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  • New PSP will launch in Europe before Japan, Sony confirms

  • Eckyboy 20/07/2007

    It's a bit late for April fools aint it. Seriously though if us Europeans are finally getting something first how about we get Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + as well then. This add-on to portable ops launches the same day as the japanese release of the new psp. There has to be a game to come out with the redesigned PSP in Europe in September otherwise I think it is kind of pointless as I already have a PSP. Reply 0
  • Murderer's mum blames games

  • Eckyboy 16/07/2007

    What a braindead and useless excuse for a mother this is. Are we supposed to believe she buys games that have ratings clearly marked on them without ever checking them? Blame everyone else but yourself you dreg of humanity. She is just as guilty as her son and to try and shift the blame for her sons mental problems onto video games is both idiotic and an insult too the poor girl and her family. The sooner the majority of the population realise that games are not just for kids (see the age ratings? that is a good clue) the better. Idiotic reporting and statements like this are the reason games like Manhunt 2 can be unfairly banned. If you are going to ban Manhunt 2 then Manhunt should have been banned. Likewise Resident Evil 4, Scarface, GTA etc. The whole thing is a joke and I just hope the victims family can find some peace. Reply 0
  • Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • Eckyboy 30/06/2007

    good review. I thought this game was fantastic and I was gutted when it ended. I hope they do more but I don't have a PC and will not but an XBOX360 until they sort out the red ring of death problem. Reply 0
  • Rockstar "proud" of Manhunt 2

  • Eckyboy 29/06/2007

    I loved the original Manhunt. The atmosphere and the incredible AI of the enemies was second to none and so I was gutted when this was banned. I think the problem lies in the fact so many people today are ignorant of what computer games are and that they are not just for kids. I enjoy books, films, TV etc and I enjoy computer games. Final Fantasy VII, Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid, Manhunt etc have provided me with moments that I won't forget and are every bit as important as the other media out there. If Rockstar are the company I think they are they will not give in to this ignorance and will find a way to get this game out.

    PS. If anyone from Rockstar is reading this could you please do a game of Escape From New York as I loved what you did with the warriors. I would also like to see you guys take on the Superman licence as it would be a different direction for you guys and nobody does atmosphere and immersion like you guys. Oh and if you could actually get ole eckyboy to appear as an extra in one of your games it would be great as well.

    PPS. Any chance you can get Raw Danger from 505 Games and release it in the UK as those half-wits refuse to bring it out. You know it makes sense.
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  • Repair specialist refuses to take further Xbox 360s

  • Eckyboy 29/06/2007

    This a total disgrace and is the reason I will not buy an XBOX360. When the actual repair company complains that this should not be happening so frequently then you can see there is a problem. I have been through four PS2s and if it were not for the fact I love the games I would have gave up on it long ago. I will not however except that situation with a supposed cutting next gen machine. Microsoft and Sony have not got a clue about even half-decent customer service. I will not buy a PS3 because of the price, the lack of games and the braindead marketing that releases a PS3 version of a game a month after it comes out on the XBOX360 Spider-man3 and The darkness for examples. There seems to be a blatant contempt for customers that are paying good money from Sony and Microsoft and they are only sealing their own fates.

    What I find most ludicrous though is the fact that Microsoft lose money for every XBOX360 they make which means that it is in their own interest to make a reliable console that will last instead of making more and more faulty ones. braindead.
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  • Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • Eckyboy 22/06/2007

    I just finished playing Dreamfall TLJ on the Xbox and I was totally blown away. What a fantastic game. I was gutted when it was over and I had that feeling that I had just experienced something amazing and I was on a total high. It is rare for a game to do that to me these days. I just hope they continue with more games as this is a story that has to play out. Reply 0