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  • Miyamoto: Nintendo "gradually changing the structure" of The Legend of Zelda

  • Britler 04/07/2014

    Also also - triple post - I'm thrilled to hear they're talking about another 3DS Zelda. When ALBW was announced, I was pretty bummed that we weren't getting a 3D Zelda game for 3DS, as Ocarina of Time was stunning in 3D, and I can scarcely imagine the beauty of a 3D Zelda built with the 3DS in mind. Not that I want 2D Zelda games to die off, I just REALLY want a 3D 3DS Zelda before the 3DS goes away, in case 3D isn't a part of their next handheld.

    3D 3D, 3DS 3D.
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  • Britler 04/07/2014

    Also, I had that same thought about "from any direction" maybe meaning a globe. It seems like a good idea at first, but, once you had explored the whole thing, it would just feel small, no matter how vast it was. In other games, once you've mapped the whole game world, at least you still feel like there's other stuff beyond it. If the world were a globe, I'd just feel kind of depressed at having explored everything that exists.

    Unless they really are going for sci-fi Zelda, and there's other planets to explore. Which, by the way, I could totally be on board with, if done right. The epicness of the Zelda world comes from the story playing itself out over and over again through time. No reason it shouldn't still be happening in the distant future. Or a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    Zelda Galaxy, 2015.
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  • Britler 04/07/2014

    @Nikanoru YES. This. A thousand times this. I still haven't played ALBW, and it's entirely because of that fucking item shop. My heart shrank three sizes when they first announced it... How can NINTENDO so horrendously misunderstand the appeal of Zelda? That moment of opening the big item chest and having a new toy that not only changes the gameplay but opens up new parts of the game for you to explore... I live for that moment. This concept of gear-gating is absolutely CENTRAL to the appeal of the Zelda series.

    I'm pretty sure everyone everywhere would see the absurdity of a Metroid game where you could buy all the gear at the beginning, so why the hell are 99% of people perfectly okay with it in a Zelda game - a series which has always been built around exactly the same concept? Zelda and Metroid, back before they both moved into 3D, were simply the top-down and sidescrolling sides of the same coin. And they've been beloved ever since. Why on EARTH would they meddle with the series' central mechanism, and why why WHY is everyone okay with it?

    And, even forgetting all that, there's the other thing. In past Zelda games, the only way to equip yourself to save creation was to go on an epic adventure to gather all the weapons and ancient relics and whatever. You'd experience the contrast between being basically a kid with a toy sword at the beginning of the game, and the fully-realized Hero of Time by the end. Now any fucker can pick them up from the corner store. In EG's review Christian Donlan used a great word to describe this - "deflating." That's exactly what it is.

    I'm probably gonna play it soon anyway simply because those dungeons look amazing, but I'm gonna be doing it through clenched teeth and with sorrow in my soul. Please god let them drop this ridiculous anti-Zelda concept and make a game I can love the way I want to.

    By the way, I'm not even a staunch traditonalist when it comes to Zelda. I could very quickly get behind sci-fi Zelda with a lightsabre Master Sword, if I saw that Nintendo were doing it right (sad; this used to be a given). I have no problem whatsoever with Nintendo trying to shake the series up a bit - or even a lot - but instead they chose to change the ONE THING that should absolutely NEVER be changed.

    This talk of "open world" also scares the crap out of me. Pre-ALBW I would have been slightly nervous but basically assumed that Nintendo knew what they were doing, but now I have no faith at all that they have the vaguest understanding of what makes the series so beloved. Now, I can't be sure that they understand how utterly anti-Zelda it would be to simply stick it in a "go anywhere anytime" Skyrim-style open world, since they already violated precisely this principle in ALBW. A huge part of the joy of Zelda, as with Metroid and even Mario, is the carefully constructed environments and extremely polished player experience. This doesn't have to mean linearity, but it absolutely CANNOT mean an unrestricted sandbox: it's the restrictions that provide shape to what you're doing. If you can do everything right away, you're robbed of the excitement of opening new paths up later on.

    I don't even need the dungeons to be played in a specific order. But "do them whenever you want" is just not a Zelda game. How about, you have to do the first one first (containing, say, the boomerang), then you can do then next three in any order you want (containing, say, the bow, the hookshot, plus whatever), then you can do the next five in any order you want, followed by the final one (Ganon's Castle or whatever). This allows for exploration and player agency and a different experience from one playthrough to the next, while still allowing them to build the dungeons in a way that requires previously gained items - and it does all of that without necessitating that God-forsaken item shop.

    Anyway. I am, perhaps foolishly, choosing to be excited about the new Zelda, but my faith in Nintendo is severely shaken. Even now I am still properly stunned at the existence of that item shop. Hopefully they realize how gamey and un-epic it is and never had any intention of sticking it a console Zelda.

    Having to actually wonder if a Nintendo game is going to be amazing or not is a very unpleasant new experience. Zelda is my gaming soulmate... A fallible Nintendo is not good for my blood pressure.
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  • Video: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gameplay

  • Britler 17/06/2014

    The most likely reason they're opting to do this rather than jump right into BL3 is that what they'd really like to do is keep making BL2 DLC until the end of time, and releasing what amounts to Borderlands 2.5 allows them to basically keep milking away without having to invest in a new engine and all the other time-heavy crap that goes with making an actual new game. It's hard to blame them, really; the Borderlands formula is so inherently playable that you really don't have to do anything terribly new or compelling with it for people to drop money on it and be perfectly satisfied with what they got. I've certainly never regretted a penny I've spent on Borderlands, and I'd be quite happy to keep buying and playing new BL2 content for as long as they keep it coming - including buying this and most likely all of its DLC, assuming it isn't a total disaster.

    Also, given the obvious milking going on here, I think it's pretty clear why this is only being released on last-gen consoles: so that, when they're done with the DLC and release their GoTY version or whatever they call it, they can release THAT version on both old and new consoles and get a bunch of double-dip sales. Plus it kills time and keeps money coming in while everyone else does the hard work of releasing games that move PS4s and XBOs, so that there are plenty of them around by the time Gearbox decides to join in.
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  • Tech Analysis: Half-Life 2 and Portal on Android

  • Britler 18/05/2014

    Anyone else think it would be amazing if Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 were the SAME GAME? Like, Half-Life, except you have a Portal Gun instead of a Gravity Gun? Reply +20
  • The end of gimmicks?

  • Britler 17/05/2014

    The thing about VR is, even if it comes and goes very quickly, it will inevitably show up again in another decade or two. I don't think it's really even debatable that VR is the future of video games - how can we not end up there eventually? - the only real question is whether it's the immediate future or the somewhere-down-the-line future.

    In fact, VR in the sense of an immersive audio-visual experience is really just the eventual evolution of the ever-growing TV screens and surround-sound speaker count that we're already in the midst of. The part that will be a true revolution - and the part that will no doubt be derided as a gimmick for a while after it shows up - is whatever crazy solution people come up with to convince our brains that we're actually running about some other planet shooting lasers at shit, rather than controlling an avatar.
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  • Most Anticipated: The Witness

  • Britler 08/01/2014

    Hope it is more than a very pretty jaunt from line based puzzle to line based puzzle.
    The shots of those puzzles in the videos threw me a bit too, but knowing it's from the guy who made Braid, I feel confident asserting that those puzzles carry some kind of symbolic power, or are designed to make you think about the physical world of the game in a particular manner, or something. One way or another, I guarantee they're very relevant to the game at large, the same way the core mechanics of Braid were deeply tied to its story. There's no way it's just a pretty island with a bunch of crappy iOS games scattered about.
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  • "A future that has a history": Introducing No Man's Sky

  • Britler 15/12/2013

    Burn the land and boil the sea,
    You can't take the sky from me

    I was so sure this comment thread was gonna be full of Firefly references. Very disappointing, commenters.
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  • PlayStation 4 off to great start in North America

  • Britler 18/11/2013

    ...what are the games that'd make it worth my while?
    Of the games that are already out, apart from Wind Waker obviously, I'd say ZombiU, Monster Hunter, The Wonderful 101, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3 and, especially if you're looking for something new, NintendoLand.

    Maybe Sonic: Lost World, too; all I've tried of it so far is the 3DS demo, which isn't the same game as the WiiU version but the main reason for the divisive responses to this game is the new control scheme, which, from my limited time with the game, actually seems to be a lot of fun. There' nothing quite like it, at any rate.

    As for upcoming games, I think 2014 is the year when even non-Nintendo fans are gonna have to sit up and start paying attention to WiiU. Above all, there's the new Xeno-whatever game. If you haven't already, go to YouTube and watch the handful of trailers that are available (make sure you change the settings cog thing to HD, 'cause this is the game that will finally shut all these "WiiU is weaker than last gen" idiots up... well, it would be if Mario Kart weren't probably gonna beat it to the punch, anyway). I dunno what your taste in games is, but if it has any overlap with mine whatsoever those trailers will make you drool your face right off your head.

    Besides that, there's Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, that Yoshi Yarn game and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. I'm also personally holding out a tiny bit of hope that UbiSoft will make full use of the GamePad for Watch_Dogs, making it the surprise by-far best version of the game (don't hold my breath, I know).

    So that's the retail side of things, but the WiiU has a surprisingly solid list of eShop games coming up, aswell. I'm not gonna hunt down the whole list (you definitely should though if you're considering a purchase, it's quite a bit more robust than people realize, I think), but off the top of my head there's Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails, Shovel Knight, Teslagrad, Two Brothers, Ballpoint Universe and Armillo. Oh, and let's not forget about EarthBound.

    There'll also most likely be a goodly number of games announced shortly after New Year's, but that doesn't do you much good for November, obviously.

    So, there you go. You're welcome for the rambling and unnecessarily long-winded answer (read: the only kind of answer I'm capable of). I hope you've enjoyed listening to me speak as much as I clearly do :P
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  • The strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

  • Britler 26/10/2013

    @acousticwilliam There'll be a Nintendo Direct that covers what we have to look forward to in 2014 for WiiU, but IIRC the one they did this year for 3DS didn't come until after New Year's. I agree that really they should do it before Christmas. After all their holiday games are out, but before Christmas.

    Though I'm not sure why you'd think that something like X doesn't count as a count-down-the-days kind of game. That's certainly how I feel about it, plus plenty of people feel that way about Smash Bros, and Zelda is basically the definition of that kind of game. To this day nothing makes the gaming world convulse with excitement quite like a new Zelda.
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  • Britler 26/10/2013

    The thing about the WiiU lineup - and I think the Vita is having a similar problem - is that, without any true heavy-hitters to start gathering real momentum, it somehow never feels like there are games coming out. When you look at the WiiU's current lineup and realize that it's only been out a year, it's really not a bad little list of games. Nintendo Land, Mario/Luigi U, ZombiU, Monster Hunter, Lego City, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Wind Waker, Sonic: Lost World and now Mario 3D World... and that's just the exclusives. For a first year, that isn't bad at all. But at no point was there any real momentum - until recently, with a fairly modest amount starting with Pikmin and leading up to Mario - and the result is that every game released just feels like a stopgap, rather than a growing catalog of quality games. It's like when you see an old photo of someone; you never notice the change while it's happening, but when you see the difference all at once, it's obvious how much has actually happened.

    But yeah, at any rate, for those who haven't jumped into the next gen at all yet, the WiiU definitely offers the best value proposition this Christmas, and that's before you even consider the price advantage over the other two.

    And those saying that a PS4 is an investment for future games aswell, but that the same is somehow not the case for WiiU, are, as is always the case with these Nintendo doomsayer clowns, completely blinkered. It may very well be that PS4 has a better 2014 than WiiU, but even if it does, it isn't gonna be the landslide some people are apparently imagining it will be. Even the list of WiiU 2014 stuff we already know about is pretty solid; there's Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, "X", Yoshi's Epic Yarn, Super Smash Bros, and maybe even Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem - and there are sure to be at least a few more major announcements. And that's before mentioning the seriously impressive list of indie games headed to WiiU that I don't feel like looking up at the moment. Personally, I'm practically tumescent for Shovel Knight.

    And most importantly, with the momentum of this Christmas leading fairly quickly into Donkey Kong and Mario Kart, it'll finally stop FEELING like the WiiU has no games.

    On a side note, anyone who still thinks the WiiU is basically a 360 power-wise needs to watch some videos of X. Even the relatively early-in-development version of the game represented by the videos, to my eyes at least, wouldn't look out of place among what we've seen from PS4 or XBO. If it were a PS4 game, nobody would be calling it the prettiest game on the system, but nobody would be complaining that it looks like a PS3 game, either. At the very least, it puts to bed the notion that WiiU is to PS4 and XBO what the Wii was to PS3 and 360, graphics wise. It also happens to be, for me at least, the most exciting upcoming game anywhere, MAYBE tied with The Witcher 3. Well, not counting not-properly-announced games like The Last Guardian and the WiiU Zelda, anyway.
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  • UK chart: Pokémon, Beyond fail to dislodge GTA 5

  • Britler 14/10/2013

    @Kostas All those things, plus a huge one that a lot of people seem to be overlooking:

    Here’s the UK Top 20 in full for the week ending October 12th:
    Which, unless I'm reading something wrong, means that this chart caught only the DAY-ONE sales of Pokemon X/Y, while measuring the full week for GTA and FIFA (and only two days for Beyond: Two Souls). EG usually mention these things in the article. Hm.

    So yeah, Pokemon did OK.

    Really all I have to say about this chart is that, given that the three games above it are as monstrously hard-hitting as video games come, sales wise, Beyond (effectively) coming in at fourth really doesn't imply in the slightest that its sales were disappointing. It could have doubled its expectations, for all we know.
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  • Nintendo 2DS review

  • Britler 12/10/2013

    @Kami Here's the bit I truly can't wrap my head around: all it would take is another, say, 3-4 major first party releases per year for Nintendo to basically support the system all by themselves - at which point the buzz for the WiiU would reach critical mass and third party support would be inevitable anyway. Problem solved.

    So, given that we all know they're sitting on a mountain of cash, why exactly don't they either scale up their own operation or throw money at outside studios to make stuff for them? This does seem to be the direction they're heading in, their beautiful new relationship with Platinum being a shining example, but what exactly is the limiting factor here that's keeping them from just making like 30-50% more WiiU games than they already are?
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  • Britler 12/10/2013

    The biggest bit of news here to me is that there still exist people who honestly believe the 3DS is struggling. First of all, it is literally the best selling gaming system on the planet at the moment, and has been for a while now. Obviously, things were up in the air for the months between launch and the release of Mario Land, Mario Kart and Monster Hunter 3G. After that, there was some question of whether Nintendo, having lit the fire, would be able to keep it alight. That question has long since been settled.

    The only real question now is whether it will be able to keep pace with the DS, which is, at this point, basically tied for best selling gaming system OF ALL TIME - 154 million units versus the PS2's 155 million. Whatever disparity currently exists between the 3DS' current sales and those of the DS at the same point in its life can be explained by one very simple and very-soon-to-be-rectified fact: the 3DS has had to wait almost a year longer than the DS for its first Pokemon game*. Obviously, we'll soon see exactly the effect that will have on the landscape, but the system-selling power of Pokemon can't possibly be overstated. It's certainly in the running for System-Sellingest Franchise in all of Gaming.

    So there's that, plus the 2DS addressing the issue of many parents being worried for their kids eyes while simultaneously offering a lower price point, added to the system that is already selling better than anything else around... add it all together and one has to be completely blinkered to still believe there is the remotest chance of the 3DS being anything less than an unqualified success when all is said and done.

    Also, it's worth noting that there's at least one other extremely large plus coming to the 3DS side of its race to match DS sales - the first handheld version of Super Smash Bros, yet another monster system seller. Personally, I quite enjoy watching the 3DS' ongoing fight to keep up with the insane DS sales; it's like watching Nintendo racing the DS' ghost time.

    * As an aside, it still drives me nuts to think of the blown opportunity in releasing Black & White 2 rather than moving straight on to a 3DS game; think of how much better games like Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion - and EVERY other 3DS game released between B2/W2 and X/Y - could have done, with millions of extra units already in the wild.

    There's a similar problem with the WiiU currently making me crazy, in that wonderful games like Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 and Monster Hunter 3U aren't getting a fair shake because, really, these sorts of games should come out AFTER games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros. have done the heavy lifting of actually getting the systems into people's hands. At least in the case of the 3DS, they got the big three out in time for its first Christmas, so there wasn't anything like the heartbreak of Pikmin 3 being a desperate stopgap in a barren release schedule that will thus be largely forgotten, where it would and should have sold millions and been an icon of the WiiU library.

    I hope Nintendo have learned their lesson now, though, and will move heaven and earth to make sure their next console launches with the system-sellers and THEN brings the Pikmins and the Luigi's Mansions.
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  • Dragon's Crown review

  • Britler 12/10/2013

    @peori Oh, there's no need to apologize to ME of all people for long-windedness. And more than that, it really is refreshing to stumble across non-blinkered people in unexpected places. Watching the gaming media in particular getting rapidly worse in this regard - thanks ever so much again to Miss Sarkeesian for opening the floodgates - has been pretty soul-destroying recently, so I'm all for as many words as possible going in the other direction. Reply 0
  • Britler 12/10/2013

    @peori Have I stumbled upon a red-piller, right here at Eurogamer? Outstanding. It's been seriously troubling lately, seeing how easily the gaming media has been taken in by this toxic feminist victim-mongering. It's thanks largely to your posts that I came out the other end of this comment thread without having slashed my wrists. Thanks for that.

    Also, regarding Anita friggin' Sarkeesian, have you seen the footage of her giving a lecture a few years ago wherein she literally admits to not being a gamer? It popped up a few weeks ago. My first thought was, "no chance we'll be reading about THIS at EuroGamer." It even turned out she was using other YouTubers' footage in her videos. She couldn't even play the damn games herself, apparently, completely misrepresenting herself to people giving her money - which, by the way, was spent on what, exactly? - and yet the entire mainstream games media IMMEDIATELY bought her shtick unquestioningly, and anyone who didn't was, of course, a misogynist wife-beating rapist or whatever.

    And when all this comes to light, she's given a free pass by the media because... because what, exactly? Because "the cause" is too important to let trifling matters like reality and the truth get in the way? Or because women can simply do no wrong. Or - and this one's my personal favorite - because she DID do wrong, but only because she has been so wronged by some man or by the Capital-P Patriarchy that she can't be held accountable for her fraudulent actions as one would expect any other grown-ass person to be.

    I don't know about everyone else, but I will be forever grateful to the prophet Anita and her disciples, for raising our beloved pastime up from the mire and into enlightenment. What a glorious future she has built for us.
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  • Dragon Quest 1-8 all coming to iOS and Android

  • Britler 08/10/2013

    Weird, I woulda thought they would've at least finished getting DQ 7 and then 8 on 3DS, and THEN announced they were all coming to mobile. Reply 0
  • Bravely Default heads to Europe this year

  • Britler 27/09/2013

    @CloudXIV You are confused. Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs boss compares its Chicago map to GTA 5's scale

  • Britler 27/09/2013

    One thing that has me pretty seriously pre-disappointed about this game is that the WiiU version should OBVIOUSLY be hands-down the best version, but there's almost no chance of that being the case. In a just world, there would be a whole bespoke hacking interface for the touch screen that would leave every other version feeling like half a game, but, who here thinks that's gonna happen?

    I can't be arsed trying to figure out a timeline, but the concept seems like such a perfect fit for the WiiU that I even wonder if perhaps the console inspired the game - who knows how far back Ubi knew what the WiiU was gonna be, or how far back the hackable-sandbox concept started being bandied about?

    Don't get me wrong, the game looks great, and I seriously doubt any version of it will be anything other than money very well spent, but god damnit it could be so much better.

    Or, hey, maybe the world is a more awesome place than I think it is and Watch_Dogs will be everything it ought to be. I DO believe in fairies, I DO, I DO...
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  • Infinity Blade 3 review

  • Britler 21/09/2013

    @Jmog I'll see that squeal and raise you a moan if they also port the first one over to Vita. Never had a 360, and, being a huge Metroidvania fan, Shadow Complex is among the small handful of games I feel like I actually missed out on by skipping Xbox this gen. I don't even have a Vita yet, but with that awesome screen and the best non-Nintendo d-pad around, I'm feelin pretty confident that it's perfect for this type of game (I also forced myself to skip Guacamelee on PS3 so I could play it on Vita eventually instead). Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter 4 sells over 1.7 million retail copies in two days

  • Britler 19/09/2013

    @SpaceMonkey77 Edit: Retracted. Reply +2
  • Editor's blog: A personal update

  • Britler 13/09/2013

    Come on, where are all the 180 jokes? Very disappointing, commenters.

    Anyway, this sounds like good news to me. For a long time Eurogamer has been far and away the best destination for anyone seeking reliable game reviews (and virtually the only one for people seeking reliable reviews of Nintendo games). Not every reviewer here is my cup of tea, but I can count on my fingers the number of video game reviewers I trust at all, and they're almost all to be found at Eurogamer. And since this state of affairs was brought about by Mr. Bramwell, I'm thrilled to hear he'll be sticking around to maintain it.

    Cheers and congrats.
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  • PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime looks lovely in new extended trailer

  • Britler 04/09/2013

    @AgentDaleCooper I'm not sure it's "bordering on" anything. It looks like Ico, feels like Ico, seems to play like Ico - right down to batting away shadow monsters with a stick - and the trailer actually starts with the kid waking up on a beach. When you add in the fact that he appears to have beaten up Ico and stolen his clothes, it paints a pretty weird picture.

    It's kind of a shame, because Ico happens to be maybe my favorite game ever, and this trailer really is beautiful... but, being made by somebody else, it just feels like Ico fanfiction or something.
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  • God of War 2 director Cory Barlog has returned to Sony Santa Monica

  • Britler 10/08/2013

    Oh, also: am I the only person who found GoW2 - the one this guy directed, apparently - to be pretty seriously disappointing next to the first one? It's still very good, which is a testament to the quality of the series, but I really can't wrap my brain around people thinking it was actually the better game. The whole game was far less coherent, and, if I'm remembering right, I had way less fun with the array of weapons and magic available. That final fight against Zeus, in particular, just kind of left me scratching my head at its lameness and very un-GoW lack of scale, whereas the fight with Ares in the first game is one of the standout final bosses in all of gaming. Reply -1
  • Britler 10/08/2013

    @johnreid Yes. I've been saying this for years. I think that, after GoW3, there really isn't much need for more Kratos, but, the formula - the excellent but not overly-complex combat, the over-the-top violence, the fixed/cinematic camera, the insane scale (enormous environmental puzzles and gods that can't fit on the damn screen), and the whole thing tied together with best-in-class visuals - has plenty of life left in it. Just transplant some other mythology in for the Greek - I think Norse would be the best fit, but there are plenty to choose from - and the excitement for the series would be right back up to its previous heights.

    For my money, Ascension should've been a Vita game - on PS3 it just seems superfluous in so many ways, whereas a GoW game is EXACTLY the sort of thing Vita is lacking - and that should've closed out the Kratos era, just in time to start fresh with a new mythology for the new console generation. It's so perfect I can't quite understand why this isn't how Sony played it, really.
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  • Eidos Montreal narrates 10 minutes of Thief gameplay on PS4

  • Britler 19/06/2013

    I think the tilt-to-dash thing is a better idea than people are giving it credit for. It takes care of movement without using up a button or, more importantly, a digit, so you can still jump or move the camera or whatever while dashing. As long as it only triggers when you're not just moving but have the thumbstick as far as it'll go in whatever direction, I doubt it'd cause too much mayhem.

    I can actually see it becoming standard if it's executed properly. I'd definitely prefer it in FPSs, for instance, over using up my aiming finger on L2 or, worse, clicking the left stick, which is just clunky and bit crap.

    ...but the headset mic thing is just ridiculous. Wtf am I gonna be wearing a headset for? The only time the blowing-on-the-mic thing has ever been used well was at the end of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, and those circumstances are extremely unlikely to apply pretty much anywhere ever again.
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  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Was really hopin for last second Last Guardian bomb-drop, but, totally nailed it anyway Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    So Sony win e3 and the generation, yes? Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Introducing PS+ years before ps4 was a pretty clever way to sneak in paid-only online mp. Now we're all paying happily already, so we dont care Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Ive been wondering how they were gonna keep ps+ goin for the first few years of ps4, kinda seemed like a problem. I guess by having so many fucking gmes it isnt a problem anymore Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Wnder if MS knew before we did that Sony was gonna totally stick it to them tonight Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Sorry, make that six Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    ...and Sony know just how to play it too heh. Three separate applauses each bigger than any other today Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Christ, biggest applause of the night by far Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Game over? Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    This guy needs to stop expecting applause after everything he says Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Ive seen way more of Watch Dogs than i like to see of any game before playing it, and im sort of a captive audience here atm. I was sold after 2 mins of footage, im getting close to burnout at this point Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    @homelessbaby versus isnt versus anymore, theyre calling it XV now. Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Why do they always make people stand when they're playing on stage? Give a brother a chair or something Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

  • Britler 11/06/2013

    In the mentime what? Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Woop woop finally Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Yep, all non-game shit should be done elsewhere. Diluting the buzz of their E3 show is just a terrible move. Buzz is currency here Reply 0
  • Britler 11/06/2013

    Gahhh get to the new games Reply 0
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf review

  • Britler 05/06/2013

    K, sold.

    I've been on the fence about jumping into Animal Crossing for a long time, but this review closed the sale. I just don't know which sale it closed... Should I just buy New Leaf, or should I start with an older one - most likely Wild World, I guess? Or the original, even?
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  • The big interview: Phil Harrison on Xbox One, Kinect, indie games and red rings

  • Britler 22/05/2013

    So, I guess now's as good a time as any to admit that I frankly haven't been able to manage a full fuck to give regarding the 360 this generation, and the entire reason is lack of exclusives. There's just no damn reason to buy one if you already have a PS3, while the reverse is absolutely not true. I've basically been assuming MS will continue in this fashion, relying on the fact that everyone plays CoD with their friends on XBL and will just jump over to the next gen Xbox as... One.

    (I'm not trolling, stick with me here...)

    But, if I'm reading right about 15 exclusives, 8 new IPs and a billion dollars invested in Xbox exclusives, then that's me interested all of a sudden. 'Til today I was 90% sure next gen would be another 5 years of Sony and Nintendo for me, now I'm thinking I may actually end up wth all three this time.

    I really doubt I'm the only guy whose interest was piqued by that little snippet, so it's a little odd that it wasn't more than a little snippet. It's pretty clear they don't understand the audience they're trying to win over, or "fifteen games, a billion dollars" would basically have been today's catchphrase. Odd that they understand the value of exclusives enough to pour a billion dollars into them, but not enough to actually tell anyone about them at the reveal of the damn thing.
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  • Luigi's Mansion 2 review

  • Britler 22/03/2013

    @ring_piece I don't think that's gonna accomplish what you think it will, as the entire internet is love-bombing this game, not just EG.

    Edit: And also, I love games that keep me coming back, too. But I also love games that don't. This is a classic example of people not simply loving the type of game they love, but for some reason feeling the need to actively attack any game that doesn't fit their mold.

    Expecting that a game would have points knocked off its score just for not having a very particular quality about it is kind of bizarre.
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  • Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement over glasses-free 3D

  • Britler 14/03/2013

    Probably just a jury full of Xbox loyalists. Nintendo hate is sort of an American pastime at this point. Reply -6
  • Sonic Dash review

  • Britler 12/03/2013

    Plus Rush Adventure, which for my money is the best of them all.
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  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D dev is not Retro Studios

  • Britler 08/03/2013

    I'm not as sure as other people seem to be that this "project everyone wants us to do" is a new Metroid. I think there's a pretty decent chance it means a new IP. Not that it makes much difference re: my level of interest in it. (Read: very high.) Reply 0