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  • No evidence connecting games and violence, says BBFC

  • Blood_and_Thunder 27/11/2007

    I was glad this game was banned. Shit like this brings down games as a medium. This game was only ever intended for teenage boys to go 'woah, you can cut his head off with a hacksaw' to, not for any kind of horror experience. If you want a good horror game play Project Zero 2.

    Maybe Rockstar will make better games in future instead of going for shock tactic bullshit like Manhunt. Games shouldn't have to rely on gore to sell. A good game with gore as part of it should sell, but not one that relies only on gory deaths and nothing else. If Manhunt had no gore whatseover, had clean deaths but was the same game, would it have sold any copies in the first place? I doubt it.

    For the record I thought Hostel was shite as well. But those European girls had nice jugs ;)
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  • Bionic Commando

  • Blood_and_Thunder 22/10/2007

    Ben Judd

    Well done that man
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  • Meet the TF2 Demoman

  • Blood_and_Thunder 10/10/2007

    These animations are fantastic, each one has had me laughing my tits off Reply 0
  • Rockstar appeals over Manhunt 2

  • Blood_and_Thunder 09/10/2007

    They deserve this to be banned for making games that are only about gore. If the first Manhunt had ordinary killings without all the gore would it have gotten any attention at all based just on it's gameplay? Like hell would it. Reply 0
  • The Sopranos

  • Blood_and_Thunder 22/11/2006

    Maybe a spoiler warning would have been worth putting in the review, I haven't seen the show yet but was planning on getting a boxset sometime. Reply 0
  • Postal III uses Source Engine

  • Blood_and_Thunder 19/10/2006

    Postal 2 was really goddamn fun, if you compared it to serious shooters it didn't hold up well as a game in that sense. But as a game where you can just have a quick blast and go round setting dogs on fire it was a really good laugh! Reply 0
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

  • Blood_and_Thunder 16/10/2006

    From what I understand, buying Dark Crusade by itself allows you all seven races in campaign and skirmish, but only Tau and Necrons online. So if you like playing RTS games online, might be worth getting the pack with all three in. Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2: Episode 2

  • Blood_and_Thunder 24/09/2006

    Dog vs Strider

    I just did a sex wee
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  • Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Blood_and_Thunder 23/09/2006

    Yeah, the 3D ones have never been that good really. Anyone remember those treasure hut levels with knuckles in sonic adventure 2? How annoying could a level possibly be? Reply 0
  • Far Cry Wii unveiled

  • Blood_and_Thunder 21/09/2006

    How can they think that anyone would actually give a toss about Jack Carver? Farcry was a pretty sweet game but it's storyline and characters were complete toss. I hope they didn't pay a lot for someone to come up with this story cause god knows they won't get their moneys worth. Reply 0
  • Wii is region-locked after all

  • Blood_and_Thunder 15/09/2006

    I don't think anyone will be bothered at all that it won't include a DVD playback option, just about everybody has standalone DVD players these days anyway. Reply 0
  • GC: Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Blood_and_Thunder 11/09/2006

    More rendered stuff. Lets have some gameplay clips please Konami! Reply 0
  • The best of YouTube

  • Blood_and_Thunder 31/08/2006

    I never said the streetfighter clip wasn't cool or that the guy wasn't amazing at the game, and I did enjoy it, I just don't think it's the second coming of jesus or anything like that.

    I had to stop watching the morrowind one cause I'm playing that through at the moment and I don't want to spoil the game for myself :(
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  • Blood_and_Thunder 31/08/2006

    Am I the only one who wasn't that bothered about the daigo street fighter clip? Yeah, the guy is amazing at the game, but its only a street fighter match. Reply 0
  • Pathologic

  • Blood_and_Thunder 30/08/2006

    I have tried the demo, and there were no bugs I picked up on. Crashed once on the menu, but apart from that was alright. It seems to be the dialogue that is broken, it is very badly translated. Other little things as well, like when a rat attacked me there was no sound effect when I stabbed it and killed it. The demo runs fine, it just seems like it needs more work to the game to make it complete. Reply 0
  • PS4's a long way off, says Kaz

  • Blood_and_Thunder 30/08/2006

    "But my message is that once you become a family in the PlayStation family of products, you become a family member."

    Why do executive types constantly insist on spouting shite like this? Do they actually think anyone is stupid enough to buy into it? 'Wow, when I get my PS3 I'm going to be part of the Sony family!'
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  • GC: New WOW expansion every year - Blizzard

  • Blood_and_Thunder 24/08/2006

    For the amount of money they make, I think they should have been offering the stuff in the expansion pack as part of regular patches for the game. For Ł7.99 a month you get very little extra content for that cash, only playing the game and thats it. For Blizzard's massive profit they should be providing far more addon stuff for that subscription fee. Reply 0
  • EGTV: Video round-up

  • Blood_and_Thunder 21/08/2006

    The EGTV vids are quick to load for me, and with no pop ups or adverts, which is great. Hopefully more variety of content will come, video reviews would be nice. Reply 0
  • More Sadness details

  • Blood_and_Thunder 31/07/2006

    Disc = +1 for ignore list

    This game will either be really sweet or a big, overhyped bag of rabbit todds. Hopefully they will make something cool.
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  • Dawn of War coming to 360?

  • Blood_and_Thunder 29/07/2006

    UT2004 brought it back, and it was pretty sweet. But as far as I know, no-one has done a defensive mode where you only fight AI. I suck at deathmatch really bad, so this would be far more fun for me than most online modes.

    A Halo 3 mode like this would be cool, a 5 man squad of spartans fighting increasingly more powerful waves of AI covenant! Would be awesome!
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  • Blood_and_Thunder 29/07/2006

    Thats fair enough, I understand where you are coming from there. To clarify a bit more what I mean when I say innovation in games, I'll use an example:

    I would love to see a co-op defensive squad based multiplayer game on a FPS. A mode on any good FPS where you and several other players have to defend a location against increasing numbers of enemies. You could choose different equipment for each player to counter different enemies (one of you with a rocket launcher for example) and fall back to different rally points, that kind of thing.

    It would be fairly easy to include a mode like that on a FPS (Call of Duty anyone?) but all we seem to get is the same old deathmatch and capture the flag instead.

    I agree with you when you say re-inventing the wheel is mostly a hollow promise, what we need IMO is more innovation along the lines of the above. Resident Evil 4 was a good example of this, took an established genre, kept the core idea but had enough new stuff to be seen in a totally different light.
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  • Blood_and_Thunder 29/07/2006

    "P.S. What's wrong the PS3 and 360 offering nothing new but more power?"

    Theres nothing wrong with it, I look forward to playing games using that extra power, I just sometimes feel that its the only focus in games design when more innovation in the design of the actual games would be just as useful. If you take the jump from 8 bit to 16 bit, then 16 bit to 32 bit and so on, the jump from current to next gen doesn't have anywhere near the impact increasing the power did back then. There's just not as much difference between the current and next gen, the power increase doesn't really allow for new types of games to be designed. It's innovation from console and games designers in the next gen that will be of more interest to me, not the next big FPS with better graphics but the same gameplay that I can get on my current machines.
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  • Blood_and_Thunder 29/07/2006

    It would have been pointless of Nintendo to simply try and match the 360 and PS3 in terms of power, they would have probably automatically failed if they did that. The only way they will suceed in the next gen race is to offer something different, and they are hoping that the Wii will attract people who have either left gaming or have never been into it before. Whether that will be successful or not only time will tell, but I think it is fair to say that someone who has never been into games is more likely to want to have a try of Wii sports than something like Halo 3 or MGS4. The controller will be easier to use for new gamers as well. Have you ever given a non-gamer a go of just about any 3D game? My friends who have tried this just couldn't get their heads around the thing, it was quite funny actually :D

    The 360 and PS3 don't offer anything new, only more power. There are still going to be the same type of games out that won't offer anything new, only prettier graphics and more models on screen. They have some great games coming out for them, which is why they will both sell well, but as machines they just have nothing to excite me. Maybe HD, that will look nice, but nothing really apart from that.
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  • New Call of Juarez demo

  • Blood_and_Thunder 28/07/2006

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with you there. The firefights felt a bit clunky - an aiming mode would have gone down better instead of having two pistols. The atmosphere was great, quite a realistic and gritty feel to it, and the graphics fitted with this too.

    If they could optimise it better and make the shooting less clunky, they could be on to a winner here.
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  • Bad Day LA due in Q4

  • Blood_and_Thunder 26/07/2006

    was this the 'other' game you were talking about? If not it might be worth a look, even though it got a low score I quite enjoyed it.
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  • BFME2 expansion on way

  • Blood_and_Thunder 26/07/2006

    Since when have RTS games and Tolkien had any interest to chavs?

    I could understand that if it was NFS Underground Super Bling 3, but Lord of the Rings?
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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja trailer

  • Blood_and_Thunder 25/07/2006

    Teenage Mutant Emo Turtles

    They can have that silly bird shit colour fringe that covers their eyes as well
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  • Call of Duty 3

  • Blood_and_Thunder 15/07/2006

    I'm dispointed that they did this in WW2 again. I was hoping for the same gameplay, but in different warzones. It would be awesome having the same kind of furious, scripted action but in the Falklands war, or the Gulf war or something. I will get this, cause I love the previous games but its a shame they kept it the same. Reply 0
  • Fahrenheit

  • Blood_and_Thunder 05/07/2006

    If you are going to put a spolier in your review, make sure people cannot see the actual spoiler at all when you give them the spoiler warning. Did you really think putting 'spoiler' in italics one word before your spoiler would stop them seeing it? I have already played this game, but that would really annoy people who saw it before they had played it. Reply 0
  • Female clans launch protest

  • Blood_and_Thunder 20/06/2006


    "@ PearOfAnguish 20-Jun-06 15:07:26

    using female marketing stereotypes to depict women as abusing their position against men on their own court, is just being a total asshole - you just qualified"

    You know, I really think he was JOKING, don't take an obvious joke so seriously
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  • New Mega Man series for DS

  • Blood_and_Thunder 16/06/2006

    Because they lost the plot and brought out all these silly network games

    the original ones are the best
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  • EGTV: Dark Crusade trailer

  • Blood_and_Thunder 09/06/2006

    I'm looking forward to this, the two new races should be good, and the galactic expansion type mode is sounding awesome, will be like skirmish mode but with a campaign. Roll on autumn! Reply 0
  • GTA actor slams Rockstar

  • Blood_and_Thunder 30/01/2006

    Rockstar were stupid to leave it in. All of these anti-videogame campaigners will jump on anything like this, and they should have known what these people are like and the amount of trouble they could get in had it become common knowledge. To any normal adult, the sex scenes in San Andreas are nothing, but these campaigners will use anything they can against the games industry. Rockstar shouldnt be giving them ammunition like this. Reply 0