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  • No Man's Sky players meet in same spot, but can't see each other

  • Dan234 11/08/2016

    @Spider From that box and his tweets, he didn't get it done and probably thought he could patch it in later before anyone met. The only multiplayer sessions running would be the few planets with two or more players on them at the same time. Reply +1
  • In Theory: Could NX bring Wii and GameCube games to Virtual Console?

  • Dan234 31/07/2016

    All of this presupposes they're any good at software emulation. There's always something not quite right with their VC and titles are released in dribs and drabs.

    They need to have every title that's ever been released on previous VCs available on the NX's launch with the proper aspect ratio and refresh rate to show they're serious about it. Your purchases need to be carried over from the Wii and Wii U. Later on they can sort out those games with they haven't been able to emulate until now due to LAN play or extra memory or something.
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  • Dan234 31/07/2016

    @Binba442 I don't think there are GC games on the Wii U eShop either.

    A SanDisk Ultra Fit will do fine if you don't want storage taking up space when plugged into the Wii U.
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  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • Dan234 28/07/2016

    @Gemini73 You wait till Nintendo launch one of those dress/make up games/Nintendogs on the NX with VR. That'll be the next Wii. Reply 0
  • Dan234 28/07/2016

    It'll be as good as a powerful phone. Add a Cardboard-style case for the NX screen. Controls with Wiimote + Nunchuk.

    Maybe the TV base will be sold seperately so that way it's not that expensive when compared to tablets and it does VR.


    I think they're in with a chance if they can get a killer game or two at launch. They did bring motion controls to the mass market, they could do the same with VR.
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  • Dan234 28/07/2016

    NX + cardboard VR (or equivalent Nintendo add-on) + 2nd Player on TV + Minecraft or Mario Galaxy and they would be printing money once again. Reply 0
  • Nintendo NX is powered by Nvidia Tegra technology

  • Dan234 26/07/2016

    There was a leaked market research questionnaire about the NX a few months back that talked about 900p. No link because I'm on mobile but just Google "NX 900p". Reply +1
  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Dan234 26/07/2016

    Trust Nintendo to come up with a hardware solution for cross buy and cross play...

    But who knows, it might work out, although I get the feeling it will mean simpler games on a console than more complicated games on a portable.
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  • The classic 8-bit isometric games that tried to break the mould

  • Dan234 24/07/2016

    @higganos Android 2, TLL, and Cyclone weren't isometric but I think that was because Costa Panayi wanted to put colour in his games and the Spectrum's attribute clash made it difficult to do colourful isometric games.

    Highway Encounter, Revolution, and HATE should have got a mention though and he still managed to add some colour to them, at least in Highway Encounter.
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  • When Kickstarters go bad: chasing down the Recreated ZX Spectrum

  • Dan234 09/07/2016

    So Steve Wilcox didn't pay providers/suppliers and didn't deliver what he promised. Why are we still surprised by this in 2016? His CV is 30 years of con artistry. Reply +3
  • Splatoon gets an unofficial mobile port in China

  • Dan234 01/07/2016

    @Smoje Does that apk come with a free botnet, bitcoin miner, and banking app furtler? Reply 0
  • Hands-on with the emulator that turns NES games 3D

  • Dan234 01/07/2016

    @IronSoldier You could use Nintendon't in Wii mode to get GameCube emulation on the Wii U. Reply 0
  • Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs as it guts phone business

  • Dan234 26/05/2016

    @BabyBabyBabyOh MS can't launch an Atom-based Surface phone, Intel has just killed the phone SoCs. Reply 0
  • Nintendo bringing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to smartphones next

  • Dan234 27/04/2016

    If it's not cross-buy and cross-play with cloud save, it's a wasted opportunity. Reply +1
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 review

  • Dan234 03/04/2016

    @Stranded87 The power future proofs it and the sealed battery un future proofs it. Reply +9
  • Wii U GameCube controller adapter compatible with more than just Smash Bros.

  • Dan234 25/10/2014

    @green_nifta : As well as hardware emulation, the Wii can emulate GC software in Wii mode so you can use the Classic Controller... It's homebrew software called Nintendon't.

    So I'm not sure what Nintendo's excuse is for not being able to bring GC games to the Wii U's VC.
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  • This is what Tetris looks like on PS4 and Xbox One

  • Dan234 09/06/2014

    If they downgrade the graphics when they release it there's going to be hell to pay. Reply 0
  • Wii U system update adds Wii remote play

  • Dan234 02/10/2013

    @vert1go: You read/write to Bluetooth via a call to the IOS, so the modified IOSes could translate Wiimote-speak to Gamepad-speak and back again.

    Might be a little complicated, but it's certainly doable.

    And they should do it, if they're aiming the Wii U at gamers, gamers would like the Gamepad working with VC and side-on Wiimote games without a load of Wiimote nonsense going on.
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  • GameCube games via WiiWare on Wii U?

  • Dan234 26/07/2011

    How many GameCube games can you crowbar into the Wii U's limited onboard memory anyway?

    Going to be the same situation as we have now with the Wii and WiiWare/VC.
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  • Zelda Skyward Sword instrument "secret"

  • Dan234 30/06/2011

    ... but you can only unlock it if you put the Wii Music disc in the machine while playing.

    (They've got to improve sales somehow.)
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  • Wii U can't play DVDs or Blu-rays

  • Dan234 15/06/2011

    Trouble is Iwata said they wanted the Wii to be everyone's home entertainment centre, as well as playing games they get the weather, news, and so on. They even went so far as to commission official DVD player software for the Wii, then knocked it on the head. The end result was the Wii wasn't everyone's home entertainment centre.

    Now they're making the same mistake again, only more so because the new controller is perfect as a media player. If they're so tight over licensing fees they should put the DVD/media player on sale in the eShop and at least give the people who want it the option.
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  • Iwata reacts to fallen Nintendo stock

  • Dan234 10/06/2011

    You can begin to imagine what it could do for two player games... no split screen nonsense and no way to see what the other player's up to (well, for at least one of the players).

    You could play WiiUWare and Virtual Console games on the controller and if they thought about it and did things right they could link the WiiU and DSi shops and have cross platform games which work on both the Wii U and DSi and store save data on Nintendo's servers so you will be able to take your games with you.

    And using it as a tablet, a major use for tablet computers is Internet access in the living room while the telly's on, which is something else it's got covered. There could also be non-game software (productivity/utilities) for it. You start to wonder why, if you've got a Wii U, you'd bother to buy an iPad or Android tablet. Nintendo are attacking the market that's supposedly attacking Nintendo.

    I think it'll turn out to be fine, if Nintendo lead the way and 3rd parties apply themselves. Admittedly the problem with the Wii is that Nintendo were slow off the mark and most 3rd parties didn't put the effort in but the Wii U will allow publishers to support PS360-style games and if they're supporting the platform anyway they may be more ready to invest in more exotic stuff (controller/gameplay-wise) that you only find on Nintendo.

    I'm cautiously optimistic, I can see I'm going to have to start saving the pennies up just in case...
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  • Iwata: Wii U price likely over $250

  • Dan234 08/06/2011

    It'll be like the price of the Wii + the price of the DS. They'll have to offer interest free loans if anyone wants to buy the thing. Reply 0
  • Nintendo admits Wii online failings

  • Dan234 06/05/2011

    After PSNlol I can see some of the advantages of their online services. No addresses or credit card numbers are stored for a start.

    As for friend codes, designating friends can be a good idea because when you're playing a deathmatch game you might want to see your friends highlighted, talk only to friends, or mute strangers who spend the whole game shouting 'gay'. If they apply themselves they can come up with something (slightly) better than the PS360. However I've a feeling they'll just do a clone.
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  • Project Cafe has 8GB storage - report

  • Dan234 06/05/2011

    Downloadable games will be larger because of the better graphics so we'll be back where we started.

    Never mind, the possibilities are limitless, we'll be able to juggle SD cards about like the Wii. Perhaps it'll even directly run games off them instead of having to copy them to internal flash first when you launch them.

    It's like they want to screw up.
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  • Sony's PSN Identity Protection Scheme

  • Dan234 06/05/2011

    Let me see, 30 days free premium content then I need to entrust my (new) credit card details to them so that I can continue to access it.

    Um, no.
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  • PSN hysteria "a lot of wind and p**s"

  • Dan234 29/04/2011

    Bloke's talking up the service he depends on to keep his company afloat. Online fraud tends to be automated with scripts hitting holes in APIs on e.g. Amazon and Paypal servers, you don't have master craftsman in workshops laboriously hammering out credit cards and if you're customer number 1,399,999 then they'll never get up to you. Reply +10
  • PSN friends lists, trophies to remain

  • Dan234 29/04/2011

    After this and XBL phishing, I'm sort of thankful that Nintendo's online service is so crap. Reply +1
  • Want your PSN subscription fees back?

  • Dan234 26/04/2011

    Why in the name of snotting hankery are they storing passwords, which could be the same as your e-mail address or other passwords. They should be storing a hash of them.

    I'm not surprised their network is down if they don't know basic stuff like that.
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  • Is a 2012 Wii 2 launch too late?

  • Dan234 14/04/2011

    "Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter kicked things off, insisting that Nintendo has left it too long to jump into the HD space."

    Only because he's been forecasting a Wii HD every six months since 2009 and now he wants to say how he was right and Nintendo was wrong.
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  • Animales de la Muerte for PC, PSN, XBLA

  • Dan234 03/03/2011

    Judging by The Conduit, High Voltage have a long way to go before come against the Wii's limits... Reply 0
  • Dan234 03/03/2011

    Nonsense that they can't fit it in, have they not heard of DLC on the SD card which the Guitar Hero games do? Reply 0
  • Nintendo Wii game Pandora's Tower

  • Dan234 29/01/2011

    Oooh, I wonder what he could produce now he's freed from the shackles of Metroid.

    Something even worse than Metroid: Other M no doubt.
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  • The Conduit 2: The long road back

  • Dan234 22/12/2010

    Goldeneye 007 shows how it should be done. Perhaps they should just get on and do it, release it, and we'll see how it compares. Reply 0
  • People buy 45 Donkey Kong with bananas

  • Dan234 07/12/2010

    I bought my copy online for peanuts and I got monkeys. Reply 0
  • Nintendo offers to fix Metroid saves

  • Dan234 29/09/2010

    "The problem only occurs if you do not proceed through it as soon as you pick up the Ice Beam"

    Not a proper Metroid then, is it?
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  • Wii Remote Plus spotted

  • Dan234 24/09/2010

    Developed by Artoon (ex-Sega blokes), which is probably why it reminds you of Sonic a bit. Reply 0
  • Dan234 24/09/2010

    [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih0rZrbdw_M">FlingSmash video Reply +1
  • Wii successor "when we run out of ideas"

  • Dan234 23/06/2010

    Translation: They're still trying to work out how to improve the Wii's architecture when all the games have been hard-coded to work with the Wii's current hardware. Reply -2
  • Nintendo E3 Conference

  • Dan234 15/06/2010

    Have they given up demonstrating controls because everyone in the hall's got bluetooth on? Reply 0
  • Miyamoto pondering paid online service

  • Dan234 09/05/2010

    Whatever new online offering they come up with they'd need to offer me it for free to see if I like it or not, because with Nintendo's track record in online I'd need a lot of convincing. And they'd be charging me so I could have the same features that PS360 owners get for free, but only on some games because disc games can't be patched and Nintendo never retrofit new features into old titles.

    On the other hand they could completely overhaul the OS and come up with something fantastic, knock piracy on the head at the same time, and people would willingly pay for it.

    Which sounds more plausible?

    Thought so.
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  • Nintendo unveils Wii Party

  • Dan234 09/05/2010

    @ alcides

    I actually got offended by Mario Party 8.

    No, really I mean it, OFFENDED. It was so uninteresting, so slow, so bland, so crosspurposed. I felt I spent more time sitting ducks than actually playing. If that's what you call it. Plus it looked awful... 10 years of experience and the Wiimote and not even a decent moment in it?

    It wasn't made for you, it was made for young children (if you're a young child the I apologise).
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  • Controversial PS3 firmware goes live

  • Dan234 01/04/2010


    Passed on today's update, while waiting to see if Eurogamer can get an official comment from Sony regarding alternative Cell BE development initiatives for non industry developers.

    I imagine their default answer, will be to buy a slim and keep the old system at 3.15.

    I can imagine that it won't be "Google Logan5's proxy tool"...
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  • Dan234 01/04/2010


    Geohot is simply a hacker who is interested in seeing what makes the PS3 tick. It has nothing to do with game piracy.The trouble is that when he went public with his findings, it has forced Sonys hand into the removal of this feature, for the fear of other hackers getting what they wanted all along. Pirated games. There was no other other option for Sony on this matter I believe...

    Really? Don't you think it's more like now the reasons for the update have been so widely publicised people interested in pirating games are just going to not update in case the possibility comes along in the future and Sony has only made life difficult for everyone else?

    They could have kept quiet, worked on a proper patch, and slipped it in the next update.
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  • Dan234 01/04/2010

    I suppose Nintendo should have pulled GC compatibility from the Wii as soon as Team Twiizers gave their talk saying they used it to look at what was in the Wii's memory? It wouldn't have worked anyway, the cat was out of the bag, as it is now.

    By the way, you can connect the PS3s on firmware earlier than 3.21 to PSN through a proxy and avoid the forced update...
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  • New PS3 firmware kills Linux

  • Dan234 29/03/2010


    Firmware updates are blocked, but does it really matter, though? Integrity checks are generally sums and aren't usually run over the whole disc as it'd take an age. You'll be able to run something in GameOS with the old keys, you just need to find another security hole in GameOS (see Geohot's latest screenshot)...
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  • Dan234 29/03/2010


    The other problem is that from behind the hypervisor the system's top level keys (that are supposedly there & encrypted) could be retrived and brute force attacked. If that happened you wouldn't need any logic-probe/kernel or OtherOs feature to gain control of the system as people would create custom ps3 firmwares that system would accept.

    So an update will mean that hackable systems will have an old and different set of top level keys from updated systems, which will then remain secure.

    Doesn't work like that, old games still have their old keys and the updated console must still recognise them. If Mr. Hotz manages to fish the old keys out his non-updated console, updated consoles will still run his code.

    Unless Sony want to re-master everything released to date with new keys and recall everybody's game discs they're not going to fix the problem...

    The only way to do this right is patch the problem properly in the next update and not make a fuss about it. Unfortunately for Sony they didn't.
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  • Dan234 29/03/2010


    Cracking open your PS3, soldering wires to the chips, and twiddling voltage levels while running a specially compiled Linux program is a very long way from being a piracy modchip. If you're prepared to do that you can do more-or-less anything you like with any piece of hardware.

    I'd suggest that Sony had more than enough time to do something about it without losing goodwill from customers who bought the console for that feature, but some executive high up panicked.
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  • Dan234 29/03/2010


    All I said was the legal stand point, not that I was happy to have it removed. Also your rights are none existent, you may own the hardware but you do not own the firmware, Sony have the right to modify anything they wish within the firmware as and when they please

    Nonsense. Firmware updates are a service that Sony offer and the customer can choose to use (at least until there's a game which forces a firmware update), but it doesn't mean Sony has the right to remove features which came with the console the customer bought.


    [link=http://www.playstation.com/ps3-openplatform/index.html">One link
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  • Dan234 29/03/2010


    All this "illegal" talk is crazy, linux is only a feature of the console. For it to be illegal and as one person said a breach of the trading standards it would have to not be fit for purpose, the purpose of a games console being to play games, it does that, everything else is a feature; dvd player, blu-ray player, internet, music player, online gaming, linux, etc

    If losing linux capability meant you could no longer run your games through the accepted method then it would not be fit for purpose

    Wait until new games or BDs are published which require a firmware upgrade... Or you go without Linux or you go without the game or BD.

    The least disruptive way would be to patch the bug. The next least disruptive way would be to not allow people who have not yet set up OtherOS to set it up, since if they've not set it up by now then they're probably not going to use it, and bring it back when they've come up with a better patch.

    But taking away that capability from every console shows a disregard for the consumer, it is after all the customer's property, not Sony's, no matter how many EULAs Sony wrap it up in. Odd how people aren't bothered about their rights...


    time to buy slim and let the fat one be piracy ready? Not for me, would not use linux on the rig even if they paid me to and I am glad that my platform of choice is pirateless and hope it will stay so

    I hope that a security hole isn't found in the BD player, media streaming, USB ports, and so on, if Sony carries on fixing bugs like this you'll end up with a pretty useless console...
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