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  • Minecraft: PS3 Edition getting disc-based launch next month

  • Mr_Brown 16/04/2014

    Yet still no word for the Vita version. Come on guys stop holding out on us. Reply +2
  • Terraria's massive console update coming Thursday

  • Mr_Brown 15/04/2014

    Lots of fixes, but I don't see any fix for 'corrupted save' bug. Lost two 15 hour playthrough to this and have deleted it because of this.

    Really like the game, but refuse to start a game without a fix for this.
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  • David Attenborough is making an Oculus Rift nature documentary

  • Mr_Brown 14/04/2014

    Really great idea. I hope they can do some sort of Sky at Night or partnership with with NASA for an oculus series. Reply +1
  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • Mr_Brown 14/04/2014

    "We're not evil villains building an empire"

    Your right, you're a bunch of arseholes building a company with little to no ethics.
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  • Titanfall Xbox 360 won't come to Games on Demand

  • Mr_Brown 11/04/2014

    What a bunch of scumbags. What's the point of even making it if you don't believe its a quality product? It makes no sense to me. Even when this was released, it was clear that though this is a great game, it isn't a game that will make you jump to next gen. It could clearly run on the 360. They should have released it at launch and not made such a big deal about it.

    Surely its more important that gamers are playing on an Xbox platform, regardless of which generation they are on. All this shows me is that MS want to dump the 360 as soon has possible. I don't want to invest in a platform who are going to dump their user base at the earliest opportunity.
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  • Amazon, Asda drop Titanfall Xbox One bundle to 349

  • Mr_Brown 11/04/2014

    I don't want any console to die. But reasonable and lower prices are a win everyone (well gamers anyway!) Reply +4
  • Nintendo's very bizarre Tomodachi Life video

  • Mr_Brown 10/04/2014

    Certainly looks different. Very odd concept, I think I need to see how this functions as a 'game' before I get excited.

    It could go ether way really. Animal Crossing as a concept sounds dumb. But in practice its like crack cocaine in cartridge form.
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  • Titanfall Xbox 360 footage arrives online

  • Mr_Brown 07/04/2014

    Really glad this has turned out great. But with everyone selling it for 40 I'm going to wait at least a bit. Seems far too much for a 'last gen' game.

    Still just goes to show that there is little reason to upgrade to any next gen system just yet.
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  • PlayStation Plus for April: Mercenary Kings, PES 2014, Sly Cooper, more

  • Mr_Brown 28/03/2014

    Not sure why anyone's moaning. All are great games, I haven't played any of them. Really looking forward to the update. Reply +7
  • Football Manager Classic 14 Vita release date announced

  • Mr_Brown 26/03/2014

    Cannot wait for this. Haven't played a FM game since the PSP version. So I imagine a lot has changed since then! Reply 0
  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition TU14 arrives today

  • Mr_Brown 26/03/2014

    It's been a long time since I played this, but still holding off for the Vita version. Does anyone know if Villages expand on the console version? Reply 0
  • Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter funded in 28 hours

  • Mr_Brown 06/04/2012

    I don't know I kind of like this method. This is the only real way to get nostalgic and niche titles to be made. I would love another Shadowrun in the same vein as the SNES game. It should do well.

    Though it is open for scammers and poor developers but they seem to be found out. It seems it's the developers who are the most passionate about their idea who seem to succeed. Remember if like this and double fine do well then it's unlikely they'll need kick-starter for their next game.

    If Kickstarter can get new and ambitious developers off the ground and making innovative or niche products that's a good thing. And if anything it opens big publishers eyes to what gamers actually want to buy.
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  • Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Amazon copies signed by dev team

  • Mr_Brown 04/04/2012

    Thank god for one click pre order. I was going to wait to trade in mass effect 3 in for this but this is a very cool pre order bonus.

    I don't mind the 'exclusive' map packs and stuff but a personal addition like this is worth 10 times more to fans. Would like to see more of this, this will definitely encourage people to buy new.
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  • UK teachers union calls for legislation against violent games

  • Mr_Brown 03/04/2012

    In a world of genocide, political oppression, war, recession, rioting, slave labour (china), enviromental problems, fossil fuels slowly depleting, multiple threats of nuclear war, terrorism, child abuse, bullying, mental health problems and much more.

    But no, it's none of these things that are seriously effecting each generation. It must be violent video games because don't understand that. Its not as if it's one of the only escapism people have these days.
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  • PlayStation Vita 1.65 firmware update details

  • Mr_Brown 03/04/2012

    Still no Skype and European Netflix...sigh. Reply 0
  • Will GAME's Woes Kill Off AA Titles?

  • Mr_Brown 31/03/2012

    No, these titles will be un affected. Game are still around, the only difference in this area is that Gamestation has been shuttered. Game are still doing business however they have cranked their prices up because they are not worried about going under now.

    As has been shown already, other companies will happily jump into the gap left by Game. Supermarkets will scramble to be number one games retailers slashing prices and stocking more diverse products. Will this match a specialised game shop? Probably not but it will match Game of late. Then there are Grangerw game who will just continue to expand and online retailers who will just do even better.

    Game have just got small and to be honest that's better for everyone, their monopoly is broken. Hopefully it will be a wake up call for them but I doubt it. They will no doubt blame the recession for their woes.
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  • Researchers claim hackers can pull credit card data from used Xbox 360s

  • Mr_Brown 30/03/2012

    If you put your details onto any device or service then you run the risk of it getting stolen or hacked. I'm not worried however because if MS cannot protect data then no one can, especially with the resources they have. Reply +1
  • Tesco claims it's "The Home of Gaming" in new ad

  • Mr_Brown 30/03/2012

    Can't really blame Tesco and Sainsburys wanting a piece of the action. You could hardly say it was their fault Game fucked their business up. Now they have left a massive gap in the Market.

    I don't think they are the right company to fill that hole, but they will have to do until indies can get on their feet (if they can).
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  • Sega cancelling titles, "streamlining" video game business

  • Mr_Brown 30/03/2012

    Is it a mystery of why they are not making enough money? Well for a start stop sitting on Shenmue 1 and 2 HD which you have been sitting on for a year now and release them! There are alot of people who will buy them on day one (me included).

    What's the hold up Sega? Get them out!
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  • Inside The Creative Assembly

  • Mr_Brown 30/03/2012

    These guys are a class act. I played Rome, Medievil and Empire to death back in the day. I do genuinely miss though games as I don't have gaming pc. Glad to see they are getting the respect they deserve. Reply +4
  • Silent Hill HD Collection Review

  • Mr_Brown 30/03/2012

    I probably get this when it's 5 pounds and pre owned to be sure that not a penny of my money goes to Konami.

    I hate them for what they have done to this series. I hope the failure of all 3 sub par releases puts them under. I really really do.
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  • PlayStation 4 codenamed Orbis, has anti-pre-owned system - report

  • Mr_Brown 28/03/2012

    If this is true, this is the last gen I buy. I'm not even kidding. I will not support any platform that limits how and from where I buy games. If I want to sell my games or buy pre owned games then that's my right. You make the games but they do not belong to you when you take our money. Fuck off. Reply +2
  • Silicon Knights: "used games are cannibalising the industry"

  • Mr_Brown 28/03/2012

    No, it is not. Perhaps there is a limit for games budgets. I personally don't want to see budgets go up that, they don't need to. Not for every game. I think people need to be concentrating on creativity rather than "oh my last game cost 150 million let's make the next one double that!"

    To be honest after Too Human Silicon Knight should never be allowed around that sort of budget again. Anyway I will continue to buy pre owned games without guilt. It is not me who cannot agree with retail to give publishers a cut of the sales. I mean seriously are retailers and publishers like bickering children or something? Talk! Sort it out between you.
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  • Sainsbury's increases new game stock, launches sale

  • Mr_Brown 27/03/2012

    Urgh, yuk. What's that bad taste in my mouth? Oh, not you too Sainsburys! I'm telling Eurogamer on you. Reply -5
  • ShopTo pulls "bad taste" GAME Reward Card promotion

  • Mr_Brown 27/03/2012

    Come on Eurogamer readers own up who complained and stood up for Games 'honour'.

    Seriously it was a good deal offering customers who have lost out something for nothing. There is nothing wrong with that at all. If Game hadent been so incompetent has a game company it might still be defend itself from people 'sticking the boot in.

    Personally if I was Shopto I'd offer glasses of champagne to toast the death of a corporation of cunts who have attempted to monopolise the European game industry for the past 10 years. Or maybe they could start a campaign to put a Game logo in in the urinal of every public toilets in the UK so everyone could piss on their memory for years to come.
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  • PEGI rates Alex Kidd, Wonder Boy, Super Hang-On for Xbox 360

  • Mr_Brown 27/03/2012

    Come on Sega where's the release date for Shenmue HD?? Put me out my misery. Reply +2
  • Why GAME collapsed

  • Mr_Brown 26/03/2012

    Being carful not to mention years of poor customer service, shady business practices which worked against the interests of the industry and it's customers (pre owned sales and unfair muscling out indie shops) and poor pricing system.

    They make good points buy there was alot wrong with game that just didn't get dealt with. It's alright implying that there is no place fore high street game stores or blaming the recession. But there is a demand still for bricks and mortar game shops and people still want to buy games. They just don't like getting ripped off by companies who think they monopolised the market.
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  • EA pins its console success on 3DO, Amiga flops

  • Mr_Brown 26/03/2012

    I dont know how anyone could consider the Amiga a 'flop'. It was still in a era were the only people who succeeded were the people genuinely loved making games and for people loved playing games. Which explains why EA did do so well as they have always been about making money and I guess it's hardly a surprise that the best developers from EA left them long ago.

    I con
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  • offline as administrators shut stores

  • Mr_Brown 26/03/2012

    Haha it's funny to see the hate turn to sentimental sympathy when the final nail is hammered in. Though I feel a little sympathy for alot of people losing their jobs I won't be sad to see ether shop close. After a decade of poor customer service, horrendous pricing and muscling out indie shops who actually gave a shit about their customers, I say good riddance.

    There is a reason why they are in this position, poor business decisions and greed. If they consistently priced games fairly they would be ok. Also if they had not got greedy and pushed pre owned games over new games screwing over every publisher and developer that provides their products they might have found some support when they fell on hard times. I'm sure there isn't a publisher or developer that isn't slightly pleased to see Game and Gamestations greed catch up with them.

    I seriously hope indie chains or companies buy out the closed down Game stores and do better business. That would be sweet irony and better for Gamers too.
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  • Original Silent Hill developer disappointed at "poor" HD re-release

  • Mr_Brown 23/03/2012

    No fucking fog? With this and cutting major cut scenes this is a terrible re release. I'm so glad I cancelled my pre order. What the fuck is wrong with Konami? I know they have a habit of ruining their series but its starting to feel personal has a Silent Hill fan.

    With how they have treat the series over the past ten years its like they are determined to destroy it at every opportunity. Even with this HD collection should have been easy. Just put the PS2 Silent Hill Collection on a disc, upgrade the graphics to HD. But no they didn't want to include SH4 (even though some not all would have liked it), they didn't want to give the original voice actor the pay he earned for his work and instead decided to get someone else to do it and pay them. They cut important scenes from Silent Hill 2 because someone might see it as a 'rape scene' even though the scene has been in multiple editions of the original for ten years without any controversy. And now they are taking out a component of the game which symbolises the town and is an important factor in building atmosphere.

    I've put up with Konami for years through this by just ignoring what they have done to my favourite series. But this time they can seriously fuck off. They know what they have to do to fix this series but blatantly do not give a shit about their fans. I won't be buying anything Konami again, which shouldn't be hard because the only series they haven't killed off yet is Metal Gear but there is still time for that.

    Good luck Konami, I seriously hope you go bankrupt in the near future.
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  • Silent Hill: Downpour Review

  • Mr_Brown 22/03/2012

    The trouble with the new games are the developer just doesn't understand the original games at all. They look at Silent Hill 2 which is a fan favourite and just copy and paste things into a game with a shinier engine. They just add some gimmicks here and there and call it a new Silent Hill. The fact they think melee weapons that break quickly and having to hit monsters on the floor to kill them (which are just two bad points from SH4) are staples of the series just highlights that they are the wrong developer for this series. Reply +4
  • Mr_Brown 22/03/2012

    I'm fairly certain that was not intended to symbolise rape. From what I remember of the making of DVD it was a mix of what we all has human beings think of the most, sex and death. Considering with what James has been forced to deal with before the game, I imagine it's just that. Not rape. Though it's hard to describe without spoilers.

    It was probably cut because if someone watched it without completing or understanding the story they may interpret it as rape.
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  • Mr_Brown 22/03/2012

    You're probably right. but the main thing that is wrong with Silent Hill since 4 is that they have changed the horror to western horror. Western developers just don't seem to understand what makes Silent hill 1 through to 4 feel so unnerving. So they add jump moments, QTE, throw in Pyramid head and make everything dark and misty.

    There is no guarantee a Japanese developer would do a better job, but at least they would understand Japanese horror. There is more chance of that than Team Silent reforming. Which just will not happen I'm afraid.
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  • Mr_Brown 22/03/2012

    I would raise the point that you should mark it down because of the name it bears and how yet again Konami has dragged the Silent Hill name through the mud. But at this point, even I a hardcore fan of the series since the first just don't give a shit any more.

    Silent Hill has been dead since Silent Hill 4. Until they hand back the series to a Japanese company that knows what they are doing it will remain so and I'll ignore any output they put out until they do so.
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  • Grasshopper considering Shadows of the Damned sequel

  • Mr_Brown 22/03/2012

    I'd definitely buy it. It wasn't my favourite game in the world, but I had a blast playing it from start to finish. It definitely captured a Quinton Tarantino feel in a video game. Which is a good thing to me. Reply +2
  • World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria beta invites sent out

  • Mr_Brown 22/03/2012

    All the Kung Fu panda fans shit their pants in exciement...but its ok because they're all still in nappies. Reply -8
  • Japan chart: Mass Effect 3 sells 8142 copies

  • Mr_Brown 21/03/2012

    God I'd give my left nut to play Shining Blade. I'd give my right but Sega already have it by releasing Shenmue 1 and 2 HD. Reply +4
  • Blizzard acknowledges Star Wars: The Old Republic's impact on WOW

  • Mr_Brown 20/03/2012

    I wouldn't hold your breath for people to return to a Kung Fu panda multiplayer game when they have been play Star Wars multiplayer for months.

    Only a few will crawl back and that's only because they haven't learnt how to walk yet.
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  • Microsoft patents Gaming Helmet for Xbox

  • Mr_Brown 20/03/2012

    Gaming is heading for another crash with all these stupid ideas. Though at least we'll have our helmet on! Reply +8
  • Braben: Used sales are killing single player games

  • Mr_Brown 19/03/2012

    For the last time, it is not the consumers fault that the game industry is reliant on a broken business model. Just talk to the retailers and fix it. If they continue to move against their own customers expect to lose sales. Reply +15
  • WOW: Mists of Pandaria Preview: Blizzard's Eastern Promises

  • Mr_Brown 19/03/2012

    I wonder if the special editition will come with a dummy or a man sized WoW romper suite. Kung Fu panda character!? What were they thinking? What's next a muppet race? Or humpty dumpty egg race. Reply -3
  • Capcom's Svensson: tokens will replace discs five years from now

  • Mr_Brown 15/03/2012

    Sven put down the mushrooms.

    It's pretty clear that the near future of games is the Vita model. Specialised memory cards with a cut down physical launch. Digital copies being sold at the same time at a slightly lower price (this price being cut based on critical review) and cheaper digital only titles released along side this (motorstorm RC).

    This and an onlive type service are the future. Don't belive what scarmongerers say about the only future is digital only, it will be about choice and lots of it. Are DVD/Blu Rays dying off because there is a streaming service? What about music CD have they disappeared because of digital distribution? If there is a demand for people to buy games from a shop, companies will cater for it.
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  • XBLA Monster World collection spotted

  • Mr_Brown 14/03/2012

    This and Shenmue Hd and Skies of Arcadia Hd will make Sega my favourite company again. Dreamcast 2 please next. :-) Reply +2
  • EA exploring subscription model for future Battlefield titles

  • Mr_Brown 14/03/2012

    Haha the old devil is back. I knew they couldn't keep the good guy act for long. It's only a matter of time before you are paying subscription fees to play Battlefield and CoD. They introduce it as an additional service. But slowly after each new game take feature away and add them to the 'Elite' service. Until the free MP is nothing more than a demo or trial.

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  • GAME buy-out rumour round-up

  • Mr_Brown 14/03/2012

    Wow I'm surprised you didn't write individual articles for each rumoured potential buyer to match your hundreds of 'game are not stocking...' articles.

    Only kidding, looks like all but Gamestop would be bad news for gamers (in the short term at least). Will be glad when it's all over with to be honest.
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  • GAME won't stock Ninja Gaiden 3 or Warriors Orochi 3

  • Mr_Brown 13/03/2012

    I wonder how much impact these regular news articles have had on Games stock price. Not by any means saying this situation was anyone but Games fault but it cannot have helped. Especially since the BBC have now finally decided to start running it too. Reply -1
  • Peter Molyneux leaves Fable in "safe hands", say its creators

  • Mr_Brown 12/03/2012

    Fable 2 the best RPG of this generation??? Are you mad? It's a good game don't get me wrong. But better than Oblivion or Skrim, Mass Effect 2 + 3, Lost Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles, LoH Trails in the Sky, Tales of Vesperia, Ni No Kuni, Dragon Quest IX??

    I could go on. I know it's just opinion but I'd find it hard for anyone to say Fable 2 is better than most of those games. As I have said, I took some enjoyment from the game but I could think of a long list that I would place above it.
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  • Sony announces new PS Vita games for Japan

  • Mr_Brown 09/03/2012

    So glad I picked up a Vita now. PSO2 is a killer app. Pity we will have to wait a while for it but it'll be worth the wait! Nice one Sony and Sega
    ! :D
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  • Mega Man creator laments "tragic state of Japanese games industry"

  • Mr_Brown 08/03/2012

    I disagreed completely with the fez developer as not all games in Japan suck. There are some good games coming out. But I have to admit that Inafunate is spot on.

    Just look at Final Fantasy and Resident Evil. Not bad games but are behind in the times in many ways. Publishers do seem to be the problem as there doesn't seem to be a lack of talent coming through. I think publishers think they know best these days and definitely don't. Square Enix thought It knew best with Final Fantasy and look at FFXIV and XIII.

    I hope they can recover but every year the West just leaves Japan in it's dust. Maybe it will reverse again one day.
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  • First images of Apple's new iPad

  • Mr_Brown 08/03/2012


    I know I was being sarcastic. That was my point. Eurogamer just cannot help themselves and jump on the apple are the 'future of gaming' at every opportunity.

    We are on the 3rd generation of iPads and gaming is still compley unaffected. 3ds is picking up momentum and looks certain to repeat the DS sales and Vita which has adopted some of Apples ideas and better implemented them into gaming. And it has enjoyed a strong start and seems to have righted the wrongs of the PSP.

    The chances of the iPad 3 competing with home consoles is the same as it killing the handheld gaming market, if anything they have made them stronger. Nobody will buy an iPad for gaming.
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