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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • Olemak 12/12/2014

    1886: the cancelled pre-order, nice one Ian.

    It most certainly has the looks, and it is very nice to see a sensibly dressed female companion in a game! Still have hopes for this, even though I hate QTE's.
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  • Dead State review

  • Olemak 12/12/2014

    @Scimarad especially lovecraftian horrors.

    But also:
    Cyborg dinosaurs
    Time-travelling tourists
    Sentient mushroom-people
    Escaped lab monkeys with giant brains
    Colourful gangs, like in the Warriors
    Remote-controlled (drone) mercenaries
    Brainwashed hipsters with ironic t-shirts
    Mutant Capoeira Hiphoppotamusi...ses
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  • Goat Simulator free MMO expansion riffs off World of Warcraft

  • Olemak 17/11/2014

    Heh. Begging activition not to sue and be cool, that's rich. Reply -5
  • Telltale's Game of Thrones shown off in first images

  • Olemak 17/11/2014

    We're sure these are screen dumps and not concept art? Because I think it looks a bit like concept art that is made to look a bit computergamey. Good character likenesses either way. Great look on Cercei; she is my favourite villain and it looks like they're pulling her personality of very well, visually at least.

    Anyway, great concept for a game of this sort; they'll be able to focus exclusively on decicions, dialogue options and intrigue. No puzzles (I hope) and no combat at all (I hope, with a passion). If they focus on the decicion-making, storytelling and relationships, like they did for the best part of Walking Dead season 1, then this could be a great game.
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  • Olemak 17/11/2014

    We're sure these are screen dumps and not concept art? Because I think it looks a bit like concept art that is made to look a bit computergamey. Good character likenesses either way. Great look on Cercei; she is my favourite villain and it looks like they're pulling her personality of very well, visually at least.

    Anyway, great concept for a game of this sort; they'll be able to focus exclusively on decicions, dialogue options and intrigue. No puzzles (I hope) and no combat at all (I hope, with a passion). If they focus on the decicion-making, storytelling and relationships, like they did for the best part of Walking Dead season 1, then this could be a great game.
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • Olemak 15/11/2014

    I don't have a PS4 yet; still waiting for that killer app.

    However: Shadow of Mordor + inFamous + Bloodbourne + Witcher 3 is a pretty irresistible bundle that would keep me entertained for months. If they drop the price further and put Shadow and inFamous on PS+ I would no longer have a choice. Maybe a slim SKU; I know the PS4 is already very small and silent, it's just that I am accustomed to Sony releasing superior slim versions so I am sorta trying to hold out for it this gen.

    Anyway, the PS3 backlog is keeping me happy. I'm probably good for another year unless something spectacular pops up, like Fallout 4, another Deus Ex or a next-gen only X-COM. Or even better, something completely new, unexpected and totally awesome.
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  • Don't rule WildStar out yet

  • Olemak 12/11/2014

    The only question I have about Wildstar is: Why does this guy have a puzzled cartoon crocodile tattooed on the back of his shoulder?
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  • Lords of the Fallen review

  • Olemak 28/10/2014

    A seven? Sounds like a generous score, actually, and I will probably get this at some point, because:
    Pretty much everything else is just like Dark Souls as well.
    This does not bother me at all. A Soulsalike on PS4? Sold.

    Just watch Harkyn as he judders up a stairway, his feet vanishing into the stone.
    Yeah... I'm not really going to be bothered too much by stuff like that. You snob.

    I was able to defeat one boss because one of his various behaviour patterns bugged out, leaving him standing motionless, waiting to be hacked to bits.
    Using bugs to beat bosses is the best thing one can do in a game, period.

    The only question is - should I build up my lust for Bloodborne by not playing any souls and soulsalikes until it is released, or should in indulge myself and dip into this?
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  • Dev behind Paranautical Activity Steam storm resigns, apologises

  • Olemak 22/10/2014

    He sounds like the worst possible guy for the job of company figurehead and PR guy. The rest of the team must at least take some responsibility for putting him in that position.

    That said, the apology seems legit, that's some real regret on display right there. It would be a mark of greatness if Valve would let them back in.
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  • PSN ad uses the font from Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive

  • Olemak 22/10/2014

    By Jove, what an earth-shattering exposť!

    Uhm... down with this sort of thing, I suppose?

    But, incidentally - what is the discount on Undead Nightmare?
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  • Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft after a decade

  • Olemak 20/10/2014

    @Bill_P What are you on about? Are you trying to gamergate this? Reply +11
  • Costume Quest 2 review

  • Olemak 16/10/2014

    Double Fine's first stab at turning this premise into an action RPG made a great initial impression, but unfortunately the sugar rush wore off as the combat and quests became overly repetitive.
    Shut your filthy mouth! The first game is a gem; you have to remember that the game is playable for even small kids, who find it very rewarding. I agree it was not perfect, but it is probably the most memorable game my son has played (apart from Clash of Heroes, obviously), and it sure beats any interation of the Skylanders franchise.
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  • Battlefield 4: The redefinition of Early Access

  • Olemak 15/10/2014

    GOTY edition? FGIW edition (Finally Got It Working) would be more appropriate. Reply +4
  • Standalone Glacier White PS4 goes on sale in the UK this Friday

  • Olemak 14/10/2014

    White PS4 launches the same week my PS3 goes YLOD.


    ... yeah, probably.
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  • Alien: Isolation enters UK chart in second place

  • Olemak 14/10/2014

    @aros I agree, that's too short. There are still a lot of sub-areas they could not access because they do not have the proper "trap master" figures, but it's an obvious rip-off mechanic, even young children see through it. Reply 0
  • Olemak 13/10/2014

    @Old_Books wrote "Alien is likely my GOTY."

    Good for you, it is the absolute opposite for me, it's my "Stay the hell away from this game because it will probably give you a heart attack".

    Looks too damn scary for me...
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  • Olemak 13/10/2014

    Looking forward to the Skylanders review, even though my son has already played through the game (got it on saturday, finished it sunday evening). Reply -1
  • PlayStation Now's PS TV and Vita open beta begins next week in North America

  • Olemak 08/10/2014

    Nor is there any word on when Europe will get Netflix for Vita and, by extension, Playstation TV.

    They really need to step up their game if they want Playstation TV to be a success. I mean, a device with "TV" in the name, but no Netflix? It just does not make any sense.
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  • Hugh Laurie, Peter Serafinowicz join Stephen Fry for LittleBigPlanet 3

  • Olemak 07/10/2014

    @darrendawson "lol, the only thing Peter Serafinowicz is known for Shaun of the Dead? Guardians of the Galaxy? His own TV Show?"

    LOL, or his voice work in Dark Souls II? :D
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  • Olemak 07/10/2014

    That is great, I love My Little Pony. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Olemak 04/10/2014

    How about last gen consoles? I hear that significant game mechanics are missing from the last gen version, such as the entire nemesis system - can anybody confirm that?

    The divide between, say, Destiny or Titanfall on last gen and current gen was mostly neglible, and purely cosmetic - resolution, frame rate etc. But to my understanding, Mordor is the first example of "next gen" really leaving the last gen behind.

    Is that correct, or would getting this game for PS3 be a perfectly fine option if one does not mind a bit outdated graphics. I'll need a new TV and a new console to make the jump to PS4, but I really want this game :)
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  • Eyes-on with PC Shadow of Mordor's 6GB ultra-HD textures

  • Olemak 01/10/2014

    For the upcoming face-off, please please please include some paragraphs on last-gen performance!

    Your thought on the last-gen and next-gen divide would be very appreciated; this is the first title that, in my opinion, warrants an upgrade to a next/new/current-gen console. Rumour has it that the nemesis system is not even implemented on last gen; that would be the feature that makes the last-gen unviable.
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  • Microsoft announces Windows 10 for late 2015

  • Olemak 01/10/2014

    Karma police, arrest this guy his hitler hairdo is making me unwell. Reply 0
  • Steam Music Player lets you listen to your music while you play

  • Olemak 25/09/2014

    MP3's? I can't remember the last time I listend to an mp3, must have been years ago. I hope they will expand this to cover streaming services like Spotify. Reply -2
  • Blizzard cancels Titan MMO after seven years of development

  • Olemak 24/09/2014

    Gutsy move, good for them. Got to respect Blizzard's commitment to fun and quality. Reply +4
  • Sony quadruples forecast loss for financial year

  • Olemak 17/09/2014

    Don't look at me, I bought my xperia z2 just last week. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

  • Olemak 08/09/2014

    "This game is so special you have to play it for 200 hours before it begins to be even a little bit fun; up intil then it's mostly a sort of slow-motion Call of Halo with cowboys and wizards in space and also those speederbikes from Star Wars that everybody loves.

    There's also double-jumping, constant strafing and endless brown corriodors, which has been a staple of shooter design for the last 20 years, and you know you can't go wrong with relying on the classics, right?

    But once you're past the 200 hours mark all that changes completely, and the game just becomes incredibly super awesome! You'll be glad you suffered through those 200 first hours of weak tea "syfy" blandness then!"
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  • PopCap co-founder John Vechey exits company

  • Olemak 08/09/2014

    They're probably trying to figure out a way to make Peggle work as a free-to-play, first person shooter.

    Not that I particularily dislike PvZ: Garden Warfare, I just think it's really strange to buy one of the most succsessful developers of paidgames for mobile platforms and immediately transform it into a company that makes console shooters and F2P mobile games. It's just very weird.
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  • Gauntlet reboot gets a new release date

  • Olemak 28/08/2014

    @butcher8 That's cool, but how would local co-op on PC even work? Four keyboards and mice connected to the same computer? Four USB gamepads?

    If "local Co-op" means "LAN co-op" then that's not the same as same-screen coop, but I just can't get my head around how that would even work on PC.

    On console, however, it would probably work just like Diablo III. Four gamepads to one console is not excotic; four gamepads to a PC is pretty much unheard of I would think?
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  • Olemak 27/08/2014

    So it doesn't have same-screen co-op?
    I'm confused... why call it "Gauntlet" if it does not have 4-player same-screen co-op?
    Gauntlet IS 4-player same-screen co-op!
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  • Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar for attention, Grand Theft Auto 5 dev says

  • Olemak 27/08/2014

    @ubergine I think she was in a Herbie movie once. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition reveals four-player co-op mode

  • Olemak 27/08/2014

    Sounds really good all around. I never do micro transaction stuff, but this sounds like the right way to do it. Maybe DA:I will pop up on PS+ because of them, so won't complain.

    Probably no couch co-op, I don't know if that is at all workable for this sort of game. Maybe with SimulView, if or when that is ever supported for PS4?

    Throw in a PS Vita version, with full multiplayer cross-play, and we could be set for some AWESOME couch sessions! Hah, like that is ever going to happen...
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  • Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom release date

  • Olemak 26/08/2014

    @FruitBatCop Ah, that explains it I guess. I've only seen the show with norwegian voices. Lumpy does sound a bit like that in norwegion too, but I did not make the connection.

    OK, then.
    I still think it would be cooler if they had, say, Ice King (or whatever he's called in inglish) or even better: Marceline) do the commentary...
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  • Olemak 26/08/2014

    Incredibly annoying voiceover, but I guess that is what you get when you drag some random dude off the street, put a gun to his head and tell him to ad-lib running commentary for a video game trailer in a really annoying voice.

    At least, I assume that's what happened here.

    The game itself actually looks pretty promising... Adventure Time is a great show, and the universe would lend itself wery well to a game. I hope third time's the charm, and that the annoying voiceover dude is not let anywhere near the actual game.
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  • Watch P.T. mashed up with The Stanley Parable's narrator

  • Olemak 26/08/2014


    P.T. for my bunghole?
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Olemak 16/08/2014

    TOmb Raider is old hat. Microsoft should try to strike up a deal with Riot Games to get LOL on Xbox One; now that could really make an impact. Reply +6
  • Xbox One snappable media player, Party updates roll out to preview members

  • Olemak 15/08/2014

    @DAN.E.B I think it makes perfect sense to throw MS an (x)bone now. It's the first time they've done anything right this generation; they deserve a pat on the back for that.

    There are a lot of us who don't WANT to hate Microsoft, but the opportunities to display a little support and non-animosity have been few and far apart lately.
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  • Olemak 15/08/2014

    @bad09 Go for it! Get your girlfriend an Xbox, that's awesome :)

    My wife has totally accepted the little notepad; We close the "lid" on it while it is playing and chuck it in a drawer after. We even bring it on vacations. Tidy!
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  • Olemak 15/08/2014

    @bad09 For XBMC you can use just about any old computer.

    I'm using an ancient (probably 10 years old) 11" notebook. It's running windows xp, there's just an Intel Atom inside and only an (old) integrated mobile graphics chip.

    Best media centre I've ever had, runs just great (VGA only tho, but that works fine for 720). So you can just use any old craptop if XBMC is all you're going to us it for!
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  • Olemak 15/08/2014

    Well played, MicroSoft!

    Got to hand it to them, that looks like a very decent media player, and the list of supported formats is impressive - there's even .mkv in there, I did not expect that! But honestly the interface does look a bit like MS sharepoint, but I am sure they're working on that.

    Will this be a match for XBMC? Maybe, if it support themes. It would be pretty cool if, say, Ubisoft did a Child of Light theme for the Xbox One media player to promote that game - or a Halo theme and so on. Or just a media player that looks a little different. That would be cool. They could even charge for them.

    And subtitles. XBMC has awesome support for dl'ing subs for, ahum, backups. I do doubt Microsoft will support that, as it is very much a pirating thing. Oh, and imdb integration and all that, but again - arr, me hearties!

    I hope Sony can match this media player. and soon; it's great to see MS is not only back in the game but actually raising the bar on some areas - update frequency also seems very good compared to Sony's output. Now, I am still a sonypony playStalker or whatever we're called, but stuff like this makes me happy as Sony do need a good competitor to stay sharp. A media player like this would make the PS4 really, really good :)
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  • EA's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • Olemak 13/08/2014

    This one should have Camaros at least. Reply 0
  • Olemak 13/08/2014

    Exploding barrels! Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Olemak 05/08/2014

    Finally a next gen game that lets me watch dogs.
    Ok, zombie dogs, but still.
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  • Video: Releasing the Kraken in Evolve

  • Olemak 04/08/2014

    Do the hunters respawn, or is it only the medic reviving and healing them?

    Sort of cheating if they respawn - but then again it would be almost impossible for the hunters to win if the monster gets the medic, I guess.
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  • Destiny has a soft level cap of 20, but you can go beyond it

  • Olemak 01/08/2014

    @null Who's hating? I don't hate Destiny, I just think it's plain and boring Borderlands rip-off that is crumbling under the weight of it's own hype.

    It does seem to attract the kind of players I don't want in my earpiece while playing, though...
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  • Olemak 01/08/2014

    @Confucius Wow, you've obviously made a sizeable emotional investment in this game if you can't stand to hear that someone thinks Destiny is a bit of a supersized BigMac.

    FYI: I don't aspire to be "Avantgarde", and I don't play games all day; in fact I don't get to sit down with a controller very often at all. But when I do, I sure don't have time for stale hamsterwheel shit like Destiny.
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  • Olemak 01/08/2014

    I enjoy a variety of games. Games usually only "elicit feelings of repetition and familiarity" when they are actually repetitious, bland and boring.

    Some of the games I've enjoyed most in recent years:
    XCOM: Enemy Within
    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (MP & SP)
    Uncharted 2
    Borderlands (1)
    The Walking Dead season 1
    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine (guilty pleasure)
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Monument Valley
    Mass Effect series
    InFamous (1)
    Ni No Kuni
    Demon's Souls

    So you think I should take a break from gaming because I'm pointing out that Destiny is a bit Mickey D?

    Yeah, well, maybe you should try something other than the biggest hype-franchises on the planet, maybe broaden your horizon, then we'll talk, m'kay?
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  • Olemak 01/08/2014

    @Confucius I found the core gameplay repetitive and boring. Not just repetitive in terms of the game itself, but in the fact that Bungie has been doing the exact same thing for 20 years now, from Marathon for the Mac and up through the Halo series. This is not much of a departure for them.

    I don't think Destiny is taking the FPS anywhere new at all, but rather back in time.

    The idea of griding to improve the character is not exactly new either, standard shooters like CoD and Battlefield has been doing this for years with unlocking weapons and perks.

    I guess I've played Borderlands 1 & 2 too much to be impressed with leveling up in a shooter.

    Oh, and while Dinklage delivers a decent reading, the stuff he's reading out loud is poorly written.
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  • Olemak 01/08/2014

    it's where it's taking the FPS genre that excites me.
    Where is that, exactly? What do you find exciting about Destiny? This is a genuine question btw, not bait. The game left me pretty cold, so I'd like to know what people like about it.
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  • Olemak 01/08/2014

    Yeah, upping the cap with paid expansions/DLC works pretty well for MMO style games. When there is an expansion and players start to get out-leveled by friends and guildmates with the expansion, most players tend to get the expansion too (or leave the game - but more often expansions draw former players back in).

    It's peer pressure hard-coded right into the game mechanics/business model; sort of impressive. I'd bet Activision are planning to do this for Destiny. Plus in-game purchases of consumables (Glimmer) within a year after launch. Oh, and they are going to claim that this is "due to consumer demand", not deliberate design from the get-go :)
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