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  • Microsoft scrapped plans to launch beefier Xbox console last year

  • Penguinzoot 12/04/2017

    But at that point 8K TVs may very well be arriving (believe Japan's public broadcaster is skipping 4K altogether and pushing 8K). It just freaking never ends...
    I believe Japanese broadcasters (and TV manufacturers) want 8K already in place and delivering content in time for the 2020 Olympic Games.
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  • Watch: How will aliens change Elite Dangerous?

  • Penguinzoot 10/01/2017

    just listen to the thing. It's terrifying
    The sound design in ED has always been one of its strong suits.
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  • Elite Dangerous headed to PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017

  • Penguinzoot 09/12/2016

    Will the fuel rats be able to operate on ps4?
    I'm sure that with time many groups will emerge on PS4, including the most excellent fuel rats 😉
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  • Penguinzoot 08/12/2016

    Single player offline mode or does it require PlayStation Plus?
    No offline mode, but there is a Solo mode which should be playable without PS Plus if ED on PS4 is implemented in a similar way to the Xbox version.
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  • Penguinzoot 08/12/2016

    We don't know that. We don't know what work is needed to get Elite working on PS4 and what would be needed to get something working in the far more demanding VR. That is, PS4 could be a port of the XB1 version with no room left to implement VR and you'd need to rework considerable amounts of the engine to optimise stereoscopic rendering at a 100% solid 60fps.
    The Xbox codebase was merged with the main PC codebase many months ago. I can't imagine Frontier would want to return to a completely separate codebase for the PS4 now all that work has been done.
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  • The 48-hour Elite Dangerous rescue mission to the edge of the galaxy

  • Penguinzoot 17/11/2016

    Not played, so, noob question...

    Can you not just jump 29 LY, which would have taken him 1LY away, and then jumped the remaining 1LY? Or does the game not allow you to jump into "empty" space?
    You can only jump into discrete star systems, adjacent to the largest mass object in the system. It's the mass of the star itself which unceremoniously pulls you out of hyperspace. So if the star is 30.56 light years distant, you need to be able to jump 30.56 light years to jump to the system.
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  • Watch: How big is the grind in No Man's Sky?

  • Penguinzoot 10/08/2016

    I have Elite Dangerous on Xbox. And I have no idea what/where to go/do. Anybody got any links to the better tutorial sites? Cause the ones I found are shite.

    There are loads of videos knocking around Youtube, but to be honest there are so many it's probably quite difficult to easily find the more useful ones amongst all the rest.

    If you haven't already, sign up on Frontiers forums, and find your way to the Xbox forum and say hello. They are (mostly) a great bunch over there, and you'll probably get many offers to help show you the ropes and answer your questions.
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  • Red Dead Redemption runs best on Xbox One

  • Penguinzoot 08/07/2016

    Definitely feeling the urge to buy this again :) Reply +2
  • Everything we know about Watch Dogs 2

  • Penguinzoot 08/06/2016

    @Hellotherenow Red Dead 3? Did I somehow sleep through a sequel to Red Dead Redemption, or are you counting from Red Dead Revolver ;)? Reply +3
  • Elite Dangerous: Arena launches standalone, priced 5

  • Penguinzoot 16/02/2016

    @Fourfoldroot Solo Mode *is* online only, but you aren't matched with any other players. It's essentially a Private Group containing just one member, you. You'd see NPCs of course, but no other players. Reply +13
  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • Penguinzoot 20/07/2015

    [...] but just like those ones I'll hold off until most of the features have returned.
    I'm with you 100% on that. I've bought every Tiger Woods PGA Tour for years, but not this time. One would've hoped that missing a year would've given EA the time they needed to give this iteration a decent shot. But for me there is too much missing. What's left is half the game that the PGA Tour series used to be, and that's without even going into the stripped down number of included courses.

    So like you, I'm voting with my wallet and can only hope enough people who feel the same do likewise.
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  • Triple-A is back at E3 2015

  • Penguinzoot 13/06/2015

    @bad09 I hope so. RDR was one of my favourite games of the previous gen, I'd love to see another, especially on PC. Reply +1
  • Penguinzoot 13/06/2015

    all I want from e3 is a new Red Dead!
    I'd like that too, although to be honest I'd be quite happy just to see RDR make it the PC!
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  • Far Cry 4: Complete Edition announced for PS4 and PC

  • Penguinzoot 05/05/2015

    Fuck me. It only came out 6 months ago and I haven't even finished it yet!
    I haven't even started it yet, so you're ahead of me. Been too busy with Elite, Cities Skylines and now GTA V!
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  • Windows 10 release in July, AMD spills

  • Penguinzoot 21/04/2015

    Whoops-a-daisy :) Reply +2
  • How to add your music to GTA 5 PC's radio stations

  • Penguinzoot 14/04/2015

    Have to admit I'm finding it increasingly difficult to resist the temptation to double dip on this .... :) Reply 0
  • How Elite: Dangerous' new Wings co-op works

  • Penguinzoot 12/03/2015

    @DAN.E.B If you want to use a flight stick then a Hotas is probably preferred. The Saitek X52 or X52 Pro are good options, as is the Warthog. It is expensive though, so it depends if you'll find the value in it. I use the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas which you can pick up for 40 or less. Not as many bells or whistles as the more expensive sticks, but perfectly usable nonetheless.

    Edit: What Floppy said! :)
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  • Homeworld is where the heart is

  • Penguinzoot 12/02/2015

    Rob Cunningham, overlooked the Remastered Collection
    Oversaw, surely? Unless you mean he did actually, you know, overlook it ;)

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to this enormously.
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  • Elite Dangerous guide

  • Penguinzoot 19/01/2015

    The "Home" button opens your Cargo Scoop while the "End" button empties your cargo hold. Confusing these adjacent buttons can be.......upsetting!
    Yep, I've done that. Also, pressing Boost inside a space station can be injurious to your health. And wealth. 'Twas a spectacular death though! :)
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  • Driveclub's free Japan DLC available now via 3.33GB update

  • Penguinzoot 19/01/2015

    Also includes improvements to rainbows.
    I've always felt rainbows should be improved. Should come with bunnies, unicorns and sparkles by default.

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  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • Penguinzoot 22/12/2014

    Can anyone recommend a decent but reasonably priced flight stick? Something below 50 if possible?
    I'd love to get an x52 or x52 Pro, but that ain't gonna happen at the moment. I chose the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas.

    Works well with ED. I like it because the throttle and stick separate so I can put my keyboard between them, which for me, makes it easier to use. I got mine from Amazon in the summer when they were on offer for around 34. You'll probably find it cheaper elsewhere though.
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  • Catastrophe games: How Spelunky and XCOM helped prepare me for an incurable illness

  • Penguinzoot 27/11/2014

    I've been catching up with EG this morning and only just read this article. Wow. What can I say? Truly excellent writing Chris, as always. And inspiring too, and with immense dignity in face of such an implacable foe.

    Very best wishes to you and your family for the future.
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  • Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash

  • Penguinzoot 21/11/2014

    Why not just make players invisible in the game world who don't want to interact with others.
    That is already the case with Online Solo. It's a completely human-free single player experience, apart from you of course.

    But Solo players occupy the same online universe as everyone else, meaning for example, that commodity prices affected by supply and demand in the online world carry over to the Solo experience.
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  • Far Cry 4 review

  • Penguinzoot 14/11/2014

    I know it's been out for 2 years already, but I haven't completed Farcry 3 yet :( Reply +23
  • Ubisoft details The Crew's 20 Season Pass

  • Penguinzoot 06/11/2014

    "Mr Ubisoft, may I introduce you to CD Projekt Red?" Reply +52
  • Elite: Dangerous: the David Braben interview

  • Penguinzoot 26/09/2014

    @CamberGreber The way Elite Dangerous has been designed, you are always online. Whether you choose to participate with other players (Open play), with friends (a private group), or by yourself in Solo play. A bit like MMO's, there is no 'offline mode'. Reply 0
  • New lighting tech debunks moon landing conspiracy theories

  • Penguinzoot 24/09/2014

    @VariantAEC How do we know this stuff? It's science my friend, simply science ;).

    The whole the Moon is leaving crap is also crap we know the moon has an elliptical orbit around Earth so how can we say the Moon will leave Earth whe these elliptical orbits can take thousands of years to occur?
    I don't know what you've been reading, but you are clearly misinformed. The moon's (elliptical) orbit around the earth takes 27.32 earth days. Sorry.
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  • Penguinzoot 20/09/2014


    Jesus. Why won't this crap just die.

    I point you to a statement by none other than a certain Mr James Van Allen himself in response to a question regarding whether the radiation would have killed the astronauts. I'm sure you know Mr Van Allen? He's the scientist the Van Allen belt is named after.

    I've included Mr Van Allens response in full, but I've emboldened the paragraph concerning the Apollo astronauts.


    The radiation belts of the Earth do, indeed, pose important constraints on the safety of human space flight.

    The very energetic (tens to hundreds of MeV) protons in the inner radiation belt are the most dangerous and most difficult to shield against. Specifically, prolonged flights (i.e., ones of many months' duration) of humans or other animals in orbits about the Earth must be conducted at altitudes less than about 250 miles in order to avoid significant radiation exposure.

    A person in the cabin of a space shuttle in a circular equatorial orbit in the most intense region of the inner radiation belt, at an altitude of about 1000 miles, would be subjected to a fatal dosage of radiation in about one week.

    However, the outbound and inbound trajectories of the Apollo spacecraft cut through the outer portions of the inner belt and because of their high speed spent only about 15 minutes in traversing the region and less than 2 hours in traversing the much less penetrating radiation in the outer radiation belt. The resulting radiation exposure for the round trip was less than 1% of a fatal dosage - a very minor risk among the far greater other risks of such flights. I made such estimates in the early 1960s and so informed NASA engineers who were planning the Apollo flights. These estimates are still reliable.

    The recent Fox TV show, which I saw, is an ingenious and entertaining assemblage of nonsense. The claim that radiation exposure during the Apollo missions would have been fatal to the astronauts is only one example of such nonsense.

    James A. Van Allen
    For Gods sake people, use your brain.
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  • Penguinzoot 20/09/2014

    I could go on but have had enough.
    I agree. You need a lie down.
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  • Penguinzoot 20/09/2014

    But at the same time you also have to account for the possibility of dirty tricks by the us government, who at this period in time were doing a lot of very unethical activities against its own people.
    What you are talking about is a conspiracy that must involve tens of thousands of the US governments own citizens.

    And extend to ordinary citizens beyond US borders.

    And also extend to thousands of citizens of governments openly hostile to the US, who would have loved nothing more than prove the whole thing a hoax to embarrass and ridicule America and demonstrate the inferiority of the capitalist system in the eyes of the world.

    And yet none of these tens of thousands of people has ever revealed a thing? In a world where even Tricky Dicky couldn't keep the break-in at the Watergate building and its subsequent cover-up a secret? Please .....
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  • Penguinzoot 20/09/2014

    @VariantAEC and others
    We don't know that for sure. Look at Venus to my knowledge it has no moon yet it supposedly spins in one direction just like Earth. Mars has two tiny moons that more than likely don't have much of an affect on it's orbit and yet it has a north and south just like Earth does. So the Earth could survive without the Moon.
    I haven't read the entirety of this thread, so please accept my apologies if someone has already covered this. Also I'm not picking on you, I just wanted to make a few points about why the earth (and we) need the moon.

    So. What has the moon ever done for us, eh? It's not about orbit, it's about axial tilt. The earth has an axial tilt of about 23.5 degrees but oscillates between 22.1 to 24.5 degrees over a 41,000 year period.

    Mars also has an axial tilt similar to earths, but it varies by tens of degrees over a 100,000 year cycle.

    To prosper, life needs stable conditions to exist over millions and millions of years. The mass of earth's moon helps to constrain the wobble of the planets axial tilt between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees so that those stable conditions necessary for life can persist over geologic timescales. Mars' own moons do not have the mass necessary to constrain the wobble in the planets axial tilt, which is why Mars' axial tilt varies so dramatically.

    Without the moon, the earths tilt would also oscillate wildly (like Mars') over a short period (in geological terms), meaning that every few thousand years the icy poles would wobble down to the equator, and the equator would wobble down the poles. These extreme climatic changes would make it extremely difficult for life to prosper. If life were to exist at all under these conditions, it is unlikely to evolve beyond a very basic level.

    We know that the moon has acted as a brake on the earths rotation since its formation, slowing it down over geologic time and increasing the length of an earth day as a result.

    But we are losing the moon. It is spiralling away from the earth at the rate of about 3.8 cm per year. How do we know this? Because of laser retroreflectors setup on the moon by Apollo 11 (and the subseqent Apollo 14 and 17) astronauts.

    tl;dr version: So yeah. We need the moon. And yes, we did land on the moon.
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  • Penguinzoot 20/09/2014

    The Klangers was definitely fake.
    Nooooooo! Say it isn't so! :'(
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  • Elite: Dangerous beta 2 launches this month

  • Penguinzoot 20/09/2014

    You can double up on buttons too with the T-Flight. As in, you can apply one command to a two button press.
    That sounds really useful, I had no idea you could do that. You don't happen to have a link handy to show me how to set that up do you?
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  • Penguinzoot 20/09/2014

    @MeBrains I haven't owned a joystick for years. But for Elite (and later Star Citizen) I have bought the Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas.

    It's relatively inexpensive for a Hotas, and the throttle separates from the joystick meaning I can place my keyboard between the throttle and the joystick, which feels about right for me.

    It's obviously not as flexible as a Warthog, Rhino, or even X52 (or X52 Pro), but it is a lot cheaper. You can get it for around 35-40.
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  • Penguinzoot 19/09/2014

    @dirtysteve It's a kickstarter. You're backing the development of the game. And if you choose to partake of the beta, you are paying less than primary beta backers and the alpha backers before that, and still get the nice warm glow inside knowing you helped make the game a reality.

    Or you could, you know, just wait until the game is released and just pay the retail price. The choice is yours.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 review

  • Penguinzoot 19/09/2014

    @Dantonir Phew, that's a relief. I know I had a late night last night (what with the referendum), but I thought I'd slept through an entire GPU generation for a few minutes! ;) Reply +1
  • Penguinzoot 19/09/2014

    just a quick one, where did the 800 series go?
    I was wondering the same thing! :)
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Forza Horizon 2 demo

  • Penguinzoot 18/09/2014

    I have not bought a racing games since Rallysport Challenge
    Ah, Rallysport Challenge. RSC2 was definitely one of my favourite racers of all time.
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  • 800 excavated Atari cartridges will be auctioned off

  • Penguinzoot 11/09/2014

    One man's trash, eh?
    No-one's bought any yet! :)
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  • Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

  • Penguinzoot 08/09/2014

    And take a moment to rejoice - because video games are back in season!
    Huzzah! :D

    Edit: beaten :D
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  • The Evil Within shuffles forwards again

  • Penguinzoot 03/09/2014

    the gloopy currency used to upgrade your abilities, not shampoo.
    Not shampoo? But how am I supposed to look my heroic best when the apocalypse comes?

    /cancels preorder
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  • Paradox unveils single-player space RTS Ancient Space

  • Penguinzoot 22/08/2014

    I'll be up for some that! :) Reply 0
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal

  • Penguinzoot 18/08/2014

    Also, basically, he says that it's an exclusive deal but doesn't know what exclusive means?
    Of course he knows what it means. He just ain't sayin, that's all ;)
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  • New BBC iPlayer for Xbox One this year

  • Penguinzoot 11/08/2014


    I don't think Ryze's comment about iPlayer coming first to his fishtank and then WiiU was entirely serious TBH.
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  • 50 Elite: Dangerous Beta 1 goes live

  • Penguinzoot 31/07/2014

    @frunk My first docking was going ok until I pressed EngineBoost instead of ThrustDown. I watched in horror as my shiny new Sidewinder shot forward and ended up ping-ponging off the internal walls of the space station! What a n00b! :'( Reply +15
  • Penguinzoot 31/07/2014

    Indeed this is a lovely game, and the reason I bought a new PC. Not that Elite needs a particularly high spec, but the dinosaur that was my 10 year old computer would have struggled none the less.

    I have TLOU arriving tomorrow, but I fear my consoles will be somewhat neglected for some considerable time to come.
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  • Xbox One's August update updates activity feed, unlocks 3D Blu-Ray

  • Penguinzoot 18/07/2014

    @kosigan The term digital downloads irks me as well. Also, +1 for using the word 'tautology'! Reply -7
  • UK court rules against Nintendo in Wii patent battle

  • Penguinzoot 20/06/2014

    @MrMattAdz Patents (like copyright) are necessary. They're just not cool :( That's not to say that elements of the system don't need shaking up. Reply +4
  • Microsoft reveals the Surface Pro 3

  • Penguinzoot 20/05/2014

    @solarspot Using those cameras, would I be right in thinking that you do a bit of astro/planetary/solar imaging? Reply +1
  • Where is Xbox One's virtual reality headset?

  • Penguinzoot 26/04/2014

    @Dantonir I think that is a reasonable question. From what I've read, some conventional post-processing techniques can be dialled back or perhaps even dropped altogether for VR. Whether this would free up enough budget to allow VR at 1080p60 on the Xbox One is an open question at the moment though. Reply +2