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  • Microsoft has sold 70 million Xbox 360s

  • BEAR-ONE 19/10/2012

    I bought 4. My wife gave me one for Christmas (day after launch day), which was a big WOW moment ;)
    Then I bought one for "work", then replaced my launch one by a 120Gb Elite, then by a slim.
    Only one RROD on the first machine.
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  • MS: Kinect sets astonishing sales record

  • BEAR-ONE 28/01/2011

    In any case, "shipped" means that the store has bought it from MS, but not necessarily sold it on to a customer. That basically means that MS have sold 8 million of them, and been paid for them (as I doubt very much that MS actually deliver products if they are not sure of being paid, much like any manufacturer). Up to the stores now to unload them.
    However I doubt that shops are ordering more units of something that isn't selling. Ergo, it must be selling otherwise they would just be waiting for their first batch to go.
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  • Untethered Melodies

  • BEAR-ONE 21/09/2009

    Quoting Shinji: What's not, realistically, on the cards is the idea of Activision putting console-strength chips into a plastic guitar ...

    No because the plastic guitar would melt...
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  • Shops "defrauding the industry" - Braben

  • BEAR-ONE 30/10/2008

    Dont know if this has been mentionned, but Blockbusters et al are totally allowed to sell their Rental DVDs when they seem fit. What is NOT allowed is to rent a DVD that was not meant to be rented (ie. bought in the local DVD shop). Why? Because film distribution channels have a clearly higher price for DVDs going to rental places. Something like 100€ instead of 15. If the films never leave the shelves on rental, after a while the owner will probaly decide to cut his losses and sell the disc, but at a risk of having less catalog on the shelves. Reply 0
  • Fable 2 - Sound and Music

  • BEAR-ONE 22/10/2008

    Awesome voice casting! Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: The history of Hell's Highway

  • BEAR-ONE 22/09/2008

    Great EGTV show guys. Did you do the interviews youselves or was this media handed to you by the dev? In any case, very interesting and humbling veteran interviews. Reply 0
  • Microsoft fires whistleblowing employee

  • BEAR-ONE 15/09/2008

    I dont believe there is a "did the right thing" justification to this guy's action. It's just plain silly. Companies would'nt write up NDA in their contracts if it was'nt to be taken into account. I play-tested a game for Ubi once, and of course I signed an NDA. Did I gush out about how bad or flawed it was on these forums or elsewhere? No, because I had signed a document saying that I would'nt.

    I have a friend working on a sci-fi movie at the moment, and he signed an NDA too. It does'nt matter if the film is good or bad, the production company trusts you not to talk about it because they value discretion before the film actually hits the big screens. If you want to mouth about the people paying your salary, then choose a company that does not need to protect it's work/script/image with an NDA.

    I would not hire someone for a job that requires trust and keeping-your-mouth-shut-lest-the-competition-learn-about-what-we're-building if I know that he has already broken an NDA elsewhere.
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  • Far Cry 2 - Trailer

  • BEAR-ONE 30/05/2008

    Voice acting sounds a bit like a mix of African and Yoda... weird. Reply 0
  • Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway - Ubidays trailer

  • BEAR-ONE 30/05/2008

    Anyone for a cup of meh? Reply 0
  • Koch sets sights on 360

  • BEAR-ONE 05/12/2007

    Stupid thread but best laugh of the week...

    keep it up?
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  • Ass Creed PS3 patch soon

  • BEAR-ONE 26/11/2007

    PS Freeze?

    har har har...

    lamest joke of the week I bet
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  • X360 HD DVD update

  • BEAR-ONE 15/05/2007


    I did'nt say they were all shit in view of the TWO films I watched, I just expressed my concern about shoddy film to HD transfers like what I saw in Total Recall.

    And if you read exactly what I said I did'nt make any mention of the video quality of Miami Vice (which was shot in HD and not film, hence some very grainy night sequences due to the gain being pushed quite high on the cameras) but only of Total Recall.

    So dont get your knickers in a twist mate, it's not worth it (and you could get hurt, knickers being dangerous things... )

    BEAR (I love signing just to make people post remarks about people signing their posts)
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  • BEAR-ONE 15/05/2007

    Porn and Blu-Ray comments aside, I bought a HD-DVD add on for the 360 I have at work. I've watched Miami Vice and Total Recall for the moment on our film screen, and I must say that I was a bit disappointed with the TR transfer. It seems that where the picture should be maybe slightly grainy (due to 35mm film) it is instead "sort of" pixellated with tiny black dots. I dont know if it comes from some sort of noise reduction used on the Master but it's weird and disappointing.

    I'll give Terminator 2 a try in a few weeks.

    A price drop for HD-DVD disks would be nice, as well as more titles with better picture quality and not just any old crap with HD slapped on the cover.

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  • PS3 price points for UK and Ireland revealed

  • BEAR-ONE 17/01/2007

    Shopkeepers on the Continent live together 25 per flat, dont wash more than once per month, and only eat fresh vegetables when the moon is full. Gosh you brit shopkeepers have a good life!!!

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  • Gears of War

  • BEAR-ONE 05/11/2006

    I'm amazed that no one asked one of the Quite Important Questions:

    - Does Gears of War MP system Link work with at least 2 players per console??

    I nearly threw CoD2 out the window after having frustratingly discovered that it's a one-player-per-console LAN game.

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  • Pac-Man joins Live Arcade

  • BEAR-ONE 10/08/2006

    Sorry Kiigan, but 50Hz is what makes the base of PAL. It's referenced (originally) to the 50Hz rate of the mains electric current. All PAL programs aired until today (and still for quite a while) are 25fps (with two fields per frame, hence the 2x25=50Hz) and many people still use TV sets that work best in real PAL (60Hz PAL is just not PAL), even with XBOX360s connected to them...

    But then I'll promptly forget about that when I buy myself a HDTV...

    Anyway, I downloaded the demo version of PacMan last night and for the life of me could not even muster the slightest bit of excitement at the view of a straight port of a 20 year old game. Not worth the €. Should be free.
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  • BEAR-ONE 09/08/2006

    ManicMiner, you hit the nail on the head. Sorry if I was'nt clear about it. I find it annoying that an error message pops up without the damn console even bothering to offer to change the frequency to 60 or 50 or whatever. You have to quit to the dashboard, go and change the frequency, and launch the game again. Boooooooring. I certainly was'nt worried about PacMan framerates otherwise ;) Reply 0
  • BEAR-ONE 09/08/2006

    I hope it works fine in 50Hz, as my telly's picture is nicer that way than in 60Hz. On the other hand, MS should incorporate an auto-switch between 50 and 60HZ in their next dashboard release (user option of course) if they wanted to please "legacy TV" users like me... Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive demoed

  • BEAR-ONE 09/08/2006

    Over at Projector Central they have done some testing of the current Blu-Ray offering vs HD-DVD. "> Read it here.

    They have since announced that the Samsung Blu-Ray drive suffered from a "defect" that may have caused the bad picture quality. But Samsung has not really said anything to that effect.

    Concerning screen size: it is absolutely true that you'll really see a major difference in perceived sharpness and quality with bigger screen sizes when moving to HD. At my work (I mix movies) we are buying a [url=
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  • Test Drive 360 Euro price due to market conditions - Atari

  • BEAR-ONE 31/07/2006

    Dont buy it. If they treat European customers with such blatant disrespect, they dont deserve our hard earned €,$,Ł. Reply 0
  • Blizzard drops gold farming suit

  • BEAR-ONE 12/06/2006

    Shocking news: eBay Koppulating with Blizzard in Gold suit...

    /Runs away from the pun-police
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  • Hirai clarifies PS3 specs further

  • BEAR-ONE 11/05/2006

    I think when you look at what we put into the box - Cell, Blu-Ray, backwards compatibility, the ability to go online - I think it's a very compelling package for consumer

    Not at that price though... Well it least that's my opinion. Cell in itself should'nt be considered a "bonus" in the package, because a console without a CPU, well... there would be no point.

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  • E3 2006 Microsoft Conference Highlights

  • BEAR-ONE 10/05/2006

    Thanks for the vid EG, good reporting Johnny.

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  • New Halo 3 trailer, details

  • BEAR-ONE 10/05/2006

    Yummie! Master chief is back with extra testosterone! Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 HD-DVD debuts in LA

  • BEAR-ONE 10/05/2006

    Dravenclark said : then theres the little point of there is no HDMI port on the 360, so most HD DVD films will only play in SD anyway.. unless there is an HDMI port on the drive, but then wouldnt it be a stand alone player in itself?.

    Let's get things straight concerning High Definition video signals: HD can be transmitted through digital means (HDMI, a souped up version of DVI that incorporates Digital Rights Management thingies) AS WELL AS ANALOG ( by connecting a component Y-U-V or Y-Pb-Br or whatever other name those three Red Blue and Green cables can be called).

    So yes the 360 is capable - in terms of connectivity - of transmitting REAL HD (either 720p or 1080i) video signals that look just as good as a HDMI-carried signal.
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  • 2005 UK Sales Review

  • BEAR-ONE 05/05/2006

    Good read, thanks EG. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XI

  • BEAR-ONE 19/04/2006

    I must say that I saw the trailer on XboxLive, and was totally underwhelmed by the graphics and all. I was thinking "decidedly Japanese RPGs are not for me"...

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  • Halo 3 and FFXIII at E3?

  • BEAR-ONE 31/03/2006

    In latest news: LFace assaulted by covenant... oops sorry... wrong felon.

    Hold in there mate, that punk will end up in some bad place sooner or later.

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  • GRAW 360 demo available

  • BEAR-ONE 31/03/2006

    Very nice! I died about 50 times while trying to switch to 1st person, and then realised that it was done in the setup menu. But lack of controller configuration on a demo just kills the fun for me (unless I missed that too).

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  • Giz man loses Mercedes

  • BEAR-ONE 29/03/2006

    Hahaha Evil Badger you mean the infamous Captain Orgazmo from the creators of South Park?? LOL

    Does Giz-Man shave his b***s?

    /Suspects thread is getting out of hand
    /Leaves the room snickering
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  • 360 dashboard, media upgrades?

  • BEAR-ONE 24/03/2006


    I was contacted by a consumer marketing company, they picked my brains and those of a few others for a couple of hours in exchange for 50€, free sandwiches and pastries.

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  • X360 shortages will end soon

  • BEAR-ONE 14/02/2006

    Plenty of Premium and Core packages at French shop FNAC in Paris. Saw them this morning. Reply 0
  • Full Auto

  • BEAR-ONE 10/02/2006

    I downloaded the demo from XBMP, and had a try. Too many slowdowns, no subtlety at all. Not a game for me. Can probably be fun with a few mates, pizza and bear, but I wont bet my 60€ on it.

    Oh well.
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  • Far Cry Instincts Predator

  • BEAR-ONE 08/02/2006

    Looks nice. I just hope that they thought of changing the animation for when the character is crawling around on his stomach: the hands would stay in the "normal" FPS position which means that he's only moving with his legs and belly. Looked really weird. Reply 0
  • Sony quiet on PSP email and GPS

  • BEAR-ONE 07/02/2006

    I want a GPS add-on to my XBOX360 so that I always now where I am... when I'm at home.

    /time for meds/
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  • Win sexy PGR 360 console

  • BEAR-ONE 06/02/2006

    @Draven: you're probably right! I was actually imagining that the PGR3-360 could look good and could be a keeper. I mean I *did* buy a ltd edition Green Xbox because... well... er... I like green and ride a green Kawasaki. And because of that I had to flog my black Xbox to the friends I do LAN parties with (I organised a HALO lottery, quite a lot of fun).

    But I'm not sure the difference in € on eBay would be too big anyway.
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  • BEAR-ONE 06/02/2006

    I would'nt be *that* harsh on MS about this. I was a happy winner of 10 games, a gamepad, a Xbox transport bag and a T shirt a couple of years back. And that happened thanks to my awesome skills at LEAVING THE XBOX PLUGGED INTO XBOX LIVE all day... for a few days.

    And so what if you win a console you already own? You flog the other one on eBay for the normal retail price and voila! you get 399€ for free...
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  • eBay goes Xbox 360 crazy

  • BEAR-ONE 07/12/2005

    As I said in another thread, there are plenty of Core systems in big shops here in France. The FNAC shop in the center of Paris had a heap of at least 15 of them, but no premium packages.

    Get a Eurotunnel ticket, come over and by the heap and sell it to the eBay idiots. I'm too busy for that sort of crap.

    And yes they were real Xbox360s, not just display boxes...

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  • X360 to hit rest of Asia next year

  • BEAR-ONE 06/12/2005

    Plenty of Core systems in the shops here in France... I might set up an export company just for that! LOL

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  • MS sets tough 360 retail targets

  • BEAR-ONE 04/11/2005

    Sorry, we're out of comments for the while because Microsoft forced us to sell them all... Reply 0
  • Sam Fisher going rogue?

  • BEAR-ONE 03/11/2005

    Maybe Sam Fisher sets out to rid the world of Dick Cheney and GW Bush.... that would get his bosses in a pickle would'nt it? Robbing a bank is just a deception plan... Reply 0
  • BEAR-ONE 03/11/2005

    The discharge thing to go undercover does'nt hold: for one Sam Fisher works for a splinter cell of the NSA called third Echelon that basically has no official existence. No one knows about Sam Fisher, for all we know his civilian identity is something else. So discharged or not, people still don't know about him... And I'd imagine that when the NSA discharge someone so covert who has so many secrets (like "well I have been inside North Korea to play around in their missile base") they'd discharge them with a bullet in the head. Oh well... Reply 0
  • Why Peter Jackson went to Ubi

  • BEAR-ONE 25/10/2005

    / Waits for XBOX360 to be dropped by airplane flying overhead.../

    /Waits some more.../
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  • Arnie signs violent games law

  • BEAR-ONE 10/10/2005

    I think it's a good move. At least retailers will now have to think about warning parents not to buy a game for their kids if they are under the age marked on the package. It's not censorship per se, it's just reasonnable. The other day I was in a game shop, and a 7 or 8 year old had picked up GTA for Xbox and was asking his mum to buy it. I told the woman that the game was a 18+ and she was shocked that she would have bought it had she not been warned (the package of that second hand game did'nt have the 18 stamp on it, probably came from the boxed set). After that they were totally aware of the age limits on the other games. I felt good for making them realise that it's their responsability not to buy any game their kid wants.

    In the end, it will always be the parents' responsability. But retailers are very slick at letting 12 year olds by games that ARE violent. You dont have to be a "game nazi" to realise that GTA (of course being the prime example) is violent, and that what is portrayed in that game would have a film stamped with at least a 16+ or 18+.

    The game industry whining about it just makes me sure that all they care about is the $$ at the end of the day, and that kids not buying the games they want to buy will make them lose $$. That sort of attitude can not help the overall perception of video games in the long run.

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  • Ghost Recon X360 delayed

  • BEAR-ONE 10/10/2005

    That pushes my buying the 360 back to February also then... Damn! Reply 0
  • New Warhammer game named

  • BEAR-ONE 30/09/2005

    Iain of Doom... pffffffffff...

    HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA (just got the joke).

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  • Avary talks Silent Hill movie

  • BEAR-ONE 27/09/2005

    I've worked with the editor who's doing SH right now, and I can say that he's a) a gamer b) quite good. He has a very close relationship with Gans (director) and was over there (Canada) during the shoot. I dont think this will be too shoddy, seeing that the original Silent Hill creator (sorry forgot the name) is coproducing and breathing down their necks.

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  • IN-FUSIO signs Halo for mobiles

  • BEAR-ONE 27/09/2005

    Total bollocks. Another $$$ maker. I laughed as hard as when I saw enormous ads around town about Star Wars (the movies) on your phone. Yoda is small enough...

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  • Gran Turismo dev's new game

  • BEAR-ONE 16/09/2005

    YEAYYY!!! the ZRX 1200 in a game!! Excellent, it's my bike!! hehehe!

    It has nothing in common with the sports bikes (ie. Yamaha R1) but then neither does the (yuk!) Yamaha Grand Majesty 250 which is a scooter.

    This could be cool, me wants it on the Xbox!

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  • More Halo 2 maps

  • BEAR-ONE 29/06/2005

    Good maps, downloaded them last night.

    And I'm first!

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