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  • Spielberg to direct video game-themed adventure Ready Player One

  • Atropos 26/03/2015

    The audiobook is fun too - for some reason it really tickles me to hear Wil Wheaton (who reads the audiobook) talk about the perpetual co-presidents of the internet, "Cory Doctorow and Wil Wheaton". Reply +2
  • Payday 2 support will continue for two more years

  • Atropos 24/03/2015

    @dagas Overkill is owned by Starbreeze, and yes, Overkill is developing Storm in collaboration with their mother-studio Starbreeze. Reply 0
  • Making sense of Steam's refund policy

  • Atropos 20/03/2015

    Have any EULAs ever been tested in court? I'm slightly intoxicated, so someone else will have to google, but anyway: I thought it was pretty widely acknowledged that EULA's don't hold up to the test of "is it reasonable to expect a reasonable person of sound mind to read and understand this?" which all contracts have to pass in order to be valid. Everyone knows we all just click "ok" without reading a word. Reply +1
  • New PS4 patch boosts Resi Revelations 2 performance

  • Atropos 20/03/2015

    I swear there's something wrong with my eyesight, but I just cannot see that much of a difference between 60fps and 30fps. I mean, I SEE the difference, but unless I'm playing an online shooter, it is not something I would ever care about. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: Eurogamer Sweden is back!

  • Atropos 13/03/2015

    I toyed with contacting EG myself for the same reasons, mostly because I've always been a loyal EG reader. But then I realized it's really quite hard to successfully publish a Swedish-language version of a site when 99% of the intended audience knows English, and is bound to just click through to the English version. Makes more sense to just have a bunch of Swedish stringers on call for the English version. I'm worried the Swedish site will just parasite ad-revenue away from the main site.

    Anyway, hope I was wrong, and best of luck to EGS - I'll check in to support them, anyway.
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  • Star Citizen's client expected to be around 100GB

  • Atropos 13/03/2015

    @feather02003 (and others)
    Star Citizen failing or succeeding won't be a comment on Kickstarter as it wasn't even Kickstarted at all to begin with. It was "privately" crowdfunded via their own platform, and only did a Kickstarter as a side-project for publicity after they had already cleared their own funding goals.
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  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review

  • Atropos 10/03/2015

    I liked the first game on PC, but I fell in love with it on the Vita - to me it managed to justify the price of the PSVita all on its own (though it is now my most-played machine). I shall get this on the Vita the minute it is available. Reply +3
  • Video: Keep the faith in Kickstarter

  • Atropos 09/03/2015

    Here is a list of the videogame-related Kickstarters that I've funded, that have since delivered.

    The Banner Saga
    Faster Than Light
    Double Fine Adventure (Broken Age)
    Wasteland 2
    Tex Murphy: Project Fedora (The Tesla Effect)
    Leisure Suit Larry Remake
    Starlight Inception
    Pinball Arcade: The Twilight Zone
    Pinball Arcade: Star Trek TNG
    Elite: Dangerous
    Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Sunless Sea

    Kickstarters I've backed that look on track to deliver:

    Project Eternity (Pillars of Eternity)
    Torment: Tides of Numenera
    Shroud of the Avatar
    Massive Chalice
    Satellite Reign
    Twilight Struggle
    Underworld Ascendant
    Thimbleweed Park
    That Dragon Cancer
    La Mulana 2
    Star Citizen
    Unsung Story
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    Dead State

    Games that I have backed that have failed, or that I'm worried about:

    Delver's Drop (though this actually seems fine, they're just bad at updates)
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  • Final Fantasy 15's demo gives us new hope for the series

  • Atropos 09/03/2015

    Good article, gave me hope. Didn't even try 13 after seeing the gameplay videos. Reply +1
  • Meet the console which brings Capcom's golden era to your living room

  • Atropos 08/03/2015

    @zzkj Yeah, I think TG already have a MAME-category, but then the problem becomes one of verification - MAME allows for too many ways to cheat.
    I was however very annoyed that I had to find an "Alcon" board for my Net City cab, since "Slap Fight" isn't recognised by TG even though it's the "real" version.
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  • Atropos 08/03/2015

    I can completely sympathise with the MAME-side of the argument (I have a MAME-cade myself for casual gaming), but I feel that the article fails to stress two of the three reasons why 100% fidelity is so important: first off, if you're looking to beat a record and get onto the Twin Galaxies/Guinness list, you HAVE to play the game using an original PCB-board, since playing, say, Pacman at 95% would be easier. Secondly, if you're a fighting-game competitor, practicing SF2 at anything but 100% fidelity will mean your timing will be completely off when you get to a tournament.
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  • Early Access games done right

  • Atropos 08/03/2015

    @L_A_G Nope, it's useful to remind people that crowd-funded projects can, and do, fail. My problem was that a few months (maybe a year, actually) back, there were ONLY cautionary stories on almost every single gaming site, and some of them (even here on Eurogamer) were seriously weak; for example, the one about Wasteland 2 and a few others being "late", which just, whatever - no-ones crying about the game being bigger and better, y'know? It got so bad I started getting paranoid about it being some sort of campaign of paid-for editorials by the big companies that resented Kickstarter... But then I realised I sounded like a Gamergater, and just, ugh, no. So probably just a coincidence. Reply 0
  • Atropos 27/02/2015

    Kudos to Eurogamer for finally getting over the "backlash-to-Kickstarter"-bug that seemed to affect every gaming journo out there. Reply 0
  • Square Enix's new Humble Bundle includes Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs

  • Atropos 26/02/2015

    Worth it for Guardians of Light alone. Seriously. Best offline since forever. Reply 0
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera is still worth getting excited for

  • Atropos 18/02/2015

    Your publishing this positive look at a Kickstarted game just to mess with me, right?

    No, seriously, glad it's not all "look at this Kickstarted failure!"
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  • The sorry state of The Stomping Land, another abandoned Kickstarter video game

  • Atropos 18/02/2015

    @jimboton I have no idea why you're getting downvoted, I feel like EG has had some personal beef with Kickstarter for ages now, with pieces slamming everything from Wasteland 2 to Broken Age and Star Citizen.

    Meanwhile, some of the best games of recent years have been Kickstarted (Wasteland 2, Divinity, FTL, Banner Saga, Sunless Sea, etc etc), but EG seems to forget this when writing their glowing reviews - it only ever comes up when the game is bad or fails.

    Sure, there have been some bad apples too, but that's the nature of crowdfunding. You're not an investor, and you're not a customer. You're a backer. You're gambling money in order to help a product you want see the light of day that might not be made otherwise, and in return you get special recognition/perks within that game/community. People who don't understand this really shouldn't be allowed credit cards.

    (I want to add that I don't actually have a problem with this article in particular - a game still on early access sale that has had production stop is newsworthy, and this didn't slam Kickstarter in particular, though the quotes from that guy who thought he'd get money back from Kickstarter - despite it being very clear when you sign up this is not an option was unnecessary)
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  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • Atropos 16/02/2015

    For everyone shouting about it "clearly being possible to complete in 5 hours because look youtube!", I'm not saying this is what happened here, but you realise that there's a huge amount of cheating in speed-runs, right? Just record it and speed up the footage 15% during the gameplay, 7-10% during cut-scenes - no-one will notice, and your speed-run is suddenly two hours shorter. Hell, they even do this with actual network TV - an american network sped up Seinfeld by 7,5% which gave them two-and-a-half more minutes of ads per episode... and it might not even be on purpose, sometimes people screw up their video framerates when uploading.

    This might not be the case here, but stop holding up the existence of a YouTube video as unassailable proof.
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  • Atropos 16/02/2015

    To be honest, as I get older I value shorter games more and more. It's been a long time since I played a game that didn't overstay its welcome - and that includes the Uncharted series and The Last of Us. It's like the games want to be 6 hours long, and then the team HAS to pad it to 10 hours, or people will whine about value.
    As an example, I think the only way The Last of Us could have been a better game was if it had been episodic instead - the Left Behind DLC was some of the most powerful gaming moments I've had, partly BECAUSE its short length allowed it to say what it wanted and then quit. Imagine if the game had been five episodes like that, instead of one awesome, but padded, 10-14 hour game?
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  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • Atropos 14/02/2015

    Good piece. I first interviewed Mr Molyneux for Swedish TV back in late 2002 or early 2003, during the development of the first Fable. Let's just say he promised things that hadn't even arrived by the third Fable...

    That said, my impression of the man then and later was that he never lied-lied - he's basically a guy who has really good ideas, and then tells his team to implement them, with no regard for what is actually doable on-time and under budget. I think that back in the days, when the technology was simpler and the fixes easier, it worked out - hence Populous, Magic Carpet, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, frackin' Syndicate, Theme Park... - the man really did hit some remarkable home runs back in the days. However, as projects have grown in scope, chaos theory rears its ugly head, and his small ideas or mid-production reversals add hundreds or thousands of man-hours (and millions of pounds) to the projects, rather than just meaning Ernest and Sean at Bullfrog had to work the weekend.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • Atropos 10/02/2015

    Great news. Reply 0
  • Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features

  • Atropos 30/01/2015

    After hardly playing it for the first year I had it, the Vita is now pretty much my most beloved and most played console. Uncharted was really quite seriously good on it, there're tons of retro-gaming to be had, and it is by far the best platform for Spelunky, Hotline Miami and Rogue Legacy, three games that will keep you busy for years. Reply +1
  • Transistor free via PlayStation Plus in February

  • Atropos 30/01/2015

    Well, bought Rogue Legacy a while back, but still a good month - it's not like I have time to play everything they've given me anyway... Also, people complaining about this month's PS4 line-up (seeing as you get Transistor, Apotheon AND Rogue Legacy) should really just get an XBone and an EA subscription, and spend the rest of their life CoD:ing and FIFA:ing. Don't get me wrong, those are good games, but broaden your horizons, people, or get off my PS Plus discussion lawn. Reply 0
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is coming to Steam

  • Atropos 26/01/2015

    GREAT game... for 2/3 of its running time. Then it threw every half-cocked conspiracy theory or sci-fi concept David Cage had ever encountered into the ring at once. I say this as someone who was very impressed by the man when I interviewed him before this came out. If I ever meet him again I'm going to whisper "Less is more" in his ear and then disappear like a ghost. Reply +7
  • Microsoft HoloLens is a new AR headset computer

  • Atropos 22/01/2015

    Whoa. That's like one of those things that seems totally far-fetched, but is slowly becoming a reality. It made me think that my kids are going to be annoyed with me when, in 15 years, I don't "get it" and refuse to live anywhere but in meatspace. Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 has sold 18.5m worldwide

  • Atropos 06/01/2015

    What is the unique selling point? What is the end of this sentence: "You really need a PS4 because..."
    I see your point, but for me there are a couple of USP's at the moment, and many to come. Right now, there are enough great games to tide me over until the exclusives - though Sportfriends is pretty darn good.
    Besides these, for me Remote Play to the Vita is a system seller - last night I had to lie next to my baby daughter from 8pm onwards, as she is teething and couldn't sleep without me there. I spent that time completing three missions and flying around getting collectibles in Far Cry 4, and then played some Binding of Isaac.

    As for future USPs? Morpheus. I know everyone and his uncle are doing VR now, but the two main contenders are clearly Oculus followed by Morpheus. Oculus is for the PC, and Morpheus for the PS4. I'd love an Oculus, but I'm not a student at Uni with time to burn - I want to plug in and go.
    The PS4 is the next best thing to a PC in many ways, but in my situation, clearly THE best - and any great indie's I miss on the PC tend to turn up on the Vita or iPad anyway (where they're usually better, anyway). Even the Banner Saga and FTL went iPad - and the PC doesn't really have any AAA exclusives worth talking about, except for the 4X greats and the MOBAs, and those I can get for my Macbook.
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  • Cara Ellison on: The Poetics of Space

  • Atropos 04/01/2015

    Ah, just got KRZ - thank you, hated Steam Holiday-sale. On a side-note, your mother's reaction to Proteus is exactly like my mother's reaction to Gattaca: "But that's not real science-fiction - I don't like science-fiction..." Reply +6
  • Games of 2014: Spintires

  • Atropos 27/12/2014

    Good lord, you really don't know driving. The fourth makes your car go faster eventually, true - but in a softlysoftly type way... for acceleration, say when passing, you'd actually downshift from four to three. Reply +3
  • Games of 2014: TxK

  • Atropos 24/12/2014

    This really was the year of the Vita for me, despite getting a PS4 at launch.

    When I think about it, it might even be because of the PS4 - so many of the indies handed out for the PS4 via PSPlus were cross-buy with the Vita; I think the most free (yeahyeah, "rented" whatever - they are free to me for all intents and purposes) Vita-games I got in one single month was five. Then there was Remote Play, which is actually a killer app - at least if you have a toddler who is scared of the dark and won't let you leave the room.
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  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number out early 2015

  • Atropos 18/12/2014

    @fortymilliondaggers @billmurray May I suggest getting an account with a remailer like That way it's always $40 to ship anywhere in Europe from the US. Totally worth it if you buy a lot of stuff from the US. Reply 0
  • Media-streaming app Plex now available on PS4 and PS3 in Europe

  • Atropos 18/12/2014

    People here seem to have no actual idea what Plex is, or what it does (except for Achtung_Englander). Wait for the free version, there will be a free one eventually for same-network content. The paid version is either
    a) to access the beta versions (which is what the PS4 and XBOne is in now),
    b) to access loads of cool features, including cloud features, as well as streaming outside your own network over the internet to anyone you like.

    I've just started using Plex on my QNap NAS, and I pick it up either on my phone or iPad, or on my Samsung TV, which also has the Plex app (don't use the DNLA option, use the app). It is brilliant, and reminds me of XMBC but much better - and it's consistently voted the best media player in the world. I am seriously considering paying the lifetime subscription fee, and probably will if there is ever a sale.
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  • Borderlands: Remastered Edition spotted on Australian Classification Board

  • Atropos 12/12/2014

    I'd maybe buy a remastered Borderlands 2... or I'll just go back and finish it on the PS3, that version was fine I thought... Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider mini-series is in the works

  • Atropos 11/12/2014

    If only the guy in those adverts didn't insist on calling her "Laura"... Reply +3
  • Heroes of Might & Magic 3 HD Edition announced for PC, tablets

  • Atropos 10/12/2014

    That... is awesome news. I still play this. Reply 0
  • Wasteland developer inXile trademarks Van Buren and Meantime

  • Atropos 10/12/2014


    Both the exclamation, and a little in my pants.
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  • Suikoden and Suikoden 2 re-release on PS3 January 2015

  • Atropos 08/12/2014

    Oh, Suikoden II, that was one hell of a game.

    Also, heading to PS3? Surely it's more apt to say "heading to PSN" these days, as the Vita or PSP is where most of us play these oldies. It's not like I'm going to sit down in front of the TV and play a 15-year-old game, this'll be commute only.
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  • EA announces free game giveaway for all PlayStation owners

  • Atropos 07/12/2014

    @pomi Yes, it's working very well nowadays - a few months late, but definitely worth getting. Reply 0
  • Atropos 06/12/2014

    OK, all three games are free as of just now! Confirmed! Garden Warfare took longer than the others to unlock, but I've now "bought and paid" all three for absolutely nothing, using my EU account, in Chrome on a MacBook. Reply +9
  • PlayStation Experience conference live report

  • Atropos 06/12/2014

    Just an update on the free EA games - they are now all free on the EU servers, as of minutes ago! Reply 0
  • SingStar Ultimate Party review

  • Atropos 13/11/2014

    I interviewed Paulina Bozek twice back when I was a gaming journo (I beat her on most songs, she kicked my ass at Vanilla Ice), and she was obviously the driving force behind SingStar. Please do what the meme says and bring her back, Sony? Reply +4
  • Xbox One has sold in almost 10m units to retailers

  • Atropos 13/11/2014

    So... retailers are ordering lots of stock just before Christmas. What a shocker. Reply +1
  • That Dragon, Cancer has taken to Kickstarter

  • Atropos 12/11/2014

    Great, watched the video and now I'm crying. Fuck. Reply +2
  • Atropos 12/11/2014

    I'm not sure I'll be able to play this, as the father of two small girls; just thinking about it makes me recoil, like thinking about being hit in the nuts but worse.

    I am however heading to Kickstarter to help fund it anyway.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth review

  • Atropos 12/11/2014

    I love my Vita. I've had this on PC for ages, but never had the time to get into it. This'll be my commutes for the next few weeks sorted. Reply +2
  • The Swindle: Dan Marshall's brilliant new cat-burgling platform game

  • Atropos 06/11/2014

    @Shufty Oh, upvoted for that reference. Well played, in both senses. Reply +5
  • PS Plus is getting Injustice: Gods Among Us and Secret Ponchos in December

  • Atropos 05/11/2014

    I actually held off on buying Injustice specifically since I thought it would be on PS Plus sooner or later... This is later, but at least its on the PS4 :-) Reply +2
  • Exploring the economics of suffering in This War of Mine

  • Atropos 30/10/2014

    Looks very cool Reply +2
  • YouTube unlocks 60fps playback

  • Atropos 30/10/2014

    Sooo...I think I need a side-by-side, as I have real difficulties noticing a difference between 30fps and 60fps. Anything below 30, and yeah, that looks poor, but I'm hard pressed to see any difference here.

    Though to be fair, I once played through and completed Ultima IX at about 6-8 fps, so maybe my brain just runs naturally at a lower FPS.
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  • Dragon Age Keep enters open beta

  • Atropos 30/10/2014

    OK, that confused the hell out of me. Does that mean I can't import my old Dragon Age save-games into inquisition? I have to use this Keep thingy? Reply +2
  • Crusader: No Remorse is free right now on Origin

  • Atropos 28/10/2014

    Oh, man, I remember this game. If I remember correctly, it was built using the engine for Ultima VII, or possibly VIII (screenshot actually looks more like the latter). I remember enjoying it... Reply +2
  • Dreamfall Chapters: Book One review

  • Atropos 24/10/2014

    Wasn't there supposed to be a graphic novel retelling the stories of the first two games, for those put off by the back-story? Reply +1