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  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • KnickKnack 28/08/2014

    Gotta say guys, no matter how you look at this, it's pretty shitty how this girl has been treated, agree with her video or not.

    Honestly, switch the tables around; how would us men like it if millions of women played games with female protagonists who were all heroes and any men in the game were always scantily clad whores/ sex-objects? If men were always portrayed in the same cliched sexist way wouldn't we all get a little tired and annoyed with games? Wouldn't we call it out? Would it not be a stretch to imagine a guy creating a video where he pointed out every type of gaming trope in which men were ALWAYS portrayed in the same reductionist and sexist way? Imagine him receiving death threats from women gamers everywhere.
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  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • KnickKnack 08/08/2014

    "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"
    That's the Royal 'We' then is it?
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  • Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand?

  • KnickKnack 21/03/2014

    Very telling that the top comment on a games forum about an article to do with prejudice in gaming is a complaint about the term 'misogyny'.

    Blarty, if you can't see the irony in your own rant about the lack of an opposite word to Misogyny then you're a fucking idiot, and so are the 112 dicks who liked your post.
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  • Myth-busting the murky world of video game trade-ins

  • KnickKnack 18/12/2013

    What the hell is this Eurogamer, did they pay for this advertisement/ interview to be featured on your website?

    Where's the other side of the argument? No one would speak to you? Really?

    Shocking, disgraceful, all of it. You really have lost it, you're like the fucking Tory red-tops; completely opinionated column pieces pushing an agenda and calling it 'journalism'. What a joke.
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  • Microsoft slammed for sexist Xbox One ad

  • KnickKnack 27/11/2013

    Microsoft has created the most insanely sexist ad for the Xbox One after presumably binge-watching Mad Men and missing the point entirely.

    the ad is clearly playing off the ancient stereotype that men love video games and women hate fun.??

    No it's not. Not even remotely. And what ancient stereotype are you talking about in which girls are depicted as hating fun?

    You sound as douchey as you look in that profile picture Jeff, get a grip son, you sound like a fucking girl.... whooops!
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  • Letter from America: Do you need a PS4 right now?

  • KnickKnack 18/11/2013

    What a joke you fanboys all are; so you are happy to pour scorn and be cynical about the Xbone, but you get pretty angry when someone does the same thing to your shiny Sony box.

    Fucking hypocrites.
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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

  • KnickKnack 30/10/2013

    Microsoft have dropped the fucking ball BIG-TIME this generation. Someone should be sacked for this; I bet there are plenty of engineers inside MS who could see all this happening during the development process and were probably super-frustrated that the design they chose was so pedestrian; I mean seriously, how could they have gotten their estimates about the competition so wrong?? 50% more powerful!? fuck me... Reply +4
  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review

  • KnickKnack 20/07/2013

    Would a game that was sexist and racist towards white men be getting the same ire from Eurogamer readers if a white male bashed the game?

    Nope, you're all a fucking miserable bunch of cunts! Happy friday :D
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  • KnickKnack 20/07/2013

    Wow, Eurogamer readers offended by Ellie's distaste for a misogynistic game, why am I not surprised.

    This game is sexist and racist, so yes, it only deserves to be reviewed and detested by a woman gamer, and fuck the developer, and you, if you don't like the score.

    If you're angry at Ellie for pointing out the glaringly obvious, and angry at Eurogamer for not giving this game the dues you seem to think it deserves, then you need to know that you're probably sexist, and definitely stupid.
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  • Ex-Valve hardware chief offers an alternative view on life inside the Half-Life maker

  • KnickKnack 08/07/2013

    Valve sounds like every company I've ever worked for, both in games and feature animation.

    The trouble I have with this article though is that Ellsworth is only one side of the story, and we can only piece together fragments of what happened.

    We know that she was working on this castAR project when she was let go, and we could speculate (and that is all we can do) that the project didn't fit into Valve's product-line; I can see why, it's a very niche product, perhaps Valve and the castAR team didn't see eye to eye with Valve's idea of augmented reality?

    A lot of very talented and hard-working people at Valve will be surprised to hear Ellsworth say 'we were probably the hardest working people in the company'.

    This all reminds me; a really great documentary to watch is 'The Sweatbox', an amazing film showing the inner-workings of Disney Animation studios during the 90's. An extremely eye-opening documentary that shows how a studio, even one as big as Disney, can be so affected by clashing personalities and ego's. I would never have believed that the fortunes of a company were so entwined with how well people at the top got on with each other.
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  • Xbox exec Don Mattrick leaves Microsoft for Zynga

  • KnickKnack 02/07/2013

    Wow, Eurogamer is like the Daily Mail for Videogames. With handbags. Reply -15
  • Naughty Dog apologises to cartographer after he spots his copyrighted map in The Last of Us

  • KnickKnack 26/06/2013

    His design is a remix of the famous London Underground map, so if he wants to have a full discussion about using other peoples work without giving due thanks, he should start by being less 'fucking furious' and acknowledge he ripped off the great work of Harry Beck. Reply +1
  • After Xbox One U-turn pre-owned is back on the table - but at what cost?

  • KnickKnack 20/06/2013

    @romelpotter But developers are not getting sales on every game, they're getting it on a fraction of that because most games sales are second, third, fourth, tenth hand, of which they get no money what-so-ever. Don't you think developers deserve a fraction of each sale? Reply 0
  • KnickKnack 20/06/2013

    @dennett316 Residuals are paid whenever a Film is played on TV or streamed/ downloaded and whenever a song is played on a radio station or streamed downloaded; what is confusing about this? Who said anything about when a blu-ray gets played in your device? Can you take that blu-ray back to HMV and trade it in? No, so we're talking about different things here.

    Developers and publishers ARE competing, don't talk about them as if they're idiots who don't understand how the market works, they depend on the market for their livelihoods so they're all doing whatever they can to make a game as good as possible. The fact that some games are better than others is the same reason why some films are shit; you can't always produce amazing results to please everyone all the time, how much have you ever created? And you talk about DLC and releasing a back catalogue as if that's a plausible option for every developer which of course is ridiculous. Is that the only way you would expect games companies to make any money, from DLC and HD-ing their back catalogue? Can't they just make a good game and make money that way? Some games don't suit DLC, some gamers DONT WANT DLC. Your sense of entitlement to play your favourite games without giving a penny of your money to the people who made the game and saying 'well if you want to make any money release some DLC and I may consider giving you money for it' is a joke.

    Microsoft WAS offering a digital trade in service before they did a U-turn. The only reason that hasn't happened sooner is because Games retailers are still powerful players in the market; MS and Sony need to shift their consoles and games through the retailer channels, not everyone can download 50GB games so easily. Retailers, I imagine, are the biggest reason why MS and Sony can't sell digital games cheaper online only, they have to keep the retailers happy which means keeping high prices for games. If games COULD be sold solely online by now, I'm pretty sure both Sony and MS would have done it considering the success of things like iTunes and Steam; you're cutting out the middle man and by doing that you can still make just as much money by selling the game at half the price.
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  • KnickKnack 20/06/2013

    @ryanemersonjohnson You miss my point, there isn't a second hand market for films and music. HMV isn't trying to make you buy and sell your second-hand movies. The markets that do exist for films and music pay residuals to the creators, so networks pay to show films, Netflix and Spotify pay residuals to the makers of the films and music they show. That's the point I was making, because Aniki was trying to say that other industries don't expect to get recurring fees for second and third sales; my point is that most of the industries don't operate like games. Reply -1
  • KnickKnack 20/06/2013


    You fucking know full well that Borders isn't stacking most of it's shelves with used books and asking it's customers who bring new books to the till 'don't you want to buy that second hand for 10% less?'. Neither is HMV or Virgin Megastore.

    Do you own 15 cars? 20 sofas? Did you pay only $50 for them? Did you pay $20,000 for Forza 3? Then why are you comparing these industries to games? Buying a house isn't the same as buying a game either, it's just another ridiculous comparison with no real meaning.

    And just so you know, people who make music and films are paid residual fees every time that their work is shown, played or downloaded. Games sales don't pay any residual fees to the people who make them. And if ever online games that you develop for open up to a second hand market where people can sell them without passing on any money to you, the developer, then you might not be so quick to spout such drivel.

    The last games company I worked for (Bizarre Creations) 'dealt with reality' when it went out of business. Prepare to see more of that.
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  • Microsoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

  • KnickKnack 20/06/2013

    @frunk Right, so the people comparing second hand game sales to buying second-hand cars have a valid point, but I'm an idiot for comparing MS's digital license game model to Netflix and Spotify??

    You would have been able to sell your games without the need of having the physical product which is better than either Netflix or Spotify, but they're all very similar models in that you don't physically own anything and are tied into the service running in perpetuity. This system could have allowed you to carry games over from Xbox One onto future devices (10 years away, who the fuck knows what games will look and play like then).

    Whichever way you look at it, MS did a terrible job convincing the public that this system could be a benefit to gamers. However, I don't think anyone really gave them a chance, 'DRM' is a word that people hate, so they were always going to struggle.

    Time will tell if the gamers were right or just a bunch of moaning cunts.
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  • KnickKnack 20/06/2013

    I assume then Tom that you're also a traditionalist that only owns physical media for movies and music?

    You must be pretty pissed at Netflix and Spotify and the fact that at any point in the future they could restrict you from accessing your content??
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • KnickKnack 20/06/2013

    @electrolite You're conflating selling a bridge to an idiot and having illusory magic beans that offer a promise of riches.

    I bet you look as stupid as you sound.
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  • KnickKnack 19/06/2013

    Well it looks like whining kids and journos have got what they wanted. Gamestop are rubbing their hands in glee, they're gonna continue to leech off the industry. None of you have any room to complain about the shared family or reselling online only games being dropped, this is what you asked for, the same policies of old.

    I genuinely believe MS were trying to protect developers and publishers and push the model seen in movies, tv and music but gamers couldn't give a shit if company x,y or z goes under, and didn't even want to contemplate any of the benefits of the new digital model; they just wanted $5 off their favorite games.

    You still would have been able to buy and sell second hand games, the ONLY fucking difference was that the store would be charged a fee to resell it, forcing them to share the profits so that selling a game for $55 instead of $60 didn't net them all of the sale instead of half. You would have also been able to sell downloaded games, something that Steam doesn't do. You weren't interested apparently.

    Eurogamer, you really have no excuses for your conduct during all this; you were as pissy as the gamers, complaining without objectively looking through all the BS to see what MS were trying to do. 'Journalists'? Nowhere close.

    Instead of a real advance in how we buy, play and own our games, similar to virtually every other type of media we consume, we've resorted to the old methods, which I'm pretty sure you'll eventually complain about too.

    Eat a bag of dicks the lot of you.
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  • The big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan on PS4, DRM and the next-gen console war

  • KnickKnack 12/06/2013

    Does anyone have the numbers for how many second-hand games are sold by the retailers? Do they disclose that information? If not, why not? Would be interesting to see the ratio of new games sold versus second, third, fourth hand. We could then have a more informed debate about whether the second hand market has a positive or negative impact on the gaming industry. Reply +7
  • War never changes

  • KnickKnack 11/06/2013

    How can you possibly blame Microsoft for what the major developers are choosing to make? You talk about same old rope but if gamers are going to keep buying the same game over and over (COD, Battlefield, GTA, Forza, MGS) then what the fuck do you expect? You sound less like a journalist and more like a cynical whining fanboy. Reply -2
  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • KnickKnack 07/06/2013

    @Vally Xbox one is causing problems for retailers whose entire business model was selling second hand games. Xbox One and it's online DRM is solving problems for the games developers who are losing millions of sales to the massive second-hand games market. You can keep burying your heads in the sand about this, but that is the only reason MS are doing this. Reply -1
  • The big interview: Phil Harrison on Xbox One, Kinect, indie games and red rings

  • KnickKnack 22/05/2013

    It sounds like Microsoft might implement a system whereby you can trade games yourself, selling a second hand game for some money (store credit for the Xbox One Store) and transferring the game to someone else to play. This would ensure a healthy second-hand games market and also ensure publishers and developers were getting paid by every buyer of their game. Reply -1
  • Game Dev Tycoon forces those who pirate the game to unwittingly fail from piracy

  • KnickKnack 29/04/2013

    @SilentbobSC That's right, they copied GameDevStory. And Halo copied Doom. And F1 2012 copied Formula One Grand Prix. Unless of course we allow genre's to exist, then it all makes sense. Or is GameDevStory the only game allowed in that genre? Reply +1
  • KnickKnack 29/04/2013

    @twot and pirating a high-budget AAA developer game is also pretty disgusting; pay for the game you play, regardless of who made it. Reply 0
  • Nvidia blows a palace to smithereens in real-time destruction demo

  • KnickKnack 27/03/2013

    Wasn't as impressed with this demo as the one they did on the face tech; this looks just like a higher poly count of what we have been seeing in games for years now but with the same pre-determined pieces breaking up and no dynamic destruction; It's interesting that they don't try and collapse the buildings by shooting out the bottom parts, so there isn't any really complex physics going on.

    In other news, the EA battlefield 4 gameplay video was very impressive! :D
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  • 11 minutes of Tomb Raider footage surfaces

  • KnickKnack 12/02/2013

    brown Reply 0
  • Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers

  • KnickKnack 31/01/2013

    Excellent Article, well written and very relevant with the debate currently raging in the US. It's pretty hard for British people to understand the extent of guns in American culture, but it's so ingrained into their conscious because of the Second Amendment and their Wild West past. I moved to the US from the UK a few years ago, and it's a big culture shock to see so many gun lovers here, and I live in San Francisco which is one of the most progressive cities in America.

    I am completely convinced that US kids growing up playing their favourite FPS games and, those having conservative, gun owning parents, will end up wanting to own the same weapons in real-life.

    The other day I caught an episode of Family Feuds (US version of Family Fortunes) and the survey question was '100 men were asked what they most wanted to unwrap at Christmas'. A new gun was fourth behind things like a new TV and their wife.
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  • Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

  • KnickKnack 10/11/2012

    @rauper good enough for me, keep up the good work Eurogamer, we need honest journalism! Reply 0
  • KnickKnack 09/11/2012

    I would like someone from Eurogamer to answer this simple question:

    Has any publisher ever tried to buy advertising space on the Eurogamer website with provisos relating to the scoring or review of their game?
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 review

  • KnickKnack 30/10/2012

    Judged purely on the quality of its individual components, Assassin's Creed 3 is an uneven game.
    some of the mini-games and supporting systems feel superfluous and there are a lot of minor bugs
    It's true that the game mechanics and engine are showing their age in places
    Riding a horse through the Frontier is a constant frustration
    Racing through cities on foot can be fraught as well,as the many different contextual actions [...] overzealously seize power and arrest momentum when it's least convenient.
    And the game ending itself, bringing five years of tempt and tease to a close, is thoroughly weak.
    It all serves to make this the biggest and richest Assassin's Creed game to date - maybe not the best, but a place where, for want of a better expression, everything is permitted.

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  • Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

  • KnickKnack 23/08/2012

    I will always remember watching the intro to Shadow Of the Beast II when I first booted up the Amiga 500 back in the day. I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen on a computer! Psygnosis always produced beautiful graphics and addictive games. Very sad to see their journey end here. :( Reply +2
  • Lost Humanity 6: Killing Pirates

  • KnickKnack 02/08/2012

    If any of you ever worked in games, you'd know that it was wrong to pirate. Full stop. No excuses, no ifs or buts. Is a game worth 40 pounds? Some of them definitely are, some not so much, but it doesn't matter, even if they were the price of blu-rays at between 10-20 pounds people would still complain and try and get it for free. 'screw the big publishers, they should make better games'.

    And yet here you all are, reading about games, playing games, loving games. They add so much joy to your lives, but you just don't want to pay for it.

    I'm not saying life is fair, and that people are paid decent living wages where they can afford to pay for all the games they want, they aren't, and that is a sad thing indeed. But its still no excuse to steal.

    Next time someone steals something from you perhaps a bike (whats that, 5 games worth?), perhaps a phone (6 games?), or even just a couple of quid change from your car you don't really have any room to complain. If the thief can get something for free, they may as well take it, right?. They're not bad people, if only bikes were cheaper, or if only phones were practically free...

    Don't even waste your time telling me it's different, it's not. You've taken an item for free that actually has intrinsic value, I don't care that you're really a nice person, you're probably just like me in a lot of ways, only without any morals about not paying for stuff that you get lots of enjoyment out of.
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  • Gabe Newell calls Windows 8 "a catastrophe"

  • KnickKnack 26/07/2012

    I love Valve and everything they do, but this just sounds to me like a man who is annoyed that with Windows 8 bringing it's own online game store, his own business will be marginalized. That may or may not be true, and Gabe is well within his rights to call Windows 8 a disaster, but it's not entirely clear whether it'll be a disaster for gamers or general PC users. Reply +25
  • Lara Croft attempted rape will make Tomb Raider players want to "protect" her

  • KnickKnack 13/06/2012

    A visual mess, very dirty textures, terrible animation, quite jerky frame-rate, these guys don't know what they're doing... Reply -1
  • Free Radical founder: "Pretty much every FPS loses money"

  • KnickKnack 03/05/2012

    don't blame publishers, blame consumers, everyone buys COD and then plays it solidly for 12 months before buying the next COD. Its a great series, but I would hazard a guess that ultimately it's multiplayer aspect is one of the main reasons why there's been a big drop in game sales and an increase in closing studios. Almost all the casual gameplayers I know play COD multiplayer and have done for years. Reply +2
  • CryEngine 3 shown off in new Sniper 2 tech demo

  • KnickKnack 21/03/2012

    some shoddy artwork there, I'm afraid to say, and no engine can disguise that Reply +6
  • Live Sony E3 PlayStation Conference

  • KnickKnack 07/06/2011

    oooh, "the real next gen!!" I'm kidding, I haven't forgotten, but I'm kidding! Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Asks: Are second-hand games killing the industry?

  • KnickKnack 02/02/2011

    @OliverHI'm not defending developers who bad mouth gamers; to me that's pretty pointless. I'm bad-mouthing the retailers who are effectively leeching off the games industry; I don't know why gamers don't want to admit that. Rev Stuart CampbellI think you're completely wrong about the fundamentals of retailing; selling a product over and over isn't a fundamental, it's actually pretty rare. Show me any other market sector where the ONLY high-street outlets for a product is driven by second-hand sales? It doesn't happen in music and film, which are the nearest products to compare."You're paying for them to rent a High Street store, pay the bills on it and hire staff to work in it, so that you can buy games conveniently and in person. You're paying for them to provide somewhere to easily and quickly sell your game when you're finished playing with it. All that stuff costs money." - well that's a great defense for the retailers, but the sale that goes to them gets taken from the team that made the game in the first place. For whatever reason, games sales are in big decline, bad economy, bad games, multiplayer longevity (the amount of people and the length of time playing a multiplayer game has increased since the days of internet gaming on consoles), and retailers are feeling the pinch so they introduce the second hand games market so they can make more money of each asset they buy from a publisher. But there is still less money going back to the publisher so it's going to have a negative impact, whichever way you justify it. Reply +4
  • KnickKnack 01/02/2011

    Yes, the industry is in tatters in the UK, partly because retailers sell second hand games and partly because making games requires talented people and a lot the talent either moves to film or goes abroad (I'm a case in point, Ive moved from the games industry in the UK to the film industry in California).

    I know a lot of you gamers will get angry with comments about second hand games but I think you're all deluding yourselves if you think that second hand games aren't affecting the games industry. Look at your games collection and ask yourself how many games were bought for only a few pounds less, second hand. Now multiply that by millions of gamers and you've got potentially billions of pounds being taken from the games-industry and handed straight over to the retailer.

    However, I'm not calling for the banning of second hand games and I can appreciate that games do cost a lot of money. I think there is a happy medium to be had here. I don't think it's fair that a single game disc can be bought 7 or 8 times at slightly discounted rates with the proceeds going straight into the retailers pocket. Retailers only buy one unit but can sell it multiple times; they didn't create anything, they only put it on their shelves, so why should they continually make a profit from a game that they had zero investment in. I'm all for selling second hand games at discounted prices, but the developer should still get his share of the profits; that way everyone wins. Retailers can make money hand over fist and pay good dividends to their shareholders while giving the executives massive bonuses while employing spotty teenagers at minimum wage, developers get the equivalent of residuals (like in the movie industry) for each time that game is sold, and gamers get cheap games, everyone's a winner! Another way would be for publishers to just start charging $400 per game to the retailer and allow the retailer to sell it as often as they want.

    Lastly, the argument from gamers saying developers should start making decent games is deluded and off-topic. The reason you lot buy second hand games is to save money, and if a great game can be bought for $5-$10 cheaper (American keyboards don't have the pound sign, go figure), it makes perfect sense to buy the cheaper unit; or are gamers only buying second hand games that are rubbish and paying full price for the good games?.
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  • Machinarium

  • KnickKnack 06/08/2009

    Very nice looking game, it reminds me of the illustrated picture books of Shaun Tan; the Lost Thing and The Red Tree in particular Reply +1
  • A tale of Monkey Island

  • KnickKnack 23/06/2009

    They've really messed up the art direction; what the hell are they doing, why not make it more interesting, like TF2 or Wind Waker? I'd even prefer some hybrid 2D/ 3D with a nod back to Monkey Island 1 & 2 over this homogenised 3D blandness... Reply 0
  • Duke Nukem Forever - Teaser

  • KnickKnack 21/12/2007

    So they're still going to use the Quake 2 engine? Reply 0
  • Phil 'The Power' Taylor

  • KnickKnack 18/12/2007

    Where's your proof? Reply 0
  • GC: Next generation could see unified console - Dyack

  • KnickKnack 21/08/2007


    No, you can't look at the PC and use it as a model for comparison.

    AMD and NVidia don't have 5 - 7 year cycles for new hardware like consoles; they have 2 year cycles with steps in between. Intel and AMD still follows Moores Law, even if it's kind of gone off the beaten track with mutli-cores.

    Your argument falls down on that one reason alone, never mind the fact that you effectively have 4 companies battling it out for market share with different products and specs.

    Of course, console hardware doesn't make any money for Microsoft and Sony, only the games that sell on the systems. The biggest problem with Dyacks argument is how you can make cutting edge hardware cheap enough to sell at a pricepoint that is affordable to the masses and profitable to a company.
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  • KnickKnack 21/08/2007

    I imagine Microsoft would love to standardise the platform. especially as they would almost certainly try and control the software side of things while leaving the hardware up to other distributors.

    Sony would be more reticent, given that they're a hardware company and their previous record with proprietary media formats and would probably produce their own version of a "standard console" in tandem with other partners.

    If Microsoft dominate the games industry this time round, maybe they can instigate a change but if Sony's brand manages to remain strong I can imagine it will be very hard to persuade them that one console is the way to go.
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  • Games definitely not art - Ebert

  • KnickKnack 23/07/2007

    He's full of shit; he's probably never played a single video-game his entire life so why he feels he can comment on their worth is pretty amazing.

    And he's wrong about the idea that giving the player choice and interactivity somehow breaks down the whole concept of what art is about. The way you play the game and how you interact with the game-world has been specifically chosen and meticulously designed, down to every single enemy placement and bump-mapped wall, by the game developer.

    And those who say it's not important how games are interpreted, whether as art or otherwise need to remember that the whole games industry is built upon hard work from people who devote themselves to making games with every bit of seriousness and dedication as any film-maker, painter or writer.
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  • Microsoft gaming a "disaster"

  • KnickKnack 20/04/2007

    He does have a point to make I suppose. With that much money spent, how long will it take for MS to recoup those costs.

    However, Microsoft is not alone in their gamble that home entertainement and the fight for what sits under the telly and (probably more importantly) the sofware that is used to enjoy the games is going to be a lucrative one. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of our lives.

    I think they're making the prediction that PC and TV and Games will one day be one and the same and we're already beginning to see that with the Live film and TV service aswell as Apple TV etc.
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  • US retailers drop 20GB PS3

  • KnickKnack 10/04/2007

    Maybe this shows that the casual gamers and the non-hardcore gamers who were supposed to be buying the less expensive 20 gig version aren't actually buying? I can imagine that's why they had 2 SKU's and if only the more expensive version is selling (and not that well by the weekly chart sales) then it says something about the demographic who are buying it perhaps...

    No games = no casual gamers = no sales of the cheaper PS3
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