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  • Face-Off: Trials Fusion

  • GamesConnoisseur 20/04/2014

    The most important point re this '2D' fixed on a plane gaming, is that it's far more apparent when you go to editor to create the track, the entire world with different themes, desert, cityscape, industrial etc are ALL there. These extra areas aren't redundant, and so ergo the need for texture streaming to give different quality depending where you are and how close.

    So it's all the more amazing that at over 8 years old hardware, the X360 still keeps up with the pack at all instead of being left so far trialling behind in the dust!
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  • Trials Fusion review

  • GamesConnoisseur 16/04/2014

    Love/Hate Trials and know I will never be any closer to the bipolar illness than just playing the damn game! Reply +8
  • Tech Interview: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • GamesConnoisseur 14/04/2014


    Maybe! That's ain't bad in my book, as more people can play the better!!

    However in practice if PS4 and XBO are more like the PC then why need extra studio?!;-)

    Though I m sure we would love to see Bluepoint create their own game!!
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  • GamesConnoisseur 13/04/2014

    Excellent interview, very enlightening!

    I m having fun with Titanfall, like many, thought I would get bored soon, as never played COD MP beyond few sessions. The different layers, burn cards, challenges, weapons mods to aim for as well as improving tactics and strategy. Recently seem finally got on top of the game, more often the MVP on the losing or the winning team in Hard point and LTS whereas used to be there just to make up the number!

    So THAT similar Titanfall experience is also available for X360 owners who doesn't want XBO or have a good enough PC with almost all the bells and whistles is a fantastic WIN thanks to Bluepoint.

    Their optimisations really shines, and hopefully their work would assist with Titanfall 2 being ever better, reading the interview, doesn't really verify the conspiracy theory about EVIL MS holding back X360 for the sake of XBO. As why not hold PC version back too? As XBO get shown up on both ends?!

    Sheesh, the only real argument here is why MS marketing doesn't mention or push PC and X360 versions and give implicit impression that you can only experience Titanfall on XBO! Rather than the codes was ready and available for X360 but resources not properly allocated etc etc

    Bluepoint couldn't give any more than what they delivered, and working on Respawn's codes mean they essentially going to need bit more time after getting each finished code batches passed along to them. So factor in polishing and Q/A, I m impressed they can get X360 finished in just a slight delay.

    What I m very much keen to find out is WHAT Bluepoint's next impressive super secret project is?!!
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  • Firaxis announces Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • GamesConnoisseur 13/04/2014


    Other than the ORGINIAL Civilization waay back when, so ground breaking, Alpha Centauri also got me spending so many hours, night after night.

    I did wonder some months back what a new HD retconned Alpha Centauri would be like, but dismissed the idea as not being feasible in today risk averse game publishinhgs.

    So yay, looking forward to it!

    That game will be dead certain to let my PS4 and my son's XBO left neglected by me for some while!!
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  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/04/2014

    I don't have that much a confident in Valve actually producing a high benchmark game like Half Life 3, as their outputs been very few and far between.

    The outstanding games like L4D series and Portal series were largely actually done by Turtle Rock and DigiPen crew (hired by Valve). So other than these series, the most recent is DOTA 2, before that is Counter Strike Global Offensive, oh and a small title Alien Swarm (a top down shooter). So just these seven games mentioned since 2008.

    Between 2000 and 2007, Valve delivered in region of 15 to 17 games. So comparing these two halves are stark.

    What happened to Valve? They turned fat off the back of Steam as a publisher? I got 200 plus library and so appreicate Steam but as a developer?
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  • Face-Off: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/04/2014


    Sure, better ram, larger ES ram and such would be better, but even for PS4 which was unable to render lot of games at full 1080p at 60 fps.

    There's always a ceiling to hit against, my PC is pretty good, superior to PS4 but even then some games, heavily modded out, get my PC to get gasping!

    So its a matter of comparasion really, luckily for PS4 that its stand out to rival.

    Still PS4 will eventually too looks even more underwhelming with each passing year by PC.

    BUT would this matters much? If you say no, great games, looks fine enough etc etc

    Then that possibly the same answer XBO owners feel, why frets over pixels?! As long as games do looks and plays fine enough.

    Flawless gaming? Absolutely no such thing as totally flawless, but indeed you can be quite contented with having fewer flaws!
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  • Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers heads to Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/04/2014

    If it was exclusive to Sony's platform, we would hear a bit different response?

    We rags on MS for not having enough proper exclusives as well as other problems, so when MS produce such exclusives, we take back our complaints then?!

    Buying out titles is not as good as having studios produce exclusives we know, but Sony doesn't just have first party or even second party doing exclusives, they got third party exclusives lined up too.

    Here hoping the new head of Xbox will eventually deliver on that front, as its unhealthy for us to have embarrassing wide gap, after all such vast gap during PS2 era with its competitors, delivered us the much aforementioned early days teethings problems of PS3 from then arrogant Sony!
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  • Trials Frontier review

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/04/2014

    I have downloaded the game onto my ipad, free, so might as well play and f@&k off at first paywall, having low expectations as the infamous MT-infested Dungeon Keeper taught us better.

    However, I m quite pleasantly suprised, I think RedLynx went in with all the rages around the MT, is unfortunate timing. Far better to release the game with proper pricing without MT, ie £1.99 or even £4.99 would be great.

    Still, the game is there, pretty much Trials as we know it, but cartooned up, with a story intergrated into it. Touch screen on iPad far better than iPhone for me, in couple of hours session, only hit a 'damn that was wrong press' once as, just four big icons to press and so found it easy to control (unlike GTA 3 or GTA SA on ipad!).

    Paywall is pretty much invisible and UNNECESSARY, until you climbed quite high, and then you can just let time pass for fuel to be regained or just delete the game. Those couple of hours will be fun anyway.

    I will always ignore free to play with paywall, but look at this as a demo while we wait for Trials Fusion!
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  • Titanfall update adds private matches

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/04/2014

    I ain't blind and really hated screen tearings, but I m level 46 (1st gen) on XBO, and yet to really encounter multiple repeated tearings, actually noticed only a mere handful in each session. And sometimes don't notice any.

    So, is it due to the differences in HDTV, native settings and so on? Obviously I expect PC version to be superior but got XBO version for my son and our friends list. A pretty fun game and I forced X360 to go 720p native just to play Dead Rising as tearings were pretty awful in 1080p.

    So compare that to supposed awful repeated tearings, what am I missing?!
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  • A glimpse at The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/04/2014

    1st reveal of the remastered version, I have to say would have been better if they shown a bit more, as Tomb Raider Defintive trailer shown what we can expect from the next gen version. I find myself hard pushed to see a great leap from my much played PS3 version!

    A great game that need no introduction maybe but for those wanting to be convinced to get the second version, sell it more please!
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  • Stick it to the Man landing on PS4 this month

  • GamesConnoisseur 09/04/2014

    PS4 dual shock battery's life is one of the most worse for any controller I use across the generations!

    No thanks for audio via controller, I fully charged DS4 then after couple of hours or three at Dead Nation, the battery gone already!

    Too much audio via the controller and trigger mashings, so hence bought 2nd one as a standby and extension for an USB charging lead.
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  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 review

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/04/2014

    Still quite a few PS4 owners believe that PS4 would be able to run 4K games should Sony release update, looking at the numbers. Maybe yeah just in XMB or simplistic 2D games!

    4K gaming going to be a long time away before it's the standard, next gen consoles and cheaper mass produced cards for PC. 2020 or so!
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  • When will video games look this good?

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/04/2014

    More to the point is not what the rendering tech is like, but who doing the tech and when.

    Silicon Studio did a very good job with a traditional JRPG that is Bravely Default and as article stated, Square-Enix changing their strategy currently.

    Square realised that there's still a big market for oft considered as a dead end, the traditional non-casual friendly games, so what will these ingredient bring us?

    I hope a great thing!
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  • The Xbox One updates keep on coming

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/04/2014


    More than just trolling, as a successful trolling is where you generate hullabaloo but masking your act!

    They are so transparent at what they do, kicking an injured downed kid over and over and over!

    They are literally getting kicks out of it, must be cos of all the butt hurts they got during early PS3 days. The ex-X360 converts are just joining in with the new 'in' crowd.

    I got both and enjoy both, but to be fair, MS really cocked it up and still making time for their mistakes and Sony well out of their sin bin... For now.

    Those giving MS a kicking need to be cautious as Sony could well make a disastrous mistake again, one day.

    Mark my words, they will!
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  • Titanfall Xbox 360 footage arrives online

  • GamesConnoisseur 07/04/2014

    Looks bareboned, less atmospheric,stripped of flashy effects, Titans goes puff instead of noisily and furiously exploded and so forth.

    Yet anti Xbox One crowd are having a party about it?!

    I think its fanastic Bluepoint Games are doing a very good job on nearly a decade old hardware with ported (Xbox One/PC which was orginially built up from X360 code) to run again on the X360.

    As for how X360 compares or show up Xbox One version, let's us wait for definitive DF investigation. But I strongly suspect many minds on both side are already long made up regardless of what their report will say!
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  • Team17 moves on from Worms with Lemmings-inspired Flockers

  • GamesConnoisseur 07/04/2014

    23 Worms titles are simply too many worms to stomach!

    So very delighted that Team17 are doing something different, I played all their Amiga titles back in the day, so know they could be very creative and imaginative. Of course studios nowadays don't produce as many titles as what they could get away with back then.

    Lemmings doesn't own the genre as much as COD owns the FPS, but still hope that the Flockers can be seen as more than just a clone with just a few twist.
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  • inFamous: Second Son update lets you change the time of day

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/04/2014

    Platinumed ISS, a very enjoyable game. Judders are there JUST like as X360's dark Souls 2 but where ISS is a much faster game and so should be affected much more. However it didn't really bother me that much, except the rare occasions where the fps varies between two extremes repeatingly.

    Commented posted that seem to indicate limiting fps to PS4 power is BAD thing which doesn't really acknowledge the variable 'smoothness' and consistency.

    I would opts for 1080p FIXED 60 fps for the MOST smooth gameplay, but if its cannot be possible then FIXED 30 fps is the next best thing. Uncapped frame rates which can be anywhere between 30 to 60 fps doesn't necessarily mean a bad experience, but it's certainly not consistently smooth in controller and frames responses.

    This I would assume be universally supported, but it's not the case! So optional fixed 30 fps seem the best thing, but I wonder if DF article explaining the differences, and how gameplay can get affected would perhaps ruin it for those who cannot see the difference/fuss?!!

    One sure fire way to judge the difference is to try the frame rates options yourself and see if you notices it!
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  • Oculus recruits Valve's Michael Abrash as chief scientist

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/03/2014

    Sure, OR may really need the capital to get the critical mass they need to have the chance to break through. Just a few things:

    OR doesn't OWNS VR as a medium, but they hopes to be a leading player in getting VR as a standard platform, I don't have problem with that. But what does FB get out of it?! $2 billions and their benefits for doing so?!

    VR shouldn't be restricted in any form for it to properly succeed, just look at open PC, I really detest FB, yes I do have an account. Rarely use it or post updates! But it's there if people need to contact me.

    Likewise if I want to get VR, if via OR, I expect to see optional choice of using FB, which I ll never choose it if its was a big feature and hard to avoid. That what I m concerned about, that said can FB really keep their hands off and leave it all optional? After $2 billions of their own money invested?

    Doubt it. But proof will be in the pudding. Other thing, it's still possible that even with FB's captial, VR just won't take off, as it's too 'anti-family', just imagine living room, where all family members sit with VR helmet/google on and divorced from each other?! Perhaps that the future facing us all anyway!!

    The age of the family is at an end, the rise of the lonely but connected entitled technophile.
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  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition TU14 arrives today

  • GamesConnoisseur 26/03/2014

    Shown this article to my son Jack, who went Yay! Then rushed to his X360, me, clueless with what these update signify!

    However with healthier respect for Notch after his rejection of FB and their silly money... Both the $2 billion dollars acquisition and their stock valuation.
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  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • GamesConnoisseur 24/03/2014

    Agreed, I did good ending on normal difficulty, was too easy. Wished did it on expert, so will do evil on expert.

    Well deserved game to take top spot! Gorgeous looking game and quite fun.
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  • Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

  • GamesConnoisseur 22/03/2014

    Visually impressive, especially the material based reflections, really helped to sell the world, lightenings are nice but boy those particles are so damn sexy!

    Looking forward to what future 'current gen' games can bring over the last gen we have been used to, but would be better if the developers would always try to keep a limited or locked frame rates, still the game doesn't judders too much, unnoticeable most of the times for me.

    The next thing please, is if they can get puddles to react, splashing, wet footprints and all the natural physical interactions.

    Just imagine what GTA or other open world games will look like with such details.
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  • Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive content detailed

  • GamesConnoisseur 20/03/2014

    So if you want a more pure challenging watchdog game? Get an Xbox, Wii U, PC version!

    I despise exclusive contents too, but the extra missions, the extra items/weapons/gears etc were more normal but a permanent cheat mode out of the case for one platform(s) over other?

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  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • GamesConnoisseur 20/03/2014


    Metacritic rating is 81 so far, but usually the longer the time pass after first day scores get submitted, the averages will drops. So it seem would be under 80s if that holds true here too.

    But like you and many others, our own enjoyment of the game will not always match the given score. You picked Knack as an example, I rented it off Boomrang Rental but returned it after two days, as I felt while it was pretty, the game mechanics, combats, checkpoints and so forth was very average and forgettable.

    I would have given it a 6 but you would give it 8 or higher, are we both wrong? No we are each correct according to our own benchmarks and tastes!

    Some games are more marmite than other but NO two gamers will agree on score ratings for all games but maybe yes just a few!

    So accusing EG/IGN/ACME reviewer of being biased for/against are a waste of time. We do though expect reviews to be of professional standard and I thought it was fairly written, but not necessarily that I would subscribe to the same 'score', though I won't really know that UNTIL I played the game!

    People forever always argue for/against such scores/reviews when they themselves haven't yet played the said game begs the question, how do they know?!!
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  • GamesConnoisseur 20/03/2014


    So enhancing the density of population, traffic etc are ONLY for preorders? So for all other standard version its an almost empty open world of a game? Not a great idea not to implement it as standard.
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  • GamesConnoisseur 20/03/2014

    ONLY damn reason inFamous Second Son get compared with Titanfall, is pure point scorings between rival console fanatics (with PC nerds occasionally casting MUDs both ways!).

    Both are completely different genres, I m going to get inFamous tomorrow and will damn well enjoy it, as I did last two games, in between my ongoing Titanfall sessions.

    Both are pretty fun games #dealwithit
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  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • GamesConnoisseur 19/03/2014

    Panel Resolution: 1920×RGB×1080 (960×RGB×1080 per eye)

    960x1080 instead of 1920x1080 per eye, is that right? Am I reading that wrong? I m honestly trying to work out what this meant, as I interpret it they halved the width pixel for each eye and so processing won't need to render 1920x1080 twice each frame. That would be too much even for PS4.

    I m interested in this VR tech as the potential is great, but also wary about how it ll take off, look at Sony's 3D gaming. VR=3D as both requires you to deliver two screens renders a frame to each eye. VR of course comes with added head motion tracking and greater immersion but if VR takes off why not in parallel to 3D for those with 3DTV but not VR? Would it be practical?
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes live stream today

  • GamesConnoisseur 18/03/2014

    Instead of watching streaming video, I decided to do one better, download PS4 version off US PSN Store, as US Dollar to Sterling is not too bad.

    Ah.. Just finished, installing update now.

    So here I go!!
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • GamesConnoisseur 18/03/2014


    Seem Titanfall afterall is better than Ground Zero over at Metacritic?!

    Spoken too soon maybe?

    Certainly the game proven to be quite divisive, many reviews slammed Thief and gave it an average score but I quite enjoyed that game to the full.

    I do intend to get this game but I will wait for price to drop a bit more, as it's not a full fat experience. Sub £20 seem reasonable fair for this kind of experience.
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  • The future of Rare

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/03/2014

    I played Ultimate Play the Game, pre-Rare days, Atic Atac, Trans Am, Cookie and all that. Knightlore and Underworlde and Sabre Wulf.
    Glory days, but even better were to come, N64 were their best days yet as we know.

    Problems may be simply down to the business behind everything, profitability and sustainability.

    Kinect Sports sold millions more than Nuts and Bolts, Jet Pac Refuelled, Kameo Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero, all together. I really prefers multiple more of the latter games than another Kinect driven game.

    Wii, casual mass market disappear overnight almost didn't it? Long term gamers seem mostly prepared to set up their hope with PS4, and so its exclusive games or lack of it that what will decide this gen. I got both XBO and PS4 but it's certainly looks like PS4 that are more attractive prospect with just exclusives from XBO. A reversal of the last gen state of play in my household.

    Rare of old certainly could make all the differences, but can Rare today? We think all that culture are now gone. So are many great software houses, so is it Hobson's choice?

    Would be amazing if we can see something exciting, but I ll wait for the proof, not words or intentions.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Titanfall

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/03/2014

    True that this gen no consoles can really blow PC (high end) out of water, as essentially both XBO and PS4 are PC in a box, and so PC should be able to do what PS4 can do with its exclusives,

    However, with regards to Titanfall, I have been playing for two hours last night on my son's XBO, the most problematic mode 'Last Titan Standing' over all the maps and see all the effects in play with the rocket salvos and such.

    Yes I noticed a good few instances of frame drops, but my team managed to win ten in a row, and I hardly felt that this 'shudderings' affect my game. I don't dispute that the worse examples don't happen, maybe if more than just a few Titans fires Rocket Salvos ALL at the same time and there's burning smoking Titans etc.

    My point was simply that if I get hugely turned off by tearings in games (ie original Dead Rising if not set to 720p) but was quite able to have fun and hardly noticed, so could many gamers be able to enjoy the game on console without their eyesights or mental capacity be called into question!

    Evidently MS should have engineered XBO far better, as they had done with X360 and orginial Xbox, so the quicker they just let developers have more resources freed up, the better. Still the simply undeniable fact is compared to PC, XBOX and including PS4 won't be able to surpass its flexibility, abilities and so why are we still trying to justify/recant the consoles' performance next to the unassailable PC.
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  • TowerFall Ascension review

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/03/2014

    PS3 then INSTA buys, as I got 4 DS3 and would be perfect for our Friday night family gaming, I m not going to shell out 2 more DS4 (to go with Vita as 2nd controller).

    I only got 1 wired Xbox controller for PC, so here's hoping will come to PS3 or X360 at least as I got 4 Xbox controllers!

    Sounds like a perfect family games, with tears and door slammings to ends the bouts!
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  • PlayStation Home is getting an update

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/03/2014

    PS4 version of PS Home would be far more appealing, more memory to hold all areas, mini games and features and ends the relentless loadings between areas!

    That what really kills what interest I had, as far quicker to go via browser to get videos, forum chats and so forth! But I don't hate the idea just the engine and the technology at the time.
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  • Face-Off: Dark Souls 2

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/03/2014

    That it decided to get PC version then. Was going to get console version, X360 cos of online mates but tearings, no thanks and I dislike uneven controller latency due to frames stutters as well. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 2 review

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/03/2014

    Yep, which is why as a rule, I always 'purchases' all free IGC items, regardless if I want them at the time. As I could just download them later on.
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  • GamesConnoisseur 11/03/2014

    I m simply getting both, Dark Souls 2 for its challenging hardcore gameplay and then Titanfall, to relieve all the frustrations with my slip ups in DS2, as well as getting jacked from all the Titan kills!

    Yep a great week.
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  • Tech Analysis: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4

  • GamesConnoisseur 09/03/2014

    'PS4 could have done 60 fps EASILY!!'

    The assumptions that above is true, is just more of an erroneous expectation, or that people actually bought the hype full time?

    Yes PS4 can do 60 fps, but it's all about the careful budgeting of GPU/CPU/Memory, as PS4 hasn't got limitless power and capacity afterall! Even a ninja PC can struggle to maintain fixed fps if it get everything and kitchen sink thrown at it! Modded Skyrim to the max as an example.

    I preferred the lovely volumetric, lightening, particles and shadow effects at 1080p but get fixed 30 fps to full 60 fps with sacrifice to the effects. The fact that this game again shows lack of AF is interesting one. Could simply me that developers need more time to get to grip with PS4 or that there's a bottleneck somewhere.

    Loving the new look of Dead Nation though.
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  • Xbox One: six things the March update doesn't fix

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/03/2014

    I think having a multiplatform gaming video reports would be good, but as everyone says there's clear reasons for the Inside Xbox guys doing the Outside Xbox show.

    Completely bored with the continual Xbox and MS bashings in almost every article's comments, just cos PS4 and Sony are the hottest thing in town at moment, in a good few years and then someone else will be the new poster guy and Sony the target of the scorns!

    PS4 is my main HD console at the moment but also plays on my son's XBO, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare an excellent fun, there much to enjoy on any consoles. This needs of feeling 'superiority' over the rival platform doesn't really equate the seriousness of the real rivalry between derby football teams like my Magpies over the wet Mackems!

    Fanatics zealots pollutes too many comments who doesn't know how to enjoy gaming where ever its may be found, and trying to create fan fiefdoms is so .... Primary school's playground
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  • The Room series shifts over 5.4 million copies

  • GamesConnoisseur 07/03/2014

    These The Room games works perfectly best on the touchscreen, even mouse on PC would not match the ease, grace of tactile pushing, pulling, sliding, twisting, and so forth. If was to work on PC, then there would need to be a porting, introducing mouse cursor that would need to change icons for each task.

    But then that would 'highlight' the answer when you was supposed to work out exactly what to do over exactly where. Seem not an ideal answer and may lessen the game which worked best as a pure puzzle.

    Porting to consoles, same issue, even on touchpad for PS4, as you need to touch on the precise area when the touchpad is divorced from the screen.

    Ergo Vita and Wii U Gamepad both are the best porting candidates for The Room games over PC or consoles, Fireproof folks are a tiny crew and so an indie PC route seem more achievable though.
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  • Watch Dogs release date revealed

  • GamesConnoisseur 06/03/2014

    In other words, TOUGH TITTIES, if ya a PC, X360, XOne or Wii U owners AND doesn't owns/wants a PS3/PS4 version!

    Platform exclusive games fine, platform exclusive added contents, seen only by our preferred platform owners ain't!

    Ubisoft been very Sony centric with all exclusive added contents but yet they still want all the other platform as their consumers to help rockets up their share values!

    I was intending to get a PS4 version anyway but still this smells!

    Would be interesting to see full list of DLC exclusives, to see who the worse culprit to date, MS been often cited for headline grabbing exclusives, COD and GTAIV for example, but in quantity it look like Sony are ahead.
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth videos reveal censored content

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/03/2014

    Uncensored UK PC version it is then. Reply +12
  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/02/2014

    There's a few games where gay is just in the romance path choice in RPG, mostly BioWare games going back to Jade Empire. If I chosen to play as female hero, it would be partly an incentive to see lesbian romance as much as for the sake of variety!

    But I ve never chosen gay romance for my male hero, simply it's not me. Enchanted Arm the ancient X360/PS3 RPG got an important gay party member who is in love with the central hero you are controlling.

    That he was so camp helped make it funny but if the game goes much further, I believe I won't be able to carry on for much longer. As its would be too challenging, that I m actively making conscious decision to pursue such fundamental choices?!

    Watching passively Behind the Candlebra and such is fine, as you aren't making any decisions but watching. Some scenes may hits close to the nerve but never will be as much as in games where you are an active participant.

    So I m not sure that it will ever be popular mass selling product?

    I don't object at all for these games to be made, it's just more about the world we live in and being the product of our times.

    In some countries like Russia and Uganda.....
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  • Dead Nation PS4 free with PS Plus in March

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/02/2014

    Oh god, Sony JUST keep on giving!

    My main PS3 (old fat model) finally YLOD one time too many, binned that and moved second PS3, BD player to my basement room and put standard BD player in its place. So took the opportunity to install new larger HDD in the replacement PS3, and then basically just spent the past week downloading all the PSN+ stuff from the past 4 years or so!

    Of course I also purchased non PSN+ stuff from EU n other regions, but the point is, the amount of games I ve downloaded just illustrated how generous PSN+ stuff really are. The first year was just so and so, but each year they keep on improving.

    Officially now, the idiot gamers definition: Got a Playstation (3/4/Vita/PSP) BUT no PSN+!
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  • How World of Warcraft plans to welcome you back

  • GamesConnoisseur 26/02/2014

    I'm another who never did WoW, simply because I m always put off by the amount of commitment needed, the hours to be put aside in maintaining your character, levelling up and so forth.

    Akin to gym membership, for the monthly/annual fee you would need to justify it with hours invested in it!!

    Too much hard work but WoW beats Gym hands down in fun factor obviously, and it's not due to lack of attempts, I ruddy well got myself one or two WoW packs.

    Maybe one day when I m a resigned pensioner with all the times on my hand and kids left the roost.
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  • Microsoft: "no plans" to release an Xbox One without Kinect

  • GamesConnoisseur 25/02/2014

    I fully agreed with the decision to stick to keep the Kinect in, as it's too late to back out and fragments the Xbox One owners, creates a far more damaging flip flopping, lack of vision with the console and so forth. As without Kinect, Xbox One is just far weaker next gen console compared to PS4.

    That said, I do wish there wasn't a Kinect in first place, as THE best years of Xbox happens to be the years BEFORE Kinect. The first Xbox were much superior a gaming machine, internal hard drive, better online infrastructure and so on. X360 improves on many features except the hard drive and still carries the console through the first few years.

    Once MS got distracted with Kinect, getting first and third parties studios wasting lot of manpower on Kinect, the exclusives must haves pretty much dries up.

    The damages to Xbox brand with the gamers will do MS and us good in the long run, after all look at how Sony turned around after terrible cock up with the launch of PS3 and damaging PRs.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is 720p on Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/02/2014

    Never owned a Xbox, so glad your policy only finally got validated on the third time!

    The last two times, especially the Kinect-less era, were the best years to own an Xbox IMO.
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  • Titanfall beta data mined, new maps discovered

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/02/2014

    My son and I enjoyed the Beta, interestingly we both preferred different things, him so much loving Attrition mode, me more of hard point domination and Last Titan Standing modes. He don't always call in Titan but do use them more toward the end. I call them in at an earliest opportunity, either pilot or set them to guard/follow mode. He is more of a COD gamer and me KZ:SF/BF4.

    Of course KZ:SF looks better compared to TF but hell we both are equally looking forward to TF full release next month, it's not a damn sin to actually enjoy TF on XBO. Whether COD type or anti-COD (me).

    People can go on hating for all the good they do to change my or my son's mind! Sure we ll get bored and move on eventually, but so do anyone will with all the games. But I m hoping there ll be enough there for a goody while.
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  • Why Turtle Rock left Valve

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/02/2014

    Very interesting insight in being part of a Valve company, I wonder how other studios/Publishers seem to managed their long distance relationship better? Is it cos of Valve's almost flat and liassez faire management structure?

    Valve pretty much a poster child darling of the gaming community, still shouldn't mean they aren't being scrunitised the same as any companies.

    Just could be simply that Turtle Rock and Valve's working cultures were too different and Valve did let them regain their independence without cashing in on their assets and give the staff the pink slips like many companies out there normally do!
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  • Nutjitsu and Worms among first Xbox One ID@Xbox games

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/02/2014

    Team 17 in Amiga days were among the most exciting developers, they release a range of titles and today whilst Worms still a fun franchise but would also hope to see more.

    Super Frog, Body Blow, Alien Breed among many other titles, Project X, Assassin, Superstar Dust and so forth.

    Today, seem all just Worms. Maybe this is the signs of the time, where small developer can only do so much in the HD gaming era.
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  • Watch us play Outlast from 5pm GMT

  • GamesConnoisseur 05/02/2014

    @BillMurray @bad09

    Fair points, sure if I was sitting on a fence, then watching videos of games in motions would be more revealing and useful than just looking at nice snapshots.

    Finding things out for yourselves is something I still values, going back to the 80s where there were no Internet, no hand holdings tutorials or in game assistances to do all the work for you! Though I do occasionally look up in forums for tips on challenging bits, just as you would ask a mate.

    It's just struck me as a strange thing, 'watch us play', I suppose as I sorta equalise it with someone watching a 'watch us watch a movie' then going to see the said film!
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