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  • Finally, we know the identity of the two guys on Street Fighter 2's opening screen

  • Lolatron 27/05/2016

    @MrTomFTW Who else could it be? It's Fucky McFuckedUpFace. Reply +11
  • The guy you're playing as in Doom is playing Doom

  • Lolatron 22/05/2016

    For some reason I now want to refer to the Doom guy as John Doom. That's his name now. John Doom. "John Doom stars... in Doom." Reply +8
  • Those annoying Windows 10 upgrade notifications will finally go away for good

  • Lolatron 06/05/2016

    @jrb Updates are a big one, you can no longer choose to look through updates everything is downloaded for you. At that point there's a chance you'll boot your machine up to find that it's wanting to apply those updates on that boot. Cue waiting for five minutes or so just to log in.

    I used to use the "Favourites" feature in Explorer that's now replaced with the half-baked "Quick Access" feature. A "Links" folder still exists in your profile but is useless because Quick Access doesn't touch this, so no backing up of favourite folders. Also, you can't rename favourites you create there.

    Settings is a half-baked replacement for the classic control panel but nowhere near feature complete, so the control panel remains anyway.
    I wish MS would decide on what interface they want us to use.

    I wish Win10 would stop downloading and installing apps like Twitter, Candy Crush whatever and such as that. I never asked for these apps but they keep reappearing. They can't be removed from my profile in the store, I never wanted them in the first place.

    These are a handful and I know they sound petty but things like updates and quick access, I had full control of in previous Windows and used them exactly how I wanted to.

    I also know of the workarounds for some of these issues, but they shouldn't be there in the first place. I dislike the term "power users" but for anyone who considers themselves as such, Windows 10 is an awful, restrictive experience.
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  • Lolatron 06/05/2016

    @Dismiss having used Win 10 since its release I've grown to prefer 8.1.

    10 removes so much control over your own PC and nearly every time I turn my PC on now it finds a new way to annoy me!

    Urgh, it's made me bitter!
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  • There's life in Rock Band 4 yet

  • Lolatron 25/04/2016

    Harmonix can show it off however they want but all these announcements do is serve to give an impression as to when the original game will actually be complete.

    RB4 was massively disappointing and very lacking compared to its predecessors. Are they going to sort out the instruments, like the guitar disconnects or the drums not being able to register repeat fast notes?
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  • Dark Souls 3's multiplayer is a very different, absolutely brilliant take on online

  • Lolatron 19/04/2016

    I know I'm not the only one who thinks this but I'm surprised few have mentioned about the absolutely divisive and IMO, god awful netcode that's plagued the series since Demons'.

    Having to hit where an opposing player ISN'T is not fun and I don't understand how so many can get behind the PvP on this series. It's like learning to play an online game from fifteen to twenty years ago with having to lead shots.

    Just through habit I'm starting to learn this but before DS3 I've lost nearly every invasion due to being ripped off from hits that should connect but don't and being somehow hit or insta-backstabbed from miles away.

    A majority of the PvP community know and have learned how to play with this and use this to invade those who haven't learned (or unlearned I think is apt) and as such troll and win pretty much every invasion.
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  • Here's the most streamed Spotify music on PlayStation

  • Lolatron 16/04/2016

    What the shit is a Fetty Wap? Does it come with chips and a garlic sauce? Reply +5
  • Rust now assigns gender permanently based on SteamID

  • Lolatron 11/04/2016

    Wow... SO many people are outraged at this.

    This is literally a non-issue. There is NOTHING to get worked up over about this.
    You load the game up and you begin playing, that's it. You won't even be looking at your character a majority of the time.
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  • Finding the humanity in Dark Souls 2

  • Lolatron 10/04/2016

    @BigBANGtheory If the original DS on PC was anything to go by, get a gamepad.

    There really is no way around it, the game is made for a controller. Again if the first is anything to go by it'll be nigh on unplayable on KB+M.
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  • Lolatron 10/04/2016

    Dark Souls 2 was still a brilliant game. A "poorer" Dark Souls is still a vastly better game than a majority of what's released.

    But I was disappointed early on in DS2 (Spoiler) to basically repeat the Ornstein and Smough fights seperated into their own individual battles, then for two Smoughs at the same time later on!

    The world too geographically made absolutely no sense either which I think was the biggest disappointment for me with DS2, where as with 1 it was beautifully and intricately crafted and it truly was one perfectly coherent world. Drangleic was literally all over the place.
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  • Bandai Namco launches a Dark Souls clothing line, but...

  • Lolatron 08/04/2016

    Qwertee had a couple of recurring tees last week, two of them have artwork inspired by the Sif and Quelag fights with "black metal" style lettering saying "Dark Souls" across the top, they both looked awesome.

    Here's the design for the Sif one -

    These are just trash.

    It's a shame but it seems like Bandai Namco are getting the PR so wrong for the release of DS3.
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  • Destiny April update release date, Prison of Elders refreshed

  • Lolatron 24/03/2016

    I'll play this update to get the remaining achievements out of the Taken King (Having never finished the raid on the DLC) and then I'll be done with the game.

    Thanks Bungie, Destiny has been fun but you've asked far too much money for far too little content and I won't be biting again.
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  • The Division review

  • Lolatron 15/03/2016

    I struggled initially to see me playing the game for much after the first few hours. The overwhelming load of tasks thrown at you in typical Ubisoft fashion plus the horrendously dull story and even duller characters didn't grab my interest.

    That said with my co-op group plodding on we're getting the hang of it and a really fun shooter is emerging. I had a solo run through the Dark Zone last night and teamed up with three random guys dotted across Europe and had a tremendously fun time.

    Great shooter with really good online play, marred by a dogshit story and characters that really want you to take it all seriously and feel anything for it.
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  • Looking for Michael Bay: The Video Game

  • Lolatron 20/02/2016

    Split Second says hello! Reply +5
  • BMX legend Dave Mirra dies, aged just 41

  • Lolatron 05/02/2016

    Please if you're suffering from depression, try your utmost to reach out and seek help about it. It's easy to feel alone with it but that's what depression tricks you into thinking.

    It is an illness, treat it as such.

    Sad news about Mirra, loved the game on the PS1. Activision's BMX efforts just didn't feel as good to play as this.
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  • New Goat Simulator DLC teases flamingo, camel and dolphin-in-a-wheelchair characters

  • Lolatron 04/12/2015

    The trailer is great! Has no one else seen Reservoir Dogs?! Reply +16
  • New Consumer Rights Act puts gamers in the driving seat

  • Lolatron 01/10/2015

    I was lucky to get Dead Island: Riptide returned for a refund at Asda. Myself and my group of friends all fell foul to the bug on the 360 version which would fully crash the game during multiplayer sessions and could never be worked around. As far as I know it was never fixed.

    Trying to get an old woman with no understanding of gaming or software to understand what it means when a game crashes to see your point of view on a game being "faulty" was a chew on! They at least caved but it took some arguing, they were trying to just give me a replacement disc.
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  • More than an expansion, Destiny: The Taken King is a relaunch of Bungie's vision

  • Lolatron 15/09/2015

    @Shiftyboy I "think" (but look into this before plunging!) that if you get TTK it includes the previous DLCs wrapped in to it as well. Reply 0
  • Video: Introducing Low Batteries, a series about mental health and gaming

  • Lolatron 26/08/2015

    As someone currently in the middle of trying to get their shit together after suffering too long it's nice to see content like this. Cheers Johnny. Reply +27
  • ZombiU is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in August

  • Lolatron 30/07/2015

    Well that's blatantly footage from the WiiU version of the game (Says the WiiU & ZombiU owner). Looks like Ubisoft have made no effort with this re-release.

    Also, is it just me or is that trailer more advertisement than they ever tried to make with the original game?!

    Was a great game though. Just a shame Ubisoft didn't bother giving the WiiU the support it deserved.
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  • Looks like there's a Dead Island: Definitive Edition

  • Lolatron 22/07/2015

    @nickbonkersperry Previous generations have had just as many performance issues as any other. The only difference is you now have things like the internet! No one could easily have found information on game resolutions or framerates in consoles before things like Digital Foundry came along.

    If you ask me services like Digital Foundry and other sites offering performance analysis have helped shape this console generation in to the joke that it's become. It's allowed a number of people to be aware of things that REALLY don't affect the enjoyment of their games to think otherwise. Publishers have noticed this, so they'll keep pumping out remaster after remaster instead of helping developers to get original content out the door.

    Poor framerates in console games have not stopped people enjoying their games for decades now.

    I'll keep saying it and people will keep negging it, but this console generation IS a joke.
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  • Windows 10 launches in July

  • Lolatron 01/06/2015

    @bratsampson the only reason to upgrade to 8 was because of improved gaming performance (not significant but still generally better frame rates from titles than in 7). Otherwise it is a horrible desktop OS.

    Hopefully 10 will keep that going forward. It already looks a massive improvement on the UI front!
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  • Minecraft: Xbox One gets three free birthday skin packs

  • Lolatron 07/05/2015

    @KrispyKrispy Can't say I've ever noticed anything of the sort. It feels perfect to me in motion on the One - It's not a funky motion "enhancement" thing on your TV perhaps is it? Reply +3
  • PlayStation 4 passes 2m sales in UK

  • Lolatron 05/05/2015

    I got mine for Bloodborne and Driveclub but that thing needs exclusive new IP and not more remasters / sequels. It's the same thing with the Xbox One, neither console is really going anywhere at the moment. Reply +3
  • Flower, FlOw and Journey headed to PS4 on disc

  • Lolatron 17/04/2015

    @Cold_Waste the film industry doesn't stop pumping out new films though just because customers are buying remasters on Bluray.

    In terms of gaming this is clearly affecting the attitude towards output from publishers.

    Journey is a beautiful game but not for its technical merits. The PS4 will do nothing for this game that would make you sit back and go "wow". The effort and time put in to make this will be absolutely minimal and yet it'll be rewarded. And then another remaster of something will be announced.
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  • Lolatron 17/04/2015

    @F.Rod. It's genuinely saddening that you're being negged. It's absolutely true that this generation is a joke and yet people seem happy to support a lack of original content.

    People have paid out of their pockets for brand new consoles but don't want new games to play on them. It makes no sense.

    A PS3 is easily available these days for peanuts and the exclusives that make one worth getting are cheap too. It wouldn't have stopped people buying other consoles in the past so why start now and tell publishers it's okay to treat us like mindless drones in the process?!
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  • What does it take to run GTA 5 at 1080p60?

  • Lolatron 16/04/2015

    @arcam you have a 750 and a 970? I use my i5 760 currently with a Radeon 6850 and it's holding out nicely these days, can play what I want cranked up and stream to Twitch without a struggle.

    I'd be keen to see if that high end a card (comparatively speaking to the ancient CPU) would handle well! :-)

    I keep considering upgrading and rebuilding my desktop this year but that old beast keeps convincing me otherwise. It's a fighter!
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  • Dirty Bomb is armed and dangerous, but is it likely to go nuclear?

  • Lolatron 24/03/2015

    So long as it's Enemy Territory 2 and not Brink 2, this'll be fine.

    Best online shooter I ever played and testament to what Splash Damage should really be putting out.
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  • Project Cars delayed again

  • Lolatron 11/03/2015

    Is no one else feeling a little nervous at the "to make up for it, we'll give you free content on day one" stuff?

    So... Content I'll have already paid for on disc no doubt that you otherwise were gonna hold back from me?
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  • Does resolution really matter?

  • Lolatron 28/02/2015

    I'd argue that Digital Foundry has helped fuel this nonsense idea that resolution (and especially frame rates) is the end all and be all of console gaming.

    I truly reckon that before DF and other analytical sources looking into the behind-the-scenes stuff got popular, that a number of people would have had zero knowledge or awareness of when their games weren't running at a native resolution. Or that they never cared about frame rate drops. They just sat and played their games.

    Now apparently this stuff causes absolute pettiness to come out in these comments at times and some have forgotten why they care about their games in the first place.
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  • 3D Classics Streets of Rage 2 headed to 3DS eShop

  • Lolatron 12/02/2015

    @Kami I liked SoR3!

    It was balls hard with some odd character selections but still a decent game.
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  • Lolatron 12/02/2015

    The best of the series and my all time favourite side-scrolling brawler! Max or nothing. Reply +11
  • Editor's blog: Introducing Eurogamer's new video team

  • Lolatron 05/02/2015

    Aoife in that picture "This is fun and all but come on I'm fucking freezing!" Reply +8
  • Far Cry 4's digital release won't boot for some Xbox One users

  • Lolatron 06/01/2015

    @vincefairbairn with xbox one and it's "home xbox" feature there's a valid (if kinda cheeky) argument for game sharing.

    My gamertag has been set as the "owner" of my friend's console and his on mine. Anything we buy digitally the other person gets instantly and with sites doing cheap credit you don't have to pay full price for digital.
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  • Watch a Destiny player beat the Crota's End raid - on his own

  • Lolatron 19/12/2014

    @DeltaBravoNiner You're not stopped from going in to them on your own, you don't need a full fireteam to actually load the raid up. Reply +12
  • Minecraft creator Notch bought the most expensive house ever in Beverly Hills

  • Lolatron 19/12/2014

    @ChuckNorris Each to their own. I'd certainly never shoot to go for a house in Hollywood or wherever if I came into stupid money myself but you can't blame a guy for being overly indulgent!

    He's hopefully never going to want or need again and he can see to his family's every need, that would be the dream anyway.
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  • Lolatron 19/12/2014

    The fact he's gone for it and yet manages to still feel so humbled, can only be happy for the guy! Dude's "made it". Reply +5
  • Sony beefs up PS4 20th Anniversary Edition sales system after thousands use exploit to gain unfair advantage

  • Lolatron 18/12/2014

    I've been trying my hand at these and each time a clue has been posted I've known the correct character to click. Only problem is upon refreshing the page for the new link to become active the page has never once loaded.

    Pure congestion is taking it down every time, I'm actually amazed if anyone has managed to get through to even register their details.

    I'm not gonna get it, there's not a thing I can do about it and I'm genuinely gutted with the whole thing!
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  • Romero reveals unseen Doom art on game's 21st birthday

  • Lolatron 11/12/2014

    Not that you need an excuse to fire up Doom every now and then... but I really wanna fire up Doom right now... Reply +15
  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just 19.94 each

  • Lolatron 10/12/2014

    Awww so I've got to be in London to have even a remote chance of getting one of these? Man I know they're limited edition and all but talk about stopping entire parts of your potential userbase from getting one! Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy 10 / 10-2 HD Remaster coming to PS4

  • Lolatron 09/12/2014

    @menage I'm getting alot of hours out of the One as well, guess I jumped quickly but the announcements of remakes do grate on me!

    I'm very worried though that we'll not see this change any time soon. It's only getting worse.
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  • Lolatron 09/12/2014

    @Mr-Writer Blind? I knew what I wanted to play, I think I gave two examples right there. I didn't buy the console day-one, I knew fine well that would have been a huge mistake. How do you establish that as being "blind"?

    I got the console as part of a cheap bundle with Destiny. That's ultimately proved a massive disappointment with it's major lack of content. FH2 is great but it's a sequel and its formula (While great fun) remains unchanged. I'm waiting out on the PS4 until Bloodborne comes out but still it's ultimately another entry in the Souls series.

    No need for the harshness, I knew what I was getting.
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  • Lolatron 09/12/2014

    @menage I'd say my expectations are reasonable. If I put down hundreds of pounds for a next-gen console (I refuse to refer to the PS4 or Xbox One as current gen until they prove themselves) I expect titles that justify the purchase.

    A year in and there is still not one title that truly stands out as an experience worth putting down the cash for. FWIW I'm enjoying Forza Horizon 2 and Destiny but otherwise I've spent more time on the XBox one playing bloody Minecraft! I regret buying the XBox One when I did.

    If people keep expecting remakes and remakes of remakes then they'll get them.

    Buy a new console to play new games. This has gone beyond that old excuse of "Well people who missed them before can now play them", this is just shameless and effortless milking.
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  • Lolatron 09/12/2014

    This console generation is an absolute joke. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: Aoife Wilson joins Eurogamer

  • Lolatron 01/12/2014

    Aoife's a great addition to the team, welcome!

    EDIT - Herp, typo!
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  • Goat Simulator free MMO expansion riffs off World of Warcraft

  • Lolatron 17/11/2014

    @melnificent Doesn't it suck when you get microwaves at 700, 800 or 900 when all cooking instructions say for 650, 750 or 850!

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  • Lolatron 17/11/2014

    In another year of broken AAA releases and content cut out from the game to be paid for later on it's refreshing to see the support Coffee Stain are giving their little joke game.

    I still go back to Goat Sim every now and then for some split-screen shenanigans. Still trying to find all those golden goats! This looks brilliant!
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  • Video: Dirty Bomb sees Splash Damage return to its roots

  • Lolatron 29/10/2014

    @TekMerc I'll get on this, definitely. The gameplay footage looks great, the shooting looks tight and fun, the objective-based gameplay from ET looks to be in tact.

    Will be keen to see how F2P affects balance but yeah I'm intrigued by this.
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  • Lolatron 29/10/2014

    @TekMerc Calling Aunt Hillary Reply +1
  • Lolatron 29/10/2014

    I have incredibly fond memories of ET, was even a mod on the PCZone server and helped get ETPro running on it when it was Vanilla for the longest time!

    I was devastated when its own community killed off any fun for the game by making XP-Save a permanent thing across the majority of servers, taking out of any of the work needed in the first place. It sucked joining a server only for an entire team to consist of Medics with 9999+ XP yet that seemed to end up being the precedent.
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