • RichGL 17/09/2007

    sharpfish, your a complete fuckwad aren't you? It was YOU who first mentioned other games, it was YOU who first started insulting people because they disagreed with your opinion.

    Plus you didn't even know how to use the TK properly, possibly because of being a complete FUCKWAD.
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  • Space Giraffe

  • RichGL 16/09/2007

    Marmite...... without butter?

    No wonder you didn't like it.
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  • Two Worlds

  • RichGL 13/09/2007

    This game is very shit.

    I convinced myself last night that maybe it wasn't as bad as I originally thought, and maybe I was being unfair.

    Thanks for giving me a metaphoric slap around the face Eurogamer!

    I'll take this back to Gamestation tomorrow methinks.
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  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

  • RichGL 03/09/2007

    I hadn't watched that Jake Brown clip before - you can feel the wind flying out of his lungs!

    (link in the caption)
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  • BioShock

  • RichGL 30/08/2007


    What? You mean you can't form a full and reasoned opinion of the game based upon playing the demo?
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  • RichGL 29/08/2007

    "Look Big Daddy, bubbles!"

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  • RichGL 23/08/2007


    You auto respawn in SS2 at the last pod you activated, with whatever items you had when you died.
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  • RichGL 18/08/2007

    Bethesda were quite open about the fact that they had to scale back the radient AI in Oblivion. It was effectively game breaking because all hell could break loose with NPCs effectively rioting.

    I agree though, it was a 9 in my opinion.

    SS2 was more eerie than scary, apart from the first time I opened a locker and those bee things came out. I nearly crapped myself then ok.
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  • RichGL 18/08/2007

    Bethesda were quite open about the fact that they had to scale back the radient AI in Oblivion. It was effectively game breaking because all hell could break loose with NPCs effectively rioting.

    I agree though, it was a 9 in my opinion.

    SS2 was more eerie than scary, apart from the first time I opened a locker and those bee things came out. I nearly crapped myself then ok.
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  • RichGL 17/08/2007

    I cancelled my pre-order a week ago as I have yet to have a game sent to me before it was out in the shops.

    I'll pay 10 quid extra and get it on the morning thanks!

    Besides that will save me from hanging around the door like a chav on giro day.
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  • BioShock upgrade guide

  • RichGL 30/08/2007

    Oh crap the number crunchers are ripping into Bioshock!

    No need!
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  • RichGL 29/08/2007

    Next a game guide section and a torrent of fanboys.

    Oh wait.
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  • RichGL 29/08/2007

    Argh @ Bezzy

    You bloody temptress you! Now I'll always be thinking "hmmm, this would be so much easier... with a decoy"

    I wasn't bothered about them before.

    Actually scrap that - rage and command big daddy are far too much fun to give up.
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  • Hexic 2

  • RichGL 21/08/2007

    Would have bought it if it didn't look like a migrane.

    Someone looked at this and thought "yeah, that looks great" - they were wrong.
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  • Surf's Up

  • RichGL 08/08/2007

    From the review..

    "The HD graphics are surprisingly decent for a multi-platform kid's port."

    I think that constitutes a mention.
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