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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes investigated by Belgian Gaming Commission

  • Dan234 18/11/2017

    @TwinStripeUK Yes, you are quoting the law in the UK as it currently stands.

    Now all it takes is:

    1. a change in legislation in the UK.

    2. a court case setting precedent to give monetary value to virtual goods obtained in a game of chance which players aren't allowed to trade. It's not that difficult, you work out how much you need to pay to get a chance at each tier's prize and multiply by the chance of winning something for that tier. EA would hate that.

    3. Another country in the EU to do the same.

    It's easy to come up with reasonable standards like it displays on the purchase screen that you're gambling, you've spent x on gambling so far, a table which shows you the chance of winning each tier, that lootbox purchase by credit card or virtual currency card requires the parental controls PIN, or that no mention of gambling or lootboxes at all must appear in the game for underage players (not just greying out the menu option).

    You can defend the status quo all you like, but when the law is wrong and there's piss-taking on this scale it eventually gets changed. PEGI will jump before it's pushed, it always has, it is after all just game software trade associations acting in their members' interests. They realise that if they don't do something to calm this down then a change in law will calm things down even more. If they misread things and leave things too late and the law changes, so much the better in my view.
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  • Dan234 18/11/2017

    @GreyBeard There was a beta and the game was already out before release date on EA Access. It's not anger hearsay and conjecture as you say, it's based on gameplay.

    Maybe retroactive punishment is up to each country, but that's not an argument for not getting it under control.
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  • Dan234 17/11/2017


    Two European countries gambling commissions investigating the game wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it? They wouldn't want legal precedence in Europe as that would affect PEGI and that in turn would drag the ESRB into it.

    Shame it's still a glitchy mess (see Jim Sterling's review) and the whole gameplay is based around micro transactions. Now nobody will be able to play as Vader without grinding for a week.

    What a mess.
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  • Dan234 16/11/2017


    Legal precedence in the UK has already granted legal protection to virtual goods, which means they can be considered to have value.

    So this argument you're clinging on to by a thread is going to get completely destroyed sooner or later, either by legislation or after another court case. Of course virtual goods won in a game of chance where people spend millions of pounds to be able to participate have a monetary value. The fact that EA don't let you sell them on so you can obtain that monetary value isn't important.

    Or, if you look at it another way, the profit that EA makes from loot boxes shows that loot boxes do have monetary value.
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  • Dan234 16/11/2017

    Go Belgium and Holland. It's high time for age restrictions at the very least.

    And thanks for EG for their coverage.
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  • EA has switched off Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransactions

  • Dan234 17/11/2017

    @BobbyDeNiro Mute the sound but watch the video if you don't like Jim Sterling. You'll still see glitches galore.

    Who would spend even 30 quid on that?

    And when the MT's come back the gameplay will be patched to rely on them again.
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  • Dan234 17/11/2017

    @Angus_McOatup_73 Watch Jim Sterling's review to see what a glitchy mess it is. Are you really going to buy that? Reply +3
  • Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch gets another generous free update

  • Dan234 15/11/2017


    Well at that RRP it's not really free DLC and they launched a minimum viable product as early as possible hoping it would get extra sales for being one of the first titles out for the Switch. I guess an early release worked.

    They also said sales were good and they were looking at releasing more of their back catalogue, I'm guessing that they might be looking at an PS4 or X1 version which will come with all this DLC anyway.
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  • Rime developer addresses Switch performance issues

  • Dan234 14/11/2017

    @the_ewan Do we really need to choose our hardware based on how well it copes with poor Unity performance? Reply +3
  • FIFA 18 patch stamps out popular FUT AI "exploit"

  • Dan234 14/11/2017

    The CPU plays the game as you would, EA says, "limited by the same input restrictions as a human player is".
    Only the CPU team (I refuse to call it AI) opened a lootbox beforehand called "blind ref".
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  • EA's response to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 hero unlock fury isn't going down well

  • Dan234 13/11/2017


    The scary thing is Konami just posted very strong finanical results as a result of this change...
    Videogames will never be as profitable as gambling, but big publishers are under pressure generate ever bigger profits.

    The thing that pisses me off is publishers thinking videogames are fair game for turning into gambling games. At least Konami are being somewhat honest about it, if you can call preying on people's addictive behaviour honest. They don't pretend to be something they're not.

    We've probably still got at least 5 more years of EA wrecking games and IP before they decide to come clean about their business model, which will be when gamers give up on them and they're just left with microtransaction addicts.
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  • Dan234 13/11/2017

    Couldn't EA just do us all a favour and leave the videogame market and instead concentrate on FOBTs or trading cards or Pachinko machines or P2W mobile games? Like Konami, which is almost out of videogames and nobody misses now because they wrecked their IPs. #Fuckonami. Reply +4
  • EA DICE talks Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crates and changes

  • Dan234 10/11/2017

    Games cost a fortune to make, which is understandable they want to make money,
    Did anyone ask publishers to spend a fortune making them?
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  • Dan234 10/11/2017

    Any bets how long it takes until EA has DICE run into the ground?
    As soon as their microtransaction gambling fest sells a million less than expected.
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  • EA is buying Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment

  • Dan234 10/11/2017

    The Borg collective assimilates yet another studio and adds their IP to their own. Reply +4
  • Nintendo bids a fond farewell to Miiverse with a touching mosaic made of community doodles

  • Dan234 09/11/2017

    @ThatThereTim Press X to pay respects. Reply +1
  • Dan234 08/11/2017

    Nintendo made a miniature Miiverse just for Splatoon 2. I bet they'll end up doing something similar for other games.

    Iwata knew there was a need for a social network suitable for a gaming audience of all ages, something that no other console had and a way of generating loyalty to the brand. Kimishima would rather count beans instead.
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  • Call of Duty: WW2 has a mission to watch people open loot boxes

  • Dan234 03/11/2017

    It's like the Black Mirror episode The National Anthem, but with loot boxes instead of a pig.

    And if you run up a compulsive spending habbit then the loot box turns round and fucks you.
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  • LA Noire's Switch download version doesn't fit on a Switch

  • Dan234 02/11/2017

    But hey, on the plus side, at least the memory cards aren't proprietary...
    They're encrypted when formatted on the Switch and can't be read by other Switches so they might as well be.

    If they were doing it properly they'd have done standard SD card format and encrypted the files locked to your NNID which could be decrypted by your own consoles offline or other Switches after logging in.
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  • In Call of Duty: WW2, loot boxes drop from the sky onto Normandy beach and open in front of other players

  • Dan234 02/11/2017

    Will we get poppies on poppy day to show that Activision care? Reply 0
  • Star Citizen shows off cities the size of planets

  • Dan234 31/10/2017

    @sethsez They won't rest until they've turned it into the Roy game from Rick and Morty. Reply -1
  • Super Mario Galaxy, the Nintendo game that landed from another star

  • Dan234 26/10/2017


    Someone posted an image from Nintendo not too long back showing exactly that.

    The Galaxies, Land, and World are timed course games and 64, Sunshine, and Odyssey are exploration games.

    Nintendo consider the sequel to Sunshine to be Odyssey.
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  • Dan234 26/10/2017

    @DHIATENSOR Get a DolphinBar. It's a sensor bar for computers that also takes care of Wiimote paring so you're not screwing about with the Windows Bluetooth stack (or the Windows Bluetooth stack isn't screwing around with you). Reply +3
  • Nintendo has quietly added GameCube controller support to Switch

  • Dan234 24/10/2017

    There's pretty much no reason why they couldn't support Wiimote + assorted add-on controllers or Wii U Pro controllers too, apart from beancounting. Reply +1
  • Echo feels like the ultimate conclusion to Hitman

  • Dan234 24/10/2017

    If you were to just walk or run through this game, what happens, would the clones know how to hit or use guns anyway or would you just get bumped into? Reply 0
  • When it comes to FIFA 18, you can most definitely cash out

  • Dan234 23/10/2017


    I don't have kids, so maybe I'm missing something. I do think this is gambling and needs regulation, but I also know there are parental controls on ALL systems that could prevent children from over spending like this.

    Of course there are, it's just that EA just don't want to do this in their code:

    if (console->currentProfile->getAge() >= 16)
    { showShinyStoreButton(); }

    Instead they prefer to do this:


    So they know what they're doing.

    What's needed is pressure on PEGI to classify them as gambling and age restrict appropiately. Difficult to do unless many large EU countries become involved.
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  • Remembering Dyna Blaster, the first Battle Royale game I played

  • Dan234 20/10/2017

    @gav082 How'd you play 4 player on Amiga

    Like this.

    First to the students union for cheap beer which was even more watered down that Wetherspoons, back to student digs for four player Dynablaster. Life doesn't get any better than this. At least in my case it didn't.
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  • Government response to loot box concern is predictably non-committal

  • Dan234 18/10/2017

    Until it appears in the Daily Mail under a headline like "Evil videogame bosses get round our British gambling laws to target your young innocent children and make them spend your family's heard-earned money" nothing's going to happen, and we all know it. Reply +2
  • Minecraft's Better Together Update is a mess on console

  • Dan234 17/10/2017

    I assumed Microsoft wouldn't launch the Better Together Update until it had thought through Minecraft's issues and made it friendlier for console owners.
    I take it you missed Windows 10's launch...
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  • EA has shut down Visceral Games

  • Dan234 17/10/2017


    Were EA's focus group a bunch of people from Gamblers Anonymous? That's the only way I can think they'd find a group of people asking for loot boxes.
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  • Dan234 17/10/2017

    How... expected. EA is the touch of death for any studio or franchise. Reply +7
  • Jelly Deals: Super Mario Odyssey discounted digitally pre-launch

  • Dan234 17/10/2017

    You'd have to wilfully ignore Nintendo's online/digital policy to go digital only on a Nintendo platform.

    The Wii was discontinued in 2013 and its online services got canned in 2014 except the shop which is going in 2019. The Wii U is worse with online services being canned this year, in the same year as its discontinuation date meaning games will lose features.

    The fact is you can start up a perfectly good Nintendo console five years later and not have access to digital games or updates for physical games to fix bugs (even the Wii had one which fixed a bug in Skyward Sword, in its clunky way).

    So when it comes to Nintendo, unless its an indie digital release, physical is the best way to go.
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  • How I ruined Sega's financial results

  • Dan234 15/10/2017


    I thought they were hoping Netflix would pick Dark Matter up. Looks like it ain't to be, which is a shame as it was total cheese but I liked it for that.

    Just found The Orville which is another light Sci-Fi series which seems to be worth watching, based on the first couple of episodes. A sort of homage to Star Trek but it's not gritty and dark like Discovery. I get enough of that on the news.
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  • Dan234 14/10/2017


    Oh FFS. You've just shat in my cornflakes by the way, but I don't blame you, I blame IGN.
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  • Dan234 14/10/2017

    I notice the last paragraph was there just to stop it being all over the comments. Nicely saved! Reply +28
  • Are loot boxes gambling?

  • Dan234 12/10/2017

    PEGI is only the national game software trade associations in the EU working together voluntarily to set up a rating system before they got legislated into doing something more strict.

    Arguing that it's not gambling because you always get something, even though most of the time it's useless, is disingenuous.

    If they can't recognise gambling for what it is and think up of a label then a country will step in and legislate, which is what they don't want. Presumably somewhere like Germany which gives more of a toss about these things than the UK.
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  • How Jon Hare's Sociable Soccer went from Kickstarter flop to Steam Early Access

  • Dan234 12/10/2017

    I think there's room for something other than FIFA. Some games tick all the boxes except the one about being fun to play.

    Shame it's not today, but it's in my wishlist and follow and I'll look again next week.

    People complaining that they had the nerve to ask for 300,000 in a Kickstarter obviously have never sat down and worked out how much developers, offices, equipment, utilities, taxes, publishing, and legal advice actually cost. :lol:
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  • As we near peak loot box, one game is cutting down on them

  • Dan234 10/10/2017

    These games should be labeled as gambling in the PEGI rating and appropiately age restricted, but many aren't (oh but it's not really gambling because it's in-game currency... which you buy with real money). Reply +2
  • Telltale's Batman uses photo of assassinated Russian ambassador

  • Dan234 08/10/2017

    @Dreadjaws I bet it was crunch time. Anything to get the damn thing done and out the door. Reply 0
  • XP is helping me to learn German

  • Dan234 07/10/2017

    We were a great nation one who helped bring freedom from Germany and then we went and gave all our power away by being told what to do by a group of people who never got voted in.
    The UK is part of the world's biggest trading bloc and political union. It receives foreign investment because it's an English speaking nation inside the EU. Its job market is more flexible and open than most other EU countries. When it comes to setting standards and academic work, it's influential inside and outside the EU because of that.

    The UK has got opt outs - Schengen, Euro, and a rebate amongst others. Few other EU countries have as many.

    All of this shows the strength and influence that the UK has. Or rather, had, because it's seeping away.

    The UK did help "bring freedom from Germany", but it didn't do it alone. Why would the UK choose to go it alone now and leave its own local trading bloc? Canada didn't do that to trade with the EU.
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  • What happens to your Steam account when you die?

  • Dan234 06/10/2017

    Which is why people still like physical copies of media because no matter what happens its yours and you can pass it on, give it away, sell it, trade it, make a sandwich out of it or whatever.
    Unless, say, you have to activate the CD key on Steam, Origin, or Uplay. Then your CD is worthless as it's locked to your account.

    If you really want to sell on a CD linked to a digital service you need to use one account per purchase and pass the email/password combination for that account on too. It's too much of a hassle for most people.
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  • FIFA 18 now shows you which player your online opponent is controlling

  • Dan234 05/10/2017

    @stigdu And EA will get the dogshit colour wrong. They'll have to release an update to turn it white. Reply 0
  • Nintendo has set up a special Miiverse channel to mourn the service's imminent end

  • Dan234 05/10/2017

    Nintendo expecting you to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is not the same. None are gaming communities, the first two can be cesspits, the last one is a barren wasteland which is okay for Fallout but little else.

    Nintendo don't appreciate what they've made. I guess beancounters are behind this. Again.
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  • Nintendo Super NES Classic mini review

  • Dan234 01/10/2017

    Same hardware as the NES Classic: called it. :) Reply 0
  • Nintendo's half-arsed online cripples FIFA 18 on Switch

  • Dan234 30/09/2017

    Given that the Switch itself will supposedly register and manage friends, EA probably decided to wait. Could they justify spending the money trying to hit a moving target just before a game's release if Nintendo themselves don't know what they want from online and delayed the launch? Also if they do do something in-game that's more comprehensive now, they might have to re-do it all over again when Nintendo update the Switch's OS again later.

    Lobbies and friends are also supposed to be managed in the Switch app, which means that EA need to get FIFA support in there too.

    It's a bit easier for Nintendo, the Splatoon and MK teams can just ask the Switch OS team at the next table. Or perhaps OS online support might be entirely driven by what the Splatoon and MK teams want, which wouldn't surprise me.

    All in all, Nintendo are making a dog's breakfast of online... again.

    EA might even wait till FIFA 2019 to implement proper online once the features are nailed down, which would be pretty bad.
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  • Star Fox 2 review

  • Dan234 29/09/2017

    @elfergos Seems very mean spirited not to release it in the first place.

    When all's said and done, it doesn't actually look that good for 1996. They probably did the best they could with the hardware but the PlayStation, Saturn, and computers looked ten times better.

    Compare the ground stages with
    Wipeout in 95 and StarFox 64 which came out in 97:

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  • Wii Shop Channel shuts down in 2019

  • Dan234 29/09/2017

    @Enaksan Here's the definitive list of controllers in Wii U mode and Wii mode.

    There's some bug in Wii U mode where you sometimes have to hold 2 down on the Wiimote.

    Also the Wiimote should still work on the Wii U in Wii mode. Redownload the game from the Wii Shop Channel.
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  • Dan234 29/09/2017

    This one is the best version. Possibly...

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  • Dan234 29/09/2017

    @Son_of_Dad the Wii U eShop is not shutting down, just the Wii Shop Channel in Wii mode on the Wii U. Reply +6
  • How Super Mario Odyssey scales across docked and handheld modes

  • Dan234 28/09/2017

    @--OptimusGreyHead-- So I stuck it through Google Translate.

    Top row (Galaxies, 3D Land, 3D World) - Course Clear 3D.

    Bottom row (Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Odyssey) - Explore the box garden 3D.

    Just as a guess, perhaps the bottom row contains open exploration games with no time limit.
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