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  • Splinter Cell: Conviction

  • Knot 30/04/2010

    I'm finally playing this game on PC now ; halfway through the story campaign and playing lots of Deniable Ops Hunter mode.

    Preliminary conclusion : more fun to play than I expected & Deniable Ops is perhaps the game its best asset.

    Overall ; BETTER than Metal Gear Solid 4, but not without its faults.
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  • Knot 15/04/2010

    @Power n Glory ; yeah I know about the 1 single melee requirement for M & E. ... but it just seems like a really gamey artificial power up mechanic ; " 1 token gift stealth move for 3 free headshots ". It would make more sense if he clearly gets a physical vantage point, depending on the map layout, but that's not even the case - certainly not consistently.

    This mechanic would have been acceptable if it were somehow attached to a stamina/stress gauge like in MGS4 ; the less stamina and the more stress, the less Sam should be able to pull off M & E. And, of course... NO infinite ammo.

    Besides, to me the thrill is to get to close proximity of the enemy to kill or KO them with my bare hands and or knife ; shooting it from afar sounds like the sissy way. Anyway, I'll give the game a chance when it comes out on PC...but I'm not holding my breath for gaming greatness.
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  • Knot 15/04/2010

    Because the argument is that the core stealth has been watered down so severely or totally scrapped scrapped features such as moving dead bodies.

    Anyway.... EG seems right about the schyzo nature of this game ; You have super fast stealth moves at your disposal yet still the major emphasis is on shooting it out from a safe distance with 1 tap on the button. I'd think a true super ninja would get more up close and personal instead of shooting as much as possible, i.e. having a shooting gameplay mechanic such as M & E as a core asset of the gameplay loop. It kind of defeats the purpose of being faster.
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  • Knot 15/04/2010

    The review kind of confirms my fears about this game.

    I'm still going to give it a chance though on the PC.
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  • Heavy Rain

  • Knot 28/08/2009

    People need to get over themselves in context of the control interface. QTE's exist as much in a game as you let them exist in your mind.
    The essence of the game however, is all about taking decisions ; big & small.

    Fun ? Not in the traditional gaming sense of direct exciting fun, but I think it'll be fun on the long term of the whole gameplay time span ; because you will be able to see the consequences of your decisions in later stages of the game.

    In real life, your direct decisions might not have direct impact either, but perhaps a small decision now, might have a huge impact later in life. That, is what I think, this game will show people, and thus that is FUN to see how 'life-changing' decisions, change the course of the game character's life. The Origami killer context only adds an suspense ful layer on top of this innovative concept.
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  • PS3 outsells Wii during March in Japan

  • Knot 06/04/2009

    "BLAME" !?

    Wow...PS3 sells well..EG gives it a negative connotation...
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  • GDC: Hideo Kojima Keynote

  • Knot 31/03/2009

    Whoa. so much MGS love here. ...Not. ( Why the fuck is everyone forgetting MGS3 Subsistence only to nitpick on MGS2's cutscenes !? MGS3 Subsistence was perhaps the best balanced MGS game ever ).

    Pretty good keynote I guess. It's clear Kojima realizes Japanese devs will have to do a bit catching up on the technical side of development. (free motion animation, ingame physics and such..)

    Other than that ; stealth gaming (should be) is no less important, with the occasional cutscene to drive it forward. Regardless of the particular MGS storyline.
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  • Flower

  • Knot 21/01/2009

    Wii has Lost Wind : and PS3 has Flower

    Both nice windy gameplay, much ?
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  • Uphill Struggle

  • Knot 18/01/2009

    @Dizzy " Dude it must be clear by now that the PS3 hardware is not superior to the 360. Both are the same. Stop wanting for the potential... it isn'tthere. "

    FFS Damnit, don't twist my words. Nowhere am I claiming anyone's supposedly "superiority" over the other.

    However, no one can deny that development of games such as KZ2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain etc. prove an improved PS3 development situation, steadily evaporating that forever after untapped potential anti PS3 fanboy myth. A clear situation before - situation after case.

    Whether that results in better PS3 sales numbers remains to be seen, but it's an undeniable healthier development situation for PS3 with Game Developer Conference 09 as a possible turn-the-tide landmark, where studios such as ND and GG will share some hefty tech for PS3 developers.
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  • Knot 18/01/2009

    The article puts too much emphasis on 2008. Especially considering MS' statement that the 360's life cycle will be stretching past 2010, similar to Sony's PS3 planning.

    This'll be a long breath race and 2009/2010 will be a crucial year for PS3 developers : Developers from Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 are finally showing what really can be done with PS3's potential AND potentially sell lots of software units.

    So, has 360 development hit a proverbial ceiling already and will it really have to sit out a long life cycle while PS3's development is finally picking up steam ? This year's GDC might confirm PS3 development improving, swaying many developers back to PS3 afterall.
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  • Pre-release Euro Killzone 2 demo likely

  • Knot 07/01/2009

    The textures look great & sharp ;

    only in various static screenshots they might seem low rez, because of the temporal motion blurring postfilter.
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  • POP dev expected "pats on the back"

  • Knot 23/12/2008

    The developer is like the angry young boy / man : The angry boy (ubi) kicked at the world, but the world kicked back, ten times harder. Reply 0
  • Silent Hill Homecoming gets release date

  • Knot 17/12/2008

    ^ Got my copy from the USA indeed.

    I'm about halfway into the game I guess...

    The SH vibe is partially there. The main character is likeable and the difficulty level on HARD is actually pretty hard ( you'll be really happy to see the next med pack ) The puzzles so far, are pretty simple kinetic puzzles.

    So, I'd guess I'd score it about 7.5 out of 10
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  • Heavy Rain

  • Knot 12/12/2008

    @Kangarootoo :

    Still, from your description, it seems you think of QTE's as timed sequences ; a "Once X happens, press 'triangle, square, circle' quick enough to avoid death or any other outcome.

    What I think the difference is in HR : the QTE doesn't come around ; but instead : you guided your character towards any direction, and you happen to come in range of an object and the icon appears, so you can grab / interact with that object.

    In other words ; A QTE doesn't happen to you in a timed manner along the story branch line, instead.... you make it happen that your character goes to the interactive item and interact with it ; it's just that there will be an icon onscreen, indicating the respective button to press. Basically not much different from any adventure game.

    I think that many people have mistaken those onscreen icons for QTE's, while they are actually not timed QTE's ; instead, interactive icon prompts if you steered your character in realtime towards that item/object. Let's say this happens ; she grabs the hammer, but she trips while evading the taxidermist and the hammer falls to the floor. .... later on, she might be able to pick it up again, so then you press triangle again to pick it up as soon as the hammer is within reach once more.

    So, in HR you make the interaction happen, the interaction doesn't happen to you in a timed/scripted manner such as 'real' QTE's do. But it's not a sandbox game either, where you can do about anything, whatever pops up into mind at any given time.

    Cage mentioned that the goal is to have everything (which is interactive) in the game in modeled 3D ; not a 2D plane detail ; in order, to have your character relate & interact with it, in a visually realistic manner.
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  • Knot 12/12/2008

    @kangarootoo :

    "I think we found an interesting new solution by integrating symbols in 3D in the set and in animating them with the character or object they relate to." :

    From your wording, I think you are assuming a set of preset animations or situational set-ups & conclusions will be the result.
    From Cage's wording & the public presentation, I see realtime interaction & use of objects, as your character comes accross them.

    Let's take the 'pillow' example into the "Taxidermist" scene. The battle situation : You manouvre your character to avoid this guy from slashing her ; she comes accross both a hammer and such a pillow - then triangle icon lights up for using the hammer ; which (instinctively) is going to be a means of defense : but not the same applies to the pillow. Perhaps because, instinctively, she might not deem the pillow as an effective means of defense ? A small piece of paper on that table wouldn't make much sense as a means of defense either ; hence, the interaction icon would only lit up for the hammer on the table.

    The most recent use of QTE in my memory is the end fight between Old Snake & Oceliquid in MGS4's ending ; now, that was a prime example of QTE use which bugs me indeed ; a preset animation kicking in, the moment you hit that button combo or mash, completely resetting your character's stance and relative position & direction.

    So, from what I read from HR's info ; is that once a sensible & usable object comes within reach or within sensible context ; you will see an icon which you can make your character use, calculating your character's interaction and subsequent use of the item on the fly/ in real time, based upon the current parameters of the situation in 3D ; rather than seeing a preset animation kicking in or a canned animation which jars with your character's relative position & direction iin worldspace as well.
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  • Knot 12/12/2008

    New game title : "Condemned : by EG comments". lol

    Anyway, QD's still working hard on a final control setup ; trying NOT to get into your dreaded QTE type of gameplay. Read about it here ;

    - [link=

    Ppl screaming 100% interactivity in any way they please = approaching GTA sandbox concept. Don't forget this is an adventure game, submerging you into a story. If you look at the public presentation you can clearly see that you can basically interact with
    all that matters in context of the scene ; you can even have the character sit down on the sofa ; scrub to 10:55 mins :

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  • Knot 11/12/2008

    In most recent build, Alan Wake's ( especially "running") animation still sucks bigtime.

    The latest AW trailer didn't impress me at all. Cookie cutter "watch out behind you scares".
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  • Heavy Rain is "interactive drama" - Sony

  • Knot 09/12/2008

    FIGHT !


    RING OUT !
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  • Knot 09/12/2008

    ... and it was just made clear that the game won't have any Quick Time Events.

    You walk your character around in realtime 3D and then onscreen icons will make your character interact with variables/objects in a context sensitive manner in realtime.

    Given the situation parameters at hand - combat or otherwise - the actual, action - might differ.

    The final game might be a lot less 'scripted' than some people think, given their allergy to see onscreen icons and assuming them to be Quick Time Events in the classic sense they know & hate them.
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  • Alan Wake

  • Knot 22/10/2008

    Character models r not that great. Blocky & some smoothbinds gone wrong.

    See screengrabs from trailer :

    1. blocky
    2. low rez texture
    3. bad smoothbind of vertices
    4. low poly legs
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  • Halo 3 Recon

  • Knot 10/10/2008

    Quote : Eurogamer: Stealth just seems a bit nineties, doesn't it?

    That explains that MGS4 review score opposed to EG's Halo3 score eh..
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  • Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer

  • Knot 22/08/2008

    Damn ! I was thinking about selling my PS3, but now this stuff seems to become entertaining. Reply 0
  • Biting the Apple

  • Knot 27/07/2008

    ^ The DS already stole their thunder Reply 0
  • Knot 27/07/2008

    Even if many games do sell through Apple digital distribution ; the actual big gamedevelopment (r)evolutions will remain at high end game development.

    iPhone gaming might generate alot of money, but it won't result in an expert hardcore gaming fanbase ; the iPhone gamers will still remain a huge mass of casual gamers : because no one is gonna go as deep into a game 'on the go' compared to hours of 'hardcore' gaming at home consoles & high end PC.

    Really, EG... you're comparing apples to oranges.
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  • Metal Gear advisor faces smuggling rap

  • Knot 22/07/2008

    You know that Adidas made boots for the Nazi army !?

    .... EG @ tabloid levels... ugh...
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  • Limited edition MGS4 watch unveiled

  • Knot 19/06/2008

    It'll probably get stuck at 8am. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • Knot 16/06/2008

    I'm at act 3 now. The game picked up really well midway act 2 imo. I'm sincerely enjoying the subtleties in the cutscenes.
    Are people really rushing/running & gunning through this game already ?!

    Act installations make great breaks to goto toilet or get snack/drink. Not obtrusive at all.
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  • Knot 13/06/2008

    Gamespot ranks MGS4 10 out of 10 ! Reply 0
  • Knot 13/06/2008

    ^ We need time to digest the fine wine :D Reply 0
  • Knot 04/06/2008

    When I will finish this game, I will donate my professional Reader Reeeeeview ! ;)

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  • Knot 04/06/2008

    Anyway, a fanbase ... it's not something static... it can both shrink & grow. My MGS2 example intends to show that, despite it's hurdles for both newcomers & rabbid MGS1 fans ; eventually it grew the MGS fanbase.

    Myself... I still need to buy a PS3 actually ( + HD screen )... i will do so, because i feel MGS4 might be a very good reason, even if I did own a 360 in the past, which i sold in December 2007 for abroad study reasons.

    MGS4 might have similar workings for new PS3 players ; growing the fanbase for whoever wants to try to give it a chance.
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  • Knot 04/06/2008

    @Deagle, if it' s really as much as a pure fan game as you think, it'll be reflected in it's sales numbers.

    As such, MGS2 & 3 can be categorized as mere fangames too ; still see their sales #....

    Anyway, i disgress... MGS2 was the epitome of being the anti-fan game. It misled the "pure MGS fanboys" in every way possible,
    thinking they'd play Snake all throughout the game with a fairly straightforward espionage story like MGS1... guess what happened ?

    Either way, many newcomers to MGS started with MSG2 and love the series since... There's even a big percentage of those year 2001 newcomers who played MGS1 after having played MGS2 ; yet still prefer MGS2 for it's plot & direction.

    As many previews stated : MGS4 is there to tie up loose ends and to come to full circle. It's win-win, instead of lose - lose.

    @ Jheronimus,

    You're insinuating I'm a Sony clown... very weak to play it on my person... Besides.... I don't give a rats ass about Haze, even though I still respect some of it's developers for Golden Eye 64.
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  • Knot 04/06/2008

    ^ Well, that's basically ridiculing everyone who disagrees with the review, tagging them "fanboys" .

    The "faults" of MGS as a series are still a subjective opinion too, and they might just as well be considered
    "great qualities" instead, by newcomers.
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  • Knot 04/06/2008

    Famitsu perfect score : Reply 0
  • Knot 03/06/2008

    @Daymare ;

    based on many playthroughs ;

    I rated MGS1 a 9, MGS2 a 8.5, MGS3 a 9.... Seeing, everything from MGS3 is brought to higher levels in
    MGS4 (factuals from previews) and then some, I can't imagine MGS4 would get less from me than MGS3.

    Besides, I don't get EG's Halo 3 10 out of 10 score either.
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    ^ hmmmm... maybe i have a slightly more hopefull view of casual gamers...I mean... when MGS started on MSX in 1987 ( I was 9 y o at the time ) I thought it was very boring and prefered to go play outside with my buddies.

    Imo, it's nicer to see honest critiques with honest notes of the positive sides, so to give people incentive to it a shot. Especially since #4's the Solid saga's ending.
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    ^ I'm talking about the more casual gamer or the gamer tight on cash.

    Besides, games review sites have a different status from ' just some guy you see in the store '
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    ^ DJflex : i'm just saying the review has a potential Scarecrow effect ; like MGS2's reputation scared off many people from MGS3... which was a shame because #3 is very accessible and good alround fun. As featured on Metacritic, review recaps read like punchlines ; as in such, the EG review punchline ( " Guns of the Patriots is a frustrating, fractured game " ) might scare off people unnecessary.

    Thanks for promising me you won't use profanities anymore ;)
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    DJ flex ^ I am actually not slamming down the EG review itself, moreso the possible effect ; as in, people canceling their pre order because reviews like this which taste so sour, without giving enough incentive to give it a chance (Gamesradar)

    You're using the word " F*ing " .. whoa.. easy there boy... that's hyperbole to the xth degree hehe..
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    ^ DJflex.

    " It was mumbo juimbo"

    See, that's where you need to see you're stating your opinion as fact. You're slamming down everyone who doesn't agree with your opinion.

    Besides, "my agenda" is to be openminded and the plan to give the game a chance ; planning to play it multiple times, then come to my conclusions.
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    @DJflex ; Quoting "not going to figure out mumbo jumbo"

    See, that's where openmindedness ends.

    Given, if you had any.

    @ Les ; that's exactly where EG & GR differ on this MGS4 game ; GR is as honest to state the hardships, but encourages players, old & new to give it a proper chance.
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    ^ The difference is - if you mind to read Gamesradar's review thoroughly - is that EG's stomps down any possible openmindedness a new player would have. The Gamesradar MGS4 review lays down the facts, don't worry, but it commends giving the game a true chance ; like giving good wine some proper testing.

    You get distracted by some review hyperbole, so every next game review using hyperbole will mean the game at hand is crap ?

    EG's review is too quick spitting it out, basically killing off chances that players will appreciate this game on 2nd , 3rd playthrough, alot more. Again... Gamesradar 's MGS4 review is everything EG's review is, but more thought out, including hyperbole, but not dishonest.
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  • Knot 02/06/2008

    I didn't expect this EG score.

    I too had problems with MGS2's story direction, yet I replayed that game many times.

    MGS3 showed many (gameplay) improvements ; i refound my love for MGS, plus the tongue in cheek
    60's espionage storyline made it way more easy to digest.

    Of course, I haven't played MGS4 yet, but other previews & preview material show such a work of
    love, with special considerations for flashbacks & Weternized/modernized flow of gameplay.

    I don't think this Swansong should get less than 9.0

    Especially in a world where uniquely styled
    singleplayer games with an actual message to the public, are a dying breed (for example, Harrison saying
    this genre is at it's end..)

    Now THIS is a great review :
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  • Killzone 2

  • Knot 11/05/2008

    ^ it's basically using about 500 realtime lightsources in the map ; which gets you a 'low level' type of global illumination lighting (true GI is in turn, CG's virtual light photon boucing back n forth surfaces) ; correct softshadows & surface contact shadows. It makes everything in the game world look more rooted in it instead of being 'placed there'.

    Other games ( ahhum...the other BIG game on 360) use a postfilter version of ambient occlusion creating such softshadows based on relative distance of surfaces on the 2D inscreen plane. So, it's basically a 2D overlay effect there, whereas KZ2's deferred rendering is a first step toward approximating actual global lighting, even though 500 lights is still "limited" compared to true prerendered GI.
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  • Knot 11/05/2008

    KZ2 looks to become really awesome. I really like the looks of Guerrilla's deferred rendering.

    I do hope however, there will be variety in terms of battle scope, not just merely wide open field battles.

    Especially since it probably won't have huge monster/robot enemies like GoW's brumak or HL2's Striders.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

  • Knot 02/05/2008

    Wow... alot of ill argumented hate for a game which helps keeping the story driven sp game genre alive.

    This'll be my reason to get a PS3. Less shooting, more slow sneaking ftw.
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  • Ghostbusters same on PS3 and 360

  • Knot 01/05/2008

    quoate seasidebaz ] "displacement mapping is good.

    it means less polygons to achieve the same visual result, which means the gpu has less vertices to deal with, meaning higher performance."

    Wrong. You're mistaking displacement mapping with normal mapping.

    Normal maps use the normal it's vector to shade the surface as if it were lit from a different angle ; which creates the illusion of surface bumps & depressions.

    In contrast, displacement mapping uses the actual polygon geometry for details & deformations.

    So ; normal mapping = a way to lesson poly budget while retaining the illusion of detail. Displacement mapping = a way to add (animated) deformation & detail using a rather sufficiently high polygon budget & not having to actually spend time to meticulously model that detail because the depth values of the image file, deform the surface it's geometry.

    Conclusion : the PS3 version features some rather hefty vertex geometry transformation.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4 - Altair April Fool

  • Knot 02/04/2008

    The last bit of the movie reveals the European level : Prague church
    pic confirms it ;
    Awesome gameplay movie btw.
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  • X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Six

  • Knot 30/11/2007

    Good articles EG. Thumbs up.

    Indeed, i also think the PS3 is still in slightly worse shape than Xbox360 atm.

    1 or 2 years from now, when PS3 exclusives like MGS4, Team Ico games and FF and dedicated Sony 1st party developed games are out...... then, the PS3 will be a good value for money purchase.

    Until then, no PS3 for me.
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  • Assassin's Creed

  • Knot 09/11/2007

    ^ All the more incentive to go the stealthy way or to use the crowd to blend in and avoid fights altogether. Reply 0