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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • Dappa 25/10/2012

    Lauren is currently deleting all comments about this fiasco that people are leaving on her own website.


    Please feel free to make her job just that little bit harder today.
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  • App of the Day: Girls Like Robots

  • Dappa 23/10/2012

    "Girls like Robots"

    *cough* Would someone know where to purchase said robot?
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  • Four years later, the average Viking: Battle for Asgard arrives on PC

  • Dappa 18/10/2012

    @PrivateFloyd Yeah I had allot of fun with this, but on my 360 it did have serious FPS issues with the bigger battles. Reply +2
  • Behold the first Final Fantasy 14 PS3 screenshots

  • Dappa 11/10/2012

    I think all Final Fantasy games have been really good for visuals. I think its the slightly stale game play which makes me shrug when i see these press pieces. No offence to lovers of the series ;) Reply +1
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown demo on Xbox Live now, PSN tomorrow

  • Dappa 09/10/2012

    @orpheus Maybe your getting a special high rez texture pack?? Reply 0
  • Bethesda's new Battlecry studio building new free-to-play online game

  • Dappa 04/10/2012

    This obsession with Free to Play models just keeps on going. Reply +9
  • Pay-what-you-want indie games site launches, spotlights SpaceChem

  • Dappa 03/10/2012

    Surely this is Humble Bundle re-skinned no? Reply -1
  • Dead Space dev backpedals on Gears of War criticism

  • Dappa 24/04/2012

    One of the most grovelling nauseating back tracks I have ever had the misfortune to read. Reply +2
  • BioShock 2 to grace the PS3?

  • Dappa 08/04/2008

    OK we beg to differ but.

    acquired taste has nothing to do with mechanics and engine use? The physics system works perfectly especially when you bring in telekinesis (like gravity gun) and element factors making it 5 times more involving than HL2, in what things you can experiment with. I really like the HL series and i have replayed every installment at least once so i understand your love of them.

    Anyway if you don't like the engine then you don't like an updated version of Unreal 3 ahem which everybody knows is well excellent.

    Look all im saying is yes you may not like it, you may lie awake at night screaming at the thought of playing it but as a piece of software and what it does etc it is a good game. Respect is due to what Bioshock is.
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  • Dappa 08/04/2008

    Agreed apologies,

    However you still don't own it and have no PC games in your collection. Judging by your comment you have only played or seen the demo? hardly good grounds to rubbish a game.

    Anyway regardless of your personal tastes, to slate a games lighting and artistic direction considering some of the most influential and well respected people in the industry have applauded it really holds no weight. Furthermore yeah the game play mechanics aren't revolutionary but i can still do more with them than any other next gen shooter out at the moment.

    I am just still confused why you are rubbishing a blatantly very good game. You may not like its style or environments but that does not make it a bad game.
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  • Dappa 08/04/2008


    Wow you must be blind and slightly retarded. Not to too rude but how can you ........... WHAT i just checked your profile you don't even own a 360 or have this game you FUCKING GIMP. OMG are you just hating good 360 games because your a PS WHino and before you start i have both and love both.

    Don't comment on games you haven't even played child.
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  • Performance drugs for pro gamers

  • Dappa 16/01/2008


    My cousin is a bio chemist, who i have just sent the fpsbrain link to. His reply was basically what a load of bollocks, this product basically contains vitamins, stabilizers, non essential amino acids and caffeine. The only ingredient that would be of any use is Tyrosine. Tyrosine basically helps neurotransmitters start firing but they give patients between 1000 and 1500 mg's as a daily dose and even then there is only a noticeable change in patients already under physical or emotional stress. Judging by the 100 mg dose they state this is just a con.

    Just go out and by some redbull or go full wack and get an ounce of coke.
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  • LittleBigPlanet - Trailer

  • Dappa 10/12/2007

    Its a kind of mix and match. You can sit there for hours just messing about making things for you and your mates to play on. Or you can play pre-designed levels from the developers. So a mix of sandbox partying and puzzle solving madness.

    Trust me it will keep you entertained for a looong time, the creative options are unbelievable.
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  • 10 minutes on LittleBigPlanet

  • Dappa 18/09/2007

    Damn cool, hours and hours of fun. You may say its a casual game but it gives you the freedom to make whatever you want the options are endless. No more im bored after 10 hours of the same 10 levels. Reply 0