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  • Blind gamer sends letter to Nintendo, gets heartwarming response in braille

  • DFawkes 23/05/2017

    If I were Nintendo, I'd have sent them a Switch with 1 2 Switch. Quite a few of those games would be suitable for a blind gamer, with a little practice. Off the top of my head Quick Draw, Fake Draw, Table Tennis, Beach Flag, Boxing Club, Milk, Safe Crack, Sneaky Dice, Soda Shake and Ball Count could all be played without ever needing to see the screen (with Ball Count they could just say what you think is in the box).

    There'd have to be someone to help instruct in how the games are played, as well as being honest about the scoring, but apart from that they could play quite a few of the mini-games in 1 2 Switch.
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  • Oblivion is now backwards compatible on Xbox One

  • DFawkes 29/11/2016

    Should anyone be wondering, the additional disc that comes with the GOTY or 5th Anniversary Editions works on Xbox One too, and will install the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine DLC :)

    Very much looking forward to picking up where I left off.
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  • Four years on, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is getting a big update

  • DFawkes 20/07/2016

    I've recently started playing this quite heavily again. It's such a lovely little game. Tending to your own town and building all your own stories is such a pleasant experience. I've started planting more flowers, expanding my house, finishing a custom Museum exhibit and catching up with my Animal neighbours. It's great to see they're supporting it with a new update.

    It's not for everyone, but if you like the sound of tending your own tiny town, it's a really nice game. Everything in it is lovely! Except Phyllis. She needs to chill.
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  • Free-to-play Pokémon Rumble World getting physical release

  • DFawkes 03/12/2015

    I wish they'd done this with Pokemon Shuffle. I love the gameplay but I'd love it more if you were able to sit and play it for a half decent session without having to wait for your hearts to recharge (you can hold up to 5 recharging free ones, with each one taking 30 minutes) even if it meant buying it at retail. Reply +2
  • See the first-person cooperative Avengers game that never materialised

  • DFawkes 30/11/2015

    @MrTomFTW You probably have, it was leaked and shared on the forums years ago here:


    The video links are all dead now as Marvel clamped down on them fairly quickly. That was September 2011, which in the context of this story now makes it seem like it "leaked" to drum up some interest to get it actually released (much like that Deadpool "leaked" movie trailer).
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360

  • DFawkes 10/06/2015

    Treyarch did at least give it a reasonable go on Wii U and released Black Ops 2 and even Ghosts, which did surprise me. This'll be the first time Treyarch haven't ported on of theirs (the other non-ported ones were all other developers), but it seems fair enough to me - I assume they didn't sell very well, so it seems like a sound enough business decision not to port any more.

    Wii U owners who fancy some shooting fun still have those 2 games to give a go if they feel like a bit of COD, and they're pretty good ports. I especially love the multiplayer option to have the second player use the Gamepad screen in Black Ops 2. Cheap as chips now too, thanks to the low sales, and the multiplayer servers always seem to be full enough to play the most popular modes, though the more obscure modes can be hard to get a game on.

    It's good to see them still support Xbox 360 and PS3, so fans of the Black Ops games that might not have moved to the new consoles can get the whole trilogy :)
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  • Disney Infinity 3.0 leak names characters - report

  • DFawkes 20/04/2015

    There are certainly parts of the leak that feel very plausible. Ming Na already accidentally let slip Mulan would be in 3.0, and given they've already done all the development work for the digital-only versions of Sam and Quorra they were always quite likely. Not so sure about the rest, but they mostly seem like the more logical choices.

    To be honest though, I think most fans will be more interested in the (still not formally announced) Star Wars stuff. It seems like the logical choice, with plenty of choice when it comes to which characters to create figures for. Please not Jar Jar though ;)
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • DFawkes 12/12/2014

    Not that I can see many people except myself enjoying it enough to go in their top 10 never mind top 5, but WWE 2k15 isn't there. I've not played a wrestling game for years, so it probably seems fresher to me than most other wrestling fans, but I really enjoy the core gameplay. Reply +1
  • Nintendo to focus on Nintendo Direct and social media following Official Nintendo Magazine closure

  • DFawkes 07/10/2014

    That's a shame, I quite enjoyed some of the features and retro articles, plus they did some nice interviews with various game devs quite regularly.

    The writing has been on the wall for a while though. The website hasn't been updated for ages (though still has a link if you want to subscribe!), and they had literally 2 staff members for the past few weeks. Thankfully it seems both have moved to an Xbox magazine so won't have to worry about finding work :)

    Also they had a picture on the spines of the magazines over the past year or so. I guess it shall remain forever unfinished. My obsessive compulsive side won't be irritated by that at all.
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  • Here's why you should care about Hyrule Warriors

  • DFawkes 22/07/2014

    That's a good point berelain about it being a bit like Street of Rage. I think I've always enjoyed Warriors games because they sort of feel like the spiritual successor to that genre, especially on Easy or Normal where your average peon will fall to your blade easily. As you say, it's all the more fun in co-op, especially on a wide open battlefield where you can go for different objectives.

    For me, one thing I do love about Warriors games is how you can chose whether you want a challenge or not. I personally prefer the experience the article describes, with your own rise to insane power making it easier if you invest the time in a character. It's not just levelling either, there's loot to be looted and weapons to be bought and upgraded to accommodate your own style.

    But for those that want it, you don't have to grind. You can stick it on a harder difficulty setting and actually have to worry about making sure you use all the skills at your disposal like well timed counters, juggling people in the air and policing the battlefield properly to ensure you don't get overrun. All this stuff isn't too important on Easy, but on higher difficulties a couple of missed counters or a mistimed attack and you're toast!

    I do hope a lot of this transfers well to the Hyrule theme, as well as bringing something new to the mix :)
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  • The 3DS Miiverse won't allow private messages or friend requests

  • DFawkes 15/11/2013

    They just locked off the online user messaging on SwapNote/LetterBox recently, so I thought they might be planning to replace that with Miiverse user messaging, which would've made sense. No point in having 2 seperate user messaging systems, after all.

    Instead we're going to have none. That's a real shame, I'd have preferred some way to communicate with friends without having to play the same game (like Pokemon with its chat function).
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  • Microsoft: Killer Instinct "the world's most generous demo"

  • DFawkes 27/08/2013

    So his distinction seems to be that it's not free-to-play because you can't earn this stuff through some kind of currency earned in-game. Surely that's worse then? Most free to play stuff I play, you can either pony up cash or play a lot.

    Sure, it usually takes a long time because they really want you to pay, but if this was free to play in the same way he's trying to convince us is bad, you could use Jago for a few hours and get good with him, then use some in-game currency to unlock someone else.

    I know that when it's done badly, free to play can be a pain. If they're constantly reminding you that you could be paying for stuff instead of earning it, that's a bad thing that leads to a less enjoyable game. But if it's just adding a way to unlock extra stuff through gameplay, that'd be a good thing, surely?

    That's an open question of course, because I can understand people preferring it in black and white. This is what you get for free, this is what you pay for. It's a lot simpler. I just like having the option to unlock things through gameplay, that's all :)
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  • Inside the toy box

  • DFawkes 22/07/2013

    I love the Skylanders games. I know that I shouldn't, but the games themselves are solid and enjoyable. They might be fairly simplistic loot crawls, with you earning XP and money to upgrade your character, but they're fun in the same sort of way that the Lego games are. The hidden stuff in particular can be really tricky to find, so there's challenge there if you want it.

    The technology behind the toys is really cool too. I played Spyro's Adventure on 3DS first, which levelled up a few of my favourite characters, then when I bought Skylander Giants on Wii U the progress from the figures carried forward so I started with some cool powers :)

    There are Lightcore figures that glow using what I assume is some kind of elf magic too, so of course I've bought lots of those. I know, I should feel all cynical, but I get lots of enjoyment out of the games and the characters. They could've easily made them all feel like re-skins, but the characters do handle quite differently.

    The one thing I'm most glad about is the fact they are at least trying to keep the games feeling different. Adding Giants and glowing figures allowed them to expand on some things for Giants, and the Swap Force characters should encourage experimentation. Yeah, it gets pricey if you want to get the most out it all, but you can still have a lot of fun from buying a Starter Pack and nothing else (though you do need one figure of each Element to access all the secret side areas, if you want to 100% it). Activision are clearly pushing for these new versions, but at least Toys for Bob are doing what they can to keep the games feeling fresh.
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  • Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke DLC may not be available on Wii U

  • DFawkes 03/06/2013

    It'd certainly be a shame, given Arkham City was a fairly complete edition of the game that featured all of the released DLC, making it more similar to the Game of the Year edition found on other platforms.

    I hope it's just an oversight as it'd be a shame to miss out on the bonus, though it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me personally :)
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  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist co-op shown off in new trailer

  • DFawkes 20/05/2013

    I do hope the Wii U version supports one player using the Gamepad screen whilst the other uses the TV. I quite liked that feature in Black Ops 2, Sonic All Stars Racing and Warriors Orochi 3.

    That said, even if it doesn't split screen will do nicely :) I loved the co-op campaign in Conviction. I could definitely go for some more co-op spy fun.
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  • SNES classic Super Metroid just 30p on Wii U eShop

  • DFawkes 13/05/2013

    30p for one of my favourite SNES games of all time is a bargain, so I'm very happy about that one :) I do love Super Metroid, though I admit I got stuck on the Noob Bridge for longer than I really should've. No Internet is those days to ask others for help :P Reply +9
  • Defiance TV pilot review

  • DFawkes 09/04/2013

    "We meet Nolan and Irisa briefly in the opening cut-scene of the game, but other than that cameo, the events of the game take place in what was once San Francisco, over two thousand miles from the small town of the title."

    To be fair, there's more than a little cameo - there's actually a quest line in the game that features them, and it leads directly into the pilot. I think it's probably a fair representation of how they'll tie in - you get details that aren't essential to watching the show, but it's nice to have that back-story if you do choose to enjoy both :) It's also one of the main reasons the game had to be released first.

    There are hints of more to come too, such as a chaotic weather system that'll pass over North America and cause problems for both us Ark Hunters in the game and the residents of Defiance. Should be interesting to see how they link together as time goes on.
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  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's Online Multiplayer & Wallace DLC delayed after 2.5 years

  • DFawkes 05/02/2013

    Better late than never, I suppose :) I still play it now and again, and hopefully the DLC launch will get a bit of a resurgence so we'll have people to ally with.

    I still love the soundtrack for this too. Those lovely chiptunes shall remain lodged in my head for a lifetime.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The loneliness of the long-distance MMO

  • DFawkes 06/10/2012

    It still bugs me a little that Free to Play is considered a lesser business model despite the fact that it almost always leads to an increase in player base and revenue. What business wouldn't want more money given the choice?

    Champions Online Sees Big Increase
    Lord of the Rings Online Doubles Revenue
    DC Online Sees Increase
    Lineage II Boosted by F2P
    D&D Online Sees an Increase (this one is admitedly a bit older, but it's still going)
    Age of Conan Too

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that some of those might've had small player bases so were always likely to see an increase if they took out the barrier of requiring a subscription. Quite a few could've probably survived as they were, with most of those games above have optional subscriptions for those that want them. It's not an inherently inferior business model though.

    I certainly disagreee that "it's specifically the subscription model that allows such enveloping virtual worlds" - there are plenty of MMOs out there that have incredible worlds to explore, that were built from the ground up as F2P. After all, F2P games still have to hold your attention long enough to make you want to buy a little Bank Slot increase there, a new costume there, maybe a quest pack or 2 :)
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  • Scott Pilgrim soldiers on two years later with new DLC

  • DFawkes 08/08/2012

    I really wasn't expecting this at all! I was always hoping for online play, but I didn't think they'd bother this long after release. I'm very glad they have though, it should suit co-op quite nicely :) Reply +9
  • Microsoft shuts down Microsoft Flight development

  • DFawkes 26/07/2012

    That's a shame, I really enjoy Flight. There's an absolute ton to do, with missions at every airport as well as strings of more linear missions and aerocache collectibles to hunt down, some of which really do take real skill to collect without crashing ;)

    Also, the most recent DLC was released just yesterday EG! It's a Deluxe Carbon Cub. I'm not entirely sold on it being good value for money though - you get the standard version packaged with the fantastic Alaska DLC, so paying Ł7.49 (which will go up to Ł9.99) just to have a version with a virtual cockpit seems a bit steep.

    Given the fact the Alaska DLC brings hours and hours of added gameplay and 500,000 square miles to explore as well as the Carbon Cub for Ł9.99, it does make the Deluxe Carbon Cub feel a bit like a last ditch attempt at money grabbing. It's a real shame, because in the general the pricing for the larger DLC has been alright.

    I wish the people losing their jobs all the best anyway, they certainly did a good job with the flight model. It's just a shame it wasn't promoted all that much.
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  • "Software patent troll" sues Mojang over Android version of Minecraft

  • DFawkes 23/07/2012

    To be fair, this isn't quite the same thing as the Microsoft situation. The events as set out in court were Microsoft were actually in negotiation with Uniloc - they approached them to licence software. Then, at the last second they pulled out, and somehow introduced features in Windows that did exactly the same thing.

    Now of course I'm not sure what really happened, but I think the fact Microsoft were the ones to approach Uniloc in that case, then backed out and made something that did the same thing, would be the strongest pillar in the case against them.

    They don't have that at all for Minecraft, as Mojang wouldn't approach them for software when they could make it themselves, especially given it's probably very similar to the one the already coded for Minecraft PC. As such, Mojang are in a far stronger position and have a good chance at winning, given how unreasonably far reaching the patent is :)

    Time will tell though, but in this case I'd be inclined to side with Mojang, who don't seem to have done anything wrong. It's also worth noting it's not just Mojang - Uniloc are going for a wave of law suits just now, including ones against Madfinger Games and Gameloft. I really can't see that holding up in any court.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Majesty of Menus

  • DFawkes 23/06/2012

    I really like the menu in Splinter Cell: Conviction. It gives you a clear view straight off of the kind of gameplay you should expect - before you've even fired your first shot, it's already clear Sam Fisher is on the offensive in this game.

    One game this did bring to mind is Grand Theft Auto 4 - doesn't it not have a menu when you boot it up? You have to wait on it loading, but your patience is rewarded by it loading right into the city. I quite like that for that, getting you right back into the city without something as gamey as a menu - even in-game they put the menu options on a mobile phone.

    Also, didn't Limbo start right into the game the first time you play it? I'm sure I remember waiting for a good 30 seconds or so before realising I could move the little guy! Might be PC only, but I'm fairly sure the 360 version did the same the first time you play.
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  • Mass Effect Infiltrator launches on Android

  • DFawkes 24/05/2012

    Just in case anyone has trouble, there seem to be 2 slightly different versions. There's the one linked to in this article (this one, which I'll keep here just in case the one in the article gets edited), which isn't compatible with my phone - I think that might be the link for the North American version.

    Then there's this one:
    Alternate Version. This one works for me, so if that first one doesn't work, it might be worth giving this other one a look too. Hopefully at least one of the 2 will work :)
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  • Free 3DS Wi-Fi through Nintendo Zone from today

  • DFawkes 25/04/2012

    Toothball, you can check using this handy tool here: Hotspot Finder

    There certainly seem to be a few. Too many in Edinburgh to see them all when zoomed out at least. There's even one in my meager home town of Kirkcaldy! Not many in really small towns, but generally there seems to be decent support in any mid-sized place, unless you live further up North in Scotland.
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  • FortressCraft creator rejects Minecraft clone claims

  • DFawkes 17/02/2012

    I've ploughed many, many hours into both Minecraft and FortressCraft, and I absolutely adore both. I think that djarcas was most annoyed about the fact that Notch was very dismissive, calling it a clone without really having played it. It does seem a little disrespectful to not give it a quick go at least given the trial is free.

    Sure, Minecraft was once focused on the creative side (to the point that was the entire game), but it went off on it's own way and focused on Survival. That's why I love it - I love that first tense night where you're desperately hunting the basic resources to make a quick, secure and well lit home to tide you over. I love slowly building up from that house of dirt and sand to a nice cobblestone hut, then a brick house, up to whatever grand design you like. The risk element really makes exploring the wild very enjoyable, whether it be running from a Creeper, trying to fight yours way past zombies to get a spawner well lit and safe or accidentally happening upon an epic cave system.

    I love all that, and it's not something I get from FortressCraft. FortressCraft is totally focused on being creative, giving you tools to make that as easy as possible. For example, I've built a replica of the Forth Road Bridge in both. In Minecraft it looks fine, but in FotressCraft I was able to really make it that bit more special to look at. There wasn't really a material suitable for cables, so I used the Workshop to make my own. The Workshop is an incredible handy tool that lets you make anything you can imagine, so I could add rivets, custom flat handrails, lampposts that actually lool like lampposts or indeed pretty mucn anything I could imagine.

    I'm not saying there isn't plenty of scope for being creative in Minecraft - you CAN still make a bridge like that. It'll look pretty good, too. It's just that FortressCraft is far purer in it's intention to give you tools to create. That's its primary purpose. You can make your own custom colour blocks, or even more detailed things like coffee cups and cutlery!

    They're both fantastic games, and I'll continue to enjoy them both. Further updates are expanding them in their different areas. The last update to FortressCraft has let me make changes to all my lighting, and add custom doors that I created to my little town. Minecraft is expanding its Survival aspect, so I recently enjoyed storming one of those Strongholds on a search for some lovely loot!

    Though there do share a common lineage, they are now very different games both worth playing :)
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  • Mojang won't sue FortressCraft dev, "bored" by Minecraft clones

  • DFawkes 14/02/2012

    To be fair, I play and love both Minecraft and Fortresscraft, and although they do share a similar core, both have features that set them apart.

    Most people play Minecraft in Survival mode, where you find yourself having to build defences and scavenge for resources to build lighting, tools, doors for your housing and so much more. You get to explore too, with lots of lovely things like strongholds and mines to find. It always feels alive, like it really could be a forgotten world. When I find a good spot, you know that's the place to call home and start mining and crafting.

    Fortresscraft is, more similar to Minecraft Creative, but it has plenty of unique features. You can create your own custom blocks and build with them, design you own doors, hunt down Relics like guns, jetpacks, robot vehicles that can drill holes for you and even a Predator mode where you can hunt other people in multiplayer, with active camo and Predator blade weapons :) You can also copy and paste areas, so you can build towns quickly by building a single house and pasting it around. You do have limited space though, and it never feels like a real place until you've built it up yourself - it really is up to you to make it feel like home.

    I'm not saying they aren't similar, I'm just saying they're different enough that you could play both for different reasons and still enjoy them. I love them both, and I'm glad they're both getting continued developer support.
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  • Mole Kart iPhone trailer looks familiar

  • DFawkes 13/01/2012

    I'm glad EG has uploaded this, as I was trying to find more videos on YouTube and they're getting taken down because Nintendo of America are lodging Copyright Claims. Why they'd make claims on the video and not the game itself I have no idea! Reply +9
  • Eurogamer.net Podcast #95: PlayStation Vita Q&A

  • DFawkes 10/01/2012

    Nothing on the Forum Awards 2011? Fair enough, I suppose the Vita is more interesting :) Reply 0
  • Free-to-play Star Trek Online available today for current and former subscribers

  • DFawkes 05/01/2012

    Nice to see it's free to play for people that played at launch, there have been some major changes since then. Revamped crafting that is actually of use (if a bit grindy), complete overhaul of the ground combat system, more content, easier access to special group missions, the ability to start private fleet actions that'd side-step some issues we had raised I the review, the duty officer system and a streamlined currency system that brings it down to just 3 rather than about 20.

    Yesterdays patch even introduced directX 11 support, though I've not tried it. You'll also have a mandatory respec that encourages a more focused role and punishes ship and weapon type switching a lot less.

    I could certain understand those that played the first month but didn't stay as you really could have finished all the content by them, so it wouldn't be worth paying to play it more. But now it's free, I do hope those people come back and give it a look as a lot has changed. If you were ever in the EG Fleet you'll still be in too, so do come join in :)
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  • Remastered Marathon games released free on PC, Mac, Linux

  • DFawkes 02/12/2011

    I've always loved the Marathon series, Marathon Infinity was the first Bungie game I played so it always feels special to me :)

    They're more of a curiosity nowadays, but much of what makes Bungie great is there - the map design is generally very good, you've got dual wielding and a Plasma Pistol you can overcharge and an Assault Rifle that is great at close range but a glorified pea-shooter at more than a few meters! If you're a Halo fan and haven't given them a look, it's worth it just to see the little similarities in weapons, plot and gameplay.
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  • Star Trek Online Season 5: Call to Arms release notes

  • DFawkes 02/12/2011

    Before I start this big post, current players can get a free TOS Connie or Klingon Raptor from the C-Store throughout December. Go claim it now!

    I'm absolutely loving the changes, especially the Duty Officer system. It makes it all feel a lot more alive. Before I went to bed, I had my Engineering staff do a Level 5 Diagnostic of the Primart Weapon Coils, and a shuttle of my crews finest diplomats to visit Bajor to offer assurances of worthwhile trade. Those things, and a lot more, all go on as I sleep :)

    The only thing that we've really lost is those Vice Admiral ships WinterSnowblind mentioned - you used to get a new ship on hitting the level cap, but no longer do( unless you're a Veteran). That tier of ships may be entirely optional and not really required, but for them to sneak them away is a bit cheeky given they're also putting up the price. They're some of the nicer canon ships too(like a cloaking Defiant, saucer seperating galaxy and Ablative Armour Intrepid), so they obviously saw money in it. Disappointing decision indeed.

    I still don't see much point in subscribing monthly though. You can get all the content as a subscriber, and most of the Gold member perks leave it cheaper if you were to individually buy the things you need, like Bridge Officer slots. It's a great deal for free players though, you can go all the way up to level cap and play everything for nowt! They've tweaked the levelling curve to minimise grind, and you'll still get access to most of the standard versions of the canon ships so can still have your very own ship like the Enterprise! Unless you want an old NX-01, then get your wallet out.
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  • Fusion: Genesis Review

  • DFawkes 11/11/2011

    Absolute XBLA Game of the Year for me, it's just incredible how much scope there is. It gives you so much to do, so many challenges to complete, so many places to explore and lots of ships, weapons and skills to unlock it can be dizzying!

    I could see the lack of hand-holding putting some people off, but it really is worth sticking with it - once you've got your head around certain things like how Sentient's work and to actually read the mission text (I did have difficulty a couple of times where I skipped the text that suggested I NOT destroy the thing I went off and blew up :) ).

    There's not even that much grinding early on - you could easily avoid having to ever repeat a mission within the first 15 or so hours by working for the separate factions. Don't be scared to switch from one to the other, you can switch right back without penalty and even though you have to buy new ships per faction, you get to keep your skills. Having trouble with a Consortium mission? How about switching to the Syndicate for a while to unlock and upgrade their Cloak ability?

    I've only just scratched the surface and have so much more to do, yet almost all of my grinding was voluntary and completely non-mandatory, just so I could afford some entirely optional weapons change. Hope to see some DLC in the future. Nice work Starfire Studios!
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  • Layoffs threaten Star Trek - Infinite Space

  • DFawkes 04/11/2011

    That's a shame, it has a writer from the show on board and is set during the Dominion War, it could have a great Trek story for those of us missing Trek.

    There is a lot of interest too, I'd be surprised if it isn't saved in some way. Sorry to hear so many lost their jobs though, I wish them all the best finding new work :)
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  • Cryptic's Neverwinter becomes F2P MMO

  • DFawkes 06/10/2011

    I honest wouldn't worry about it being what Cryptic calls an MMO, looking at the models for their current games they'll be heavily instanced (less so Champions, which does have a few hubs). In Star Trek Online, there are a few open MMO style areas but generally it's basically a lobby system for co-op missions. Given that, I wouldn't be surprised if the MMO part is basically a social hub, and it basically boiled down to co-op teams.

    That's just guesswork on my part of course, but given it's built on the same engine (and probably the same network architecture) it's unlikely to be a fully open world MMO. Cryptic haven't really done a fantasy game like Neverwinter Nights before though, so I'm really curious to see how they handle it.
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  • Forza 4 demo now available

  • DFawkes 03/10/2011

    From what you've listed, it's the same demo. I think Eurogamer have just been misinformed, there definitely isn't a Kia Cee'd to be seen, though if I'm wrong I do apologise.
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  • Star Trek Online free-to-play details

  • DFawkes 06/09/2011

    I was really hoping this would come around to get people back in - the Eurogamer Star Alliance fleet has been a tad empty of late and I'd love to see people back playing :)

    Nice to see how little they plan on limiting content-wise - all the games missions and game world are totally open for all without paying. That should give plenty to see and do without having to pay a single penny. You can play as any class too. Lifetime subscribers will get a monthly stipend too to spend in the C-Store.

    I do hope people that played at launch give it another go, a lot of the weaker elements have been overhauled meaning it is a stronger game than it was. It's not perfect of course, but it'll be well worth a look when it's free if you're interested in Star Trek.
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  • New Xbox 360 Onechanbara game

  • DFawkes 31/08/2011

    I really enjoyed the first one of 360, I loved the way limbs flew off fairly indiscriminantly :)

    It had a really deep combo system too, then squandered it by never, ever requiring most of it! Bashing buttons was generally more effective than all the fancy stuff you could do.

    Not sure what a sequel could bring to the series, they had a little difficulty keeping the last ones varied as it was. I'm hoping for co-op at the very least, then it could be a nice little budget title.
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  • Xbox glitch gives 1000s of free Points

  • DFawkes 12/08/2011

    Just in case anyone cares, I've checked their T&Cs (which up until now I did the universally accepted scroll past and Agree):

    Xbox Live Terms of Use

    11. Microsoft Points.

    [I'll skip to the relevant bit]
    If we post Points to your balance for activity that’s subsequently voided or canceled or that involves a returned item, we will remove those Points from your balance. You must ensure that we properly post your Points to your Points balance. If you believe that your balance doesn't reflect Points that you've acquired validly, you need to contact us within 12 months of the date you claim to have acquired the Points; otherwise, we won't consider posting them to your account. We may require reasonable documentation to support your claim.

    So it is in their T&Cs that they can take them back. Not entirely sure if they're allowed to take money off your card though - there is some hazy wording in section 6.2, which states "We may bill (a) in advance; (b) at the time of purchase; (c) shortly after purchase; or (d) on a recurring basis for subscription services." - part C is the bit I think they might use, charging you for something you've already downloaded.

    I hope they don't though, if it's their mistake I think they should just admit liability and let it slide, up to a certain amount anyway. There's no guarantee they won't try to charge for games retrospectively.

    In summary, please use caution everyone - wait a couple of weeks at least before spending those points :)
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Nintendo's creative decline

  • DFawkes 30/07/2011

    I definitely wouldn't call the 3DS a failure. I'll certainly not argue that sales have been anything better than "meh" at any point, but it's definitely not a failure. I'll freely admit its sales have been what they'd call reasonable or lukewarm, but certainly not a failure.

    If course if this Christmas doesn't get some half-decent sales and a few high profile games out, I'd be tempted to take the same significantly pessimistic opinion. That first Christmas will be the main indicator. We'll just have to wait and see.

    I'm certainly not disappointed with my 3DS. I'm really happy with the games I've got, and at least Nintendo seem to recognise it's doing unimpressive sales so are trying to do something about it, with their increased marketing and trade price drop (or free games for existing users). I'm still a tad concerned about future software output - there doesn't seem to be that much coming, even if some of it is excellent looking stufff like Super Mario 3D Land, MGS3 and Kid Icarus. Hopefully, near Christmas, publishers will unveil some future releases to make it clear there's stuff on the way.

    Until then, I think we're okay for now. Not great, just fine. Certainly not a failure by any means.
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  • F2P games coming to Xbox 360 – report

  • DFawkes 24/06/2011

    I do hope that Champions Online comes to 360 now, they had it running on 360 dev units but the only thing stopping them was Microsoft. It works great with a 360 controller too, it'd be great to be able to play that on 360 :)

    Not sure if they'd even want to now though, plus the developer changing hands might have stopped that being feasible. But I am a fan of free to play games when they're done well - I don't like having to pay for significant chunks of content, but if it's free to play a good chunk it can be a great way to play games. Steam's recent free to play additions have been very good, and none of them really have heavy restrictions.
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  • "Onechanbara 2" spotted on Play.com

  • DFawkes 20/06/2011

    That might be the case, it'd make sense to have the series all on one console.

    Though there were also 2 on PS2, so we should be on 5 now. Could it be an HD collection of sorts? It might have Onechanbara 1 & 2 from PS2, remade in HD for 360. it'd be nice to have the whole series available on current gen consoles as I missed out on 1 & 2.
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  • DFawkes 20/06/2011

    Won't it actually be 3? The Wii and 360 games were actually different games, the Wii one is the sequel to the 360 one. It doesn't even have the same title, on 360 it's OneChanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, and on Wii it's OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.

    I quite liked them in a mindless zombie slashing way, the way they came to bits convincingly as you hacked them in half was quite satisfying, and there was a deep combat system to learn - just no reason to bother, considering the standard attacks work so very well :) Okay as budget buys, but not enough variety to really shine.
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • DFawkes 06/06/2011

    Dance Central is a lot more entertaining with people who just don't know what they're doing. Show them! Reply 0
  • DFawkes 06/06/2011

    I know this gun think is a gimmick, but it makes me grin like a moron :D Reply 0
  • DFawkes 06/06/2011

    This is almost survival horror-esque. I quite like it. Reply 0
  • DFawkes 06/06/2011

    That guy is a real reloading fan, much like myself :) Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater shots

  • DFawkes 03/06/2011

    @metallicorphan It's one of the new 3DS features - you can take a photo with the 3DS camera and use that image as camouflage - that pink uniform was in the most recent trailer. It's a photo of some lovely pink flowers. Useful if he was hiding in some lovely pink flowers :)

    I bet no-one ever, ever takes a photo of their own genitals and wears it as a stealthy uniform. Or someone's face. There's a lot of potential for stealth based buffoonery there, I'm just curious how useful it'll actually be in-game. I kind of like the idea of having to find something tree-like in colour to hide better in a tree.
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  • Born Free

  • DFawkes 28/05/2011

    I'm a big fan of free-to-play, there is a lot of great stuff out there that you can play almost all of just by downloading. Most are smart enough to have everything earnable in-game (albeit slower) like Global Agenda, whilst others can be a bit more mean.

    We've even got games from established series' like Dynasty Warriors Online or Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine free to download and play. I think it's great we've got these games available to play for free. Sometimes the in-game stores can be a little cheeky admittedly, but when they get it right the store is just another option you have rather than a mandatory roadblock to more content.
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  • Survey points to Legacy of Kain revival

  • DFawkes 23/05/2011

    I love the Legacy of Kain series. I even bought Lara Croft Guardian of Light just tot get the Kain & Raziel DLC, just to play as them once more - thankfully the game is quite good :)

    I'd be happy with remakes, or sequels, or the start of a new franchise in the same universe. Nosgoth has a fantastic amount of lore built up in it, I'd love any excuse to see a bit more of it again.
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