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  • Ł70 Star Wars movie bundle launches on Xbox this week

  • Arconic 07/04/2015

    That had better be the most charming R2-D2 avatar companion Reply +7
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Arconic 27/08/2014

    Good on her, and good on everyone everyone who watches these and not take them as an attack on themselves but as a rallying cry to do better and improve the artform. Can't wait for more. Reply +64
  • You can be a female assassin in Sunset Overdrive

  • Arconic 20/06/2014

    @slowdog1976 you "bet" they are delighted? You were just telling us what women want, a second ago. Don't back out now of speaking for all women gamers from your vantage point of being a man. Tell me more. Reply +15
  • Monaco creator thinks Kickstarter stretch goals are "bulls***"

  • Arconic 29/01/2013

    This is all well and good, but 99% of the industry makes videogames based on budgetary and resource restrictions. When you start a project you go hog wild. It'll have this, there'll be levels that do that, 100 puzzles a minute and an orchestral soundtrack.

    Then you get your budget and start cutting, and refining and being realistic and working with the best of what your team can deliver in the time it takes to get it done because the publisher called and that Christmas launch window's not budging for all the quicktime events in china.

    So you cut and you plan and you prioritise and you bargain and you work all night and you get your key features in and you look at it and go "y'know what, that's a great game", I love this game, it's beautiful.

    But if someone came up to you with a stretch-goal bag of cash and said "have MORE money!" you're damned right there's a feature we dropped we can now afford to pay the team to work on. You're damned right we can now afford to add Multiplayer support or Linux support or the ability to name your characters or time in the recording studio to add voices to the previously silent protagonists.

    Stretch goals might be "bull" if you're a starving pure artist who makes games from the heart and damn you for compromising your vision, but for the real world we've compromised and shelved and dropped and prioritised to bring the player the BEST game with what money, resources and time has allowed.

    Any team worth its salt can easily manage a stretch goal. It's not design by committee, those stretch goals are, by definition, goals, they're designed as part of the experience. Designers write designs with cuts in mind now, we give options in case the hardware can't do it or the codebase doesn't support it, you don't rewrite, you go with your contingency and save money.

    Design teams know their shit and it's insulting to think that "Johnny Monaco" who made the game without compromising his vision is doing it right and we're all doing it wrong. It's not "give us $100,000 more and we'll let you email us with an idea for the final boss, we'll tell YOU what your $100,000 will mean we can add, vision still intact.
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  • Molyneux's Project Godus Kickstarter inches over halfway mark with just 11 days to go

  • Arconic 10/12/2012

    @captain_Carl I am the same way Reply +19
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist response has been a "kneejerk reaction" and "uninformed"

  • Arconic 28/09/2012

    Ubisoft chose these demos and videos as a representation of the game. Airstrikes and gunfights and torture. Whether these are actually representative of the game or not, they made a concious choice to show what they felt would put it in the best light or get the most sales they could.

    They can't then turn around and say "now wait a minute guys, the game's not like that, you're uninformed and judging a game on the information we've given you".

    The series has clearly evolved away from stealth to homogenise with other gun-happy third person shooters which, if that's what the game is, is fine. I was at gamescom and the dudebros in the audience were all hooting and hollering for Sam to kill the guy after torturing information out of him so there's clearly a market there.

    But you can't expect fans who don't want that, who fell in love with painstakingly strategising the extensive stealth sections, who try to never even fire a shot, to stick with it and buy the full priced game in order to make an "informed" choice.
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  • Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter funded

  • Arconic 28/05/2012

    Great to hear!
    I had heard from various sources that it was illegal for UK companies to use Kickstarter, is being on the Isle of White some kind of loophole or is the UK/Kickstarter ban just hot air?
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  • Kinect Star Wars price roundup: where's cheapest?

  • Arconic 03/04/2012

    "Save over a tenner with Eurogamer's review." FTFY Reply +13
  • MotorStorm RC Review

  • Arconic 27/02/2012

    @el_pollo_diablo protip: Press Select and X for even FASTER restarts, only 2 button presses ;) Reply +2
  • Game of the Week: MotorStorm RC

  • Arconic 25/02/2012

    @Rushy Yay! Reply +17
  • Salvation

  • Arconic 12/03/2008

    Did they just see Half Life 2 and think "want"? Reply 0