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  • "Wii Software" downloadable titles due in Europe in 2008

  • Corvus 27/06/2007

    "Wii Software provides developers with big budgets - rather than big ideas - an easy and very accessible way to spam out cheap knock-offs of old games and swamp the marketplace"

    Fixed :-)


    No 'Adults Only' titles remember.
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  • Team Fortress 2

  • Corvus 22/05/2007

    You must have been playing TFC around the same time as me, my memories of the TF2 hype are pretty similar. I remember screenshots with very serious looking camo-clad army types - a pretty different prospect from what they have now.

    I think you may be right about 2fort you know - wasn't Well the map with a covered walkway between two bases?

    One thing I haven't heard mentioned yet is the Hunted gameplay mode, I was pretty addicted to that at one point. Anyone know if it's making a return?
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  • Student arrested over CS map

  • Corvus 03/05/2007

    Stories like this make me really glad I didn't grow up in America :-/. When I was younger and into making maps for Half-Life, I actually thought about creating a replica of my school. Did that make me a "potential terrorist"? Of course not, I just thought it was a pretty interesting idea for a map. Reply 0
  • What's New? (16th March, 2007)

  • Corvus 16/03/2007

    So, who wants to bet that Pimp my ride will be number 1 this time next week :-(. Also, thanks for the link to the Israeli diplomat article Tom, that's probably the most hilarious thing I've read all week. Reply 0
  • Portal only four hours long

  • Corvus 14/03/2007

    I wasn't expecting portal to be much longer than 4 hours anyway. Bear in mind that it is coming out as part of a package with two other games, so it's not as though we'll be paying full price just for a four hour game. Reply 0
  • GDC: 360 gets more memory

  • Corvus 05/03/2007

    I wonder if the increasing size limit on XBLA titles will be a continuing trend. If so, it may not be such a good thing for the smaller indies, who may find it increasingly difficult to keep up if greater and greater levels of content become the norm. Hopefully that won't be the case. Reply 0
  • HL2: Episode 2 in winter

  • Corvus 07/02/2007

    Please tell me that by winter they mean between now and the end of february, as opposed to by the end of 2007! If not it kind of makes a mockery of the episodic model. They may as well have just spent another 4 years on a proper sequel. Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

  • Corvus 05/02/2007

    The comparison to Deus Ex is enough to get me interested in this game again. The PC is suddenly looking like an attractive prospect for gaming this year, what with Supreme Commander, Spore (supposedly) and Crysis coming out this year. Looks like it's time for another wallet-busting upgrade :-( Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 20 - 11

  • Corvus 28/12/2006

    I think there is a possible solution to the problem of great games not getting into the top ten because not enough reviewers played them: don't publish a top 50 list, instead get each reviewer taking part to provide their own personal top 5 or top 10. That way, a great game that only one reviewer played doesn't get marginalised, because said reviewer will be gushing with praise about it in his personal list. Reply 0
  • Virtual Console: next wave?

  • Corvus 08/11/2006

    I can't see how 3.50 for a NES game is pricey, it seems about right to me. Looking on Ebay for old copies is an option of course, but I doubt the difference in price will be particularly great. Reply 0
  • Game Career Fair starts tomorrow

  • Corvus 02/10/2006

    I'm going to be there tomorrow, so definitely come and say hello if anyone happens to see me.

    I must admit that, having dreamed of making games for a living for ages, I am now a little worried about the number of horror stories you hear from ex-games industry folk. I think you do need to be careful, and not take any job offer just because it's a games industry job.
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  • Bully gets name change

  • Corvus 01/09/2006

    I get the feeling that this name change was intended from the start, so they could use the name "Bully" to whip a bit of controversy (and therefore free publicity), then change the name before it goes on sale, so they don't get completely lynched by the press/pressure groups/morons.

    That said, I'm surprised at the name they have chosen. As Kiigan said, I can't see it helping sales at all.
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  • Ronaldinho loves his PS2

  • Corvus 25/07/2006

    "Seems a bit strange a guy with that much money wouldn't pay to get his teeth fixed."

    I think the bad teeth are just too much a part of his image now. If he got them fixed, it just wouldn't be the same. As another example of what I'm talking about, imagine if Matt Lucas lost lots of weight (absolutely nothing to do with football or Ronaldinho, but I thought it was a good example).
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  • Portal - Introduction

  • Corvus 19/07/2006

    Looks very cool, I wonder if it has anything to do with Valve snapping up the team who made Narbacular Drop? The gameplay shown in the video looks essentially identical to that game. Reply 0
  • Civilization 4

  • Corvus 10/07/2006

    Don't feed the troll, people. That is all. Reply +1
  • Jeff Minter takes a pop at Sony

  • Corvus 10/07/2006

    I would really love to believe that Geoff Minter is right, and that Sony will be punished for their arrogance by the buying public at launch. But the cynic in me believes that the PS3 will be a sellout at launch anyway, because "It's a playstation, innit?".

    That said, I will probably buy a PS3 a few years down the line, when the price has been reduced and there are some excellent games available for it. Especially when the inevitable game from Fumito Ueda's team arrives :-D.
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  • Romanians in Space upsets Hungarians on Earth

  • Corvus 05/07/2006

    It seems that 2 Bad Design aren't exactly afraid of making games with
    Controversial, if somewhat tongue-in-cheek, themes.

    Cappy, in light of what you have just said Romanians in Space does seem to be in somewhat poor taste. I think the only way it would work is if the game is very tounge-in-cheek, and doesn't portray the Hungarians in the game as inherently inferior to the Romanians, though that seems pretty unlikely.
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  • Red Steel dev's new blog

  • Corvus 03/07/2006

    "I can't wait for that game to come out... The thought of cutting their heads off with a sharp sword... mmmmmmmmmm......."

    I think you may be dissapointed if you're expecting a gorefest from Red Steel. I read an interview with one of the producers working on the game in a recent issue of Edge, and they said that they were aiming to reward the player for "non-fatal" play. So, for example, if you're in a sword fight the aim would be to get the enemy to submit rather than actually kill them. And in a gunfight, you're rewarded for just disabling enemies by shooting their limbs, rather than going for the perfect headshot.
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  • Advent Rising devs' new game

  • Corvus 28/06/2006

    Wasn't Advent Rising supposed to be a trilogy? I do remember reading an interview with one of the founders of the game's developer before the first one came out, stating his desire to make a trilogy out of it. I seem to remember that he was getting a bit over-excited about the character you play becoming some kind of psychic god by the end of the series, moving mountains with his mind. I guess that their plans may have changed if the first one wasn't well received. Reply 0
  • Prey PC demo released

  • Corvus 22/06/2006

    Excellent news, I've been interested in this one since seeing the gameplay movie last year. That said my PC, being nearly 2 years old, is probably going to cry when I try to run it :-(

    "If it's not gold yet why did Cefax have a review up giving it 5/5 over a month ago? :p"

    They most probably got their hands on a beta version if they managed to get a review before any of the big name magazines, so I wouldn't trust that review too much.

    This comment inspired me to take a look at the teletext games pages - something I haven't done since the Digitiser days - and they do seem pretty poor.
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  • Namco says We Kill Katamari

  • Corvus 20/03/2006

    "It's the team's own website which they update. If the team's been disbanded there's no one to look after it."

    I see. Pardon my ignorance :-).
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  • Corvus 20/03/2006

    It's definitely good to hear that Takahashi is being allowed to work on something different, considering he didn't really want to be involved with We Love Katamari.

    But why shut down the website? The design for that website was one of the coolest I've ever seen. Is Namco being vindictive because Takahashi didn't want to play ball and make another sequel?
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  • ICO is not a game, says Ueda

  • Corvus 09/03/2006

    By this reasoning, Black and White isn't a real game either...

    Maybe the man has a point ;-)
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  • Trapt

  • Corvus 25/02/2006

    @ImGameCube - Dungeon Keeper was a brilliant little god/strategy game by Bullfrog, released on the PC in 1997. The last truly great game Peter Molyneux designed IMHO. Reply 0
  • UK Charts: Shadow cast over NFS success

  • Corvus 21/02/2006

    Best news I've heard in a while. It's also great to see Getting Up fail so miserably, after Marc Ecko so arrogantly lectured the games industry about the kind of games they should be making. Looks like the "urban" brigade have been proven wrong, if only for a week. Reply 0
  • We Love Katamari

  • Corvus 12/02/2006

    For those of you getting rolling withdrawal symptoms, the ever reliable amazon seem to have it in stock. After Play sodded up my pre-order and have still failed to deliver my copy, I ordered from amazon on wednesday and got it the next day.

    As for the review, I couldn't disagree more if I tried (you lost me at "second only to the original half-life"), but it was well written and interesting nevertheless.
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  • Reader Top 50 of 2005: 50-41

  • Corvus 09/01/2006

    Very nice idea EG, especially putting readers comments in the article. I would have voted on this if I'd actually had enough time to play a great deal of games last year, damn work and damn Uni :-(. Reply 0