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  • Watch: Here's how Far Cry's Primal and Blood Dragon might connect to the rest of the series

  • Atropos 16/01/2017

    Oh, and also, "Trials..." is clearly a fevered fantasy proceeding from Rex's brain to protect him from the horrors of what he'd done. It's not canon. Reply +1
  • Atropos 16/01/2017

    This is brilliant. I'm so glad Ian and Aiofe started working at EG. In fact the whole team is impressive; I never thought I'd look forward to videos on a gaming site (I'm almost 40 and a former gaming journo, usually it's the written word or naught for me. Even though I work in TV).

    Well done you guys.
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  • Sunless Sea is coming to iPad this spring

  • Atropos 12/01/2017

    @rosshuts I agree with monty_79, get both. FTL is a short-form rogue-like that is all about management of your spaceship's crew, while Sunless Sea is a rogue-like about exploration (by people who've read not too much, but just the right amount, of China Miéville's Bas-Lag novels). Both games are also examples, along with The Banner Saga, of how Kickstarter (despite the lazy journalistic focus on its failures) has given us some fantastic games. Reply 0
  • Super Mario Run has earned $30m in two weeks

  • Atropos 04/01/2017

    I bought it on the 15th and still play it for at least half-an-hour a day. That probably makes it most-bang-for-my-buck in many years (not including free games, that I usually stop playing once I hit a paywall). It's just...a proper, fun Mario game. And I mean... £8? That's less than an average lunch where I live. Reply +2
  • Watch: The best and worst PSVR games of 2016

  • Atropos 19/12/2016

    Dude. Just put an effin' phone against something at an angle and press record while doing your videos, so you've got something to cut to when you want to do a hard edit; whoever's editing this is really good at the sound, so it's a crime that the video jumpcuts just because you couldn't be bothered to press record on a second camera. Seriously, you could use a gameboy camera. Anything. Reply 0
  • Super Mario Run review

  • Atropos 16/12/2016

    @SonicUk I believe you taking offense at people "judging" you by your avatar is the culprit behind the comments accusing you of lacking a sense of irony and/or humour.

    Basically, those comments are havin' a laugh. Lighten up, buddy.
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  • Sony's £130 Platinum Wireless PS4 headset comes out in January

  • Atropos 15/12/2016

    @rudedudejude I've had my Gold headset since they were released and they're doing fantastic, despite two kids playing with them. But yeah, build quality isn't the greatest, though getting that level of sound at that price it's way beyond worth it - they were even voted Gizmodo readers' favorite headphones for gaming, even on PC. Reply +3
  • Dead Rising 4 outsold The Last Guardian

  • Atropos 12/12/2016

    Well... I'll certainly be buying The Last Guardian, but right now I'm trying to finish Rise of the Tomb Raider (it was on sale, and is really rather excellent), so I can get onto Dishonored 2, and after that it was supposed to be either Dark Souls 3 or FFXV, though I may sneak Guardian in there, with a bit of Far Cry Primal. That's without even counting timesinks The Division (which is awesome now) and Overwatch, or the fact that I have to children and an actual job (it was years since my job consisted of gaming). Reply 0
  • Royal blood

  • Atropos 10/12/2016

    The Swedish Vikings near Uppsala most definitely sacrificed their kings at the julblot if the harvest had been bad for a few years running. Happened many times.
    Also, it's kind of debatable if women had it better in 8th century Europe than 8th century Middle East; it wasn't actually until the 19th century that western views on women out-liberalled Mohammed.
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  • Pewdiepie hits 50m subscribers, claims he'll delete channel today

  • Atropos 09/12/2016

    I feel for PewDiePie when it comes to the whole "he's a white nationalist conspiracy nut"-thing; as a fellow Swede, I can confirm that Swedish sarcasm doesn't quite translate for Brits; ours is a lot drier and less obvious - we feel about British sarcasm the way you feel about the American variety. I found this out at Uni, after a complete arsehole went "Birds, can't trust 'em wif anyfing", after his girlfriend spilt some tea, and I replied "Yes, personally I don't think they should be allowed to vote. You're undoubtedly their superior in every way - that butter-stain on your shirt is clearly intentional". I thought I was cutting, and gallant in my defense of the lady in question . It wasn't until later that year I found a whole room full of people actually believed I was against women voting... Reply +24
  • PlayStation Plus December freebies includes Invisible, Inc.

  • Atropos 30/11/2016

    Three really good games for me this month (Invisible Inc on PS€, VVVVVV on the Vita and Hyper Void for VR). Chuffed! Reply +1
  • Conan Exiles survival game gets PC, Xbox One early access release date

  • Atropos 22/11/2016

    That looked... really good..? Reply 0
  • Genital Jousting is the new game by the Broforce dev, now on Steam Early Access

  • Atropos 18/11/2016

    I'm...I'm getting this game the second it's out on the PS4. Which sadly will probably never happen. Reply +2
  • Time to kill genre?

  • Atropos 17/11/2016

    Uh, while it's a nice article and all, I'm pretty sure it answered its own question: It's the glut of shooters. Seriously, Battlefield people are playing B1, CoD people are playing Infinity, and every one else are still on Overwatch (or their particular old school poison, be it CS or Team Fortress). People who like story rather than Multiplayer are doing Dishonored 2. And since no-one really played Titanfall 1, there's very little to entice the very few shooter fans left over.

    That said, I'm'a gonna' give it a look-see when it's on sale...
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  • Thumper update adds new harder difficulty, PS4 Pro support

  • Atropos 10/11/2016

    Cracking game. Probably gets the most play out of all my VR games. Reply +9
  • Can The Last Guardian live up to expectations?

  • Atropos 10/11/2016

    People asked pretty much the same question about Shadow of the Colossus, which, lest we forget, was also heavily delayed. Nowhere near as delayed as Last Guardian, sure, but it was released at the tail-end of the Playstation 2's life, and after the release of the XBOX 360. Most people doubted it would "hold up", seeing as it was a last-gen game with last-gen graphics. Reply +1
  • The Division's next big expansion adds survival mechanics

  • Atropos 07/11/2016

    @ReapingAngel Hmm, fair enough, but you've clearly not been reading any gaming news site for the last month. Or any Division forum/subreddit. Basically, the last patch was a complete overhaul of the entire game, re-balancing pretty much everything. Some holdouts still bitch and moan (and even then it's "wahwah, they want a pat on the back for making the game the way it should have been from the beginning, waaahwahh"), but most people who still play or were tempted back have been almost shockingly positive. Reply +9
  • The Division 1.4 patch reinvents the game's single-player

  • Atropos 03/11/2016

    @brokedownsystem Yup, there's loads now. There are three "incursions", basically special missions. Then there's The Underground, which is a whole knew zone, and then there're are Bounty missions on the normal New York map. You'll be busy for ages. Reply 0
  • Introducing Trackless: a mysterious first-person puzzler / text adventure hybrid

  • Atropos 29/10/2016

    a unique mechanic: it lets players interact with the scenery by typing commands.
    Crikey, you bloody young people! What's next? "A wonderfully ground-breaking and immersive idea, where you use a stick-shaped object playfully named "a joystick" to interact with the game, rather than your finger on the touchpad"...
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  • Titanfall 2 review

  • Atropos 29/10/2016

    Hmm. That sounds good. Finally a game that realises that five perfect hours is better than 12 hours where 60% is filler combat (even The Last of Us was 30-40% too long for its own good). Reply +5
  • PlayStation Plus November line-up includes Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

  • Atropos 27/10/2016

    Cool, I don't have any of these. Good month for me, I don't have time for any AAA-games anyway :-) Reply 0
  • Infamous video game movie director Uwe Boll retires from filmmaking

  • Atropos 27/10/2016

    Some of his "passsion projects" are actually really good. I'm not even joking. Reply +1
  • What Skyrim had that Fallout 4 lost

  • Atropos 27/10/2016

    Agreed. Fallout 3 was a triumph, and Skyrim was even better. Fallout 4 should have built on that foundation, but instead I found myself frustrated and bored. Even Skyrim suffers from "last 10% are dull-itis", where your character is at the apogee of their powers, every adversary brushed aside with a flcik of the mouse and every sidequest a nuisance, something to be completed only to sate my OCD - who needs to go on a quest for the Hammer of Doom +15, when you've just crafted the ultimate Hammer of Smiting +20? However, in Fallout 4, this feeling set in much, much earlier - in fact, before the half-way point. I completed it, but it felt like a chore - and in the end "the twist" compelled me to betray everything my character had stoof for up until that point, in order to stay true to the character's overarching goal.

    Fallout 4 may have been a monumental achievement; but to me, at least, it wasn't actually that much fun.
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  • Lethal VR is the next game from the creators of Burnout

  • Atropos 20/10/2016

    Oooh, now for the ACTUAL Point Blank! Also, Big Game Hunter and the like seem pretty much made for VR (though they can drop the "trophy girls", no need to rub my face in how sordid the hunting biz is...) Reply 0
  • Remember Star Control? A new one is in development

  • Atropos 19/10/2016

    Now all we need is Space Rangers 3!!!

    (just googled it and found out there's a remake of SR2 - happy days!)
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  • Cave shmup DoDonPachi Resurrection is now on Steam

  • Atropos 15/10/2016

    I need a version were I can save just before the spinning laser-thingies on level five - the only way I can get past them on arcade is by using almost all my bombs. As getting to that spot takes half an hour, I have never been able to learn the patterns properly... Anyone know if the PC-version supports saves? I would love to be able to practice until I "got it" Reply 0
  • Star Citizen impresses at CitizenCon with big new procedural planets video

  • Atropos 10/10/2016

    At this point, even if Star Citizen never gets released, the money I pledged will probably still have been money well spent, just for the advances in gaming tech some of the teams working on it have made. That was always Chris Roberts biggest pro AND con - he dreams big, often making games with and for technology that's not even out yet - though it will be by the time this is finished, no doubt. Reply 0
  • Star Citizen companion game Squadron 42 will not be released in 2016

  • Atropos 10/10/2016

    Eh. I still have hope for this. Even if it crashes and burns, it'll have been a worthy failure - and the money I pledged a small price to pay for the saga of it all. Chris Roberts also deserves my backing simply for all the good times he gave me in my youth, (and all the hours I spent just optimising my autoexec and config files, so my computer could play his damn games - hell, I even had to trick Strike Commander into thinking my hard drive was bigger than it was). Roberts always dreamt big, and that's why I backed Star Citizen. I could care less if it fails, honestly, I just have hope that it won't. Reply +2
  • Rez Infinite: VR's first and best?

  • Atropos 28/09/2016

    Yes, but is it "Rez to Girl" compatible? Reply +5
  • Big changes are coming to The Division

  • Atropos 22/09/2016

    @Achtung_Englander It's more than a decent shooter, though I'd say 20-30 hours at least for the campaign. You also really should play with other people (even if you just do random match-making) with voice-chat, even though the campaign can be solo:d - that's whe the games shines, during the big set-piece missions with a full squad. Reply +1
  • Atropos 22/09/2016

    I am tempted - playing with friends up to level 30 and for about a month beyond that in the DZ and high-level missions was some of the most fun I've had in any MMO. Then it got grindy as all hell, and the DZ became a death-trap, so I quit because I haven't really got time to start min-maxing to stay competitive.. So yeah. Tempted. Reply +1
  • Star Citizen's first-person shooting changes coming along nicely

  • Atropos 18/09/2016

    I remember when Wing Commander made me upgrade the RAM on my 286 to a whopping 2MB.
    I remember when Strike Commander made me first use DRDOS to expand my 40MB HD into an 80MB one, using on-the-fly compression/decompression, and later say "sod it" and just get a new hard drive.
    I remember when Wing Commander 3 made me get a new graphics card.
    I remember when Privateer made me get a flight stick, and when Privateer 2 made me like that young Clive Owen fella (he'll go far, mark my words!).

    I've been a backer from the start, and the money was worth it just for a taste of that type of hopeful anticipation I haven't really felt since I was a kid, waiting to play those Wing Commander Secret Missions on my 286. I hoped for success, but was prepared for noble failure...

    But yeah, looks like I'll be getting back into PC gaming next year, when I buy an entire rig just to play Star Citizen. Here's hopin'!
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: the first PS4 Pro vs PC graphics comparison

  • Atropos 14/09/2016

    Wow, at some point graphic fidelity-geekery just becomes the same kind of wank for obsessed resolutionphiles as audio has become to audiophiles. "These speakers makes you feeeel the bass". Yeah, but they cost more than my car, and ones for a 100th of that makes me "feeel the bass" with three e's instead of four, and trying to convince the world that fourth e matters one iota is just dumb wanky-wank.

    Seriously, of course I can tell the difference when the two pictures are put side-by-side - but any time you need to draw a red circle and pause the picture n order for the difference to stand out, it's not a difference that matters to anyone with a life.

    60fps would be nice, but 30fps is fine by me. Just make it stay there.
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  • Watch: Seven games we'd love to see remastered

  • Atropos 11/09/2016

    Uh. Dark Souls, like you point out, looks fine. You know what would benefit from a remaster though? Demon's Souls. Not only did it make the PS3 practically shudder from stress (one of the sections with the huge dragon near the end was like watching a slide-show), it also has the added advantage of being a PS3 exclusive that was -relatively speaking - ignored by western audiences. Yes, it was eventually 'a surprise hit' when they saw how many people were importing it and decided to belatedly release it in the west at all, but it still sold a fraction of Dark Souls. Now, it's the first in the hallowed Souls-series, and one that most of its adherents haven't played. So yeah, a Demon's Souls re-make ftw. Reply +1
  • Peter Molyneux's new game The Trail gets stealth release in the Philippines

  • Atropos 07/09/2016

    I've met Molyneux (and played one of the first builds of Fable around). Lovely man, who tends to oversell his projects. But, he's still the man behind Syndicate, Populous and Black & White, and there was a time when he would deliver on exactly what he had promised. Don't get me wrong, he definitely started getting lost around the time of the first Fable (which was fine, but nowhere near what he promised me), and the whole Godus thing was handled horribly. This could still be good though. It looks nice. Reply +9
  • The state of video game TV

  • Atropos 05/09/2016

    Used to work for a TV show about video games many years ago (in Sweden), and it was the same back then - I'd have to explain to the producer why it was important that the host NOT call Samus Aran "him", or say stuff like "Zelda, the green guy trying to save the princess". It was slow going, but by the third season we had a new host (a proper gamer), and things were finally getting better - then we got cancelled. Sigh. Reply +4
  • Pokémon Go, mid-life crisis and me, by Ellie Gibson

  • Atropos 03/09/2016

    Go Ellie! Reply +1
  • Virgin Media wants you to buy its "boss-mode level" broadband for gamers

  • Atropos 01/09/2016

    Jesus, that's about twice what I pay for my 200 line here in Sweden - and I get 100MB/s up. You Britishers have been stiffed on broadband for as long as I can remember. Reply 0
  • Sierra's greatest hits are super cheap in the latest Humble Bundle

  • Atropos 31/08/2016

    Ah, Sierra is pretty much the reason I got into PC gaming way back in... in...1988. Crap. I'm old.

    Some cracking games here, well worth playing today - though bring a guide unless you have nothing but spare time...

    Kinda disappointed Gold Rush and Half-Life aren't in here though!
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  • Watch: Our favourite local multiplayer games

  • Atropos 28/08/2016

    You missed out Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Fantastic co-op game. Reply 0
  • Dead Rising 4 is a good zombie game, but maybe not a good Dead Rising

  • Atropos 26/08/2016

    I started out hating the timer, but much like dying in Dark Souls, it's also what made the game for me, once I got my head around it (that and managing my health). Dead Rising 1 & 2 might be the only games of the last few generations that I replayed - I have two kids and a full-time jobs, that does NOT happen often. Reply +3
  • Performance Analysis: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  • Atropos 25/08/2016

    Glad to hear the tearing mostly affected the opening train station-scene; it was almost ruined for me by aggressive tearing - so much so that I started wondering if my HDMI-cable was loose - on my PS4 running an SSD. Reply 0
  • Sunless Sea's first expansion to release in October

  • Atropos 16/08/2016

    I spent three days under my duvet with a fever playing Sunless Sea. Truly fantastic game, though I eventually started saving my progress through an easy hack every 6 hrs - I have kids, and cannot abide having any more go to waste. Might give this a look, though. Reply 0
  • Florence + the Machine made some Final Fantasy 15 songs

  • Atropos 12/08/2016

    I quite like Florence & The Machine. I like Aoife's writing even more. Reply +1
  • We visit 50 No Man's Sky planets in seven minutes

  • Atropos 10/08/2016

    @Mellissa (Warning! Humorlessness alert!) Actually, both are correct, but if the Word Nazi had to give the nod, the correct one is aluminum, as that's what its discoverer Humphry Davy called it when he published his findings. It was changed by a reviewer of his book Chemical Philosophy, who just liked the sound of 'aluminium' better... Reply 0
  • Heavy Rain developer's Fahrenheit headed to PS4 next week

  • Atropos 04/08/2016

    Probably one of the most engrossing games I have ever played... and then that last 20% ruined it.

    Seriously, it was a very cool detective story with cult-y undertones, like a supercharged Rise of the Dragon. Then Cage had to go and try to Twin Peaksify it, throwing every idea he'd ever had (Mayan propheacies, sentiend internet, yaddyaddayadda) into the mix...

    He did the same with the (more consistently excellent) Heavy Rain; I mean what were those dreams about, huh? Huh?

    Ah well. It's still a fun game, and I'd still recommend it if you haven't played it.
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  • Watch: Chris teaches a reluctant Aoife how to play Hearthstone

  • Atropos 01/08/2016

    I'm really enjoying this video series way more than I expected. I just wish all video game journalists were as good at being relaxed in front of a camera as the Eurogamer lot. Aoife was an excellent recruitment, everyone else seems to have upped their game as well since she joined. Reply +3
  • Nintendo shares dive as investors realise it doesn't own Pokémon Go

  • Atropos 25/07/2016

    This article is complete bollocks. Of course investors knew the relationship between Nintendo and Pokemon Go; the thing is, the main companies (Niantic and the Pokemon Company) set to profit from the game are not on the stock market; Nintendo is, and also owns parts of both the Pokemon Company AND Niantic; as such Nintendo was the only option open to investors - and a very tempting one, as the company was already undervalued according to many, after having seen it's stock price plummet recently.

    Stocks fell today because Nintendo revealed that income from Pokemon Go was already priced into their earnings forecast; investors had been hoping the unexpected success would mean Nintendo would beat expectations. Every investor on the planet, seriously, knew full well what they were doing, and Nintendo is still set to make an absolute killing off Pokemon Go (so is Google, which started and still owns part of Niantic too, btw).

    Seriously. Research, people. At least the bare minimum.
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  • PlayStation Plus' July Instant Game Collection revealed

  • Atropos 29/06/2016

    Saint's Row seems like one of those series I might really enjoy (I'm not a fan of post-San Andreas GTA), but never tried, Furi seems awesome, and Call of Juarez is great! Happy bunny! Reply +3
  • Watch: Here's the best theory we have on Kojima's new game Death Stranding

  • Atropos 27/06/2016

    Those "dogtags" sure look like USB-drives to me... Reply +3