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  • The truth about GodMode, the "World's First Brain Booster for Gamers"

  • RelaxedMikki 15/12/2017


    GodMode does not seemed to have helped your typing. There is a typo in the first word of the final paragraph!

    EDIT: fixed now 😃
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  • Amazon has the best Nintendo Switch deal on Cyber Monday

  • RelaxedMikki 27/11/2017

    Thanks for the tip off. Much appreciated.

    That's my son's Xmas present sorted after missing out on the Friday deals.

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  • How a Tetris clone on the front of a tape-player led to spiritual enlightenment

  • RelaxedMikki 21/01/2017

    Nice snoozy article.

    One of the smartest guys I ever knew used to work nights in a spoon factory. Just watching spoons on a conveyor belt... he used to say "only boring people get bored"

    Oh, and to be pedantic (sorry!) the drug is spelt 'heroin' without the 'e'
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  • Uncharted 4 and Doom best Overwatch in US retail for May

  • RelaxedMikki 10/06/2016


    It's a weird troll though, given that Overwatch is 60 FPS on consoles...
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  • Keith Stuart on AI, acting and the weird future of open-world games

  • RelaxedMikki 21/11/2015

    The idea of 'crowd sourcing' AI responses is interesting.

    Id always figured the aporoach would be more like a combination of the AI of ELIZA type chat bots (so NPC conversations are not limited to a fixed set of options) and the scheming and game playing of a chess playing AI.

    Through a bunch of those in a 'open' world in which they each have different objectives and you are away.
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  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional review

  • RelaxedMikki 11/08/2015

    This game is really hard. One lapse of concentration and you can get walloped... Reply +2
  • Pixels: the Eurogamer review

  • RelaxedMikki 10/08/2015

    Came here thinking 'oh no, Eurogamer are doing film reviews now'

    Left thinking 'that was a really nicely written article, that made some smart points without going overboard'
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  • Goat Simulator screams onto PS3, PS4 in August

  • RelaxedMikki 16/07/2015

    This is good news. Goat simulator runs like a dog on the 360... Reply 0
  • Watch Dark Souls completed in under 50 minutes

  • RelaxedMikki 28/01/2015

    Any body know what the record is for completing the game with no glitches? (any percent, just getting to the end in one go without save quitting or anything...) Reply +1
  • Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry hits PS4 and Xbox One next year in 60fps and 1080p

  • RelaxedMikki 16/12/2014

    Devil May Cry 4 plays great on PS360. Performance is perfect - I don't see why you would want to change anything?

    I picked it up from CEX for Ł2 at last weekend. Beating Dante, if you go straight in on Devil Hunter difficulty, is bloody hard...!
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  • Is there more to Quantum Break than run-of-the-mill third-person shooting?

  • RelaxedMikki 20/08/2014

    I watched the demo of this the other day and thought it looked great. I saw time freezes and next gen graphics and fancy effects. I showed the demo to my six year old son and he said "looks boring" - I figure he saw another bloke sat behind cover shooting at things... Reply -1
  • Free COD: Ghosts multiplayer demo on Xbox this weekend

  • RelaxedMikki 04/03/2014

    Bloody typical. I only went and bought Ghosts yesterday!

    Hadn't played any COD since MW3 and just fancied a bit of 60 fps multiplayer run and gun.

    Pretty much bored of it after one evening though. Really looks a bit ropey now and the gameplay does not appear to have changed at all. Is the multipayer on Black Ops 2 so much better?

    (Might swap Ghosts for Blops 2. I think I do need one copy of COD, if only for the once or twice a year when the itch to play it crops up...)
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  • Bayonetta 2 adds multiplayer, shorter hair

  • RelaxedMikki 12/06/2013

    Bayonetta with Co-op? My word. That's a system seller, right there.

    How much do we reckon a Wii-U will cost around Xmas?

    (I better rescue those unused Wii remotes from the kids' bedroom before they are eaten by old battery acid leak...)
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  • Halo 4 devs scold Xbox Live sexism

  • RelaxedMikki 31/10/2012

    I play a lot of online games on XBox Live. And 95% of the time it is complete silence.

    I tend to come across a lot more people who sound, erm, 'herbalised' and amiable than anyone racist, homophobic or sexist. Thankfully.

    A couple of exceptions. One child on COD once who was spouting an unintentionally comical torrent of the kind of insults you would be led to believe you hear all the time. It just prompted the rest of us to unaminously tell him he was making a fool of himself and report him.
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  • Far Cry 3 preview: Territoriality, crafting and early tech analysis

  • RelaxedMikki 11/10/2012

    Oh no.

    Seems like an indication of why the game has been delayed. They can't get the thing running properly on consoles?

    That's a real shame. I was really looking forward to playing this on my faithful old 360. But these issues (crashes?!) sound pretty major so close to release. And I can't stand screen tear.

    I hope they can pull it off.
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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

  • RelaxedMikki 22/08/2012

    Oh dear.

    Honestly? First impressions are that the 360 version is not very good.:-(

    It's got the 30 fps response and slight glitchiness of Battlefield Bad Company 2 combined with the lack of destruction and no vehicles of COD. A kind of 'worst of both worlds'. Also, there is aim-assist console games for a reason - precise aiming with a pad is horrible...!

    I can understand the appeal of a really 'stripped back' and pure competitive game like this on PC. But it's different for a console noob like me.

    I don't like it! But then again, I am definitely not hardcore.
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  • RelaxedMikki 22/08/2012

    I guess the question for us XBLAers who don't have Move or Keyboard and Mouse is - how does it handle on a pad? No aim-assist or look-down-sights can be tricky on pads...

    Anyway, I guess the demo is up soon, so we'll be able to find out for ourselves. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot...
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  • Retrospective: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

  • RelaxedMikki 19/08/2012

    Really lovely game.

    Only issue I have with it is that the framerate is really choppy. Makes actually playing with your creations less fun than it ought to be....

    You'll see all kinds of genius creations that people have put together if you go into the online 'free play' mode. I've seen stealth-bombers, walking robots, Halo vehicles, all sorts of wonderful toys...
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  • Kinect 2 image outed by "genuine" Durango devkit source

  • RelaxedMikki 10/08/2012

    Personally, I reckon that if Kinect 2 actually works and is not too laggy then it will be worthwhile.

    The only two problems I found with Kinect were that a lot of the time it didnt work, and when it did work it was laggy. Those were two pretty major problems for a game controller.

    When I was able imagine it was working properly (!) Kinect was fun.
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  • Hybrid Review

  • RelaxedMikki 09/08/2012

    whoa. sometimes the internet seems to parody itself (like on that "Dark Souls on the PC" comments section)

    Ever found yourself strangely compelled to moan about people moaning about people moaning just to see if anyone will be compelled to moan about you moaning about people moaning about people moaning?
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  • Loving the Crunch

  • RelaxedMikki 30/07/2012

    Anybody know the stats in this then? The amount of build defects and consequent rework from staff working 12+ hour days compared to 8 hour days?

    If crunch works then they'll do it. If it doesn't work and the managers still enforce it then they are doing their job badly.

    My gut feeling is crunched code will carry more defects and ultimately just lead to more rework (and crunching). Unless you are crunching the rework, I guess. Or the whole development is just a mess of iterations. In which case its going to be a mess of a development anyway. But maybe that's how games development often ends up?

    I dunno... My hunch is that a sustained crunch is a symptom of bad project management, but you'd need some stats to know for sure...
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  • Duke Nukem Forever: A Discussion with Randy Pitchford

  • RelaxedMikki 13/07/2012

    I've a feeling that pair of tits he's describing the review chart looking like has one magnificent, full, mountainous beauty of a left breast and and a tiny, flaccid semi-moob of a right breast... Reply +31
  • Apple Jack 2 Review

  • RelaxedMikki 13/07/2012


    The intro to Apple Jack 2 made me laugh so much I fell off my chair and injured my elbow. One man team or not, MyOwl there's a lawsuit coming your way!
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  • Microsoft applies for scalable console patent

  • RelaxedMikki 11/07/2012

    Makes sense.

    I'd often thought we don't really need a next generation when Sony and MS could just charge us some quids for a couple of gigs of ram, a modern graphics card, and a screwdriver. With that we could home upgrade our consoles and keep our 360s and ps3s going for another five years...!
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  • Spelunky Review

  • RelaxedMikki 02/07/2012

    Another great XBLA game?!!

    This is getting ridiculous. I haven't even finished Limbo yet...!
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Magical Manuals

  • RelaxedMikki 30/06/2012

    I am pretty sure a mate of mine once sent his mum out to photo-copy the entire Falcon 4 manual. Mental.

    To be fair though, if you actually read and understood all 400-odd pages you could probably fly a real fighter-bomber afterwards.

    It was fairly unlikely that the need would arise for a twelve year-old to have to fly a real fighter-bomber.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the 60FPS Challenge

  • RelaxedMikki 30/06/2012

    Yup. I don't think anyone will defend infinite respawns.

    Didn't they more or less scrap the infinite respawns on MW2 only to bring them back on BLOPs and MW3? Never understood why... Makes the single player a case of 'repeatedly sprinting blindly onto the next checkpoint to trigger the next set piece' rather than any kind of fun gunplay...
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  • RelaxedMikki 30/06/2012

    I actually think the COD engine compromise (low res textures, slightly lower resolution) is worth it keep 60 fps on this gen of consoles. Its still a very decent looking and responsive multiplayer shooty-game.

    A little COD multiplayer can be part of a healthy and balanced gaming diet...
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  • Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

  • RelaxedMikki 22/06/2012

    My little boy threw a paddy in the game shop yesterday and managed to get this a day early!

    He did good - it's ace! Playing other Lego games has been a bit of a chore, but TT seems to have finally twigged that the pleasure in these games is not always working out the solution to a problem (which can be a bit of a trial and error exercise) but just the fun of exploration and progression (which is why re-playing levels is still fun...)

    Screen tear is pretty minimal on 360 version. I am really sensitive to it and have not been too bothered. More in the cutscences than gameplay so far. About the same as the other recent Lego games. No v-sync option though, which is a shame...

    Lets face it, this is GTA crossed with Arkham City, with local co-op and Wonderwoman. Barman and Robin racing each other round Gotham in a bumper-car and stolen ice-cream van? Yes. Yes, please.
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  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Review

  • RelaxedMikki 20/06/2012

    Why, oh why, oh why, oh why...

    Why can't I just pay my forty quid and get the whole game?

    I didn't get Battlefield 3 at launch because I am an idiot. I now have no idea how much this game will cost me if I want to pick it up now. Do I have to get 3,4,5 expansions on top of the boxed game? And then, cos I'm new, will I have to get shot in the face for 20 hours before I am even allowed to access the toys that everyone else has unlocked? Or can I pay extra for those as well?!

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  • Digital Foundry vs. Unreal Engine 4

  • RelaxedMikki 08/06/2012

    I've never really understood what is wrong with pre-baked lighting (on this gen of consoles)...

    The games that are doing fancy lighting sums on this gen of consoles (Crysis 2, The Witcher 2, BF3 etc) tend to perform really badly and look a bit ropey compared to games with simple 'baked' lighting like Bioshock or Rage.

    No doubt dynamic lighting makes a big difference on modern tech. But I still don't really understand why... it certainly doesn't seem to be something that I would put top of the list ahead of framerate/draw-distance/pop-in/vsync/resolution etc...
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  • Is Nintendo HD Ready?

  • RelaxedMikki 02/06/2012

    Mario looks stunning, obviously... sound effects are still bloody annoying though! Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Dragon's Dogma

  • RelaxedMikki 02/06/2012

    Would be nice to have the option to turn v-sync on for the 360.

    I get really bothered by screen tear. There was too much tear in the 360 demo for me to be able to enjoy the game properly...

    I'll try the 'switch to 720 rather than 1080' resolution trick and retry the demo. Not confident that will work though (never worked for me with Just Cause 2)...

    Seems quite common now that PS3 is v-synced with low framerate and 360 is higher framerate with tearing and DF give Xbox the 'win'... Is that fair...? Sounds like it might be a nil-nil draw from a performance perspective?!
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  • Face-Off: Max Payne 3

  • RelaxedMikki 22/05/2012

    I bought my copy from Sainsbury's. It has way more graphics than the Tesco's version.

    Only kidding. Seems like both versions of this stunning looking game are pretty much identical. Which is nice.
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  • The Making of The Witcher 2

  • RelaxedMikki 18/05/2012

    I've got to be negged here too, I am afraid.

    It's a charming game, and I will go back and finish it one day when I am bit less overdosed on Elves and Wizards, but it really looks pretty ropey on the 360. It's certainly not going to get anyone going 'wow' in the way, say, Just Cause 2 would...

    Nice article though.
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  • Max Payne 3 Review

  • RelaxedMikki 15/05/2012

    Tom, if it was too hard, I am sure there's a 'Easy' mode....!

    Only kidding, I am just sore cos I ended up with this on pre-order and it 'only' got a 7.

    Weird thing is, I think I am going to enjoy the multiplayer. It looks the kind of daft that I like...
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  • The Walking Dead tops Xbox Live Arcade chart

  • RelaxedMikki 11/05/2012

    Sine Mora officially bombed, then?

    I guess the world just was n't ready for a viciously difficult, Hungarian language only, time-travelling cat morality tale, score-attack shoot-em up that's best enjoyed in 3D?!

    Oh well, I enjoy it. I doubt they'll be funding dlc though...
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  • Jade's Empire

  • RelaxedMikki 11/05/2012

    There are games for Generation X mums. And they're really popular. There just not what us 'gamers' would play.

    If someone can work out a gamer/non-gamer cross-over title they'll be all kinds of rich... Hmmmm... An Angry Modern Birds FPS? Asassinsville? FIFA Wives? I'm not very good at this...

    Also, Jade was born on the exact same day as me back in 1975. It's fair to say her career has been a bit more successful than mine. I have cuter dimples though.
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  • Rockstar details Max Payne 3 DLC pack plan

  • RelaxedMikki 01/05/2012

    Oh crap. Sounds like it's all going to go 'Gears Of War 3'? A dedicated few paying for the season pack and becoming experts. Everyone else deserting after not buying the first dlc...?

    Also, does Max Payin' work as a pun? I honestly can't decide...?!
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  • UK Top 40: The Witcher 2 conjures first place

  • RelaxedMikki 23/04/2012


    The only PS3 I have ever played on was a cracked one belonging to my brother in law in Israel.

    He asked me to go online for him and burn him some games 'because you know about computers'.

    'Erm, no' I told him.
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  • Tech Analysis: Trials Evolution

  • RelaxedMikki 22/04/2012

    I prefer the graphics on Trials HD, to be honest.

    Trials HD was rock solid. No pop in, no tear, no distractions. I find the torn frames in Evo really noticeable.

    Love the local multiplayer on Evolution though. Still a great game, just think its a shame they sacrificed the graphical perfection that was a hallmark of Trials HD.
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  • Blockbuster doing midnight Star Wars Kinect launch

  • RelaxedMikki 31/03/2012

    surely the gag here is "I'll have a Q please, Bob"?! Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 Review

  • RelaxedMikki 27/03/2012

    .Hang on.

    The map pack (9/10) is better than the game (8/10)?

    Is that even possible?!
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  • Sine Mora Review

  • RelaxedMikki 21/03/2012

    Phew. Some seriously complementary reviews coming in for this one...

    Destructoid's reviewer says, and I quote:

    "easily one of the strongest stories to ever grace this medium. The fantasy world built within this game is one of the richest I’ve ever encountered in any medium. It is filled with wonderful concepts that could be expanded into novels"

    Which is, erm, quite glowing...!
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  • The Cult of Psychonauts

  • RelaxedMikki 16/03/2012

    Oddly, despite being so psychedelic, Psychonauts is also one of the few games you can talk sensibly to a non-gamer about.

    'The psychic boy needs to enter the paraniod ex-CIA agent's mind to help unlock their emotional baggage' makes a lot more sense to most people than something like 'Mastercheif just needs to get to Cortana before the Covenant'...!
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  • RelaxedMikki 16/03/2012

    Whoa. I didn't know Psychonauts had been taken off XBox Live?!

    Psychnauts was the first thing I ever downloaded after getting around to attaching my XBox 360 to the internet - after hearing Zero Punctuation bang on about the game (the same day I bought the Orange Box - those were the days!).

    I have played the 360 emulation all the way though and did not get the sync issues described. Played fine.

    'Black Velevetopia' is still the best visuals I think I have ever seen in a game.
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  • Why can't games do sex?

  • RelaxedMikki 14/02/2012

    Are we talking about sex or romance here?

    Games seem pretty good at providing pornography, if you're weird enough to want to get off from a game. (Which you might be...!)

    Games are bad at doing romance for the same reasons games are bad at doing other social interactions such as conversations - they are difficult, unpredictable, chaotic things to model. You want to model gravity or light refraction then you just need a few simple maths rules. You can't yet model romance in quite the same way.

    Anyways, don't other media struggle with portraying sex just as much? The sex you see in porno movies isn't like the sex I have, for all sorts of reasons. I don't look like a porn star and I smile sometimes, for a start...
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  • Capcom, Ninja Theory on DmC versus Bayonetta

  • RelaxedMikki 06/01/2012

    The fluidity of the control in Bayonetta is superb. To better it would be outstanding. And, by 'outstanding' I think I mean 'unlikely'. Good luck to them though, if they can pull it off I for one will buy their game! Reply 0
  • Players report Skyrim PlayStation 3 patch out now

  • RelaxedMikki 28/11/2011

    So, we think it's getting choppy in Whiterun because the game is remembering exactly where you left those 3 helmets, and the position of bowls you accidentally knocked over and are still lying around 3 weeks later, etc etc. This is hogging memory.

    Could those npcs with brooms not go round and tidy these things up? It's kind of odd how dead bodies lie around for days, and no one picks up the fruit you knocked off the stall, as well as it being a memory hog remembering all the positions of the objects. Just have the place be tidied up a bit when you leave town and objects set to default positions where appropriate?

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  • Latest Saints Row: The Third video

  • RelaxedMikki 04/11/2011

    please, please, please, please have a half decent framerate and no screen-tear...!

    Only technical issues can prevent this game being the ultimate high point of Western culture's achievments. The way I see it, the only way is down from a game that promotes itself with the phrase 'DILDO BATS'!
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