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  • Sources: Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console support

  • Kon 08/12/2016

    Skies of Arcadia. Make it happen Sega. Reply -1
  • Tales of Xillia trademark hints at European release

  • Kon 22/03/2012

    This is my single most wanted game alongside Last Guardian and The Last of Us. Great news indeed! Reply +5
  • Tomb Raider dev making Soul Reaver reboot - rumour

  • Kon 20/03/2012

    All I can ask for is that Michael and Simon reprise their original roles. Get that and I'm all in.

    ...and a companion piece in the style of Guardian of Light wouldn't hurt either.
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  • Namco bringing Shinobido 2 to Vita

  • Kon 26/08/2011

    NICE! Loved the original on PS2. Having the benefit of 2 sticks on the Vita should relieve the biggest problem the last portable version had.
    I do wish more Acquire games got published over here though. So many odd and quirky games that I never get to play leave me a sad panda.
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  • No More Heroes 2 dated for April

  • Kon 11/02/2010


    That is a good omen. Thanks for letting me know.
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  • Kon 11/02/2010

    Any word on how this business of releasing both the censored/uncensored versions of the game is going to work out? From looking over RS's forums all I see is them being very cagey on releasing any actual information on this.

    Most likely we'll just get the censored version again under the pretext that it is the "original vision" of the game.

    Surprise me Rising Star.
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  • KOEI bringing Nippon Ichi games to UK

  • Kon 28/04/2009

    Great news. I want all three games and now I don't have to bother importing. Well done KOEI.

    Now please don't forget to have someone go to the trouble of removing the game ending bug before the final boss that was reported in the US version of Ar 2.
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  • Banjo patched with SDTV text option

  • Kon 22/12/2008

    Good news this is finally out. Unfortunately just as annoying to me was the fact that the text auto skipped in the demo. Can anyone verify if this has been changed for the full (patched) game? Reply 0
  • Van Damme Street Fighter for Blu-ray

  • Kon 13/11/2008



    Some people really don't have any sense of themselves. You my friend are the finest example I think I've met yet.
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  • Kon 12/11/2008


    Didn't take you too long to come back.

    "I don't get it tbh. The denizens of EG are the first to whinge and moan about how Hollywood screws up film adaptations of books/games/etc yet the majority of you seem to secretly revel in the utter turd they spew out (as long as it has a few gay icons in it)."

    Feeling insecure that not everybody agrees with you little boy?

    Everyone cries about any and everything these days. Its been fashionable for far too long IMO. All the worse when even here insecure little brats bitch and whine when they can't cope with other people's opinions.
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  • Kon 12/11/2008

    Like I said. You're a dumbass. Reply 0
  • Kon 12/11/2008

    "Is 'popcorn' slang for 'utter shite' or something?"

    No dumbass. Mindless fun was more what I had in mind. Just because you don't care for it doesn't mean I wont.
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  • Kon 12/11/2008

    Great news. This is the best popcorn film ever. I never get tired of watching it and this BD version seems to have enough extras to justify me replacing the old DVD version. Reply 0
  • Pic Pic

  • Kon 27/10/2008

    Oh my, the lad certainly has a vivid imagination..

    ...too bad he decided to share it with the rest of us.
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  • Kon 26/10/2008


    You really don't have a clue on how things work do you? Christ almighty I swear I'm getting stupid just reading your comments.

    Goodbye deary, I'm done trying to educate swine.
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  • Kon 25/10/2008


    Your logic, if one could call it that, has more flaws than I can care to count.

    "Eurogamer is snobbish which affects its scoring. And when its not being snobbish its being political. I haven't trusted it's scores for the last 2 years."

    yet you still bother to visit, read the reviews and comment on them,

    "BUT, I do like some of the reviewers and I like this review of Pic Pic"

    Really? Who was it that was bitching about the score this obscure game got about one page back then?

    "My problem was not with the reviewer but the fact that a highly personal and subjective review appeared sanctioned by Eurogamer when 99/100 people wouldn't give this a 10."

    W.T.F.?! You don't trust the reviews here so what do you care? Do those 99 friends of your feel the same?

    If I must educate you, good reviews ARE supposed to be personal and subjective. That is why you should follow reviewers rather than a website. Still, you want a strictly objective review? How about this then :

    Picross DS
    Graphics = basic, functional
    Sound = elevator tunes
    Stability = no crashes observed
    Controls = work, require stylus
    Final score = X/10

    Lovely innit?

    Also, Eurogamer is a name so it doesn't sanction shit.

    "Its like me running Empire magazine and doing a top 100 films and making BMX Bandits 'The Greatest Film Ever', just because I personally think it is. There needs to be a general agreement among the staff that it really deserves to receive that accolade. "

    So, will we have someone playing a game for 10 to 100+ hours, write a review and then gather the rest of the staff who didn't play the game nearly as much or at all decide if they agree before posting it, OR, do we have a rule stating that each and every EG staffer must play the same games for the same exact amount of time and later discuss their opinions on it until they reach a consensus before a review is written and published?

    Wait, maybe we can have robots from the future do it. Thats it!

    "I can see that this is going over your 12 year old spotty heads, so I'll give up."

    I have no idea if you're older or than me or not, but you sure are a hell of a lot more stupid. Are you just a middle age dumbass or has senility set in already?
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  • Kon 24/10/2008

    ^ 0_o

    Dayumn Rev., that was just as rude as it was awesome.
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  • Kon 24/10/2008


    The score 10 Nazi strikes again.

    Ever consider that maybe the reviewer doesn't see the games in exactly the same light as you? Perhaps since you've put so many hours into these games you would care to enlighten us with a proper analysis as to why they are undeserving of the score they got.
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  • Kon 23/10/2008

    Curses! I saw the headline on this and I immediately felt my heart sink. There are far too many great games coming out and far too little time and money to get and play all of them.

    Well, Slither is still one of my favorite puzzlers and I have Mr. Walker to thank for that so I guess its time to hit up Play.com again...
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  • King of Fighters Collection unveiled

  • Kon 16/10/2008

    "They couldn't put '99 in there, as that is the first part of the NEST's saga, and tis is the Orochi saga.

    Looks like we'll have to wait. "

    The Orichi saga spans three titles, this collection includes five. I would prefer completion to a false pretense of storyline cohesion any day of the week.

    Seeing as KoF 2000/2001 was already released, by Ignition no less, they already published 2/3 of the NEST's saga. I don't think they will be doing another release that includes KoF99 so that will probably leave that game as the only one unpublished here. Speaking of which, where's Mark of the Wolves?
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  • Kon 16/10/2008

    May as well have put '99 in there and have the whole collection out on PAL territories. Well, just as long as they don't pull a Metal Slug on the PS2 version I'll be sure to get it when it's out, which judging from the announcement to actual release ratio of SNK titlles by Ignition over the last year or so it could very well be by the time the PS4 rolls out. Reply 0
  • Rock Band

  • Kon 29/05/2008

    Expensive game is expensive.

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  • New Oddworld game on the way

  • Kon 23/05/2008

    Wow, talk about out of nowhere. Great news if it proves to be true but I'm a little skeptic. I'll fully believe it when Lorne Lanning says it is so. Reply 0
  • Neversoft talks World Tour

  • Kon 21/05/2008

    The new drums look ace. Far better then the ones in RB. Couple that with the insane price tag and you can be sure I'll be keeping my wallet shut until Neversoft shows its goods. Lets just hope they treat Europe with a little more respect than the competition. Reply 0
  • Bayonetta

  • Kon 15/05/2008

    So the main character is a boot? Well, that's novel I guess.

    Looks stylish though. Hope I can see it in motion soon.
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  • EA games more popular on Sony formats

  • Kon 14/05/2008

    Damn you EG for reporting on uninteresting stories and making me read them.
    Keep this up and I'll cancel my paid subscription. Maybe.
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  • Penny Arcade game on XBLA next week

  • Kon 13/05/2008

    Waaaay too expensive methinks. The demo better be long enough to convince people of the value or... what am I saying?? Its PA! The yanks will buy it in droves. Reply 0
  • Streetgears - Debut trailer

  • Kon 09/05/2008

    Jet Set Ripoff in tha izzeh. Reply 0
  • We Love Golf

  • Kon 22/04/2008

    Love Camelot, love Mario/Everybody's golf and I no doubt love the look of We Love Golf. Sadly, being the lazy git that I am I really can't say I'm looking forward to spending hours standing up in front of the telly so I guess that since there wont be an option to play with a regular controller I'll probably give this one a pass. A shame really that Camelot decided to skip putting (yeah, I know) the option in the game. Reply 0
  • Wii Roundup

  • Kon 17/04/2008

    Poor Ellie. At the least you can look forward to the next roundup in the comfort of knowing that at least someone finds these articles entertaining enough to justify the existence of the games therein. Sadly for you though this will probably last for as long as the Wii is around. Good show nonetheless. Reply 0
  • Time Crisis 4

  • Kon 14/04/2008


    Those are two very different games.

    Ghost Squad is much like the arcade games of old, as it's simple and short. The story is just there for the sake of it. A good choice if you don't mind getting only a few hours of game out of your purchase. Its also good for a quick fix play.

    Umbrella Chronicles take a different approach with very long stages (a single stage can take longer to get through than a complete play of ghost squad), various weapons to use at once, a more involving story complete with documents to read and plenty of cut-scenes.

    Either are also good fun with a second player.
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  • Kon 14/04/2008


    Virtua Cop 2 was converted to home consoles. There's a great version of it on the Saturn and you can also find it for the PS2 via Virtua Cop Elite Edition (PAL only). There's also a version for winPC but these days you'll be hard pressed to find a setup where you can play it properly with a light gun (use a mouse). As always Ebay is your best bet to find such games.


    Indeed, but unfortunately it just doesn't work or feel the same, no matter how many plastic contraptions for the wiimote they come up with. Still, its better than nothing.
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  • Kon 14/04/2008

    I love me some shooters of this ilk so I'm sad that TC4 didn't perform well enough (technically) to spark the genre back to what it was during the the early to mid PS2 years.

    Having purchased a new CRT last December so I can still play my PS1&2 shooters as they were meant to be was in hindsight a very smart move. Now if only Sega would bother themselves to port Ghost Squad and HOTD to the PS2...
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  • Square Enix announces Wii RPG

  • Kon 11/04/2008


    Is it really worth reading? I haven't read anything new since finishing Death Note and I'm getting a little sick of Bleach and Naruto.
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  • Kon 11/04/2008

    DAMMIT! You got me all excited with the Soul REAVER subtitle on the front page. Don't play with me like that >:( Reply 0
  • Yakuza 2 finally heading to Europe

  • Kon 25/03/2008

    Awesome news! I'm coming around to completing the original for the first time so lets hope that it will see its way to stores soon.
    This probably means that Yakuza 3 should be in the cards too. Neat! :)

    So while we're in this sort of mood how about someone picking up the new PS2 twisted metal game for a PAL release? Just don't bother if you're going to cut content again though.
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  • Creator defends Holocaust DS game

  • Kon 10/03/2008


    Now I'm even more confused. Never mind, at least that post about the coffee made me chuckle.

    Just let me say that I really just expected to understand where you were coming from with your stand on the matter in hand. Not having lived through the conflict or having any relatives that did I'm always interested in hearing opinions from others that might.

    So..., be more careful with your coffee from now on :)
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  • Kon 10/03/2008

    Neither is it mine, but I would like to understand where he is getting at. Telling me to fuck off for expecting a better explanation of something he is trying to say is a little too rich. Reply 0
  • Kon 10/03/2008


    Perhaps if you didn't have the writing skill of a six year old there wouldn't be any problems trying to understand exactly what you're trying to say. I've read each of your posts three times and I'm still not sure where you're getting at. Punctuation might have a little something to do with it.
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  • Triggerheart Exelica

  • Kon 07/03/2008

    Awesome game IMO. The anchor system gives it a fresh take on the genre and in fact works quite well in that it's easy understand but has enough depth that you can always use it a little better and score a little more.

    I can only hope that more games as good as this one will get a release in the future. ESPrade, Ibara or even Zero Gunner 2 would make me giddy as a girl if they ever saw the light of day.

    Whatever happens though, for me Gradius V is still king of the castle.
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  • Wii Roundup

  • Kon 07/03/2008

    Neat round-up. I for one would love to see an article like this one every friday to get me in the mood for the weekend.

    Unfortunately while there certainly isn't a lack of "quality" content on the Wii to make this possible, I'm not sure I would want to visit these kind of horrors on the lovely EG crew so regularly. Maybe you guys can get a new intern hey?
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  • WipEout Pulse content every week

  • Kon 08/02/2008

    Just goes to show you how times have been changing lately.

    I really enjoyed Pulse but I won't be paying so much for so little. Maybe if a pack is made in the future that encompasses all the content for a cheaper price I'll consider it but for now, forgeta'boutit.
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  • Art of Fighting Anthology

  • Kon 07/02/2008

    Shock and awe! I was expecting to see the game ripped to shreds like its been by every other review out there.

    Personally I think 8/10 is a little generous, but the review itself is smack on the mark. I will probably play this compilation nowhere nowhere near as much as I did the Mega Drive conversion of the first game, but for the low price this serves as a great nostalgia piece.

    Now when can I get my hands on SNK Arcade Classics vol.1?
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  • More PSone games on PSN

  • Kon 31/01/2008

    Great. Another week that the portuguese PSN doesn't get updated with all the PS1 games released elsewhere. WTF is going on anyway!?

    Nobody on the pt boards over on playstation.com seems to notice or care (other than me). Anyone here care to point me to some official contact where I can pass on my concerns/frustration?
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  • Europe to get free Patapon demo

  • Kon 30/01/2008

    Awesome news. First the free demo and now this. Now all I need is for the game to carry a 20€ tag and I'm all set to get me some pata-pata come the 22nd.

    Make it happen Sony.
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  • Trauma Center: New Blood

  • Kon 15/01/2008

    Though I enjoyed the DS version, the game just got too difficult for me a little more than half-way through.
    Considering the not very kind review New Blood received from 1UP and now the confirmation that this is very much a 2p game I don't much fancy my chances of making it very far into this one either. Oh well, maybe I'll take a look at it if I can find it for cheap one day.

    That said, here's some awesomeness for all you Trauma Center fans.
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  • Contra 4

  • Kon 10/01/2008

    2008 is just an overrated version of 2007.

    Great review. It's nice to finally have a realistic view of what this game is in this day and age. I couldn't take another 9/10 review a la the yanks.
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  • Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

  • Kon 03/01/2008

    "ah but the dialogue in symphony of the night is actually worse than the original - they didn't re-translate from the japanese or anything, all they did was take the english dialogue from the ps1 version and rewrite it to make it much blander, then give it to the same crappy voice actors to re-record it."

    Humm, no. I forget where exactly I saw it (gametrailers maybe) but Koji Igarashi himself made it clear in an interview that he over viewed the new translation, so it wasn't some ethereal "they" that was in charge of the it. Also, the voice actors aren't the same ones that did the original's voice work, that much should be quite obvious if you play both versions now.
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