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  • Steam in hot water after admitting security lapse exposed 34,000 users' details

  • DanWhitehead 31/12/2015

    @CaptainKid "Nothing is stopping someone else to upload my cv information to wherever they please."

    Nothing apart from a little thing called the Data Protection Act.
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  • Games of 2015 no. 9: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • DanWhitehead 24/12/2015

    The game's biggest weakness for me was that too many of the houses felt identical - same layouts, same furniture, same books and ornaments. For all the gorgeous exteriors, the places the characters were supposed to live felt stiflingly videogamey. That felt like a missed opportunity to really tell these stories in organic environmental ways as well as through triggered exposition. Reply +14
  • Eurogamer says farewell to Dan Whitehead

  • DanWhitehead 18/12/2015

    Holy shit. You guys. Leaving Eurogamer was probably the hardest work-based decision I've ever had to make, and even now the words "leaving" and "Eurogamer" in close proximity feel weird. After coming up through the trenches of games magazines, Eurogamer was the only gaming website I ever wrote for. Not once was I pressured to tweak a score, or soften my words, and for that a part of me will forever by Team EG. Reply +238
  • The Tomorrow Children closed beta sign-up live

  • DanWhitehead 08/12/2015

    @Dr_Wadd Aah, but by then it would be today, not tomorrow. Reply +1
  • Sandbox game Life Is Feudal emerges out of Early Access next week

  • DanWhitehead 09/11/2015

    @Zepthire "Modestly Multiplayer Online" Reply +5
  • The Park review

  • DanWhitehead 29/10/2015

    @spamdangled You mean noted like this?

    "None of this comes to anything, and much is simply easter egg lore, there for the amusement of players of The Secret World, Funcom's MMO in which Atlantic Island Park is a location. If you're not a player of that game, much of the narrative background here is superfluous."
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  • Watch: What we expect from today's PlayStation conference

  • DanWhitehead 27/10/2015

    @Bratterz That's une oeuf of that, thank you. Reply +4
  • Project Spark drops free-to-play model, ends DLC support

  • DanWhitehead 29/09/2015

    I can't help thinking that the success of Super Mario Maker has something to do with this. Nintendo has got everything right that Microsoft got wrong. Reply +2
  • Several prominent voice actors have voted to strike

  • DanWhitehead 23/09/2015

    @SavageEvil "Unbelievable, the people who actually all the heavy lifting get little pay, just like in the movies, the people who do all the work building out a movie, set, getting things in line, keeping the actors prompted, so many of those little people not getting their due."

    Actually, most of those "little people" do get their due, because movie sets are heavily unionised.

    "These guys who come in and pretend to be a character in a video game. Just how many actor get residuals from sales of movies? Unless they have massive draw that just doesn't happen."

    Not true. Lots of US actors get residuals and royalties from TV work, adverts etc. It's not just the A-list stars. That's the benefit of being unionised.
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  • DanWhitehead 23/09/2015

    @adrianleighgordon "And, from a more personal perspective, a bit egotistical. Everybody plays a part in making these games what they are, what makes VA's so damned special?"

    Nothing, but SAG is an actor's union so they're talking about actors. They're not saying actors are more deserving than anyone else, just that their union literally can't speak for anyone else.
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  • Mighty No. 9's demo has been delayed

  • DanWhitehead 17/09/2015

    Pretty sure at this point that they've just remade the entire game in Super Mario Maker and are still trying to work out how to share it. Reply +34
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's meaty Afterbirth expansion pushes out a release date

  • DanWhitehead 08/09/2015

    That headline. Reply +5
  • UK tax watchers are furious with the "fairly undramatic" Ship Emergency Simulator

  • DanWhitehead 03/09/2015

    The Tax Payer's Alliance is a shoddy astroturf lobby group that exists only to get stories into the papers when taxes are used to pay for, well, pretty much anything. It's a front for a bunch of tax-avoiding corporations who want to push the agenda that "tax = bad", while pretending they're doing it for the benefit of the obligatory "hard-working taxpayer". The grand irony is that the TPA probably wastes more taxpayers money with its constant FOI requests, that must be dealt with out of the public purse, as it fishes around for any statistic that might stand up its greasy little crusade. Reply +40
  • Amazon Underground makes hundreds of F2P Android games actually free

  • DanWhitehead 27/08/2015

    Not sure how I feel about this. In theory, it will hopefully lead to a decline in aggressive micro-transactions and instead drive developers to create games that people want to play for longer.

    However, Amazon tried introducing something similar with its Kindle books, where authors would be paid based on how many pages were read, and writers protested - with some good reason - arguing that some media doesn't lend itself to that sort of model. The fear was that it would lead to longer, blander books that were easy to skim through, and would make life harder for those writing non-fiction, short stories and anything that is slightly challenging.

    Games won't face those same problems, but does it mean we'll see a rise in simplistic games that are deliberately made easy so that people keep playing? I guess I'm just wary of how much sinister marketing psychology has been used in the IAP field, and how that might be applied to this new model.
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  • Guillermo del Toro doesn't want to make another game

  • DanWhitehead 14/08/2015

    "Buy Silent Hills from Amazon"

    Oh, Ad-Bot, you are a cruel tease.
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  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional review

  • DanWhitehead 10/08/2015

    @BobbyDeNiro "It reminds me a bit of Starfleet-an obscure Saturday morning TV show that I obsessed about as a kid."

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  • Microsoft Gamescom 2015 conference live report

  • DanWhitehead 04/08/2015

    Iceman, Martin. Reply 0
  • DanWhitehead 04/08/2015

    A rasta of top games? Irie! Reply 0
  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • DanWhitehead 24/07/2015

    @makeamazing "In the new Aliens movie (2016/2017?), Aliens 3 didn't happen, hicks and Ripley are still alive floating in space, so the whole retro fitting is happening in movies, i think it can in games."

    It's more that A:CM changes the movie canon for no loftier reason that retreading the exact same scenario all over again. The story is wafer thin fan service.
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  • DanWhitehead 24/07/2015

    @doswillrule "I love that his defence of Colonial Marines boils down to defending the story and claiming that it was too avant garde for people to enjoy (comparing Gearbox to the Beatles for christ's sake!)."

    That was the real facepalm moment for me. I don't think anybody disliked Colonial Marines or Duke Nukem Forever because they were too "avant garde".
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  • DanWhitehead 24/07/2015

    @tennocyte "You can't deny the fact that 10x sales of pre-orders doesn't seem right if the game was as bad as some people make it out."

    Almost as if the game had some kind of beloved movie license attached that would make people pick it up...
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  • The Magic Circle review

  • DanWhitehead 21/07/2015

    Double Fine's Hack 'n' Slash had a similar "reprogram the environment" mechanic. Reply +6
  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • DanWhitehead 20/07/2015

    Loading screens offer some useful tips, including this gem: 'Before taking a swing, you should always aim your shot.'

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  • Godzilla review

  • DanWhitehead 17/07/2015

    @spamdangled "No, that's an optional sidequest on each stage. The way it's written in the review makes it sound as though it's a necessary requirement."

    They're optional in the sense that you don't need to do them to complete the level. They're absolutely essential if you want to actually finish the game, however, as the final five maps only unlock when you've captured enough data. And "sidequest" is a rather grand term for "standing on a spot and waiting for a few seconds".

    "Also, no real mention of the other game modes. You can create your own levels (which is only mentioned as a footnote), evolve Godzilla and spend talent points, there's a series of 1-on-1 challenges with other Kaiju..."

    You can't create your own levels. You can create static dioramas using models you unlock. It's a nice idea - as I say in the review - but it is not a level editor.

    The tiresome process of grinding DNA to evolve Godzilla is explored across two paragraphs. The other game modes rely entirely on the same clumsy combat from the campaign, which was already discussed earlier in the review.
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  • 1989 Batman movie skins coming to Arkham Knight

  • DanWhitehead 14/07/2015

    @riceNpea Adam West's costume had a sort of dark blue/purple cowl and cape, not black. Reply +7
  • CoD: Black Ops 3's Zombie Mode stars Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman

  • DanWhitehead 10/07/2015

    So it looks like Ron Perlman gets to play Hellboy AND The Goon.
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  • Peanuts platformer announced by Activision

  • DanWhitehead 08/07/2015

    "it all looks a bit Donkey Kong Country"

    Hmm. Looks more like LittleBeaglePlanet to me.
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  • PlanetSide 2 review

  • DanWhitehead 06/07/2015

    @Mr-Writer You can leave Koltyr at any time. Once you reach level 15, you can't return however. Reply +5
  • Destiny: The Taken King promotional Red Bull quest and bonus XP detailed

  • DanWhitehead 24/06/2015

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  • The Elder Scrolls Online still feels limited in its opening hours

  • DanWhitehead 11/06/2015

    @Dismiss "Oh, and anyone expecting a dynamic and original experience from an MMO in the first few hours, is bound to be disappointed. These games are all about teaming up, squaring off and showing off your gear, the sooner you realise that the better."

    This is the problem with the console version so far. It does nothing to let players know this. The emphasis for the first 10-hours or more is on solo play. Add in the painfully dull "quests" and there's nothing here to help players new to the genre understand what the appeal is.
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  • DanWhitehead 11/06/2015

    "And yet Skyrim does have automatic Health regeneration....."

    Not like this. It's practically instantaneous. I didn't die once in combat on the way to Level 10, and was even able to stand in one place, without doing anything, and watch an enemy struggle to do more damage than I was recharging.
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  • People are struggling to log in to The Elder Scrolls Online on console

  • DanWhitehead 09/06/2015

    @blakeavon "why are people always so shocked when they cant get into a MMO on the first day or so?"

    Because people think that if you've paid for a product, it should work? Can you imagine if Jurassic World opened in cinemas, and for the first day all you got to see was a black screen? Would people just say "Oh well, that's what you should expect if you pay to see a movie on opening day"?
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  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • DanWhitehead 06/06/2015

    "Buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from Amazon"

    Automated ads really sticking the knife in at the end.
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  • We need to talk about emulation

  • DanWhitehead 31/05/2015


    "In an ideal world, copyright laws would include a requirement to keep titles in circulation or accessible."

    We have public domain laws (which are broken, admittedly) but you can't force companies to keep their products on sale. It's unworkable and unethical. Who would enforce it? What about the small indie companies? How are they supposed to ensure that all their games remain playable forever?

    Just because we want something doesn't mean publishers are duty bound to supply it, and if they don't supply it that doesn't give us the legal or moral right to take it. Not the cool or popular opinion, but I believe this level of entitlement is a huge problem - especially for games.

    "There are genuine issues here with industry behaviour that the article chooses to ignore."

    Limited space, and I wanted to address the normalised attitude of gamers towards emulation specifically. Not ignoring the wider issues, and agree they all need to be debated openly and honestly, which is why the title is "We need to talk about emulation".
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  • DanWhitehead 31/05/2015

    "The old studios that made those MS-DOS games are either rebranded, dismantled or outright gone. So only one that is there to claim copyright "infrigement" is the copyright office."

    That's true for some of the games on Internet Archive - and I have absolutely no problem with truly lost obscurities being rescued by emulation. The World of Spectrum website tracks down developers and gets their permission before making ROMs available. Not a perfect system, but a step in the right direction.

    However, look at the list of games on the Internet Archive now. Particularly in the arcade section. There are dozens - even hundreds - of major titles in there, owned by companies like Sega and Capcom. There's no question that they are still in copyright. Out Run is not "abandonware".
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  • Nintendo colours outside the lines in the lovable but irksome Splatoon

  • DanWhitehead 27/05/2015

    @Rob "These impression are all over the place. One moment complaining you don't unlock certain things until lvl 4 or lvl 10 (so, not just dumping everything on a new player then), while the next screenshot caption complains you level up really quickly and potentially too fast - "you may find you hit the Level 20 cap too soon"."

    It's both. You start the game with one gun, one game mode and only ever two maps to play on. You have to churn through dozens of basically identical matches before you can start using different guns. Then you have to churn through loads more matches to get one more game mode. It doesn't take long to unlock everything, but by that point I found the constant repetition of maps had sapped my enjoyment, and the Splat Zones mode isn't radically different enough to make much of a difference.

    There's a mode coming in an update, where you have to stay on top of a mobile tower to move it towards the enemy goal. That might mix things up. As it stands though, and as cute as the splat-and-swim concept is, there's just not enough to do in the base game to sustain it. In my opinion.
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  • Christopher Lloyd stars in new Lego Dimensions trailer

  • DanWhitehead 20/05/2015

    @mouse The Portal one is mentioned in the article. And the figure of 37 includes the five different formats of the core game. There are 32 add-ons. Reply +1
  • Adventure Time Puzzle Quest coming this summer

  • DanWhitehead 20/05/2015

    @VideoGameAddict25 To be fair to D3, Puzzle Quest pre-dates Candy Crush by five years. Still doesn't make a Match 3 puzzler an "all-new gaming experience" though. Reply 0
  • Skylanders-style Lego Dimensions features Batman, Gandalf, Back to the Future

  • DanWhitehead 09/04/2015


    "When was the last time that LEGO made a game with their own characters only?"

    Last month. They've made loads of games for Legend of Chima and Ninjago, the most recent of which came out in March.
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  • Q*Bert Rebooted review

  • DanWhitehead 24/02/2015


    In "The Ultimate History of Video Games", David Thiel, the sound designer for Q*Bert, said: "We wanted the game to say, 'You have gotten 10,000 bonus points', and the closest I came to it after an entire day would be 'bogus points'. Being very frustrated with this, I said, 'Well, screw it. What if I just stick random numbers in the chip instead of all this highly authored stuff, what happens?'"

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  • Video: Enjoy a slice of rage on toast with I am Bread

  • DanWhitehead 10/12/2014

    You don't actually need to use the toaster. You can turn on the oven hob and toast yourself on that. Dead easy.

    Also, smash the jar of jam on the table at the start - being covered in jam makes you extra sticky so climbing is easier.
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  • EA execs off the hook in Battlefield 4 'you lied to inflate share price' lawsuit

  • DanWhitehead 23/10/2014

    @Shikasama "I don't really blame you, you're an advertising vehicle and you're utterly dependent on the companies that make the stuff you write about.

    It's just irritating when you remember how obnoxiously plastered Battlefield 4 was all over the site."

    Actually, I'm an independent freelancer who has no idea what the advertising plans are for the website when I write my reviews.
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  • DanWhitehead 23/10/2014

    @Shikasama "You wrote a Disaster Report on it after giving it 8/10 you knobbers.

    Pass the Doritos"

    I gave it 8/10 based on the game I played at the review event. Turns out, the game played very differently on live servers with lots of players.

    That incident is why Eurogamer no longer gives scores for online-based games from review events, and only awards a score out of ten after the game has been played under normal conditions.

    Also, at the review event, I stayed in a completely different hotel to the rest of the gaming press, paid for by Eurogamer and not EA, and did not attend any PR-paid meals or related social events. Nor did I accept the Battlefield branded controller that was offered as a gift.

    You're free to agree or disagree with the score, of course, but it was given in good faith. If you think review events stink, guess what? I agree. The way games are released is changing, and so is the way we gain access to them for review. Eurogamer has been at the forefront of openly and honestly reacting to those changes. No Doritos required.
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  • Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft after a decade

  • DanWhitehead 20/10/2014

    @dirtysteve "A Tony Hawk - style pure-parkour game would be what the sport needs. Has there been one?"

    There was a PS2 game in 2007 called Free Running. It wasn't very good.

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  • Dead Rising: Watchtower film will be "Indiana Jones with zombies"

  • DanWhitehead 01/10/2014

    "Another very cool element from the game is the zombies remember a little bit about their previous lives. There is something really haunting about seeing a zombie cop randomly firing his gun, or a zombie mum pushing a stroller."

    As with most things zombie-related, Romero did it first.
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  • David Braben says The Outsider "probably is gone for good"

  • DanWhitehead 11/09/2014

    @Ceatlan Not to mention, simply releasing a console game can cost a ton of money. Different certification processes, localisation, plus marketing and PR so that people will find and buy it. Even if the game were finished, QA tested and ready to go, "just release it" isn't as simple as it sounds. It's not just a question of uploading it to the internet and waiting for the money to roll it. Reply +12
  • Sony confirms "reduction in workforce" at inFamous dev Sucker Punch

  • DanWhitehead 20/08/2014

    Seems especially weird given that there's a Sly Cooper movie coming in 2016. Reply +1
  • Sonic Boom has a release date on 3DS and Wii U

  • DanWhitehead 15/08/2014

    @Turbocharge "It looks like they've taken more than a little bit of inspiration from the Ratchet and Clank series - which can only be a good thing."

    Big Red Button was set up by Bob Rafei, one of the original members of the Naughty Dog team. He worked on Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter, so that'll be the influence you're detecting.
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  • Video: Ian's about to tell you all about his favourite game

  • DanWhitehead 04/08/2014

    "Brilliant!" Reply +6
  • Video Games: The Movie review

  • DanWhitehead 04/08/2014

    @Guy.J. "Your use of "many" somewhat nullifies your point; rubbish is rubbish, whenever it was made. In my post, I said "the best of the modern world" not "the average" and certainly not "the worst"."

    Well, my point was actually that rubbish is rubbish, whenever it was made, so it seems we agree? This documentary takes the approach that "good and new" is automatically better than "good and old", and that those old good games existed only to get us to Gears of War and similar.

    "Cavemen once scratched pictures into rocks. You can look at one of those pictures and say it's amazing, and in a way it is, but at the same time it's just a fucking scribble. It's not Monet."

    This is the thinking I have a problem with. By this logic, you could then go on to dismiss Monet by saying "It's not Damien Hirst", which is insane.

    Art doesn't exist on a neat timeline that curves ever upwards and is constantly narrowing in on the perfect realisation of form. Today's US blockbusters are not the inevitable evolution of the early arcade games. They are one possible development of some of the core systems of those games. It's not a peak and it's not an end point. That's the part of Video Games: The Movie I have a problem with - the way its stupidly broad scope and pointlessly narrow vision combine to erase so much valuable stuff from the debate.
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