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  • This is how the new Unreal Tournament might look

  • Lt_Drebin 24/07/2014

    First of the "new gen" games that looks like a real visual leap. Also, to those worried about the "gritty" Nolan-esque route they plan to take- it's worth having a replay of the original. The textures were very drab, it was the lovely lighting and weapon effects that made it so nice to look at. Hopefully the same will be true here. Incidentally, the original at 1080p is still a lot of fun. Headshots with The Ripper will put a big grin on your face :-) Reply +1
  • Lionhead teases Fable Anniversary for PC

  • Lt_Drebin 03/06/2014

    As good to hear as this is, I still want Fable 2 on the PC. It was by far my favourite and I'm constantly tempted to buy another 360 to replay it. Reply +8
  • Always Sometimes Monsters review

  • Lt_Drebin 22/05/2014

    As this was built using RPG maker, porting later on might be a possibility, but is a real ball-ache. I'm looking at this currently with my own RPG Maker project and it appears that you have to throw money at the problem. If these guys are in the same position, the success of the PC release will determine whether a vita port can be financially viable (just call me Captain Obvious). As such I'll be getting this come home time today. Hopefully others will follow suit as I'd love it on my vita too :-) Reply 0
  • The Last Tinker: City of Colors now has a PC release date

  • Lt_Drebin 25/04/2014

    Did a preview of this for GXP Blog recently and it's a really promising little game. It plays like assassin's creed though rather than a traditional platformer and the combat is quite basic so might be worth waiting for full reviews. It does look lovely though and the characters have bags of charm. Reply 0
  • No plans for a new Unreal Tournament, says Epic

  • Lt_Drebin 20/03/2014

    The days of the twitch-based arena shooters died with Halo 2 and the subsequent rise of COD. Once FPS games became big time console money-spinners they all dumbed down the mechanics to accommodate pads rather than a mouse and keyboard setup and I can't see devs going back. It's a shame as I loved both UT and 4 player Halo shenanigans on my sofa. Reply 0
  • PS4 video editing, HDCP off, 720p Twitch coming

  • Lt_Drebin 19/03/2014

    The lack of decent media functionality is the main reason I've yet to take the plunge on a ps4. You'd think system parity on things like mp3 playback, DLNA support and 3D blu ray playback would have been sorted by now. Pretty soon I'll be over the "ooh shiny" effect of new consoles being on the market and settle down to waiting X years for it to hit a specific price point before biting. I bet I'm not alone there. Reply +6
  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • Lt_Drebin 21/05/2013

    So we've hit the graphical wall then? Reply 0
  • Lego City Undercover review

  • Lt_Drebin 14/03/2013

    @photoboy - from what I've read in other places the game isn't playable on the GamePad screen as it relies on it for various in-game tasks. Reply +2
  • Steam on Linux released with a sale

  • Lt_Drebin 15/02/2013

    Steam on Linux really is a significant move. I run a small business selling Ubuntu pre-loaded desktops and I've been really surprised by the interest generated- we're getting new enquiries from people who've never seen the OS before and die-hards who I thought would be against the restricted nature of steam all putting orders in off the back of steam availability. Exciting times. Reply +4
  • Rayman Legends dev "pissed" at Ubisoft for delay after completing Wii U version, blames "men in ties"

  • Lt_Drebin 08/02/2013

    As someone who was really looking forward to this, I shall still pick up the game, but in the spirit of those men in ties, I shall be delaying my purchase 7 months. This is a sound business decision as it allows the game to drop in price and ensures I don't contribute towards launch-month sales figures. Reply +4
  • Gears of War: The Board Game review

  • Lt_Drebin 10/01/2013

    Another +1 for the start of boardgame reviews! Can I drop in a suggestion for a game called Space Alert - it's a co-op game in which you have to run a spaceship in realtime scenarios. Think FTL but as a multiplayer boardgame. It is amazing. Reply +6
  • Microsoft unveils new logo for the first time in 25 years

  • Lt_Drebin 23/08/2012

    FogHeart wrote:
    Now I want some Opal Fruits.

    Yes, that's what I said, Opal Fruits, dammit! You young kids and your new names for old stuff.

    Also, so blue is Windows, red is Office, green is XBox. So which product did they designate yellow but deem too unsuccessful to include?

    Reply +3
  • Square Enix: current generation has been "way too long"

  • Lt_Drebin 10/07/2012

    The rise of the mobile platforms doesn't highlight the failure of the current gen hardware. It highlights the failure of their respective online distribution platforms is all. That can be rectified without a new box under the tv. Reply +5
  • Ubisoft discusses next-generation game budgets

  • Lt_Drebin 16/05/2012

    Not that I'm against progress. But if you want to move your business on in such a way that you could financially cripple yourself, it might be best to come up with a new strategy for affordable development rather than looking for cunning ways to milk the additional cash you need from your market without them noticing.

    Of course, ultimately, they wouldn't want to move to these new models if it wasn't going to make them more money than they currently do. Which is fine, they're a business after all. I just wish they'd stop with all this crap trying to justify it.
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  • Tomb Raider reboot delayed until 2013

  • Lt_Drebin 14/05/2012

    The more games I see jumping out of this Christmas release window and into 2013, the more certain I am that we'll be getting GTA 5 in October. Reply +8
  • The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

  • Lt_Drebin 03/01/2012

    With Xenoblade i also believe a lot of downloads will be owners of the game such as myself who wanted to run it on dolphin just out of curiosity. While such large numbers can be worrying it's foolish to think of them all as "lost sales". Reply +5