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  • Sony ditches appeal over Ł250,000 PSN hack fine

  • Lubulos 15/07/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil The legend says that they saved passwords in plain .txt files, but I refuse to believe anyone could be this stupid. Reply +6
  • Steam's Summer Sale is now live

  • Lubulos 11/07/2013

    @sega W-Wait a minute, let me take a closer look...
    Error 503

    Also the number 6 in the XID appears... 3 times. So does the number 7. THAT'S IT GUYS!
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  • Lubulos 11/07/2013

    @jablonski I'm sorry other people didn't get the irony. Don't worry, no offense taken. Reply 0
  • Lubulos 11/07/2013

    IT BEGINS! I won the bet on Endless Space, luckily I did wait until now to purchase it. But Dark Souls isn't there, isn't it? Reply -1
  • Super Mario 3D World: More than a feline

  • Lubulos 05/07/2013

    @PinktotheLast Look here:

    Those two teams are very different, by seeing their games.
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  • Lubulos 05/07/2013

    @Old_Books People have been disappointed about Mario since SMW2. People complained that Yoshi's Island was too kiddy, people complained that 64 was too different and that removed many elements, people complained about Sunshine because of FLUDD and the whole tropical island setting, people complained about SMG because it looked linear and so on.

    The problem with Nintendo is that they don't know how to hype a game which isn't Zelda or Smash.

    @Modula You're not alone. I much preferred SMG because it felt more like an experience, while SMG2 felt too much like an arcade game. Still very good too.
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  • Lubulos 05/07/2013

    It should be remembered that this game is being developed by the same team behind SMG2 and SM3DL. No one knows what the original SMG team is doing. Reply +32
  • PS4 architect Mark Cerny hopes PlayStation's legacy can match Nintendo's

  • Lubulos 27/06/2013

    @walidb123 Very wrong. The only mainline MGS exclusive to Sony systems is MGS4. Only FFIX, FFX and FFXII are Sony exclusives too, and FFIX is getting a remake for PC. No mainline Resident Evil has ever been a PS exclusive. Same for Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest (VII has got a remake for 3ds, VIII is to follow), Devil May Cry and so on. Reply +2
  • Lubulos 27/06/2013

    Not happening. Lots of videogames that people associate with the PS brand are not first party games. MGS, FF, DMC, RE, etc. etc. Reply -4
  • Cel-shaded platformer A Hat in Time funds every one of its stretch goals

  • Lubulos 27/06/2013

    I'm more hyped for this than any quadruple A "next-gen" game coming out in the future. In case anyone wants more gameplay:

    ATTENTION! Little girls riding rockets everywhere.
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  • PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 is a linear third-person action adventure with shooting mechanics

  • Lubulos 25/06/2013

    This is getting ridiculous. Reply -6
  • New Super Luigi U review

  • Lubulos 24/06/2013

    @SuperSoupy You may be right about Lego, but MH is a must-have. ALWAYS (well, except for the shitty MMOs).

    Take a look:
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  • Lubulos 24/06/2013

    @ATARI Sorry, but the point is "how can anyone say that games trying to become more cinematic is NOT a bad thing."

    Every art form has unique qualities that can't be reproduced in another art form, or at least not in a good way. As Nietzsche said, there are two different family of arts.
    The apollonion arts are those where you experience the work from a passive point of view, such as paintings, statues, movies, etc. etc. You are only a spectator here. Nothing changes, nothing evolves.
    The dionysian arts are different though. Here, you become a part of the artistic process, like when you play a Beethoven's Sonata or you do a pas de deux with your girlfriend. Videogames belong to this classification, unlike movies. Unlike movies, YOU are the character. Unlike movies, you are INTER-ACTING with a world, instead of passively watching it. When I played TLoU, I could do nothing when "that thing" happened, in the intro. I started laughing when "that thing" was shot. The "game" had me watch something that I could have changed, if it was a game. The "game" removed the basic element of every game, INTERACTIVITY. (BTW, the same applies to B:I, TB, etc. etc. I just picked TLoU since it's the last "movie" to come out).
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  • Lubulos 24/06/2013

    @eduardodealmeidarapo To be honest, Rayman 1, 2 and the GBC version all had awesome level design, especially the latter is one of the most underrated platformer ever. But yeah, Origins was incredibly diluted. Legends looks the same. In the end, Nintendo is the only one still making good 2d platformers. Megaman is dead and Castlevania is now a God of War rip-off. Well, there are Sonic 4 and Super Meat Boy too, but that's it. Reply +1
  • Lubulos 24/06/2013

    @ATARI Well, that's wrong. Other M was a movie-like game on the Wii, and the fanbase still hates it to death. The problem here is that the review is full of inaccuracies. I personally don't care much about the score, but when I read that "Nintendo has taken the original's levels, trimmed them down significantly" I can't help but wonder if the reviewer actually played the DLC and the original game. And if he did, the fact that he didn't notice the different design philosophy behind the two is VERY worrying. Reply +5
  • Torchlight 1 free on GOG for 48 hours to kick off summer sale

  • Lubulos 18/06/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil I know very well what you and many others mean when you're talking about DRM, especially with the whole Xbone controversy, but sadly it's not up to me to decide how to use a word. Copy protection is DRM just like online activation, limited number of installations, etc. etc. Of course copy protection can be considered the lesser evil, but still... Reply +2
  • Lubulos 18/06/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Everything that restricts your usage of a digital good is DRM by definition. Copy protection is a form of Digital Rights Management, so it's DRM. The SNES had DRM, the NES had DRM (if the NES didn't actually have a kind of DRM, it wouldn't have saved the industry. Funny when you think about it). Reply +7
  • Lubulos 18/06/2013

    @TechnicPuppet Actually, DRMs have always existed on consoles, while some PC games were already DRM-free in the past. People today don't seem to know what DMR is. Reply +9
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 announced for PlayStation 4

  • Lubulos 11/06/2013

    @frazzl Fooling the fans again, I guess. Reply -3
  • Final Fantasy Versus 13 becomes Final Fantasy 15

  • Lubulos 11/06/2013

    @Whitster It kinda copy them both. H&S , set-pieces, cover based combat, probably a lot of QTEs, "epic" moves, etc. etc. Reply 0
  • Lubulos 11/06/2013

    Sad to see that Final Fantasy seems to have gone into full God of War mode. There are even cover mechanics. Jesus. Reply -5
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 review

  • Lubulos 09/06/2013

    Jesus, the SDF is back. It's 2006 all over again. BLAST BANDWITH, EPIC RAM, 8 GIGABYTES! Reply +5
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Dat G-Rank - Getting the Horn

  • Lubulos 17/05/2013

    @Sekuiya And it should be added that the multiplayer part is a 1:1 carbon copy of the solo part, except that you can play with friends. So yes, the entire game is soloable, you won't be missing anything. It's not even that hard. People may be surprised at their first HR or GR quest, but they will adapt soon (or keep bitching "boo, I need multiplayer!"). Reply 0
  • Sony on Vita: "Sometimes you've had slow starts which have suddenly sprung into life"

  • Lubulos 15/05/2013

    @Sunyavadin To be honest, both the Virtual Boy and the CD-i were more of an experiment, so their failures aren't a big wow. But you're right about the first two. The Saturn was actually pretty great, if you were into importing; sadly, it didn't have the quality line-up of the N64, or the casual appeal of the PSX. The Jaguar is pretty much the definition of commercial failure though. Reply 0
  • Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move review

  • Lubulos 13/05/2013

    The amount of anti-Nintendo trolls is staggering. Some of them are pure 24k comedy gold. Reply +5
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Dat G-Rank - Rockin' the Wroggi set

  • Lubulos 09/05/2013

    More than anything I love the idea that some unknown designer at Capcom looked at the Wroggi, and thought "that would make a badass cowboy outfit."
    I just restarted the game as a female character. You don't want to know what the artists did with with female armor sets.
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  • Zeno Clash 2 review

  • Lubulos 08/05/2013

    @Ceatlan Yes. I understand your point, misunderstandings happpens every time on the internet. I don't hold any grudge towards you and menage. Reply 0
  • Lubulos 08/05/2013

    @menage Again, I'm not talking about this particular review. I don't have ZC 2, I can't say anything about it. I just replied to your post where you said that there is "no evidence for the PAID FOR GOOD REVIEW". Also, no-one said that Eurogamer is bought by someone. If anything, I said the exact contrary, and that is that "there is no secret bag full of dollars". It's not like the publishers point a gun at Eurogamer and scream: "QUICK! WE NEED THOSE 11/10 GOTYAY!". Reply 0
  • Lubulos 08/05/2013

    @Ceatlan Except that no-one claimed that "ALL" sites follow this business model. I explicitly said that the BIG sites do that (because obviously they could not keep being relevant if they did not stay in good terms with all the major publishers).

    As much as you're trying to strawmanning what I said, if you read my previous comments you'll see that I did NOT accuse any sites (you know that Gameshot and Afrogamer don't exist, right?), and I was merely explaining to menage how the reviewing system works in these situations. I'm not saying anything about this review. I still have to buy Zeno Clash 2. If it will suck, then I will say "It sucks". If it's a good game, I will have the same reaction I had when I saw the 3/10 that a famous site gave to God Hand.
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  • Lubulos 08/05/2013

    @menage Have you read that article? You have someone who is (well, was) IN the industry telling you this, and you still prefer to believe that it's all "speculation"?

    Also don't try to pull a non sequitur. My first comment here clearly stated that I only played Zeno Clash 1. If a game sucks, I'm the first to say it, be it indie or AAA, be it a pretentiuos Fez or an hilariously unbalanced Skyrim.
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  • Lubulos 08/05/2013

    @menage This is not a conspiracy. They're not doing this at night, in the middle of a forest, when the brotherhood is reunited. It's how this business works. Do you think it's easy running a news site? You need money to keep buying all the games, money for all the consoles, subscription fees, high end PCs, special equipment for recording gameplay, etc. etc. You can't do that for free. You need money. You take money from the advertising banners. Publishers buy those banners. As customers, you want them to be as friendly towards you as possible. What kind of proof are you asking? Just turn off adBlock and look at all the home pages of all the major gaming sites. Or go read Lost Humanity 18, an article that you can read (in its censored version) right here on Eurogamer. And remeber that the author of that article got fired. Reply +1
  • Lubulos 08/05/2013

    @Deionarra I know. There actually are people who don't only think that Skyrim is an RPG, but that it's actually a good RPG.

    @menage It doesn't work that way. Bethesda didn't directly pay for Skyrim to get a good review. There is no moneyhatting, no secret bag full of dollars.

    What happens is very simple:

    imagine being Bethesda. You have just finished developing your last game, TES VI: Hammerfell. Now, all you need to do is start a good marketing campaign for the game.

    So, where will you put the ads for your new game?

    On videogaming sites, of course! That's where all the people go when they are interested in video games.

    So you, Bethesda, decide to buy the advertising space on sites like and Nothing wrong with that, for now.
    But, let's suppose that gives TES VI: Hammerfell a 3/10. What would you, Bethesda, do? Would you still keep paying ads space for a site that gives low scores to your games? Of course not, that's idiotic. But if you don't pay for ads, then what happens to They have less money. And what happens if you don't buy ads for any of your games from Well, the site loses A LOT of money.

    So, this is the truth: Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Sony --- none of these publisher pays in order to get good reviews.
    It's that HAS to give good scores to their games, because those publishers are buying the advertising space on its home page.Ah, there are also free review copies of the game, or free DLC and exclusive content, invitations to launch parties, exclusive annual conventions, etc. etc.
    It's the business.
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  • Lubulos 08/05/2013

    I still have to get my hands on this, but I remember the original Zeno Clash being very good, considering that the concept is pretty much unexplored in game design. Reply +8
  • Microsoft cautious on Windows 8 success: "we realise that change takes time"

  • Lubulos 07/05/2013

    I'm not completely disgusted by Windows 8, but I'm considering upgrading to Windows 7. Reply +65
  • Saturday Soapbox: The magic of dedicated hardware

  • Lubulos 04/05/2013

    I don't agree with Bioshock Infinite being best on consoles (same for every multiplatform game). In these cases, if there is a PC version, that version is always the way to go. You miss the low-res artwork from other versions? Lower the texture detail. There isn't an option to do so? Check the .ini file, or replace the textures with low-res version of them. You want a joystick? Get one and plug it in.

    But I agree about emulation: the timing on most emulators is completely screwed, and sadly many people don't know about this because they never experienced the original game in the first place. Even on higan, which is one of the most accurate emulator out there, I can feel the difference. In Super Metroid, for example, both the Wall Jump and the Power Jump timing are a little off. And let's not talk about zSNES or SNES9x, it's like an entirely new game.
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  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Dat G-Rank

  • Lubulos 03/05/2013

    @KanePaws The problem is that a newbie will hardly hit the High Rank village quests in 60 hours, let alone the G-Rank. This is where the fun starts.

    Also, the usual comparison between MMORPG and MH is incorrect as always. In pretty much every MMORPG the player skill is either totally ignored or very limited. This isn't the case with MH, where people make naked runs of Jhen Mohran. And regarding the drop rates: the rarest items in MH still have a drop rate of 3%, while in your typical MMO you can have as low as 0.01%.

    Also, the fact that the mechanics of a game are simple doesn't mean that you understand the game once you learn those mechanics. Beethoven composed the first movement of his 5th Symphony with the same 4-notes theme "da da da daa" repeated everywhere. For 9 minutes, he doesn't do anything else but uses that motif with very few changes. This doesn't mean that you can just listen to the first 10 seconds and then just say "Oh well, let's be honest, there is very little that changes in this piece". What to you are little changes, to a dedicated player are an entirely new world. So you now have the Focus ability. You can speed up your Greatsword charges by a tiny fraction of second. But that ridiculously short upgrade, if used correctly, lets you spam two lv3 charges where you could not before, effectively halving the time you need to kill a monster.

    In the end, Monster Hunter is neither an RPG, or an Action game, or a 3D fighting game. This game is a gigantic puzzle game, heavy on problem solving, where you're supposed to figure out everything by yourself, much like Dark Souls or Mega Man. I can totally see why some people are surprised when the game doesn't follow their expectations. But I really wish people would put more efforts in playing it.
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  • Lubulos 02/05/2013

    @KanePaws 60 hours is nothing in MH. To be able to have a clear idea of the game, you should put at the very least 200 hours into it. Reply +2
  • Lubulos 02/05/2013

    In case anyone is wondering if it's worth purchasing a Wii U only for this game, I can answer with this video.

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  • Intel unveils Iris - its next-gen graphics tech

  • Lubulos 02/05/2013

    @sanctusmortis I don't know why you're getting negged, but what you say is what's actually happening. And their 7xxx GPU series still has the microstuttering problem on pretty much every game. AMD really has declined in quality in the last few years. Reply +1
  • Soul Sacrifice review

  • Lubulos 30/04/2013

    I imported the game when it was released in Japan. Very disappointing game. I can't believe that Keiji had something to do with this. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Taking the Direct approach

  • Lubulos 27/04/2013

    @Cjail Sorry. I could not resist.
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  • Lubulos 27/04/2013

    @Cjail Yet you have one of them every month. Just in the January Direct, they announced like 3000 hours worth o games for the Wii U. Reply 0
  • Lubulos 27/04/2013

    @slow2run "As a western adult core gamer"

    Stopped reading there.
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  • Zeno Clash 2 video details numerous enhancements

  • Lubulos 26/04/2013

    @rodrigoalmeida This must be the most hilarious post I've ever read on a gaming site, and boy, I've read many of them. Can't wait to pick up an AK-47 and shooting motherfuckers in this game. Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate review

  • Lubulos 18/03/2013

    @DamDai You don't have to agree with me. They are simply numbers. MH here doesn't sell like those games do. It's a fact. I wish I could change it, but I cannot ignore it and say otherwise.

    Also, in regard to JRPGs, I don't know what point you are trying to make, but a 3DS is NECESSARY to any JRPG fan. You like SMT? Five games of that series are headed to the 3DS. You like DQ? Rune Factory? Harvest Moon? Etrian Odyssey? I don't have time to list them all, but sure having a 3DS for JRPGs is not insanity.
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  • Lubulos 18/03/2013

    Quickly convert it to the VITA and the 360 and you'll make a killing.
    Do you realize that Vita and 360 are dead in Japan? Vita manages to do more than half the 3DS numbers only when there is a big game out like SS and there is nothing on the other handheld. 360 is a dead console in Japan.
    The west doesn't count. They don't care about MH. They only care about CoD and Halo. The few people here in the west that do care are the same people that care about JRPGs, and those people own a 3DS and a Wii U/PS3, not a Vita or a 360. Capcom simply did the most logical thing to do. They may be Crapcom when it comes to their other franchises, but they are the good ol' Capcom with MH.
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  • Lubulos 18/03/2013

    Oh god, here I am wasting another 700 hrs of my life on this. Also haters here are hilarious:
    But Wii U has only this game!
    Lol! Your typical modern game takes 4 to 12 hours to complete. Do the math!
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  • Five analysts, one consensus: PlayStation 4 impressed

  • Lubulos 22/02/2013

    @mattk84 They can increase the RAM, but changing from DDR3 to GDDR5 is not something you can do in a few months. You'll have to re-engineer the whole thing, or it'll be RROD 2: The Vengeance. Reply +7
  • Spec Analysis: PlayStation 4

  • Lubulos 21/02/2013

    @ATARI I really doubt that guy was joking. I've seen much worse on the internet.

    However I had the suspect that you were trolling me, but I've read too many times that PS2 an DC had 128-bit CPUs. People mistake the 128-bit VUs for CPUs all the time. I was just being cautious:-)
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  • Lubulos 21/02/2013

    @ATARI I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. In any case, 128-bit CPUs do not exist (yet). We don't need them (yet). Reply -2