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  • Centipede and Millipede

  • Mr_Whacker 10/05/2007

    "In other unrelated but equally irrelevant news, I prefer Prawn sandwiches to Ham and Cheese ones.

    Yawning is worth 5/10 on the fun factor, whereas a good fart is nearer 9/10. "

    Nice attitude. Or should I say 'I know you are but what am I?'

    Why should we take any notice of XBLA retro release reviews on EG if its ONLY based on your personal enjoyment?

    Pointless review and you get all defensive about it. Top skills.
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  • Forza 2 demo roars onto Live

  • Mr_Whacker 10/05/2007

    I remember that the Forza 1 demo on Xbox was poo all those years ago. Its tricky trying to get a feel for the racing in a demo like this as the driving model is designed to be really flexible. Reply 0
  • X360 'Folding@home' possible

  • Mr_Whacker 09/05/2007

    Sorry to any ill types but if he thinks I'm going to overheat my X360 running this all night then he's wrong. All your proteins will just have to stay flat. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Mr_Whacker 09/05/2007

    I predict this will be massive. I felt the strength of Forza 1 was offering a racing game that works for you whether you are a massive racing game fan, motor sport fan or a casual gamer.

    You shall all pay many credits for my car designs!
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  • Six on Live Arcade horizon

  • Mr_Whacker 09/05/2007

    Co-op Solitaire? Eh?

    They should all shut up and just make with the Ikaruga.
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  • Fender off with EA

  • Mr_Whacker 08/05/2007

    Its such a shame that these games have to be tied to any single manufacturer.

    Anyway, the real point - Tele's ARE better than Strats.

    Seriously though, you can rock on ANY guitar. Don't ever let them tell you different.
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  • Hydrophobia revealed

  • Mr_Whacker 08/05/2007

    Sounds like you've got a nasty case of Hydrophobia yourself there, Kanga. The fear of pointless water themed videogames? Reply 0
  • Miyamoto not interested in Halo

  • Mr_Whacker 08/05/2007

    If Halo did only one thing correctly, it was to have a story people actually want to see the end of.

    Joking, aren't you? I thought the plots in both Halo games were a load of toss. OoT plot hangs together way better than those. Granted its not Tolstoy but still better than Halo.
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  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Mr_Whacker 03/05/2007


    He's saying that the slicks allow you to use the downforce you have, not that they provide downforce in themselves. His point is that it don't matter how much power or downforce you have on the car if you don't have enough rubber to grip the road so a set up as described would need slicks to have even a chance of moving.

    The game is looking schweeeeet!
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  • Pinball FX

  • Mr_Whacker 01/05/2007

    I enjoyed the demo. thought the mechanics and look & feel were spot on. Table didn't excite me though and neither do the descriptions of the other two. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Eye creator blabs

  • Mr_Whacker 01/05/2007

    Be interesting to see if its better than the 'alright, if I must wear it' 360 headset. Reply 0
  • Industry must change the way it markets games - Dyack

  • Mr_Whacker 30/04/2007

    gnarl - fair play he does say that. He should have said what I said! Reply 0
  • Mr_Whacker 30/04/2007

    No contradiction. Journos should be more critical of FINISHED games (poor examples of which get let off with 8s all the time) and less critical of something that won't be close to complete for months. The man talks a lot of sense.

    How many times have we heard that the gameplay magic doesn't come together until right at the end of development? So what good is that 12 month preview?

    All a preview is ever giving you is whether it currently has bugs (irrelevent, almosty certainly be fixed) and the story (irrelevant to a great deal of consumers and doesn't really damage the game anyway eg Gears of War). I have no idea why journos think I might want to read that fluff. I don't.

    'To be frank, if more developers let the press see games at an earlier stage, we might be able to point out the things that stop the game from fulfilling its potential. '

    Blimey. So if they change it exactly as per your feedback it will get a higher score?
    So long integrity... what happened to evaluating the product you have before you? If you feel that way you should be a designer, not a journo.

    Edit - a bit more rant
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  • Microsoft gaming a "disaster"

  • Mr_Whacker 20/04/2007

    +1 LOcky

    Too right. I love my Xbox but beyond wanting more games in the future I don't give a toss about the business or profits. Thats Microsoft's problem.

    Its games Quellism. Free yourselves.
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  • Gyruss

  • Mr_Whacker 19/04/2007

    Well said Stoatboy. It all depends on whether the particular EG reviewer has a soft spot for that game.

    I think EG should try ditching scores for Arcade/VC games. Everyone knows whether its worth the money to them or not. What we need are a refresher, an assessment of the updates and a personal opinion to round it off.

    Personally I think the price of 400 is OK for games of this era. I just happen to not like the pitiful handful of choices so far.

    PS - I say VC games, there seem to be few reviews of those, whereas EVERY arcade title is reviewed within days of release.

    PPS - Monkey_Puncher, I don't think anyone is dissing the new games, just the retro stuff. Overpriced money for old rope or a magic nostalgia journey? Obviously it depends on the person and the game....

    Edit - further ranting
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  • Negative press encourages uptake of violent games - BBFC

  • Mr_Whacker 18/04/2007

    Its really obvious that the negative media coverage is purely to sell papers not to warn people away. I hate the pretend caring standpoint they try and adopt in the media. They are selling a product not morality. Reply 0
  • RedOctane admits to Guitar Hero II patch problem

  • Mr_Whacker 17/04/2007

    I think Turrican has mentioned the Xplorer was plugged in when the patch was applied, yes? On Windows you aren't really supposed to install USB drivers before the device is attached. Or it whinges. So who has installed the patch with or without the guitar plugged in?

    BTW I'm too scared to buy it now.
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  • MS responds to scratch claims

  • Mr_Whacker 17/04/2007

    "Due to the fact that we did not participate in the experiment done by Kassa and have little insight into the methodology that was used, we cannot comment specifically on the outcome,"

    Yes you can but you're too scared to.
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  • New Guitar Hero every year

  • Mr_Whacker 17/04/2007

    I hope they do a delux guitar that doesn't look quite so toy-like. Reply 0
  • XBLA Carcassonne detailed

  • Mr_Whacker 17/04/2007

    The problem was that a single game could span several tables! Reply 0
  • Jetpac dash theme bug fixed

  • Mr_Whacker 05/04/2007

    Me either, been happily blasting away on it.

    EDIT - So its at a certain stage. Clearly I'm too crap at it to to be affected!
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  • X360 warranty improves

  • Mr_Whacker 04/04/2007

    Oi Dizzy - you kill Dreamcasts? You b*stard! Reply 0
  • 300: March to Glory

  • Mr_Whacker 03/04/2007

    You guys crack me up somethimes. I've been wondering over the last few months if Eurogamer comments are worth reading at all. But of course they are, this thread is priceless.

    Sorry if thats a bit condescending. (I bet it is actually)

    And for the record there is nothing wrong, never was and never shall be with loving a companies/artists/writers stuff more than anything else. Yes, that means being a fanboy. Its OK. Its fine. It then becomes a simple fallacy of reasoning to use it to prove other stuff bad. Remember - Nothing can ever be bad due to something else being better.
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  • Jetpac Refuelled

  • Mr_Whacker 29/03/2007

    Turbo Esprit!

    Even GTA doesn't let you knock workman of ladders with your car.
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  • Mr_Whacker 29/03/2007

    Yes TLL was a quality game, wasn't there a similar game with a helicopter picking up the crates...wasn't choplifter but another Ocean classic... damn this memory of mine

    It was Cyclone I think.

    I'd like to see a remake of Sophistry. The most captivating and pointless game ever.
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  • Mr_Whacker 29/03/2007

    I'm really enjoying it. Its old fashioned but diverting. And I love the use of the Spectrum font for the score. Reply 0
  • Wii is for kids, says Microsoft

  • Mr_Whacker 29/03/2007

    "why do important games industry figures always feel the need to squabble like politicians round election time, it just makes them all look very childish and insecure. "

    Not a million miles away from the gamers!
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  • PS3 Casino Royale confusion cleared

  • Mr_Whacker 29/03/2007

    "the local Gamestation have 2 pre-owned ones for Ł399 since Sunday."

    Who buys a launch PS3 and trades it in 2 days later? Thats daftness.
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  • Xbox 360 Elite won't replace Core or Premium

  • Mr_Whacker 28/03/2007

    "4) The only way to play my mp3 collection during games on my 360 is to set up the 360 as a "MEDIA CENTER EXTENDER', a long, ugly, convoluted process that forces you to buy a network router (as far as I know), and install additional software on your PC. "

    Took me about 10 mins to stream mp3s off my PC. No router needed, just the free Windows Media Connect software.

    Now I'm off to shit my pants over how many Xbox packages there are. 3! My mind is shredded.
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  • Formula One Championship Edition

  • Mr_Whacker 24/03/2007

    "If you find the idea of racing round an empty track about ten times a bit boring, or if you find it impossible to tell what difference any of the settings make,"

    FFS, this is sim game review. Are you saying that in this F1 game you genuinely couldn't tell the difference between any settings? Other than aids can you tweak tires and gears etc?

    Yeah, me and my mate reckon its a top laugh setting lap times in Forza and PGR and switching over every 5 laps or so.

    "high definition detail that you won't notice as they blur past while you stare, goggle-eyed at the racing line."

    So will anyone else in the room see anything good?

    And on the game- qualifying was a multi car affair last season, wasn't it?
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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Classic Arcade

  • Mr_Whacker 15/03/2007

    When you can sit down and play the whole thing from start to end in less time than it takes to download the average demo,

    Thats quite similar to it being too brief. Some folks wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

    Of course its short, its bloody old. But does that mean a low score on a retro game or is it just a game you play over and over for score? Or just cos you feel like it? How long should a Ł3.50 game be? An average demo takes around 2 hours on my connection, so finish it with 3 groups of friends twice - that sounds OK to me.
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  • Mr_Whacker 15/03/2007

    Mapster and Kanga - you need some kind of consitency. Or editorial policy. Or something. Otherwise we have no context. So in its absence I'll just ignore Whitehead's reviews.

    Sure, different people score differently for the same game but to say that Game A is old, brief and = crap when Game B is old, brief = brilliant is just meaningless.

    So had Kristan reviewed Turtles it would have gotten a 7. Or anything. I've read EG for years and I can't even give a ball park estimate for a game. How is a review site with that policy of any value to me? Tell me something that looked shit is actually great - why would I believe you when your colleague probably thinks its shite? Or if your humors were in a different phase today it would score higher. I can talk bullshit about games for ever, I don't need a pro site for that. What I need is objectivity from someone who has seen most games of the type.
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  • Mr_Whacker 15/03/2007

    What about the 'special attack' mentioned here? It also claims that Don has a different attack. Is that true here on 360?

    The score is your choice, Mr Whitehead but EG's scores are not consistent. All of your criticisms of this game can be levelled at Pac-Man (erm, one maze and NO buttons to mash) and all the other Arcade games that Kristan gave a score of 7 to. It really seems to me that Arcade game reviews are either:
    7/10 - I used to love this game or
    3/10 this game always did suck

    Ta very much but I really don't need a professional review for that. What value do you think this review brings us, esp when there is a trial available? You should just stick to full price reviews.

    EDIT - And this is a daft thing to say 'And what value does it offer? A game that can be completed in less than half an hour, with little incentive to go back and do it again. ' So because Pac-Man loops 1 maze round for ever its better value is it?
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  • This week's game announcements

  • Mr_Whacker 23/02/2007


    No denying the annoyance of it but we'd have to close half the internet if your law came in. Be fair - perhaps everyone who does must wear a special hat or summat?
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  • The Professor's Brain Trainer - Logic

  • Mr_Whacker 08/02/2007

    I can really sympathise with Devs who are forced to release than brilliant games because they are rushed, skint or pressured by Publishers etc but cynical crappy rip offs are just rude.

    And I don't think there is much inference from true premises in any of that lot so the logic part is a joke as well. Should be called 'The Professor (that's The Professor NOT Professor Kawashima)'s Brain Trainer - Recognising Shapes and Colours and Stuff'.
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  • Mr_Whacker 08/02/2007

    'Set on a four by five square grid...'

    Those shape recognition test must be rubbish - thats a rectangle!
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  • Codeglue hoping to get on XBLA

  • Mr_Whacker 08/02/2007

    Well I stand corrected there. I'm a victim of sensationalist reporting! Its in their interests to get things rated as with big titles like Gears the sales will make it worthwhile. I don't really understand it though and it can't be easy to have to deal with many countries in Europe so I'm shutting up about it!

    I'm no scores whore either but it is called Arcade and game arcades became popular in the early 80's in a no small part because of high scores. The industries lack of co-op is changing and Gears can only help it along but its nothing new to Live. Offline multiplayer has been stuck at deathmatch for years.
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  • Mr_Whacker 08/02/2007

    Thought I'd reply to 4thVariety, its a slow day. I'm not mad on Live but its OK and is the best console online solution (Fair dues Nintendo and Sony are just getting going). Ultimately it is limited which is why PCs are still popular. It was never meant to replace a PC.

    1 - don't buy it then
    2 - don't buy it then
    3 - its a games platform, you should be grateful there are any movies at all
    4 - you seem to resent the fact that they give you a trial. You'd rather buy without trying? Or do you resent the marketing? I'm no fan of it but I don't think its in any way intrusive on Live.
    5 - Arcade - see above. Just more of everything please MS.
    6 - I'm happy to pay a small fee for something that works exactly the same way in every online game. Thats important to me.
    7 - You know you can mute the voice, and restrict games to your friends list, yes? But being full of idiots is OUR fault as gamers, not Live's.
    8 - That's not Live's fault, its up to individual developers to provide content. And look at what you're saying, they are dammned if they provide it because it was on the disc already (so?) but they are also damned if they don't provide enough of it.

    As for reduced functionality in Germany I agree it sucks but with the government banning stuff all over the show you can't blame content providers for seeing it as a risk. Seriously I would not tolerate my government telling me I can't understand that violent games are not real.

    So you diss the games (few and far between as they are) because there is no forum??
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  • Mr_Whacker 08/02/2007

    Disappointing yes. Travesty? Nah.

    At least there is new IP there no matter how infrequent or small. And although mobile conversions are the last thing I want to buy on Live Arcade, at least its something and I bet someone somewhere ends up loving it.

    I say the problem with Live is the balance between QA control and flooding the market. MS should kick it up a gear IMO.
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  • Guitar Hero: 1980s Edition?

  • Mr_Whacker 15/01/2007

    Lute Hero! Featuring 'Greensleeves' and 'Hey nonny-nonny, a pie for my lover'.

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  • Guitar Hero II bonus songs

  • Mr_Whacker 09/01/2007

    My big question is whether a PS2 to USB converter will let me use my SG on the 360 for 2 player or will they stitch us? Reply 0
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

  • Mr_Whacker 01/12/2006

    Yay, barnard666 got what I meant about health. In Gears or Halo the recharge works well because the game is meant to be played more frantically. In R6 you want stealth and tension which for me is better with a trad health system. The 'skin of the teeth' feeling is one of the reasons I love games and common to games from different genres. For me its the same 'just about hanging in there' feeling in Forza and Geo Wars.

    2 things -
    - There are no rules. Just because it isn't a recharge system does not mean there must be health packs and repetition from bad checkpointing. I can think of a few ways to implement it better.
    - I hate the bandwagon mentality thats going on. I want the best system for the game, not what is trendy in the market at the momment.
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  • Mr_Whacker 30/11/2006

    So is the 'get hit, rest and you're fine again' mechanic going to take over every new game? I find it can pull me out of the experience a bit which is fine in Gears but seems odd in this. I'm all for shouting swear words at the telly less though (during gaming, I'll always shout at the fools on 'I'm a fame addict make me eat maggots'). Thoughts? Reply 0
  • Double Dragon on XBLA?

  • Mr_Whacker 30/11/2006

    I'll buy for 400pts but not more. Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero 2

  • Mr_Whacker 14/11/2006

    Keza, you don't mention much about the training features.
    Is isolating sections easy?
    Do you have to use predefined sections or can you specify?
    Can you slow down sections to learn them?
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  • Mr_Whacker 14/11/2006

    I found some of the best tracks on GH1 were the ones I didn't know, like Godzilla. This looks ace to me but I really want to wait for the 360 version. Reply 0
  • Frag Doll goes to boot camp

  • Mr_Whacker 06/11/2006

    There are certainly more fun ways to make yourself puke. Reply 0
  • No wireless Guitar Hero controller for Xbox 360?

  • Mr_Whacker 03/11/2006

    I wish they'd just made the PS2 controller USB in the first place. Would all be so much easier. Reply 0
  • Wireless Guitar Hero controllers next month!

  • Mr_Whacker 27/10/2006

    Dude, no guitars have wires. Cables and radio packs are entirely seperate. Most guitarists have no use for radio kits. You start looking all pretentious and 80s if you pull out stuff like that. Its a good idea for the game though as guitar cables are often 20ft or more. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3: First Look

  • Mr_Whacker 27/10/2006

    "Why does that woman have the console pressed closely to her breasts ? "

    Reckon the PS3 needs some TLC at the moment. Awww, were the nasty people wude to you on the internet....
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