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  • Here's a look at more of Batman: Arkham Knight's cast

  • Olemak 16/04/2014

    @SuperSoupy Regarding that sixth shot; if the appearance of the thugs is anything to go by, the last villain (the one they are making up and haven't announced properly yet) could be Mister T.

    I am OK with that, btw,
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • Olemak 09/04/2014

    Very nice!

    Now do Dark Souls II please... :)
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  • Mercenary Kings review

  • Olemak 08/04/2014

    I'll try this later some time (it is on PS+ after all), but I agree that games often become too long, too content rich for their own good.

    Point in case: I bought Monument Valley for iPad on friday evening.
    It was about three pounds, which is pretty expensive for an app store game.
    Finished it maybe three hours later, or maybe even faster.
    AND I thought it was worth every penny.
    Short games can be very sweet indeed.
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  • What's next for Eve Valkyrie?

  • Olemak 07/04/2014

    What is the control/input mechanic on this?

    Gamepad I assume? Because a WASD-type keyboard-based setup would be a bit difficult to manage unless the player can actually see the keyboard. I've not played EVE much, but I seem to recall that the control scheme was pretty convoluted (it was fine on DUST for PS3 however).
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  • Pure Chess launches on PS4 this month

  • Olemak 07/04/2014

    I'm waiting for PS4 Go <- the japanese board game, not a portable PS4.

    Probably won't ever happen though - I hear it's very difficult (and resource demanding) to make a decent Go-playing AI.
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  • Watch The Simpsons' Minecraft-themed intro

  • Olemak 07/04/2014

    Guess that means that Minecraft is now officially mainstream, ergo uncool. Reply +54
  • EA apologises for Frostbite's "stupid" anti-Nintendo April Fool

  • Olemak 02/04/2014

    Quantum entanglement indeed. Reply +5
  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • Olemak 26/03/2014

    It is a "grab the money and run" moment. In all honesty, I'd probably do the same if confronted with such an amount of cash. Facebook sucks, but now they should have the funding to accomplish what they have set out to do - plus turn Facebook into a more immersive PlayStation Home. Which nobody wants.

    What is more interesting, perhaps, is the viability of VR as a whole.

    As Tom points out, the examples for use of VR outisde of gaming is pure hogwash. "Put on a headset and have a face to face with your doctor"? Why are not people doing this exact thing today, but with their already existing PC's and tellies instead of ridincorous headsets? Because it is a vapid idea, regardless of interface!

    "Courtside seats at asketball games"? That is called TV, my friend!

    Will people ever want to wrap their personal TV screens around their heads so that the image fills their field of vision completely, inducing mothin sickness every time the camera pans? I don't really think so, for pretty much the same reason that not all movies are IMAX movies.

    Most people want to look at their ball game from a comfortable distance, while being able to have a conversation with their kids or spouses/significant others/what have you. Folks want to do conference calls while cheing numbers on an iPad or a printout. Maybe make some notes on a paper pad, not scribbling indeciperhable glyphs on the table because you can't see the table or the notepad or the pen or, you know, much of anything.

    I'm just thinking that Virtual Reality headsets is a pretty bad interface. VR games will have to be significantly different from most of the 3D games we have today to really work (again, motion sicknesss) and I don't know if I am all that interested in those slow-moving first person shooters this would lend itself to. Titanfall in a VR headset? I don't think so.

    The thing is: we already have "virtual reality". Battlefield, CoD, WoW and houndreds of other games (and applications) is already Virtual Reality; has been, for years. We interact with these worlds using gamepads or other input devices we can see, and we look at them trhough comfortable windows like 65 inch flatscreens placed at a comfortable distance, with actual 7.1 surround sound. That is a lot more immersive than anything we had 20 years ago!

    But we don't wrapped our tellies around our heads.
    Why would anyone want that, when you really think about it?

    After a few years of trying out increasingly good VR headsets, this probably dawned on Luckey too. Cant say I blame him for grabbing the money; VR will most likely always remain an enthusiast's game, no matter how far up the resamalutions and the frames per seconds and the occlusion filtering or whatever goes.
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  • Creative Assembly to announce Alien: Isolation date at EGX Rezzed

  • Olemak 26/03/2014

    @stamford1970 You're right, Stromrise was bad. But as @BBIAJ pointed out, they were a completely different branch that were more a porting house for SEGA than a part of Creative Assembly in anything other than name. They've been closed down now. But your point is absolutely valid.

    BTW: Noticed that CA has a deal with Games Workshop regarding Warhammer Fantasy Battle games... Total Warhammer? oooooh...

    Anyway, I think Alien: Isolation could potentially be good, and Stromrise in not a part of their legacy the way I see it. To my mind, the Creative Assembly UK has still never made a bad game :) <- Even though I realize that this is a bit of an idiot fanboy thing to say.
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  • Olemak 25/03/2014

    @samharper wrote "the really really meh Viking Battle for Asgaard"

    Beg to differ, I thought Viking was pretty ace despite some glaring shortcomings; Freya's horrible hair-do being by far the worst.

    To my mind, Creative Assembly has yet to make a bad game - hope they won't start now.
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  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • Olemak 20/03/2014

    Still getting it, and a PS4 to play it. The original inFamous was a 7 too, and that is one of my all time favourites. Reply +3
  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • Olemak 20/03/2014

    They should be given an environmental award; this really makes me want to start commuting by train instead of car. Reply +2
  • Rocksteady reveals Batman: Arkham Knight in detail

  • Olemak 05/03/2014

    That new villain sounds a bit like Prometheus. Reply +3
  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • Olemak 28/02/2014

    It would be nice if he could provide a list of gay protagonists in other media. I can only think of Marlowes Richard II right now, I am sure there are many others. Reply 0
  • Banished review

  • Olemak 28/02/2014

    What an achievement this game is!

    This was made by a single guy - a one-man development team - who's been slaving away at this for years and years. So no, it does not have everything. That is reflected in the price, too; it is not a full-price, triple-A, boxed retail game.

    I'm not saying we should expect less of small-team indie games, or review those games on a different scale - but still, it might be worth noting. Making this alone is pretty impressive, even if the end result is just a measly 6/10 from Eurogamer.

    I am logging in to Steam to get the game right now, to vote with my wallet for this guy to keep working on this - perhaps we'll get an expansion or a sequel or just an update that supports curved streets, more variant looks on certain building types and maybe some sort of end-game, who knows.

    Man, I'm impressed by this guy.
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  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare review

  • Olemak 27/02/2014

    @Pandy Actually, this is PEGI 7.

    This is a shooter made specificly for kids, pretty young kids even. This is made for the same age bracket as Skylanders and Pokemon.

    Granted, most "kids" probably have a copy of CoD or something, but that is at least PEG 16, and I doubt responsible parents would let kids under twelve play it. But Garden Warfare is MADE for the kids. Big difference.

    The reviewer completely fails to make a note of this, choosing instead to obsess about Titanfall.

    Making a competitive online shooter (plus splitscreen horde) - Battlefield for the kids, so to speak - aimed at the age 7-12 bracket makes this game the first of its kind. I can't think of any other examples of this. Weird that the reviewer completely fails to acknowledge this.
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  • Olemak 27/02/2014

    Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is quite the conundrum. It shouldn't work. It's a multiplayer shooter based on a casual game, and a casual game that has taken a turn for the ugly thanks to its microtransaction-laden sequel. Yet it does. It's just expertly made, thoughtfully constructed action whose blue skies and lush lawns make for a welcome aesthetic alternative to this genre's grubby mainstays.
    OMG, that is so Kevin McCloud!
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  • How World of Warcraft plans to welcome you back

  • Olemak 27/02/2014

    Worlf of Warcraft really is game of the decade - like it or not.
    Not this decade.

    @andy25801: Heh, yeah apparently ;)
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  • Olemak 26/02/2014

    People are still playing WoW? Reply -34
  • Risen 3 announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, due August

  • Olemak 25/02/2014

    @Wunty_Phyve Surely you yeast? Reply 0
  • And the new boss of Xbox is...

  • Olemak 25/02/2014

    Of course he would have to "concider" it. It's a trick question; ask Barack Obama if he would "concider" dropping an Atom Bomb; of course he would have to "concider" it. They are there, it's an option, and it will get "concidered". Refusing to concider an available option would be an inflexible and, frankly, stupid stance for an executive.

    After careful concideration the answer would most likely be "no", but they would have to concider it.

    That said. Microsoft does have to get it's ducks in a row. The company is a mess, with no clear direction. Under Ballmer they've been doing everything, copying everyone they're in competition with, and some of it has been succsessful - some of it has not. They probably have to find a direction for the company to move forward in, and focus on a few divisions that are central to the core business.

    Xbox may or may not be central to the direction MicroSoft will take the next few decades. They may concidering shedding it - and in that case, Elop - who did a great job selling off parts of Nokia to Microsoft - could be a good choice to oversee the shedding.

    But who in the would would be interested in buying the Xbox division? Huawei? Samsung? I can't really think of any good buyers for it...
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  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • Olemak 24/02/2014

    Titanfall probably will be the system seller for Xbox One.
    In the territories Xbox One has been launced, at least.
    Which are, you know, pretty far from all of them.

    Bit of a missed opportunity, perhaps.
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  • Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

  • Olemak 19/02/2014

    @podgek293 Not getting a Kinect for this, to put it that way. Reply 0
  • Olemak 19/02/2014

    I'll play it when it's on PS+. Reply -30
  • Vagrant Story creator pitches a new tactical RPG on Kickstarter

  • Olemak 14/02/2014

    PS Vita is now the first strech goal, at a cool million, and PS4 is the third goal at $ 1.250.000.

    Co-op (2vs2 and 2vsAI) at 1.7 million!

    Those figures are pretty ambitious! I really want this on the Vita; it would be a perfect fit... but I don't think it is likely that this kickstarter will double the money in the next 12 hours, so PS4 version is unlikely :(

    I'll go back this then. I'm going to get this anyway, but would prefer it for the Vita.
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  • Xbox One Media Remote spotted, costs £20

  • Olemak 13/02/2014

    @Beano Huh! I'll try to get that to work with my PS3, but I'll need a new TV for PS4 anyway so I'm sure to be all set then - thanks for the tip, I had no idea! Reply 0
  • Olemak 13/02/2014

    Looks nice; simple and not too buttony. Microsoft do make nice peripherals though; I have 3 MS mice and a few keyboards that I use every day - quality stuff, and 14 quid is a decent RRP.

    So far there's only a thirdparty remote for the PS4 I think, so Sony is probably going to announce something like this pretty soon. I hope they'll go for a "less is more" type of approach like Microsoft has done with this remote, rather than cramming in a gajillion buttons like they did on the PS3 blu-ray remote.
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  • Bungie unveils Destiny's Shrike vehicle

  • Olemak 13/02/2014


    Also quite WipeOutish.
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  • First footage of next-gen RPG Lords of the Fallen

  • Olemak 11/02/2014

    Looks OK, but a bit generic. The Fantasy RPG space is already pretty crowded on the next-gen.

    Developers seems to be inspired by the right kind of games, but still - going up against games like Witcher 3, Dragon Age 3 and of course Demon's Souls 3, oh sorry I meant Dark Souls 2... that's pretty stiff competition even if this game is indeed ace. Then there's that Creed of the Assassins game or whatever it is called, the LotR AC clone, and probably a few I forgot.

    The "online features" do sound interesting though, whatever they might be. If they could include a meaningful same-sceen offline and/OR online co-op, and not suck, this game will get bought; I guess that's what it's gonna take.
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  • Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate headed to consoles

  • Olemak 11/02/2014

    Did Eurogamer "forget" to review the handheld version? Reply +11
  • Ouya gets a new black model with double the storage

  • Olemak 01/02/2014

    Player do not want. Reply -2
  • Zynga buys CSR, Clumsy Ninja dev NaturalMotion

  • Olemak 31/01/2014

    Well, they have to do something. Who plays Facebook games anymore? So they're charging over to the mobile "free to play" ship, a ship I personally think is sinking, and going all in.

    I think the world will be rid of Zynga in a fairly short amount of time. And Pay to win "free" mobile games shortly after that (I hope).
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  • Microsoft ad asks you to "ditch your PS3"

  • Olemak 30/01/2014

    @lambchop wrote:
    Unfortunately those Bastards Sony have just gone and given me Bioshock infinity and Metro Last light to play. Not forgetting I`m still playing Ni no kuni and still have to get The Last of Us. I`m not sure what I`d play on the Xbone...
    I am in exactly the same position :)

    If anything, I am concidering getting another PS3, to get a little same-room coop going; I've got an extra TV and all those PS+ games will install on the spare PS3 also, I think.
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  • Blood Dragon director pitched a game about a Jewish kleptomaniac

  • Olemak 29/01/2014

    @Der_tolle_Emil Thinking about it, that idea actually has merit. In a game like Day Z, for example, the player would make noise attracting zombies and alerting other players if the backpack is not packed properly. That would add tension and more gameplay elements to the looting process. I am all for that. Reply 0
  • Will Titanfall have problems like Battlefield 4 did?

  • Olemak 29/01/2014

    @Seafort Yeah, I think that's whats going to happen too.

    But after a few sequels, when the franchise is established and the Respawn guys feel like they want to try something else, EA could say "hey, let's hand the next Titanfall over to this here little studio, and you guys focus on creating the next great shooter, or platformer, or whatever you want to do! You'll get full royalties for the game even if you don't code it, of coure, because you own the IP!"

    That would be a pretty hard offer to resist, I think. that's why I think Titanfall will be annulaised eventually - if it is a success in the first place.

    Well, EA COULD take the nice guy route. It's the strategy Activision chose not to take with CoD, when they fired the Respawn founders because they wanted to be paid royalties for CoD.
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  • Olemak 29/01/2014

    I sort of have faith in EA! Sure, they will annualize the nuts and bolts out of Titanfall if it is a success, but so what? Late entrien in a failing series does not take away from the enjoyment of the first few games in the series. I still think CoD 4 was (and is) a great game, even if I have not touched that franchise in years.

    To their credit, DICE did push the envelope with BF4. And they pushed too hard. But I would much rather have developers going to the edge and failing once in a while, that always playing it safe. OK, the "always online" Sim City fiasco was a debacle. But there is a chance they learned something from that, too. EA did give up on the whole "Online pass" thing, so they are capable of learning from past mistakes.

    Also, I think EA realizes that Vince and Zampella are capable of delivering solid gold again and again if given creative freedom and and backup. They're geese laying golden eggs, so treat them well.
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  • Impressive off-screen inFamous PS4 gameplay

  • Olemak 28/01/2014

    Still number one on my most wanted list. Reply +17
  • Titanfall PC, Xbox One beta confirmed, rumoured for Valentine's Day

  • Olemak 28/01/2014


    You're right, of course. I just assumed they would delay the other MS platforms by a few weeks, maybe a month, just to boost the Xbox One. Would make sense to me business wise (for Microsoft, no so much for EA).

    Oh well, that's fine really. If it turns out that I really, really need to play this I'll get it for the 360.

    That resets the number of interesting exclusives for Xbox One to, well, one: Forza.
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  • Olemak 28/01/2014

    What? Will the 360 and PC versions be relased alongside the Xbox One version?

    I thought Titanfall would be a timed exclusive for, ahum, The Microsoft Xbox One all-in-one entertainment system (better not step on any toes here). It would be the consoles first "must have" exclusive, and could be a real system seller.

    Releasing a version for the 360 waters this strategy down a bit. It was probably EA's decicion to port to 360, but still, they probably could have been paid off to accept full Xbox One exclusivity for a few months.
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  • Olemak 28/01/2014

    French publication Xboxygen
    Bless their little pun-loving, french hearts.
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  • Apple earns record amounts, defends its innovation

  • Olemak 28/01/2014

    NaturalMotion's Clusmy Ninja
    You sure you don't mean Dyslectic Ninja?
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  • UK chart: FIFA 14 nets another win

  • Olemak 27/01/2014

    @globalisateur What makes the individual chart even more interesting is that the 360 Minecraft version is (AFAIK) the ONLY boxed version of minecraft... and it is also the oldest game on the list. Notch must be pretty well off... good for him! Reply +2
  • Sony Online Entertainment closing MMOs, teasing new ones

  • Olemak 27/01/2014

    "SWG PLAYERS," he yelled, "OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it... you can come home now."
    That's me he's yelling at!

    A "spiritual successor" to SWG certainly sounds interesting. Granted, SWG was flawed and imbalanced, and the "dungeons" were crap, but it had a great feature set and fantastic athmosphere.

    Well - before the "everyone's a jedi" disaster, anyway... I hope they took something away from that...
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  • Assassin's Creed dev questions Shadows of Mordor similarities

  • Olemak 24/01/2014

    I was really sceptical when I started the video; thinking that it was a blatant rip-off of better games, and remembering how uninspired the last LotR games I tried were; Guardians of Middle Earth and War in the North were both pretty meh. Never played either for more than an hour.

    But, amazingly, this video won me over. That is well done. "Influenced" without a doubt, but it does look pretty damn good, even under the influence :P
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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance successfully funded on Kickstarter

  • Olemak 24/01/2014

    I wonder why the publishers they approached first insisted on turning this into a fantasy game. The biggest game franchises out there (CoD and GTA) are non-fantasy, while there are tons and tons of generic, boring fantasy nonsense everywhere, and most it is not very popular. Same goes with films and books; even though you get your LotR/Hobbit blockbusters now and then, fantasy is really a niche genre, and most popular media in general are not fantasy. Reply +3
  • Might & Magic 10: Legacy review

  • Olemak 23/01/2014

    "With its grid-based, first-person movement and turn-based combat, Legacy is not only unapologetically old-school but gleefully so."

    OK, bought.
    You had me at "turn-based".
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  • BioShock Infinite and Metro: Last Light coming free to PS Plus

  • Olemak 23/01/2014

    @Cherub007 I would assume that you can; make an account on the playstation store and find out!

    If you can sign for PS+ then you are all set for "queing" those game up; if you can't then no harm done; you won't spend any money if you can't get the account.

    But I do not think it should be a problem, go ahead and try it.

    Oh, and good decicion btw. PS+ is almost too good; I don't really understand how the service can be profitable for them but I am not complaining :)
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  • PS4 survival horror Outlast coming free to PlayStation Plus

  • Olemak 17/01/2014

    @nathanswinfield You made me fear the PS4 now :)

    I sort of had a plan to work on my PS3 backlog, which incudes finishing Ni No Kuni, Valkyria Chronicles, Dishonoured and Remember Me. Oh, and I had planned to play through the Mass Effect trilogy back-to-back.

    And Demon's Souls sits at something like 14% complete...

    I don't have time to get a PS4 yet - too much gaming to do first!
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  • The Steam Controller ditches its touchscreen

  • Olemak 16/01/2014

    @SBandy wrote:
    Are these steam boxes meant to be all in one console PCs, as in just put in a game and it works?
    No, that's not it.

    The Steam Box will only play games that are made for Linux; perhaps even only with this particular falvour of linux, and mabe even only lunux games bought through the Steam store.

    I agree that the "value proposition" is unclear. The thing with the Steam Boxes, I think, is to create a platform for "PC gaming" that is independent of Windows, which is apparently becoming a more closed system with the release of Windows 8. Microsoft just cant be trusted to provide a reliable platform for the future of PC gaming, so with Steam, Valve's trying to make a platform of their own. Try to convince developers that there's a nice installed base of linux gamers, so come on down and realse some games here, there's money in it.

    At present, the Steam Box is not for you, so donęt worry about it. Right now, itęs for bleeding edge early adopters and fanboys.

    In a few years, though, when maybe EA and Activision and everybody sees that it would make sense to release Fifa 18 and Need for Speed: Desperation and Call of Duty: The Cavity on "Steamux", THEN you might want to look at it again. But if you already have a good gaming PC hooked up to your TV, then there's no point, of course.
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  • Olemak 16/01/2014

    This redesign might make other pads compatible with the steam machine too. From what I hear, the PS4 controller is Windows compatible right out of the box (for wired connection). It would make sense to make the Steam Machine compatible with any controller that is able to support the basic control scheme, and neither the xbox or PS controllers seems to be lacking any buttons compared to this new pad.

    Will Steam Boxes allow the use of other linux programs, such as the brilliant XBMC, and the Coast (by opera) web browser? If so, I'd probably get one; that would cover all the bases and do so better than either of the consoles - if the price is right and the games are there.
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