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  • Bloodstained announced for Switch, cancelled for Wii U

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 22/03/2017

    I was a WiiU physical backer for this as at the time I didn't even have a PS4. I did wonder if it would get cancelled as we hadn't heard much and IIRC it and the Vita had a different dev team. I decided to keep it as WiiU due to it likely being the hardest version to get physically afterwards if the game turned out well. Switch may keep that role so despite not owning a Switch (or planning to get one for a good amount of time) I will likely keep the automatic change to that version for the same reasons.

    For all the people suggesting we would want PC as the default that is the format I would least want a physically backed game changed to. I have backed many PC projects (nearly all digital tiers) but this is one I want physically on a console and it seems I can change my mind on choice of format for a while yet (the April date is for refunds).

    And even the very early demo they released seemed pretty decent for the stage it was at. For the record it doesn't run ideally on an Intel interated GPU as I had to try it on one as my gfx card had died.
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  • Mana series slated for Switch in Japan

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 22/03/2017

    Square happily retranslated the PS1 (and possibly changed them for GBA) version of the Final Fantasies so it isn't too much of a stretch that they could do SD3 quite easily. If I remember correctly technical issues were the biggest challenge with the fan translation rather than the amount of text and SE are not going to have that problem. Whether they do or not is still open but Squenix have been pretty good with translating stuff in recent years so there may be hope. Reply 0
  • Drawn to Death will be a free PS Plus title at launch

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 15/03/2017

    On the top down maze action shooty games I seem to have been the only person who liked Alien Breed 2 on release (A1200 version). Didn't review well and got judged as too difficult (had 2 passwords through the whole game for continuing) but the first time I got to the first checkpoint I managed to get all the way through the game with enough lives left to kill the final boss with my 'invulnerability' damage after running out of ammo.

    I didn't ever play Chaos Engine too seriously though, just the odd dabble. Grabbed the recent remake but barely touched it.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild already up and running on PC

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 07/03/2017

    @Plumbus I actually bought Conkers bad Fur Day on N64 (new, not preowned) after trying it on an emulator as I really wasn't sure if I'd lime it and was pleasantly surprised. Also played some DC and PS2 games I own on disc on emulators as the consoles were inaccessible.

    It is rare but some of us try to support our software market.
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  • Watch: The Shadow of Mordor you never knew existed

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 06/03/2017

    @Sanxo I only found out about part 3 actually happening decades later. I don't think any of our magazines reported on it at the time either. Maybe have to try it out on an emulator one day :) Reply 0
  • Pillars of Eternity 2 has now raised more than Pillars of Eternity 1

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 24/02/2017

    @MahtiK The DLC seems to be priced about what the full pack cost at rrp for the last one so will wait for the DLC. I have standard digital $45 tier but considering the fatter digital new digital pack or physical but spent too much recently so have to see if you can upgrade after the campaign. Reply +4
  • In Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire you have a mobile base of operations - a ship!

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 23/02/2017

    @SegaBlueSky Tyranny ran well enouhh on Intel HD4600 so you shouldn't need too high a spec.

    I need to finish off Tyranny before I can judge the ending I have heard many complaints about (almost done with it)
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will no longer be a Switch launch title

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 22/02/2017

    Making a manual a launch day version only exclusive? This is getting silly... Reply +2
  • Call of Duty will "return to its roots" after Infinite Warfare sales disappoint

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 10/02/2017

    As someone with zero interest in the multiplayer side the setting for this game was the first time I have had any interest in a Call of Duty game. The same generic WW2/near modern sertings have little appeal to me but I anticipated there would be a backlash on this setting as soon as it was announced (if the multiplayer is poor too that is a fair criticism but a lot of the backlash was long hefore anyone knew that(.

    Played the single player demo and quite enjoyed it. Might eventually end up as the only Call if Suty I ever buy.

    FPS fans seem to be very set in their ways these days with their obsession with 'realistic' settings and only human enemies etc. I miss the days when we had a bit more variety with Doom 3, Half Life 2 and Far Cry competing (even if I hear the ninhuman element were annoying in the latter as bullet sponges). Sadly the multiplayer crowd is where the money is so most FPS focus that way now (the recent singleplayer only Wolfenstein games were a pleasant exception)
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  • Latest footage of crowd-funded Psychonauts 2, as it picks up publisher

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 06/02/2017

    Depending on Doublefine's own contribution this total isn't much more than the $13 million they supposedly turned down as not enough from Notch. Reply +1
  • Lego Dimensions gets Goonies, Lego City and Hermione in May

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 03/02/2017

    That is Sloth with the Goonies pack not Chunk. The figures look nice in that set but never bought into Dimensions. How much content do you actually get in the base game? I probably should have grabbed it to try when it was down to 30 quid last year... Reply 0
  • Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire announced

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 28/01/2017

    @mkreku I'd like to see the Fallout New Orleans rumours AS an isometric game ;) Always had a softer spot for Fallout 1 and 2 than the sequels. Never going to happen though.

    Also for anyone that cares the original Pillars in on sale on GOG and I think the Paradox Store at the moment (I think the latter will be a Steam key).
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  • Life of Black Tiger is the worst PS4 game we've ever played

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 26/01/2017

    I was quite sad when I saw the title of this appearibg everywhere. Reminded me of the old Capcom classic, Black Tiger which was one of my favourite arcade games as a kid. I suppose if they ever do a reimagining of the game they had better use the Japanese Black Dragon title so it doesn't get associated with this. (Not that a new Black Tiger is ever likely to be honest) Reply +4
  • Writing Lara Croft

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 17/01/2017

    It was mentioned a fair bit that she couldn't respond to early criticism because she hadn't been announced as writer yet. Why wasn't she? As far as I can see bar a tiny amount of exceptions most games do not sell on who the writer is so there appears to be no benefit for Squenix to have kept her role secret at the start.

    And like others I miss the idea of a Tomb Raider with big structures to explore and no more than a couple of human antagonists throughout the game. (Yeah, pretty much the first game only then it went all shooting at people in modern settings like Venice...)
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  • Atlus doesn't know whether the new Shin Megami Tensei for Nintendo Switch will head west

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 14/01/2017

    I'd like the 3DS part of the SMT 25th to be a decent remake of the first 2 games (if included would be great but much less likely) as an 'Origins' type oack and getting us an official English release of 2 finally. I would imagine they could slot pretty neatly into the Soul Hackers engine too. I would be happy to see a new title too but I think it is less likely that we would get 2 new mainline SMT games the same year... Reply +1
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 13/01/2017

    @Frosty840 I bought a few Ryuu ga gotoku (Yakiza) games in Korea that were Japanese only. They came with free books attached translating the story. Not an ideal method but interesting to see.

    As for SMT Switch it hasn't even formally been given a title so of course it isn't confirmed for the west yet. We haven't missed any SMT or subseries game for many years and even got TMS which was never going to sell well. Means I can wait for Switch to hit more sensible prices before buying my new SMT machine :)
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  • Yakuza 0 is a great way to get into Sega's outstanding series

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 12/01/2017

    @theincredibleaf I didn't play a lot of Sleeping Dogs but I would say the focus is very different. Sleeping Dogs covers a large part of HK? This is set in the redight/entertainment districts of 2 cities in Japan. As people have said story is at the forefront and ylu can just skip most of the optional content if you wish but if you want you can try and do all the sidequests (I usually make this a goal in a Yakuza playthrough), try to master whichever of many minigames take your fancy, master the colliseum (fighting tournament that I have never gone all the way through in previous games) wooing hostesses etc. I am not sure if Majima's side has any running of a club like you had in 2 and 4 or not but there is a lot of optional content in these games even if the square footage of the city areas aren't that big. If you want the Japanese gangster film atmosphere with a mix of drama and silliness that entails in a dark setting with characters who, although sometimes cliched, work well within the scenarios.
    You don't get freeform driving in these games like in SD really although 5 introduced driving elements (taxi driving and street racing) so there may be a minigame or two here too.

    Not sure if that helps you much but I tried :)
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  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 12/01/2017

    @Hellotherenow It is rare but there are the odd games where PEGI rate more leniently than the ESRB (even if it is usually the other way around) sych as the EDF games (which are PEGI 12s but ESRB Ms in recent years (not sure why though)). I don't see us getting a more censored version than the US these days but coyld be wrong. You also need to rememeber that the US has no rating between Teen and Mature so if you slip off teen you are in M territory. Japan rates things its own way so not comparing there. Is it confirmed to be a PEGI 12? I expected a 16.

    As for Yakuza 0, looking forward to gettig this in English for my PS4 (puts preannouncement Japanese PS3 copy back on the shelf...)
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  • How Amstrad Action changed my life

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 07/01/2017

    Desperately poor so bought second-hand, I can relate there. The "didn't even get a dishwasher until 1991" bit spoils that as most poor families never got a dishwasher or even had a space for one. Maybe the north/south divide talking here but it seemed an odd choice of justification.

    I liked the article overall though and remember the Balrog from Your Sinclair (I started with a second hand Vic20 then moved onto a second hand Spectrum 48K rubber keys...). I liked Crash and YS but Sinclair User was a bit crap.
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  • Platinum's Turtles game delisted from Steam, PSN and Xbox

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 04/01/2017

    (And that is from someone with no interest in this game) Reply +1
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 04/01/2017

    I still think (also woth music licensing for TV stuff) that the licensors need to force better deals where although they cannot release new games or ports after expiartion they can keep anything released during license on shelves 'perpetually' (with TV shows it should be a case of one a song is licensed for a scene it is part of that scene regardless of territory etc as long as theu don't change it) (I suppose the Japanese voice actor guilds is another one that needs the licensors to band together and force change)... Reply +2
  • Dragon Quest 11 gets new gameplay, continues to look lovely

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 19/12/2016

    @BlueThunderBlade I imagine that releasing all the recent spinoffs and the 3DS remakes are leading to an official announcement of this one (and an Edge interview with an Enix higher-up implies this too)

    Shame we missed out on X but being online focussed was the problem there as not popular enough for a subscription and possibly needs more serverside work than the likes of Monster Hunter to be able to be done for free. I don't even know how much single player content X has but there is a rough fan translation for PC for those that are curious (not got the game so bot checked it out personally but it is an unknown team of translators IIRC so...)
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  • Space Hulk: Deathwing review

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 19/12/2016

    I really enjoyed EA's first (the nonconsole one) Space Hulk on Amiga back in the day (didn't really play the 3DO etc remake to compare). Do any of the new batch of Space Hulk games seem lukely to appeal based on liking that game a long time ago? Reply +3
  • Yooka-Laylee cancelled for Wii U due to "unforeseen technical issues"

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 13/12/2016

    I wouldn't be surprised to see IGA's Bloodstained follow suit with this with the release date. Reply +12
  • Eurogamer reader's top 50 games of 2016 voting

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 11/12/2016

    Still no Yomawari, it is never going to win but it was a fun, atmospheric little game that deserves to be an option :) Reply 0
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 09/12/2016

    Also 7th Dragon III VFD, (3ds), Mystery Chronicles One Way Heroics (Vita/PS4/PC), Corpse Party (PC original and 3DS remake), Xanadu Next (PC), Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2 (PS3/Vita)

    Possibly a lot more. Perhaps you need an 'other' category although it may nake counting difficult)
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  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 09/12/2016

    @porkface Pretty much anything by Pqube or NISA seems to be missing off this lest. Decent stuff including Yomawari, Steins;Gate 0, Root Letter (although not played it yet so may not be great), Psycho Pass. Even some stuff that has been mentioned on EG like the infanous GalGun (had to look for that one when I noticed other games I cared about were missing even though it isn't a game I plan to get).

    Lot of Vita stuff is missing basically. (Some with PS4 ports too)
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  • Kirby studio announces third Boxboy game, exclusive amiibo

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 06/12/2016

    This is a game series I have considered digitally but if they bring the physical trilogy set westwards I will have to bite and preorder. Reply +1
  • Yakuza's PS4 remake is coming to the west

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 03/12/2016

    Really good to hear both of these confirmed, a little odd that Sega aren't publishing their own stuff but will be grabbing both of these (and Zero of course, although I may have to import from US for the cool card case thing that we don't seem to be getting) Reply +1
  • NieR: Automata now has a western release date

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 03/12/2016

    @StarPlatinum World of Final Fantasy on PS4 is pretty much the only one I know of where day 1 retail copies and some preordered online (including mine annoyingly so back it went) weren't the Day 1 edition (I am guessing it had better launch sales than anticipated).

    Then of course you get stuff like Dragon Quest Heroes which I don't think ever got any non-day 1 editions released.

    My pet hate is how most steelbooks have worse art than the standard versions (the Tales of game in particular with decent enough regular art and crappy mascot faces on the steelbooks...) (The FFXV deluxe one does look nice though with the Amano art)
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  • The Last Guardian media kit includes a heartfelt message from creator Fumito Ueda

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 29/11/2016

    Feather made me think of the unfanous Edge 'don't be a dodo' campaign...

    Sadly this will probably sell as well as 3DO regardless of quality...
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  • Telltale's third season of The Walking Dead finally has a release date

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 22/11/2016

    @Hellotherenow better than they did with actual Game of Thrones, 5 of 6 eps on PS4 (1 on XBone I think) just to get it out at same time as digital... And I don't forsee any others getting a belated full release like Minecraft unless they get any season extensions like it did. I only grabbed Wolf Anong Us and Tales from Borderland physically on PS4 as latter was cheapish and I really liked the former. Sadly the current gen console Walking Deads are out of print and therefore very pricy for something I already have on PC. Reply +1
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 22/11/2016

    I aee the half-arsed physical (incomplete) release pattern is continuing unless they plan to release these episodes faster than usual... Reply +8
  • Telltale's Batman Episode 4 due next week

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 18/11/2016

    @TheTingler he is talking about the physical release where they only included one episode and the rest being DLC rather than waiting for the whole season to be out andbreleasing a complete set on disc. They did this with MC Story Mode (rectified by the complete with bonus campaign edition) and Game of Thrones (at least 1 ep missing off the disc for all formats). It defeats the whole point of the physical release really. Reply 0
  • Firewatch is getting a retail release this year

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 17/11/2016

    How is the PS4 framerate? Tempted to get the LRG edition of this. Reply 0
  • Persona 5 delayed until April

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 17/11/2016

    The logistics excuse for not including both voicesets on disc seems a tad unbelievable with the JP voiceset obviously already finished and storage space available is pretty huge.

    Can live with the wait as I want Yakuza 0 and Berseria.
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  • This War of Mine receives free anniversary DLC

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 11/11/2016

    It did come out on PC and is on Steam (and I imagine other stores too)
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  • Nintendo Switch has a 6.2" 720p multi-touch screen

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 27/10/2016

    720 looks fine to me on an 8" Linx Vision PC tablet so tht shouldn't be too bad. I would hope that we get a dual resolution when docked allowing full 1080P though. Reply +11
  • Suda51's visual novel The Silver Case is coming to PS4

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 20/10/2016

    @HappyGator The game finally gets an English release and PC remaster after several failed attempts (such as the unreleased DS game). Also gets new console port. Seem to fit the category of 'news' to me. EG have hardly overreported the game as they haven't even reviewed it. This one interests me more than Grasshopper's modern game that is due out soon as it has more of a Killer 7 vibe to the story (despite completely different gameplay) Reply +2
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 20/10/2016

    @n0signal It is a remake of a 17 year old PS1 game that is trying to retain authenticity while also updating itself for HD. I have only played it on a tablet but I think the look suits the game well enough (may be worse played on a fullsize monitor) using the newer elements (a lot of things from videos and music theough the UI can be set to classic but I have only tried the newer versions so far). Reply +1
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 20/10/2016

    Hopefully this means the PC version has done well enough. It is a little archaic but it is nice and quirky and very Suda51. Haven't quite finished it yet on PC. Hopefully this means we may get the expansion/sequel ported and maybe a new port of Flower, Sun and Rain.

    Already ordered the PC physical for this but may doubledip.
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  • Thank you, Rocksteady, for doing Batman justice

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 19/10/2016

    @IronSoldier Not a fan of the middle game by Ocean, the Caped Crusader? One of the few at the time that tried to fit the comic style and was more puzzle based too and not just about fighting like The Movie. The Ritman/Drummond game was very good (if lessened by the release of Head over Heels which refined the concept so well) but Batman (as a license) was just window dressing really. Reply 0
  • King's Quest finale to launch this month

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 15/10/2016

    Ah yes, forgot about that bonus chapter nonsense. Very consumer unfriendly practice at the best of times but when you have the stupid way that PSN doesn't allow purchase of things you contain part of it is a terrible idea. Reply 0
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 14/10/2016

    @TokyoHazard Seems far too common a tactic with episodic stuff now. Most new Telltale stuff are missing chapters (GOT, Minecraft, Batman). Just meams I will only get digital on extreme sales from them which aren't too uncommon whereas I would have paid a bit more for a retail package (I grabbed Tales from Borderlands physically but not played it yet) Reply +2
  • Tales of Berseria finally has a western release date

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 11/10/2016

    I definitely seem to be an outlier anongst Tales of fans and enjoyed Zestiria a fair bit (on PS4). I can't remember if I started with the Dejap ToP or the official Tales of Destiny (definitely played more of the latter) but I always had a soft spot for the series even when Europe wasn't getting the games. I have at least 1 version of each game (Japanese exclusive or otherwise) and have enjoyed most that I have played through (Tempest being the weakest, weak enough that in Japan it got relegated from being a mainline game to a spinoff). It is nice that we can expect to get them all now though, just a shame that as I said above Europe always gets screwed on the L.E (usually simple substititutions like a hardcover artbook becomes paperback or we get a black and white book instead of a colour one bu this is the first time I've seen a significant item completely removed from the package) Reply 0
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 10/10/2016

    Hmm, losing the 'exclusive' novel for a strategy guide. Pretty much the only thing that made me consider getting this LE after skipping the last one (even though I haven't read the Symphonia one yet). Why can'tĄ we have content parity with the US in Namco LEs? Reply 0
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 is almost definitely in development

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 06/10/2016

    @rubthisway it was only derailed when people responded to that topic (there was no need for any followup by anyone (thay was the derailing bit) on that bit of her message, but as I said Sarkeesian and certain other names seem to be beyond criticism on here). At least she talked about the game too unlike the followups which focussed entirely on Sarkeesian. I am guilty of that too I suppose as I have barely mentioned BGaE.

    On the actual topic I have to shamefully admit to not having finished BGaE despite having bought and played it reasonably far on both Xbox and PS3. One I shall have to go back to as I got distracted by something else each time.
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  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 06/10/2016

    @rubthisway A female user points out how she thinks this game has a good female main character, which is pretty much what Sarkeesian is known for. Hardly trolling is it? Too many people are overreactionary to any criticism of Sarkeesian (of course there are plenty of other people who threatened AS etc but he user everyone is complaining about here merely said she didn't think Sarkeesian's videos were very well researched or 'good'. Grow up people, the post didn't even look like it was trying to start an argument, but several people had to poince on her for the post.

    People should be allowed to dislike the work of these people in a reasonable fashion without being accused of Gamergating... And Armoured Bear has been on here long enough to know better.
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  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 05/10/2016

    @Armoured_Bear And as usual, noone could possibly just dislike Sarkeesian's work without an ulterior motive and links to the worst side of the internet. Isolte's comments seemed like a reasonable opinion with none of the baiting or trolling you and others are accusing her of. Your knee-jerk reaction posts are the only parts on here that look like actual trolling. Good old modern internet. If people actually allowed opinions as not taking sides we would get a lot less of these situations. Pick on the people who 'want her to die' etc (all the threats of violence and personal attacks as an example) all you want but not the people who just happen to disagree with you and genuinely don't like her videos. I see far too much of this around and Eurogamer has become a bit of a hotbed for it too, everything about actual issues being boiled down to a binary black or white mentality leads us nowhere. Reply +4
  • Battlefield 1 beta had an enormous 13.2m players

  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 15/09/2016

    The one time I tried this I could not find a single game to join (multiple attempts at each mode available). It was a sensible time in the evening too. Reply +2