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  • A new PS3 model in the works - report

  • LiteMrBubbles 14/07/2012

    The 16gb version exists for OS updates, its their answer to the 4GB 360 SKU. And will be priced accordingly. Settle down children.

    One Google search away will tell anyone that a laptop HD will work on the PS3 should they wish to upgrade it.

    Anyhow, aesthetically it looks ugly as sin but so did the original PS3 slim when it was leaked. So holding final judgment until Gamescom.

    I'm interested if they shrunk Cell and RSX from 45nm to 32nm. And quieter fan, that's always nice.
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  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 confirmed

  • LiteMrBubbles 20/07/2011

    RobotTracker, you're an idiot or a troll. Or possibly both, he's not being homophobic. Take a look at why you're getting so many thumbs down on comment section.

    This is a news tip:

    Frank West
    Phoenix Wright

    Rocket Raccoon
    Ghost Rider
    Doctor Strange
    Iron Fist

    In case you don't believe me:
    Leaked from Capcom's own website. Epic.
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  • LiteMrBubbles 20/07/2011

    You cancelled two MegaMan games and release a new version of a game in less than 9 months?

    Fuck. Off. Capcom.

    Regarding Keiji Inafune:
    >He gave me a poster at NYCC. He was in good spirits with fans. Great spirits, actually. But during the press announcements he looked morose and distant. He asked me (through his translator) what my favorite Mega Man games were and I said "Legends 1 and 2, hands down." And he chuckled to himself, looked off for a moment, and then looked right at me and said "Me too" in English. Then he handed me a Legends 3 poster and smiled. It's still hanging up in my hallway, and it will probably stay there forever now.
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  • EA: Wii U is launching at the perfect time

  • LiteMrBubbles 20/07/2011

    Translation: We wish the WiiU is the only console announced so we don't have to rev up development costs for the PS4 and Xbox 720.

    And to me it sounds like that comment about 720p vs 1080p was prememptive damage control when the WiiU multiplatform games look slightly better than PS3/360 and there's no reason to go the extra mile (spend money in development) if the general WiiU audience won't be pixel counting.

    And to both I say, WRONG The WiiU isn't just for the casual gamers, hardcore gamers will want to see developers tap into the systems potential. It's going to be a hell of a gamble if PS4 and Xbox 720 blow the WiiU out of the water, leaving them a generation behind like the Wii.
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  • Sony withheld PSN hack truth - report

  • LiteMrBubbles 15/06/2011

    Why is this relevant anymore? Reply +1
  • PlayStation Meeting: PSP2 revealed

  • LiteMrBubbles 26/01/2011

    I'm preparing my body and wallet for this event. Reply +1
  • PS3 gamers outraged at Black Ops

  • LiteMrBubbles 16/12/2010

    100 posts in and no one has said the obvious?

    Black Ops on PSN and XBL use Peer to Peer. Microsoft doesn't have a magic wand that settles your NAT settings. Christ, people here just believe all the stupid ass marketing these days, "Play on Xbox Live because its just better".

    Placebo at it's finest.
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  • Sony puts PS2 in telly and sells it

  • LiteMrBubbles 03/12/2010

    Need to order, need to order.

    After this Sony can make as many HD remakes as they want on the PS3, I got my Ps2 BC back.
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  • Gran Turismo 5 Tech Analysis

  • LiteMrBubbles 27/11/2010

    I'm disappointed that Eurogamer didn't attempt to recreate those nasty shots on the net, I'm actually curious as to why those sample images of graphical hiccups were with or without merit.

    Also would have loved to see the differences in load times after a full installation (10gigs total) vs no install.

    Still a great read, very happy to see 1080p looks like its worth it this time around on consoles.
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  • PS3 BioShock Infinite will not be a port

  • LiteMrBubbles 21/11/2010

    The one thing that bugged me the most out of the PS3 versions of the Bioshock games is the up-front mandatory 5gig+ installs that didn't do anything to the load times when compared to the PC and 360 versions

    Absolutely unacceptable when you force it down your customer and there is no net gain. As long as they are aware of the previous gaffe(s), it's all good to me.
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  • Face-Off: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

  • LiteMrBubbles 20/11/2010

    Feels good having multiplatforms perform equally on consoles and exceed greatly on the PC side with a modest PC.

    I tip my hat off to you Criterion.
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  • Donkey Kong Country Returns

  • LiteMrBubbles 19/11/2010

    If I see one more goddamn pun I am going to go ape on all of you. Reply +8
  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • LiteMrBubbles 18/11/2010

    None of the "as always", "as expected", "not surprised" commentary?

    Hm.....Multiplatform equality must be holy water to the vampire F5ing console warriors.
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  • The Xboss

  • LiteMrBubbles 11/11/2010

    You don't see good PR anymore, back in my day we had Ken Kutaragi. He always delivered on the lulz. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • LiteMrBubbles 11/11/2010

    That's quite embarrassing for Treyarch.

    When you lower the resolution and the game still has problems matching the framerate of its rival console, you know you have some unmotivated engineers at work. Adding insult to injury Treyarch pretty much admitted how incompetent they are when the native 3D console has trouble doing its advertised-feature.

    But to be honest I'm not surprised at the discrepancies when you consider the big push this game is getting on 360 in regards to advertising and post-game content.

    tldr; Treyarch doesn't really have quality control and between Black Ops PC and Starcraft 2 burning your CPU due to buggy coding, my conviction to boycott Activision products remains unfazed.
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  • Castlevania: LOS sequel confirmed

  • LiteMrBubbles 11/10/2010

    It underperformed big time in Europe on its first week and didn't even reach the top 10.

    I'm not fond of God of War reskinned so I'm happy Europe gave it the cold shoulder.
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  • Realtime's Dave Jones defends APB

  • LiteMrBubbles 02/07/2010

    You need an APB Platinum Express Plus account membership to view this message without ads.

    Suck it, bad reviews and 66% MetaCritic score.

    I don't ever remember WoW having in-game advertising with its 10 dollar monthly fee.
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  • Tales of Vesperia: PS3/360 demo showdown

  • LiteMrBubbles 16/07/2009

    quincunx is the devil, Vesperia is so smooth because of cel-shading I hardly see the point in using it. Reply 0