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  • "It was tempting to retire…"

  • Big-Swiss 03/02/2016

    I think the man learned something! It was about time!
    But lets give him a Chance! People can Change!
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  • Pimped game controllers with bullets and diamonds - who makes these things?

  • Big-Swiss 08/01/2016


    I'm sorry mate!! my bad!

    but I do believe that some people care more about some followers numbers than skill and achievement.

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  • Big-Swiss 08/01/2016


    finally some sense, thank you!

    I can't take EG serious somethimes, just because some guy has followers they cover him, and make it look, like the guy invented a niche market.

    He hasn't, there are many companies offering these services and doing a awesome job at it. And the stuff they make look as good as this work here. The only thing new is the bling bling diamond stuff, and exatcly that is what he is working on and hasn't even produced a single controller with diamonds yet.

    what happened to the journalism of EG? are you trying to be the kardashians of the game journalism, shallow and clueless?
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  • Big-Swiss 08/01/2016


    from a potential customer view. what is more important? instagram followers or a website where you can order stuff and check out products etc?
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  • Big-Swiss 08/01/2016

    what I find odd is, that EG makes a article about this guy who hasn't even a website or online shop yet. While there are so many companies out there that already provide the same services. Reply 0
  • Big-Swiss 08/01/2016

    this article motivated me to consider a custom made controller.
    would be nice to have something like that!

    people who are in to cars love custom made cars with cool design and cool colors and stuff. So why shouldn't people who are into gaming feel the same about their hardware?
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  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • Big-Swiss 04/09/2015

    wow, the problems the UK has, it always surprises me! Reply -4
  • Batman: Arkham Knight review

  • Big-Swiss 24/06/2015


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  • Big-Swiss 24/06/2015

    what is exactly the problem about being interested in this without having played the previous games? Reply 0
  • Splatoon review

  • Big-Swiss 03/06/2015

    c'mon people!!! and c'mon EG.
    A typical game that is frsh and looks fantastic, but after 1 week of play you get bored of that concept.
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  • Nintendo might be making the most exciting online shooter in years

  • Big-Swiss 23/03/2015

    c'mon what nervous peace of bullshit game!
    For kids ok, looks fine and is fun for them. But as a adult you almost have to me half retarded to really be hyped for such a game.
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  • The Forest Early Access review

  • Big-Swiss 16/07/2014

    it would be cool, if at some point, when you survive long enough, you can start to get the upper hand. Like build large traps and somehow develope a home there. Maybe I misunderstood some parts of the review, but it sounds like it is only hardcore survival mode, without any progress to be done. Either you survive or you die. could get a bit dull after a while. But if you could develope something there, it could keep you going for a long while. Reply 0
  • Molyneux signals end to Curiosity - and we could find out what's inside the cube on the day of the next Xbox reveal

  • Big-Swiss 02/05/2013

    Hold on a second here.......



    How can you say now, that you have mentioned many times, that you can influence the lenght of the project! Then why did PM have fear, that the project could end within 24 hours if too many people tap that cube???

    Doesen't make sense, there would have never ben any fear needed if it was clear that you can ad layers as much as you want!

    I always found 22SAM a decent representative of the company with smart posts on EG, but from today on I will never ever believe a word again that your company says!
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  • Beyond: Two Souls preview: David Cage on life after the Rain

  • Big-Swiss 16/04/2013

    Holy Shit, this game is about Spider Man! The green Goblin is proof in the top pic! Reply 0
  • Code of Princess review

  • Big-Swiss 16/04/2013

    a "meh" game for a "meh" console....... Reply -48
  • Wheelchair-bound gamer banned from after accusations he faked disability

  • Big-Swiss 15/04/2013

    at least the flu shot one was hot.......... Reply +4
  • Former BioWare boss: PS4 and next Xbox unlikely to cure "sick market for old-school gaming"

  • Big-Swiss 10/04/2013

    is it just me, or does this guy honestly name the two companies who I think do absolutly nothing to make this industry a better place.

    perhaps I missunderstood this guy, but I have the absolut oposit opinion...........even if he is the doctor
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  • Tomb Raider review

  • Big-Swiss 25/02/2013


    typical, but I'm glad, I was hoping this game would be worth it!
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  • Dark Souls 2 officially announced

  • Big-Swiss 08/12/2012

    I love dark souls, love it so much, and I'm so very shit at it! Reply +5
  • Silent Hill: Book of Memories review

  • Big-Swiss 02/11/2012

    I was 100% sure I would not even think about getting I'm 100% sure I would like to get this if the finances allow me to.

    PS Vita is a awesome peace of kit, and now finally the games start to flow.
    LBP, ACL and now this, all decent titles that make the Vita worth a lot!

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  • Assassin's Creed 3 fuelled by in-game micro-transactions

  • Big-Swiss 30/10/2012


    I know, they don't care how it really playes out, and the real reason for the negging is probably because I can play the game since days and they can't. which I understand, it is unfair that not the hwole of Europe get it on the same day.

    At least EG corrected the article by now.

    In the end, I'm level 20, haven't payed a dime, enjoyed it a lot. its like every MP, if it works its great, if nothing good comes to together there can be sequences where it sucks.
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  • Big-Swiss 29/10/2012

    thinking about it again, I don't think you can skip the unlocks, just guy the unlocks faster by buying the currency rather than earning in game money, which takes longer. so its not really that big od a gamebreaking deal as it sounds.

    but I know, haters gona hate I guess
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  • Big-Swiss 29/10/2012


    exactly a lot of the stuff is exactly as you said, nice looking weapons, nice cloths.

    But also skills, but I am level 12 now on MP, and I don't even care about the erudito credits. That is the reason I'm not sure if you have to unlock the skills as well like you would with the normal curency and then can buy it. You unlock stuff by levelling up.

    Probably it is like that. But if course I levelled up once to Level 10, unlocked 12 skills at once and only had money for about 3 skills. So if you buy those Erudito credits you can buy all 12 skills.

    But hey, you start anyhow with 2 standart skills sets, and allready have some features from the start. you don't start naked like with the first MP on ACB
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  • Big-Swiss 29/10/2012

    ok ok, I realize, I wrote my first postings way too polite, so it is not even getting acknowledged.

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  • Big-Swiss 29/10/2012

    sorry,me again, but just for precision:

    the things cost more with normal ingame money than with the Erudito credits.

    For instance the skill "change costum" will cost maybe 400 in game currency credits and only 15 Erudito credits.

    its is all half as bad as the above report makes it look! Plus with the preorder I got all DLC for free as well!
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  • Big-Swiss 29/10/2012

    what is also interesting, they have a option to lnk the PS Vita version of liberaton with AC3.
    Don't know exactly for what and why, but I saw that option as well.

    hopefully that will be cool!
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  • Big-Swiss 29/10/2012

    I've ben playing this over the weekend, and above report is not 100% correct.
    You can buy that money yes, well it is not even buyable yet, but I found the option in the menue.

    But you also get normal in game money for just playing the MP and you can buy with that money the stuff as well. So a normal MP, you unlock the things by progressing and then can buy the stuff with money you get while progressing.

    If that is too slow, then you can buy that other curency at the shop and progress faster. might not be such a bad idea if you are late to the party and everyone is level 50 you can buy fairness like that.

    And I got the MP and the SP ond the same disc!
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  • Wii U GamePad mic won't support voice-chat

  • Big-Swiss 19/10/2012

    Nintendo, seems to be only a inch ahead of Fischer Price at the moment. Reply +4
  • "There is something we haven't told everybody about when you play the cube..."

  • Big-Swiss 03/10/2012

    well, after all these comments, it wouldn't surprise me if inside the cube there was a foto of peter flipping you all the bird........

    the way he presents his stuff gets on my nervs as well, but I think he is at a point, where he can make that to his advantage. EG raging about his new stuff is basically free advertisement. 50% of all readers here want to know now if that cube will be cool or is just a load of bullshit and therefore will try it out.

    that makes him win!

    For the moment, I don't give a ff about this cube, but a evil part of me would like 2 million people tapping the shit out of it on day one, solving the inside of the cube within 24 hours and making PM cry!
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  • leaks Vita games Monster Hunter Portable 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights

  • Big-Swiss 07/03/2012

    I love every post from NotSoSlim, cause I can see his profile pick next to the text, it makes me look twice every single time!


    and hey people around the globe, don't worry about anything, just buy the Vita, this really has profen to be a no brainer, every single person getting the Vita will love it and will have enough for themselves on that console.

    ok, the people who get one of the 0.01% technical failures might disagree, but there are warranties for that, so trust me, Vita is a no brainer, there is nothing out there that does better what the Vita does, nothing!
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  • Peter Molyneux exits Microsoft, Lionhead

  • Big-Swiss 07/03/2012

    she should have done that a while ago, it would have saved him a lot of hate too. Reply -3
  • Super Stardust Delta Review

  • Big-Swiss 29/02/2012

    Sony Defence Force is out of work.

    The haters can't type at the moment, they are too busy playing on the Vita.

    Sony really didn't promise too much, they provided a device that really gives you what you seek, so if someone is still being a "hater", its more amusing than anything really.

    Sony Haters at the moment = too poor to buy a Vita

    But that is perfect, the Sony Defence Force doesen't really have any time anyhow since they are all too busy playing the Vita.
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  • FIFA Football Vita Review

  • Big-Swiss 24/02/2012

    can't agree with the review, I didn't expect much,a simple FIFA port to the PSV, but I am so impressed, its the game I played most so far, and I'm a PES Fanboy, so that should make you believe I'm being objective.

    the rear end touch controls work so well, it gives you a great feeling when you shot exactly where you want!

    9/10 easy!
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  • Reality Fighters Review

  • Big-Swiss 21/02/2012

    no its cheaper than most games
    I'm getting it tomorrow, its something I can imagine I will like very much.
    will probably be a 8/10 game for me!
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  • Is the PlayStation Vita worth Ł230?

  • Big-Swiss 20/01/2012

    fuck this article and fuck everyone who likes it! Reply +11
  • Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

  • Big-Swiss 21/10/2011

    shit, now this was one of the more "kid"like games, that I was really lookign forward to, would have ben great for me and the girlfriend to play. a shame! I'm very disapointed, but it does give me the perfect excuse not having to buy it, since my game budget is allready way oevr the top with all the games being released now. Reply +2
  • Batman: Arkham City

  • Big-Swiss 14/10/2011

    why does a guy get negged cause he is allready playing this?
    if he is a reviewer and thinks its a 10, even better, no?
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  • PES 2012

  • Big-Swiss 29/09/2011

    hmm, I thought pro pro evo would be a funny wordplay in a PES comment section.
    but nope, I get negged.

    So what happens when I instead write "Fuck realistic no fun Fifa"?
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  • Big-Swiss 29/09/2011

    Pro Pro evo! Reply +1
  • FIFA 12 Review

  • Big-Swiss 26/09/2011

    EG Mafia! Reply 0
  • F1 2011

  • Big-Swiss 16/09/2011

    this could be my first F1 game ever, thinking about it, but I'm afraid a newbie like me might not get the hang of it....... Reply +1
  • Bodycount

  • Big-Swiss 02/09/2011

    shit, sad to see how most other FPS games apear and disapear within weeks and are never heard of again.

    the game scored 10/10 with the name of the title, but after that its all bad news, 4/10 ;-((
    if everything in the review is true, it sounds really bad.....
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection

  • Big-Swiss 30/08/2011

    call of yawn........ Reply +9
  • God of War Collection Volume II

  • Big-Swiss 30/08/2011

    this is FTW! Reply 0
  • Vita out in Europe and US early next year

  • Big-Swiss 04/08/2011


    answer: to travel! long flights and stuff!
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  • Retrospective: Driv3r

  • Big-Swiss 25/07/2011

    I had to laugh as well, sums it up great!

    I bought Driv3r, went hole full of happyness, put the disc in, played for 30 minutes, ragequit, never touched it again.
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  • New Xbox & PlayStation 4: What to Expect

  • Big-Swiss 20/07/2011

    "hope" solo, now that is a next gen football player! Reply +2
  • L.A. Noire: The Team Bondi Emails

  • Big-Swiss 07/07/2011

    but again, by all respect for the poor workers who did that for so many years

    is it legal?

    is there no way to defend yourself?

    there must be some EEOC or other official office the workers can turn to, where the case gets investigated and then the workers get some cash or something else.
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  • Big-Swiss 07/07/2011

    seriously, I always thought that game designers aren't replaceable just like that!
    it seems to be a job that only a few cracks can do.

    for sure I must be 50times easier to be replaced instead of a game developer.

    perfect, now I get negged for anything, just because I like to approach a diffrent angle and am not the lemming type poster who goes with the flow.......
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  • Big-Swiss 07/07/2011

    no of course not.

    but why do that for 7 years and then moan?
    quit, or tell your supervisor you will quit, if things don't change, etc etc.
    obviously they are a lot of people feeling like that, so put yourself together and make sure the boss realizes that a bunch of people will quit if he doesen't change things, etc etc.

    I do think these conditions are unhuman, and I do feel sorry for the workers, but it wouldn't hurt standing up for yourself and change something.

    by no means I want to compare our working situation with the ones of game developers, hard work under a lot of pressure, but dammit, we just had several new conditions where I work, and some pissed me off pretty bad, cause they also mean less life/work quality.

    I went to the boss, closed the door and let him know that I don't agree, and that nobody has to react shocked, if I search a new job and then all of a son hand in my notice. If I do, good, If I don't, good too, but then it is my desicion, and then I can't moan about it, nobody forces me to work here, I don't get cuffed to my desk.

    I mean these Bondi work contracts don't tell you you can't hand in your notice, do they?

    and no, didn't read the whole article, only about 75%, I admit. In the end the company is the one who pays you, and why you can pay ypur bills, so if you stick around, be fucking loyal and don't go to the media and moan like a wimp and then go to the bank and cash in your check from work.
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