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  • Fan attempts to pre-order Fallout 4 with bottle caps

  • IneptPercy 17/06/2015

    I would tell him the game cost 5000 bottle caps. Reply +16
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst won't let you use guns, ever

  • IneptPercy 17/06/2015

    I think the guns on the fist game where spot on, I think I used one once as it made the most sense at that moment but overall they where petty useless and never turned it into a shooter. Reply +5
  • PS4 port of PC Final Fantasy 7 delayed to winter 2015

  • IneptPercy 16/06/2015

    Very important wording at the end.


    Basically a timed exclusive, in short I probably won't need to buy a console to play it, happy days indeed.
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  • The Digital Foundry 2015 graphics card upgrade guide

  • IneptPercy 08/06/2015

    Just to keep Suarez07 happy... I have just bought a 290x for 227.

    Seems the slightly better card for me as a 1440p, 1080p 3D gamer and hopefully an oculus/vive gamer in the not to distant future.

    Also the box stating the correct level of ram helped.

    Anybody want to buy a 1.11ghz 7950 (or R9 280 if you prefer)?
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  • IneptPercy 07/06/2015

    I question to those who invested in G-sync monitors.

    Would it not be better to save the money form a non G-sync monitor and apply it to the GPU to just power through the problem?

    G-Sync isn't an option for me as I don't want to tie into either team but I also game on a TV so compromise graphics for a monitor just wouldn't be good for me.

    With that I am more than happy with 60fps/60hz on my 1440p monitor and 1080p 3D TV.
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  • IneptPercy 07/06/2015


    You ask me to link but then supply the information so thanks for saving me the effort.

    Now answer me this will games 2 years from now be:

    A:about the same
    B:less intensive
    C:more intensive

    So as I agree with you its not much of an issue right now but will it be a problem in the future?

    Form there you are saying its not much of an issue as gaming aren't pushing the 3.5gb, yet again fair enough, so why wasn't this card just sold as 3.5gb?

    If you wish to support companies who relay on blatant dishonesty then fair enough, but I do not wish to send the message to either vendor that this kind of behaviour is ok.

    I can see whatever I say you will defend nvidia to the end and can probably quess when looking for a new GPU you only look at the green team, all fair enough I have tried to open a closed mind but if you do not wish for that to happen it doesn't effect or bother my open thinking so I will withdraw and we can both be happy with our choices we make and not waste any more time discussing it, its been fun.
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  • IneptPercy 07/06/2015


    "Because that ram has made a difference how exactly? Ill answer that for you. Benchmarks and analysis say it hasnt"

    It hasn't made a difference right now, the thing is I buy graphics card which I plan to run for a couple of years.

    It has shown with some mods etc that really pushing the ram capacity can have an effect and as we both know games get more intensive with time.

    As said I would rather have a 3.5gb fast ram version than 3.5Gb fast + 0.5gb slow version as then my system will know its really got 3.5gb to play with rather than thinking it has more and then hitting a bottleneck.

    As mentioned I am not going to replace my 7950 just yet as new top end cards from either vendor will effect the prices of many cards from both vendors.

    But as said I will absolute not be buying a 970, even if its just to send the message that sellotaping extra rubbish ram on to increase the number on the box is not ok.
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  • IneptPercy 07/06/2015

    I will only buy a 970 if they strip the useless 512mb slow ram they bolted on to up the numbers and list it as the 3.5gb card it is.

    Personally I would wait for the new AMD cards, even if you don't want one directly they will have a an effect on the pricing of many other cards.
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  • Can your table run Crysis?

  • IneptPercy 22/05/2015

    Will is be play without overclocking my table? Reply 0
  • Nintendo records first annual profit in four years

  • IneptPercy 07/05/2015

    I don't expect the 3DS to pass the DS any time soon unless they 'release' an R4 type cartridge.

    From people round me I will would say 4 out of 5 DS's never had a legit game in them so of course console sales where through the roof but software sales weren't too good.

    150 Wii u is rather tempting.
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  • Nintendo 3DS exploit makes handheld region-free

  • IneptPercy 05/05/2015

    Region locking hasn't bothered me, but I do wait for games to reduce to sub 10 so waiting isn't an issue clearly.

    As for people who haven't bought a 3DS due to region locks, why not use buy a US or Jap console and import all your games?
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  • Silent Hills is dead, actor Norman Reedus confirms

  • IneptPercy 27/04/2015

    I was going to buy a PS4 for this, dodged a wasting money bullet there. Reply -3
  • Resident Evil 5 Steam edition "ripped out" code needed for splitscreen mod

  • IneptPercy 09/04/2015

    It does seem odd to remove the feature on the PC version of games, when I say remove it does seem clear the code was there to start with.

    I agree it may not used by as many PC gamers these days but as one of the many pc gamers who has plugged a PC into the same TV I use with consoles and also uses the same console controllers a split screen mode is rather useful.

    Also I can use my TV and dual play polarised glasses for us to get a full screen each.
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  • Professor Layton 7 and Fantasy Life 2 announced for smartphones

  • IneptPercy 07/04/2015

    No 3DS version... not happy...

    Looks at mobile device owned... windows phone... sobs quietly...
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  • Video: What games taught me about parenting

  • IneptPercy 25/03/2015

    With my first baby on the way this video has helped me massively. I could of got in a lot of trouble with the wife thinking mini me is flame resistant. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Sony's near-final Project Morpheus

  • IneptPercy 05/03/2015


    Thats the problem, screen tearing, low resolution or low frame rates really can't happen sothe only thing which can go is graphical quality. This isn't a problem in some ways but it does mean games will need to be made from the ground up for this.

    Meanwhile I can get one of the PC VR head sets and play the same games with or without VR, and the is a good chance it can be implemented in many older games too (much like how I use tridef for games on my 3D TV).
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  • IneptPercy 04/03/2015

    As great as it is they are having a go at this I really don't think the PS4 has enough grunt to get the resolution/quality/framerate needed all at the same time.

    On the plus side it does seem VR is happening sp happy days indeed.
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  • Shelter 2 delayed (again) until March

  • IneptPercy 09/02/2015

    I remember in the first one it going dark and I lost sight of one cub and then I heard this ghastly noise and I couldn't find him, really stuck me with the feeling of utter failure. Reply +12
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil HD Remaster

  • IneptPercy 20/01/2015

    @cowell "@Playstationman Sarcastic? It's a proven scientific fact that real life is 24fps. Why do you think going to the cinema is so popular? I rest my case"

    You do know 24fps only works at the cinema as each frame blends into the next, ie get a fast moving object and pause it and there will be a clear blur.

    As games don't blur frames in the same way the more fps the better, this also shows how some 30fps games look fine when a good quality motion blur is applied.

    Not sure if I will get this, I remember get a jap import back in the day on my gamecube, should I leave that memory alone.
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  • Alienware Alpha review

  • IneptPercy 17/01/2015

    Sounds rather good actually, as for keyboard and mouse, a rii mini one get me around my HTPC when the logitech harmony just isn't enough. Reply +3
  • Did you know Gaming? runs through the Sega Dreamcast

  • IneptPercy 12/01/2015

    I loved my Dreamcast and had many fun hours with it.

    I still remember playing MGS with a bleemcast disc.
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  • When the new becomes old - why 2015 should be a stellar year

  • IneptPercy 07/01/2015

    Being a budget gamer this years good bad releases won't hit me for a while, my game of 2015 so far is remember me, it looks epic in 3D. Reply +1
  • North America gets $15-a-month PlayStation Now subscription service

  • IneptPercy 06/01/2015


    Pure conjecture only applies to Microsoft on eurogamer doesn't it?

    I am neither MS or Sony fanboy, I am a Sega fanboy and a member of the master race. he he
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  • IneptPercy 06/01/2015

    If Microsoft did this it would be the work of the devil, you know taking backwards compatibility out and then selling it to you at a monthly cost.

    Would it not be cheaper to buy a cheap ps3 and buy the few games you want to play at a better quality? and then selling said games/hardware when done?
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  • Watch the Clock Tower spiritual successor NightyCry's first teaser

  • IneptPercy 04/01/2015

    As an owner of a 3ds and windows phone I am not very happy. Reply 0
  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • IneptPercy 16/12/2014

    Looks the same as how the average 12 year old plays GTA.

    Nothing to see here...
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  • Digital Foundry vs Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

  • IneptPercy 13/12/2014

    As I don't own any of the current gen consoles the Wii U is sitting top of the list if I do buy one.

    I will leave the 'next-gen' graphics to my PC for 60fps 1080p 3D / 1440p gaming and the Wii you just has some epic games without the online frag fests I have no interest in.

    Very much the same reason I love my 3DS for bus time entertainment.
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  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • IneptPercy 05/12/2014

    @Bickle2 Not really trying to be argumentative but...

    How game the game only have 1080p assets? I will agree in he case of 2d texturing yes that could be very real but for 3d models there is a gain to be had running at higher resolutions.

    Or so the PS4 owners keep telling me when comparing to the xbox one...
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  • IneptPercy 05/12/2014

    I will take the 1440p version thank you. Reply -3
  • The case for 30fps PC gaming

  • IneptPercy 30/11/2014

    Personally I would take 30fps if I had to and would accept it on one badly optimised game, if I needed it on all games I would look at an upgrade.

    With that a few sliders come down first in graphics settings.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 now UK's best-selling game ever

  • IneptPercy 24/11/2014

    I wonder how much lower the GTA figures would be if all the under 18 players had to give them back?

    Still waiting for the proper version myself.

    As per usual the charts are the usual decent games with large marketing budgets, each to there own.
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  • Never Alone review

  • IneptPercy 21/11/2014

    Just added it to my steam watchlist, will buy buy it when I have finish my current games or it ends up in a sale.

    Now its just a choice of 1440p or 1080p 3D, its tough but I will cope.
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • IneptPercy 17/11/2014

    In does appear to be one of those situations where the more powerful CPU of the X1 is working.

    It isn't going to happen too often but it has just happened.
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  • Atari ET game landfill spoils fetch $37,000 on eBay

  • IneptPercy 17/11/2014

    out of interest is there an easy way to have a go with an emulator, I just want to see how awful this game is. Reply +1
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PC performance done right?

  • IneptPercy 13/11/2014

    May I introduce humble bundle to the price debate?

    If your like me and generally wait for games (pc or console) you pick games up for 70p to 1.50 each.

    I know gaming is cheaper and better on PC, if somebody chooses not to take the same path thats up to them but I am happy knowing I have made the best choice for me.
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  • That Dragon, Cancer has taken to Kickstarter

  • IneptPercy 13/11/2014

    I am so glad this is happening, I thought this was much bigger than ouya and the exclusivity was such a big limit on the audience.

    I actually plan to experience this, how far I will get is another question.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • IneptPercy 10/11/2014

    Look great, instant buy if I ever buy an xbox one. Reply +2
  • The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

  • IneptPercy 09/11/2014

    Hard to believe its been nearly a year and I am still not tempted to buy either.

    It does seem there is some good games on the way so hopefully they will hit there stride this coming year.
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  • Halo 2 Anniversary launch trailer shows off fancy pants new cinematics

  • IneptPercy 29/10/2014

    Looking rather epic, brings back memories.

    I am still undecided on buying any of the current gen consoles (mostly playing on PC these days).

    But the list was:
    Xbox one

    It is now:
    Xbox one

    Before anybody starts, I already own the most powerful platform so this is based on software exclusives alone for me, the list can flip with any other game releases which interest me.

    As it is I am currently playing reach and yet to play 4 so this is an excellent deal to me.

    PS, this is what is known as an opinion, it is neither right or wrong and maybe share or disagreed with by others. This is what happens in the real world so don't get upset if you don't agree and just be happy that your own opinion suits you as well as mine suits me.
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  • Facebook eyes 100m Oculus Rift sales

  • IneptPercy 29/10/2014

    Well I am a day one purchase, just a few more to go. Reply +2
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available today in the UK

  • IneptPercy 21/10/2014

    Sounds like a good product which could certainly be useful to many.

    I can see how this is potentially worth while if you only use built in freeview on your TV, of course being able to snap it while gaming could be good sometimes the streaming to tablets etc is a good addition.

    Personally I run a HTPC with 6 HD tuners (4xT2+2xS2) and can stream to tablets/phones/laptops and extenders and it really is a useful thing to have.
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  • Aliens versus Predator retrospective

  • IneptPercy 05/10/2014

    I remember buying it back in the day.

    I finished the predator campaign, the alien confused me and the marines scared me.

    Was truly epic for the time and still pretty good now.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 review

  • IneptPercy 25/09/2014

    Well as a PC gamer I must also be an elitist.

    Luckily for me I don't seem to need to upgrade on a weekly basis and get many games on humble bundles and steam sales.

    I am lucky enough to have planned ahead when I bought my house and fitted HDMI ports behind my amp downstairs and in my man cave.

    So I can use my man cave for productivity and run my business using said PC and do a bit of 27" 1440p gaming if the wife is watching TV downstairs, of I can go downstairs and play a bit of 47" 1080p 3D gaming.

    In my case I need a pumped up PC to run my business so it is literally just a case of spending a little more on a GPU than needed.

    So am I an elitist or just sensible for getting the best gaming experience I can for the cheapest I can?

    If my choices really upset anybody then they should look in a mirror and ask themselves why this upsets them as I really am not doing anything wrong or offensive.
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  • IneptPercy 24/09/2014

    This looks pretty epic for the price.

    Not quite enough to make me bin the 7950 just yet.

    What does worry me is I try to stick with AMD as I really don't agree with Nvidias business practices so AMD best do something equally epic for when I decide to part with my 7950.
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  • The Walking Dead next-gen retail release dated for October

  • IneptPercy 11/09/2014

    I have played both start to end on top setting in 3D on PC so have a good idea how this will look.

    But on that my nephew wanted to play it on a much lower spec PC and with the graphics turned down it didn't suffer to much visually due to the art style (I guess the same goes for the consoles?)

    I see very little point in this if played elsewhere even if a little prettier and I can't see it being a huge hit on the X1 and/or PS4 as the price will probably be too high.
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  • Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame 5 shows off clever GamePad controls

  • IneptPercy 10/09/2014

    Release this in the UK and I can guarantee one for console sale. Reply +14
  • Oculus answers the big Rift questions

  • IneptPercy 03/09/2014

    I will say from the PC power point of view. I do a lot of 3D gaming, as much as people say its a fad I don't care as I can convert almost any game to 3D and enjoy. On this thought you can add my name to the list for the oculus consumer unit now.

    So anyway so 3D gaming I run a progressive 3D TV so 1920x540 x 2, now I can say GPU power isn't usually the limiting problem and I do find some games to be more CPU bound, when you consider its still chucking a 1080p image out but it has to do all the geometry twice for the 2 angles this makes more sense.

    So will PCs be up to 1440p 90hz, I do think so, yes it will be more than a budget gaming PC but I don't think it will be as much of a problem as some may think.
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  • Evidence mounts for Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 4 release

  • IneptPercy 02/09/2014

    I am not buying a PS4 any time soon but did plan to pickup a cheap PS3 to play this and a couple of other exclusives I missed.

    The problem is I normally go for the best version of a game which leads to being primarily a PC gamer, but now would point to the PS4 ports, but as a PC gamer the PS4 is a waste of my time right now.

    So do I stick with my 60 PS3 plan or transfer these games to my 100 PS4 plan (could be a while for that).
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  • Capcom files lawsuit against Koei Tecmo for patent infringement

  • IneptPercy 26/08/2014

    I remember back in my ps2 and gamecube days when capcom meant buy now, where did it go so wrong. Reply +13
  • Sleeping Dogs for PS4 and Xbox One spotted on Amazon

  • IneptPercy 08/08/2014


    I agree if the cost of porting it is rather small, then why not go for it, it would be nice for others to see it the way I have seen it.

    I will say I do look forward to sleeping dogs 2 as I do rate the first as one of the best games going.
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