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  • What if every PC game could run on your tablet?

  • Olemak 19/07/2014

    If people really wanted quality mobile gaming, with good controls, the Vita would sell loads more. Reply +6
  • PS4 system architect Mark Cerny working on a new indie game

  • Olemak 19/07/2014

    @blerk2000 it's not the size that bothers me, but I'd like a silent SKU - I have a fat ps3 and the fan noise really bothers me; makes me wish I had waited for the ps3 slim. So this time I will wait for the next PS4 sku, whatever it I'll be called - silent, slim, cool or whatever. Reply +1
  • Olemak 14/07/2014

    Just as long someone is working on the "slim" (that is, "quieter") ps4 sku I am waiting for. Reply -28
  • Tech Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Olemak 12/07/2014

    Never really got into the Witcher, but I am anticipating the Cyberpunk game very, very eagerly. In fact, Cyberpunk (and Bloodborn) are the only games that could convince to get a new console. Reply +2
  • Why PS4 is struggling in Japan

  • Olemak 11/07/2014

    When (if) they get some next-gen giant robot combat simulators, a Yakuza game, a final fantasy, an MGS, an on-Arild shooter using The Move thingie and a kick-ass train simulator they'll be right as rain. Maybe a taiko game or something.

    Problem is, that could take a few years. But it's not as if the competition is leaving them behind.

    Oh, and Freedom Wars looks like it's doing the business for the Vita. Make a ps4 companion game for that, and sales will take off.

    They just need games, and they will most likely come. Throw money at Japanese developers and it will work itself out.
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  • BioWare's first "fully gay" male party member in DAI

  • Olemak 01/07/2014

    @Widge Heheh, when I shut relationships down, they STAY shut down :)

    Or blown up, as it were.
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  • Olemak 01/07/2014

    In Mass Effect, there was a point where Kaiden practically became a sex pest. After a mission, obviously crossing some sort of RELATIONSHIP = ACTIVE marker, all of a sudden he starts making moves at you. You attempt to shut it down, but it keeps on surfacing.
    Yeah? Didn't know that, 'cause playing as FemShep I left Kaidan on Virmire, cuddling an armed nuclear bomb. That put a damper on our relationship :)

    Gotta love Mass Effect.
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  • Natural Doctrine release date announced

  • Olemak 01/07/2014

    I swear, my heart skipped a beat when I heard about this. A squad-based tactical RPG with VITA + PS4/PS4 crossplay/multiplayer ticks all the boxes for me.

    There's still a chance that it is crap though. But as I find this YouTube video oddly compelling I think I can stomach a pretty bad score and still get it:

    Oh, and "post-apocalyptic"? Looks decidedly fantasy-ish to me!
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  • Bungie to update Peter Dinklage's lacklustre Destiny performance

  • Olemak 01/07/2014

    The problem really isn't the voice acting.
    The problem is that there is a wizard. From the moon.
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  • Chopping down trees and crafting bows in H1Z1

  • Olemak 01/07/2014

    This must be the game they meant when they said they had something for the old Star Wars Galaxies fans. This has a lot of Galaxies in it, and Galaxies was a great game until they broke it. Reply 0
  • Video: What if Sniper Elite 3 was on HBO?

  • Olemak 30/06/2014

    Brilliant video! More like this please!

    I can't bring myself to hold the bugs against this game, and will be getting it when my last-gen backlog is exhausted.
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  • Cow Simulator 2014 built for Divinity: Original Sin

  • Olemak 27/06/2014

    Horning in on the success of Goat Simulator. Reply +3
  • Hands-on with PlayStation TV Remote Play

  • Olemak 20/06/2014

    In theory, should it not be possible to use a PS3 as an PS4 extender too?
    IF they made the software for it, obviously?
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  • Mirror's Edge 2 has to support Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, right DICE?

  • Olemak 20/06/2014

    @Adamd136 "So we aren't getting VR support on the perfect game for it because it makes one man at DICE feel sick? or is it just lazyness from the developer?"

    Mirror's Edge is possibly the least perfect game for VR I can think of. You might want to read up on motion sickness before you get your hopes up for what VR games you're likely to play in the future.

    VR games won't be what you expect if you think ME is "perfect" for VR.
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  • Fables Legends is the Lionhead game you always wanted, but never asked for

  • Olemak 19/06/2014

    A couple of James Blunts.
    Go wash your mouth!
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  • The Dark Souls 2 DLC doesn't seem that tough

  • Olemak 17/06/2014

    Ps4 version of DS2 including this please
    System seller.
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  • Video: The Last of Us PS3 vs PS4 trailer comparison

  • Olemak 16/06/2014

    Probably no point in buying the game again, but ex-xbox-gamers who's switched to PS4 this generation are in for a treat. Reply +16
  • Microsoft's confusing Xbox One cloud message shifts to dedicated servers

  • Olemak 16/06/2014

    MS heard we like cloud now so they put one in the box, and everybody was like "What's this for?" and MS was like "We don't know, we just put one in there because we had one, and reseach and markeing said you really like that stuff" and we were like "whatever" and it turned out it was just for hosting games on anyway, just like regular servers always did, so yeah, whatever. Reply +2
  • Nintendo announces 3DS game Code Name: STEAM

  • Olemak 12/06/2014

    @Mr.Spo Better to be bankrupt than bored :) Reply +1
  • Olemak 12/06/2014

    System seller! Will get this and a 3DS XL when it's released.

    Make something like this for the Wii U - with action playing out on the big screen, and squad control on the pad - and you'll sell a Wii U too. I'm a forsworn sonypony or whatever we're called, but I'll go Ninty for this.

    Visually, I looks a LOT like Freedom Force, btw.
    Mind you, that is a solid plus in my book :)
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  • Bloodborne gameplay footage from E3

  • Olemak 12/06/2014

    Maybe Bloodbourne is a gothic spin on Eastbourne? Reply +5
  • Concursion review

  • Olemak 06/06/2014

    So it's better than some other game that scored worse, but not as good as a game that scored better!

    I think I'm getting the hang of this now!
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  • Why Madden 15 is allowed to portray an athlete's tattoos

  • Olemak 06/06/2014

    Tattoo artists should get their clients to sign vaiwers before getting inked, then. Stating that the client does not actually own the designs engraved into their skins, and that reproductions of said skin must be condoned by the artist, and that use infers a royalty fee.
    Yeah, good luck with that.
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  • Among the Sleep review

  • Olemak 04/06/2014

    Can someone who's played the game confirm is any of these puzzle elements are in the game?

    Escape bed. There's a high rail sort of thing around my bed, so getting out is very difficult - still havn't figured out a solution, help plz.

    Change channel. I wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, not this inane drivel! But this remote control is soooo unintuitive; I push all the button but no Mickey! Help plz.

    Talk. Some times I get the vocal cords and the neurons in my brain working together, and words like "daddy" or "ice cream" come out. But most of the time I'm just babbling nonsense, and then daddy doesn't give me ice cream - so frustrating!

    Put on shoes. Oh, the delicious shoes. Getting pretty good at this actually.

    Pet cat. Kitty runs away when I try to pet her. Am I doing something wrong?

    Building blocks. Putting blocks on top of each other is pretty challenging when eye-hand coordination is ropey.

    Destroy. Picking apart big brother's lego figures and geomag constructions in very satisfying, but it takes dedication and talent to be this good at it.

    Doll care. My little babies constantly poop their pants, and they also fall ill all the time so I have to check them with my stetoscope. Usually, an injection of air from my official Doc mcStuffins syringe will fix them right up.

    These are some of the everyday puzzles my two year old is currently struggling with; playing a game equivalent of this could actually be pretty cool. it would not have to be a horror game to keep me interested, nor a fantasy horror.
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  • Olemak 04/06/2014

    Too bad they had to go fantasy, when a skewered look at mundane normality is so much more interesting. I have a two-year-old myself; a chance to see the world from her perspective is enticing in itself. Don't need no werevolves or whatever.

    It must be difficult to come up with interesting puzzles that a 2-year-old could to figure out, though. Still, it looks like an interesting game. Will buy and play when it is available for PS4, I hear a version might be in the works.

    Quality issues aside, I think this is a great achievement for a fledgling studio. This wes originally a student project that snowballed into a Kickstarter. The reviewer is absolutely right not to mention the humble origins in the review; that should have no impact on the score. It is still sort of impressive though.

    I hope they make enough money out of this to continue making games.
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  • Sacred 3 release date brought forward to 1st August

  • Olemak 27/05/2014

    @bostec "oh its ready, I didn't know? Anyway fuck it, lets ship"

    I am so getting that printed on a t-shirt.

    The game, however, not so much.
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  • 3D Realms reveals PC and PS4 action-RPG Bombshell

  • Olemak 15/05/2014

    @dcangel wrote "It's also possible that this is a woman who chooses to show off her body because she's proud of it and doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks."

    Please explain to me how that is possible, as Bombshell is not an actual person with an actual personality, or free will, or the ability to choose anyting at all.

    You see: Bombshell is a character model in a game. She is DESIGNED - probably a man. So any form of reasoning behind her attire and appearance would have to be attributed to the designer - not the compute model itself.

    Why did the designer choose to have her dress like that that, and why did the game director approve the design?
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  • Olemak 15/05/2014

    Why is she wearing a bikini?

    Seriously, Bombshell should get hawkeye initiative'd.
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  • Better without Kinect

  • Olemak 14/05/2014

    The former Xbox 360 peripheral was once a record-setting sales success, but only once, and a lack of compelling new gameplay ideas has been its main problem for the last three years.
    Yeah, that's the thing. The success of the original Kinect was caused by sly marketing aimed at soccer moms, not demand from actual gamers.

    Very few "core gamers" bought a Kinect. But Soccer Moms did, hoping it would get the family jumping around in front of the TV, just like in the commercials.

    Guess what? It was all a lie. The original Kinect was worthless, no half-decent games were ever made for it (except maybe Happy Action Theater, and even that is just a collection of throw-away party mini-games). Halo-addled sons did not start jumping around in front of the TV. Everyone who ever bought a Kinect probably probably ended up feeling cheated.

    Kinect 2 is the same lie again. Microsoft's attempt to trojan body-scanning surveillance tech into households worked once.
    But they're clearly not able to pull the stunt twice.
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  • Sony expects a significant loss next year too

  • Olemak 14/05/2014

    @PinktotheLast I really hope Sony will pull through too, and it is a goot thin that PlayStation is one of the divisions that is actually making them mponey. It would suck if they'd have to close down or sell the gaming business! I hope they are going to prioritize it even higher moving forward, as it it has proven to be profitable.

    Regarding your examples of companies who have not been able to restructure (Nokia, Blackberry, Palm, Kodak), thay are all one-tick-pony companies. Well, Nokia used to do everything from TVs to car tyres until they restructured and focused 100% on mobile Phones in the nineties. Well, they had a good run.

    The thing with Apple, though, is that they are a very diverse, inventive company and tech-savvy company - just like Sony. And they had a visionary leader. Kaz is a pretty cool guy, and I do believe he has a vision for Sony and for the evolution of consumer electronics.

    I have faith! They just have to pull trough and trim the flab (easier said than done though).
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  • Microsoft won't reward early Xbox One adopters following Kinect-less console

  • Olemak 14/05/2014

    Suggestion for Microsoft: throw in a 2 TB HDD instead of the Kinect, and lower the price slightly (or even keep it the same). The 0.5 tb drive is undersized anyway, and as a 2TB would make the XO appear as bigger and better than the PS4, at least on paper, well, for clueless Daves anyway. Who seem to be the core demographic MS is aiming for, so that could be a pretty smart move.

    I would rather go for a blu-ray-less PS4 with a 2TB HDD TBH.
    Preferably in a more silent SKU than the original.
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  • Local multiplayer is gaming's holy grail

  • Olemak 10/05/2014

    For me, local co-op beats local competitive gaming, but the selection is extremely slim.

    It is absolutely astounding that so much of the industry is ignoring local multiplayer. You'd think more developers would sit up and notice that the world's most profitable (retail*) game franchise, Skylanders, is pretty much built around same-screen co-op.

    * That's what Activisions saying at least (I think).
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  • Star Wars: Episode VII's cast revealed

  • Olemak 30/04/2014

    @ubergine wrote "Max Von Sydow will play a descendant of Count Dooku, Brendan Dooku."

    Yeah that totally makes sense because they're both really old so they'd have to be related right?
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  • Xbox One launches in Japan 4th September

  • Olemak 23/04/2014

    Wait! Wait wait wait...!

    A raft of Japanese companies are making games for the system, including Arc System Works, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Cave, CyberConnect2, From Software, Konami, Level 5 and Sega.
    From Software, you say?
    Making something for Xbox One?

    Of course they are making stuff for next gen now, and I guess it could be another Armoured Core or something, but.... I'll take this as a hint that Dark Souls II is going next-gen, and to strech it a bit I am going to assume that they are also working on a PS4 version of Dark Souls II. And that it will be released in Europe.

    Grasping at straws I guess, but...
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  • Here's a look at more of Batman: Arkham Knight's cast

  • Olemak 16/04/2014

    @SuperSoupy Regarding that sixth shot; if the appearance of the thugs is anything to go by, the last villain (the one they are making up and haven't announced properly yet) could be Mister T.

    I am OK with that, btw,
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • Olemak 09/04/2014

    Very nice!

    Now do Dark Souls II please... :)
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  • Mercenary Kings review

  • Olemak 08/04/2014

    I'll try this later some time (it is on PS+ after all), but I agree that games often become too long, too content rich for their own good.

    Point in case: I bought Monument Valley for iPad on friday evening.
    It was about three pounds, which is pretty expensive for an app store game.
    Finished it maybe three hours later, or maybe even faster.
    AND I thought it was worth every penny.
    Short games can be very sweet indeed.
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  • What's next for Eve Valkyrie?

  • Olemak 07/04/2014

    What is the control/input mechanic on this?

    Gamepad I assume? Because a WASD-type keyboard-based setup would be a bit difficult to manage unless the player can actually see the keyboard. I've not played EVE much, but I seem to recall that the control scheme was pretty convoluted (it was fine on DUST for PS3 however).
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  • Pure Chess launches on PS4 this month

  • Olemak 07/04/2014

    I'm waiting for PS4 Go <- the japanese board game, not a portable PS4.

    Probably won't ever happen though - I hear it's very difficult (and resource demanding) to make a decent Go-playing AI.
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  • Watch The Simpsons' Minecraft-themed intro

  • Olemak 07/04/2014

    Guess that means that Minecraft is now officially mainstream, ergo uncool. Reply +53
  • EA apologises for Frostbite's "stupid" anti-Nintendo April Fool

  • Olemak 02/04/2014

    Quantum entanglement indeed. Reply +5
  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • Olemak 26/03/2014

    It is a "grab the money and run" moment. In all honesty, I'd probably do the same if confronted with such an amount of cash. Facebook sucks, but now they should have the funding to accomplish what they have set out to do - plus turn Facebook into a more immersive PlayStation Home. Which nobody wants.

    What is more interesting, perhaps, is the viability of VR as a whole.

    As Tom points out, the examples for use of VR outisde of gaming is pure hogwash. "Put on a headset and have a face to face with your doctor"? Why are not people doing this exact thing today, but with their already existing PC's and tellies instead of ridincorous headsets? Because it is a vapid idea, regardless of interface!

    "Courtside seats at asketball games"? That is called TV, my friend!

    Will people ever want to wrap their personal TV screens around their heads so that the image fills their field of vision completely, inducing mothin sickness every time the camera pans? I don't really think so, for pretty much the same reason that not all movies are IMAX movies.

    Most people want to look at their ball game from a comfortable distance, while being able to have a conversation with their kids or spouses/significant others/what have you. Folks want to do conference calls while cheing numbers on an iPad or a printout. Maybe make some notes on a paper pad, not scribbling indeciperhable glyphs on the table because you can't see the table or the notepad or the pen or, you know, much of anything.

    I'm just thinking that Virtual Reality headsets is a pretty bad interface. VR games will have to be significantly different from most of the 3D games we have today to really work (again, motion sicknesss) and I don't know if I am all that interested in those slow-moving first person shooters this would lend itself to. Titanfall in a VR headset? I don't think so.

    The thing is: we already have "virtual reality". Battlefield, CoD, WoW and houndreds of other games (and applications) is already Virtual Reality; has been, for years. We interact with these worlds using gamepads or other input devices we can see, and we look at them trhough comfortable windows like 65 inch flatscreens placed at a comfortable distance, with actual 7.1 surround sound. That is a lot more immersive than anything we had 20 years ago!

    But we don't wrapped our tellies around our heads.
    Why would anyone want that, when you really think about it?

    After a few years of trying out increasingly good VR headsets, this probably dawned on Luckey too. Cant say I blame him for grabbing the money; VR will most likely always remain an enthusiast's game, no matter how far up the resamalutions and the frames per seconds and the occlusion filtering or whatever goes.
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  • Creative Assembly to announce Alien: Isolation date at EGX Rezzed

  • Olemak 26/03/2014

    @stamford1970 You're right, Stromrise was bad. But as @BBIAJ pointed out, they were a completely different branch that were more a porting house for SEGA than a part of Creative Assembly in anything other than name. They've been closed down now. But your point is absolutely valid.

    BTW: Noticed that CA has a deal with Games Workshop regarding Warhammer Fantasy Battle games... Total Warhammer? oooooh...

    Anyway, I think Alien: Isolation could potentially be good, and Stromrise in not a part of their legacy the way I see it. To my mind, the Creative Assembly UK has still never made a bad game :) <- Even though I realize that this is a bit of an idiot fanboy thing to say.
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  • Olemak 25/03/2014

    @samharper wrote "the really really meh Viking Battle for Asgaard"

    Beg to differ, I thought Viking was pretty ace despite some glaring shortcomings; Freya's horrible hair-do being by far the worst.

    To my mind, Creative Assembly has yet to make a bad game - hope they won't start now.
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  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • Olemak 20/03/2014

    Still getting it, and a PS4 to play it. The original inFamous was a 7 too, and that is one of my all time favourites. Reply +3
  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • Olemak 20/03/2014

    They should be given an environmental award; this really makes me want to start commuting by train instead of car. Reply +2
  • Rocksteady reveals Batman: Arkham Knight in detail

  • Olemak 05/03/2014

    That new villain sounds a bit like Prometheus. Reply +3
  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • Olemak 28/02/2014

    It would be nice if he could provide a list of gay protagonists in other media. I can only think of Marlowes Richard II right now, I am sure there are many others. Reply 0
  • Banished review

  • Olemak 28/02/2014

    What an achievement this game is!

    This was made by a single guy - a one-man development team - who's been slaving away at this for years and years. So no, it does not have everything. That is reflected in the price, too; it is not a full-price, triple-A, boxed retail game.

    I'm not saying we should expect less of small-team indie games, or review those games on a different scale - but still, it might be worth noting. Making this alone is pretty impressive, even if the end result is just a measly 6/10 from Eurogamer.

    I am logging in to Steam to get the game right now, to vote with my wallet for this guy to keep working on this - perhaps we'll get an expansion or a sequel or just an update that supports curved streets, more variant looks on certain building types and maybe some sort of end-game, who knows.

    Man, I'm impressed by this guy.
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  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare review

  • Olemak 27/02/2014

    @Pandy Actually, this is PEGI 7.

    This is a shooter made specificly for kids, pretty young kids even. This is made for the same age bracket as Skylanders and Pokemon.

    Granted, most "kids" probably have a copy of CoD or something, but that is at least PEG 16, and I doubt responsible parents would let kids under twelve play it. But Garden Warfare is MADE for the kids. Big difference.

    The reviewer completely fails to make a note of this, choosing instead to obsess about Titanfall.

    Making a competitive online shooter (plus splitscreen horde) - Battlefield for the kids, so to speak - aimed at the age 7-12 bracket makes this game the first of its kind. I can't think of any other examples of this. Weird that the reviewer completely fails to acknowledge this.
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