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  • Sources: Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year

  • Optimaximal 19/04/2017

    @udat I'd say the SNES Star Wars games are more likely than other licenses.

    Disney already have SSW licensed to Sony on the PS4 and have shown themselves to be fairly open to receiving money without having to do any legwork wherever possible.
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  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap review

  • Optimaximal 18/04/2017

    WE5T 0NE Reply 0
  • Gearbox cuts ties with G2A after game key reseller fails to meet demands

  • Optimaximal 08/04/2017

    @bartekharbut the previous article mentioned TB. Reply +2
  • Optimaximal 07/04/2017

    @kestral It's hardly like they had time to even organise a response.

    The egg is, honestly, on Gearbox's face here - they were caught out for not doing due diligence before being publicly called out. They quickly knocked up some nuclear get-out clause that G2A would not have be a) informed about before initially agreeing to work with Gearbox or b) even agreed to.

    Gearbox closing the deal down now also likely means they owe G2A a bunch of money for breaking the contract late in the day - best bury that under some positive PR for 'sticking up for the indies by 'trying' to fix G2A'.

    Honestly, if a big name 'tuber hadn't made the noise, they wouldn't have even cared and just rolled with the bad press, but at the end of the day, they decided they couldn't do without the free PR from TB & co (because clearly all the others would follow suit).
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda patches to improve lip-syncing, trans character dialogue

  • Optimaximal 05/04/2017

    @Rodimus-Prime Doesn't the game already have enough performance problems without stealing ~10% of the APU to run Kinect *AND* stealing development time for a device that only a small portion of the games market own & use these days? Reply 0
  • Optimaximal 05/04/2017

    @masteratt Surely the fact they're accepting and reacting to fan feedback should be encouraged?

    It's been pretty clear from the early access that the game is buggy, badly scripted and wonky - anyone who proceeded to a) buy it & b) play it, despite knowing this in full knowledge deserves what they get.
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  • Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy premieres next month

  • Optimaximal 31/03/2017

    @Hellotherenow They used to do this, but people complained then, for some reason. Reply 0
  • Fan project to get Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on PC shows remarkable progress

  • Optimaximal 22/03/2017

    @SuperSoupy you can't. If you bought the Switch version, that's the version Nintendo have licensed you to play.

    Unless you buy the Wii-U version from a shop, thereby granting you the license to play that version, any downloaded ripped copy (as you don't have the disc) would be technically illegal.

    Of course, the minute CEMU or another emulator is capable of playing the Switch version (not long, is my guess, as it's basically a Nvidia Shield, so the hardware is fairly well known) then you're in the clear!
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  • Optimaximal 22/03/2017

    @macmurphy At what point is the game code/IP being stolen?

    There's an element of reverse engineering going on here, which is another legal problem, but if people are genuinely buying and owning an official Wii U disc, they're not 'technically' breaking the law.

    The main issue here is the CEMU guys taking obscene amounts of money and locking their work behind a closed-source license.
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  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • Optimaximal 14/03/2017

    @gabriellacreighton do you really think Nintendo has a load of employees sitting at desktop computers manually copying image files one-by-one onto SD cards*?

    Think big... They'll have third-parties with banks upon banks of custom devices capable of bulk flashing thousands of these cards in unison.

    * - yes, these *are* bog-standard flash cards, hidden inside a proprietary form-factor, just like how UMDs & the GameCube Mini-DVDs were just custom optical discs that only fit in certain proprietary drives. Nintendo aren't going to reinvent the wheel here.
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  • Optimaximal 14/03/2017

    @pleshy Nope, you're wrong. The cartridge/disc/whatever it's delivered on is simply considered the 'media' it's delivered on - there's no functional difference with regards to your rights whether it's a flat shiny disc, a chunky cartridge or a load of bytes downloaded from the internet.

    You don't own the IP rights to the product and it's only first-sale doctrine in consumer law that allows you to resell or otherwise 'dispose' of the product. You technically are unable to lend it as that could be construed as renting it, which is not allowed for standard retail releases (hence why marked rental copies exist) - it's just unfeasible for any enforcement agency to enforce and prosecute people.

    By opening the case, you transparently agree to the licensing agreement that the game publisher has assigned to it. In reality, the same applies to all forms of media - remember the blurb we all ignore when watching a DVD? Read it one time and you'll often see you're only actually *allowed* to use the DVD for sole use, by yourself, in your home - Again, to enforce this ruling would be unfeasible, so most people discount it.

    Just remember, the main reason all these companies *want* you to actually purchase digital content is because it usually cannot be re-sold - all sales are final. The increased price is often justified by ancillary services and the ability to re-download the product for the foreseeable future (i.e. in most cases, when a game has been pulled from sale on Steam, PSN or XBL, the service will let existing buyers continue to download it)
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  • Optimaximal 13/03/2017

    @Yogafire some people don't have the patience or insight to either wait or price-hunt, but will proceed to defend their foolhardy decision to buy on day one at full price then exercise their right to complain when the price drops. Reply 0
  • Optimaximal 13/03/2017

    @Naetharu the actual NAND inside the proprietary case will be the off-the-shelf stuff inside bargain-basement SD Cards. Stop trying to sell it as being anything special. Reply 0
  • Optimaximal 13/03/2017

    @LordDemigod Rubbish. The cartridges will be mass-manufactured by Nintendo's preferred supplier(s) on a scale close to what SD cards are and then used for individual runs where the appropriate game is flashed (hundreds of carts at a time on huge industrial machines) and then stickered. The entire process can (and will) be automated by machines. It will be no more involved than a first-party Blu-Ray or DVD.

    The media item *will* cost more but don't make it sounds like 10 is anything more than early-day profiteering - in fact, most of that amount will be absorbed by retailers trying to shift units over their competitors yet still make a profit.

    At the end of the day, flash media *is* more expensive to the consumer - it's barely any different to any other media to the OEM.
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  • Nolan North is Rocket in Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy game

  • Optimaximal 10/03/2017

    Guys, FYI, Nolan North already played Rocket Raccoon in Disney Infinity 2.0. Reply +2
  • Nintendo says Switch dead pixels "normal", not a defect

  • Optimaximal 08/03/2017

    The ISO standard that governs LCD quality wrt failed pixels states Class 2 displays (of which 99% of consumer grade fall under) can have up to 2 dead (black) or hot (white) pixels or 5 stuck (RGB) pixels per Million.

    I believe the Switch is 720p, so that's ~921,600 pixels in the display, ergo Nintendo can argue the toss over one pixel, but 2 is will be considered a failure. Stuck pixels will be harder to deal with.
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  • Wonder Boy 3 remake lets you use your original Master System saves on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

  • Optimaximal 01/03/2017

    @DAN.E.B It is coming to Steam a bit later, for the usual reasons. Reply +1
  • Optimaximal 01/03/2017

    @MrTomFTW But @clarkec321 has provided the only one you'll ever need. Reply 0
  • Why BioWare ditched the power wheel from Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Optimaximal 23/02/2017

    @Turrican Yeah, this was my thought with the instant re-spec system. I know it can be annoying at times to be locked into a class in an RPG, but that means you invest in the choice.

    I was always an Infiltrator - Sniper Rifle + Tech was Shepard's MO.
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  • Optimaximal 23/02/2017

    I played on PC, so I never had to deal with the power-wheel stuff.

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  • SNES preservation project "dead" after $10k of games lost in the post

  • Optimaximal 14/02/2017

    @Pasco_ Byuu wasn't the guy who shipped the carts, it was the owner at the other end. He was just set to receive them & nothing ever arrived.

    After all, when posting stuff, the onus is always on the sender to actually insure the goods for the correct amount and for the entire journey, even if the recipient is actually paying for it.
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  • Skylanders franchise kept alive, but no new game this year

  • Optimaximal 10/02/2017

    @adornedatom But until Imaginators, Skylanders hasn't been 'expensive', by comparison, for years.

    You knew you were getting the entire game (which was still quite long - not Lego Dimensions SP long, but longer than the bundled Infinity Level pack) and could use any previous characters immediately, with no faffing for downloads or waiting for them to be included/enabled in branded add-ons.

    Imaginators changed that, requiring Level Packs, Sensei's AND character crystals to see everything, whereas before if you had suitable elemental characters from a previous series, that would be enough. Superchargers only required two vehicle purchases (one air, one sea) to 3* the entire main game.

    I stand by my assessment that greed harmed Imaginators. They saw they had increased competition from Lego Dimensions but where they could have moved in on the space left by Infinity, they just copied Warner's more fragmented model but without the licensed buy-in and open-world innovation to back it up.
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  • Optimaximal 10/02/2017

    @its-Captain-snowy Disney Infinity was 100% backwards compatible. You can buy cheap 1.0 characters and use them in 2.0, with both 1.0 and 2.0 also working in 3.0... Reply +1
  • Optimaximal 10/02/2017

    The best part of Skylanders was (IMO) that you bought the entire game and could just focus on getting toys to unlock some extra hidden areas. For Imaginators, they jumped straight into the Dimensions/Infinity 'huge chunks of the game are locked into expensive play packs' model.

    And they wonder why it struggled to sell...
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  • Denuvo responds to lightning quick Resident Evil 7 PC crack

  • Optimaximal 01/02/2017

    @R1SC nah, it doesn't work like that. By *not* including protection in the demo, it gives crack groups a perfect control version of the game functioning without the protection! It's not perfect, but it's a much better working example than breaking open the exec in a hex editor and stumbling around looking for clues. Reply +1
  • Optimaximal 01/02/2017

    Didn't they release a demo version of the game? That's often an attack vector, which is another reason why demos are dying, especially on PC. Reply +33
  • GAME cancels Resident Evil 7 Collector's Edition orders due to broken Baker Mansion statues

  • Optimaximal 24/01/2017

    One silver lining - this edition did not include the game itself, so no customers should find themselves unable to play on launch day.
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  • Did Nintendo download a Mario ROM and sell it back to us?

  • Optimaximal 19/01/2017

    Stuff like this is old news - when GOG originally launched, many references were found in the provided game executables to cracking groups, pretty much confirming that publishers were essentially repackaging cracks publicly available on GCW or similar because they didn't have access to the source code or programmers capable of stripping the protection out. Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed film review

  • Optimaximal 22/12/2016

    It reminds me somewhat of the first Assassin's Creed game - repetitive, stuffy, yet with a glimmer of promise. If the film does get a sequel, Ubisoft should know how it can improve.
    So, given said sequel remains pretty much the high-point for the entire series, it should be good, right.

    Oh, yeah... 'Video Game Adaption'.
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  • Pewdiepie hits 50m subscribers, claims he'll delete channel today

  • Optimaximal 12/12/2016

    @Naetharu "Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice..." Reply 0
  • Optimaximal 09/12/2016

    You idiots all fell for it. He trolled you and he bumped his numbers further, because you believed him.

    2016, people...
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  • Lego Dimensions' Fantastic Beasts updated with the film's proper ending

  • Optimaximal 12/12/2016

    Remember how LEGO Star Wars launched with Episode 3 content, ahead of the films release?

    In today's market, would that be paid DLC? Oh wait, not, they'd have cancelled it, like the entire last third of The Hobbit!
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  • Amid rumours of Skylanders cancellation dev Vicarious Visions is now working on Destiny

  • Optimaximal 09/12/2016

    @FortysixterUK I don't think we've ever paid a lot of money for a Skylanders figure - they're always on sale & in 3 for 2. They always seemed to be much cheaper than Lego D or Infinity figures (well, until Infinity was discontinued).

    We've got Imaginators for the boy for 25th, but I've noticed that they've copied the rival brands and farmed 'play sets' out as extra purchases, rather than just the figures.

    One good thing about Superchargers was you got the whole game in the pack and could reach the whole game with just two vehicle packs - in a tight financial climate, asking for more money more often isn't going to work.
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  • Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford fights fires over lack of Bulletstorm upgrade discount

  • Optimaximal 07/12/2016

    @mrcheesyelf It's getting a version of the game that's playable on modern versions of Windows that counts - getting Games for Windows: Live working on Windows 8 or 10 is nigh-impossible. Reply +5
  • Optimaximal 07/12/2016

    @AgentDaleCooper The existing PC version (still sold, by the way) doesn't actually work properly on most machines anymore, because it's almost impossible to install a working version of Games for Windows:Live. Reply +8
  • Battleborn is 3.85

  • Optimaximal 24/11/2016

    @Binba442 I'd honestly say Titanfall struggled against CoD, not Battlefield.

    Both of EA's games are fundamentally different.
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  • So, about that Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection glitch video

  • Optimaximal 23/11/2016

    Polygon doing something uncouth for clicks with the intent of apologising later? Never... Reply +93
  • Telltale's third season of The Walking Dead finally has a release date

  • Optimaximal 23/11/2016

    @Murton Sony holding back releases in the EU is hardly TT's fault.

    If you can't hack the slightly sporadic release schedule (often due to reasons beyond TT), maybe stop living your life expecting the releases to land immediately and just enjoy them when they're finally released?
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  • Optimaximal 22/11/2016

    Where has it been mentioned before that this is a 'soft reboot'?

    I understand they're doing a time-jump, just like the graphic novels did post-Negan (which the Michonne spin-off was designed to plug) but not even Telltale are calling it such, even though it's clear they're completely changing the cast (the reason S2 didn't was because it literally followed directly on from S1).
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  • Watch Dogs 2 launch sales nowhere near Watch Dogs 1

  • Optimaximal 21/11/2016

    @jamster126 maybe, but then hundreds of more people buy physical because a) they do trade-ins or b) they refuse to pay a fixed 50/equivalent for essentially the same product! Reply +5
  • Optimaximal 21/11/2016

    @mrcheesyelf but that didn't happen with Assassin's Creed 2 though. Reply +3
  • Dishonored 2 review

  • Optimaximal 16/11/2016

    @rhyfel but it's only misbehaving for a small fraction of the vocal population who are trying to push a new engine beyond what their hardware is capable of.

    If you buy a new Ford Fiesta and it won't go from 4th to 5th, you return it to the dealer and they either fix it and you get your money back.

    Steam has the choice of refunds. What's that, you pre-ordered it from a third-party? Live and learn...
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  • Optimaximal 16/11/2016

    @StooMonster ...or maybe the real problem is publishers rushing games out to meet arbitrary review dates that have to tie up with marketing expectations, quarterly performance targets and rival products on the market.

    I can't think of a PC player who wouldn't accept a couple of weeks delay to ensure optimisation across a wider range of devices.

    That said, I also can't understand why anybody is stupid enough to still pre-order games either!
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  • Optimaximal 16/11/2016

    @CrashOkami Did you miss the bit at the very top of the review...

    'Version tested: PlayStation 4'

    If Edwin was reviewing a PS4 copy, how could be know about the PC issues? Surely if you're worried/not sure about PC performance, wait for the Digital Foundry analysis?
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  • Optimaximal 16/11/2016

    @retr0gamer Turn V-Sync off? Reply -2
  • Football Manager 2017 trashed on Steam by angry Chinese fans

  • Optimaximal 31/10/2016

    The question now is whether it sets a precedent for people brute-forcing their wants and needs in a similar way in the future?
    The internet has been doing this since Spore - it won't change as long as it works and as the recent blow-up regarding Steam reviews has shown, people want that to look good.
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  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • Optimaximal 24/10/2016

    Wasn't there recently news that GAME were once again badly struggling in their financials? This makes *much* more sense when you consider that. Reply +24
  • Star Citizen companion game Squadron 42 will not be released in 2016

  • Optimaximal 10/10/2016

    @Malek86 When they started development, Unreal 4 was positively embryonic in comparison to CryEngine, which was much better at the *YUUUGE* open environments.

    Of course, then Crytek UK & part of the German team dissolved whilst everyone started using U4 when it went Free, so the former stagnated whilst the latter is now heavily optimised with loads of functionality.
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  • Optimaximal 10/10/2016

    *sigh* Another delay, another month of Derek Smart tweeting 'FRAUD' and 'SEE I AM RIGHT' in all-caps.

    Yes, yes, I know he does this anyway...
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  • Lego Dimensions studio on its experimental year two, Marvel and Star Wars

  • Optimaximal 03/10/2016

    @spacedmonkeys I'm guessing the problem is the big LEGO games need either a lot of films to base their content on to satisfy demand or they need to make a lot of stuff up to fill the gaps (which can be jarring).

    LEGO Marvel Avengers & LEGO Jurassic Park had several movies of content to plunder, whilst The Force Awakens is based on a single movie (and it suffers accordingly).

    Dimensions allows them to throw cheaper mini-games and worlds out there with a fraction of the cost.
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