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  • Face-Off: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 08/02/2013

    Played demos on all versions and agree with this article.

    Wii U takes the crown for being the best overall version followed by PS3 and 360 last.

    Looks like that ancient 360 tech is holding consoles back with its weak CPU outdated GPU, low ram, low edram, 8GB measly discs and a slow GPU.

    Wii U really takes a dump on the gimpbox 360.
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  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 08/02/2013

    @ATARI LMAO the Wii U is the clear winner here and you are the ONLY one butthurt about it. GTFO

    The 360 has the worst textures and the worst draw distance and screen tear, Wii U version is much better yet you still remain butthurt.

    Wii U is the obvious winner.

    So much for all the "weak" CPU bullshit when the almighty cell processor runs 6 frames slower than this Wii U LAUNCH GAME. Nintendo's console is also the ONLY version to have vysnc with zero tear.

    Wii U mad bro?
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  • Nintendo announces Zelda: Wind Waker HD re-make for Wii U, out this year

  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 23/01/2013

    @Sabreman64 That's not the point is it. You sound like you have made your mind up on not getting Wii U but justifying a console purchase for one remake in HD when they have JUST announced more fantastic upcoming Wii U exclusives makes your comment seem a little weak.

    Obviously we have not heard from Microsoft or Sony but so far the Wii U's launch games are the best in history while the upcoming games, system enhancements and software updates show the Wii U's bright future.

    I have had more fun with Wii U's total package (it's games, Miiverse communities, full backwards compatibility etc) than the souless 360.

    Anyway, this Zelda HD remake looks awesome and just the mention of gamepad only play has won me over. Sticking qulaity headphones in the controller while my gf watches her reality TV crap.

    Great time to be a Wii U owner.
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  • Demo showdown: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 23/01/2013

    LOL shitbox 360 struggling again showing it's limitations.

    Looks like vaseline smothered over the 360 version with textures as impressive as Halo 4 (in other words LOW RES)
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  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - the Mushroom Kingdom Metroidvania

  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 22/01/2013


    Someone bought a useless Vita.
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  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 22/01/2013

    Looks fantastic, got the 3ds XL specifically for this! Reply 0
  • Next-gen Xbox specs leak

  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 22/01/2013

    Where are all the "slow CPU posts" like Wii U was littered with? Dumb inbreds.... proof that clock spped means nothing. DAT SLOW Xbox 720 CPU !!!! LMFAO

    Looks like 720 using DDR3 and 32mb SRAM. Just like Wii U uses 32mb of DRAM and DDR3 RAM. Wii U's GPU is better than 720's, fact. Anyone that thinks 720 will be more powerful than Wii U is wrong and clearly a butthurt Microtard.

    PS4 on the other hand will be a powerhouse destroying the shitbox 720 in every way.

    Looks like I am sticking with Wii U for exclusives, GamePad features and much better graphical capabilities than PS360. While I will be getting a PS4 for the MUCH increased grunt over the gimmicky Kinect box 720 with its 3-4GB of RAM reserved for the OS, ahahahhhhhhahaha!!

    PS3 had Blu Ray with high capacity discs, Wii U has proprietory high capacity discs and Microtards will be last out the gates to feautre high capacity discs LMAO talk about struggling to catch up.
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  • Orbis unmasked: what to expect from the next-gen PlayStation

  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 18/01/2013


    You have no idea how much verbal diarrhea you talk. You are nothing but another BUTTHURT Microshit loser.

    The ancient, decrepit, 100% failure rate 360 is sitting in the corner of my living room right now covered in dust. Why? Because the Wii U already has launch games which look 20 times better than the dismal 360 launch games. Halo 4 has the lowest res textures Ive seen. That is one overhyped, crappy written and it comes on 2 discs. LOL talk about ancient tech, 8gb max discs hahahahhh.

    Then we have Trine 2 on Wii U, a game which includes advanced graphics, textures and physics on Goblin Menace DLC that neither 360 or PS3 could do because they are much less powerful, why do you think only PC and Wii U can run it? Even the damn developers said the same thing. I get my sources from facts, your bullshit, biased opinion is just that, a opinion that nobody on here even cares about.

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  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 18/01/2013

    @Humperfunk The jump in graphics and performance from 360/PS3 to 720/PS4 will be NOTHING like the drastic difference from Xbox 1/PS2 to 360/PS3. Reply 0
  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 18/01/2013

    @curryking3 Butthurt confirmed. Reply -4
  • 9_11_was_Hilarious 18/01/2013

    It's funny how the suppoesed 1.24Ghz CPU in Wii U was laughed at from the very same scum on here. That 1.24Ghz has still not been confirmed. Now, just like the hacker predicted, the PS4/720 are pretty much confirmed to be using 1.62Ghz CPU's and all of a sudden it's accepted.

    Next Xbox is using DDR3 just like Wii U which is more modern than the gDDR3 found in PS3/360. DDR3 with eDRAM jumps the bandwidth up to triple figures per GB/s.

    Looks like the next Xbox and PS3 will be mirroring Wii U's powerful yet low power consumption philosphy yet I don't think they will be as smart. With Wii U using a CPU, GPGPU, eDRAM and memory controller all on one MCM it doesn't just lower consumption (hence no overheating) it means lossless data between CPU, GPU, RAM and eDRAM resulting in better performance.

    Not only will Wii U be more than capable of running "next gen" engines, we should see some beautiful graphics on Wii U when it is actually trying, graphics that rival the next Playstaion and Xbox.

    We all know graphics aren't everything which is why the GamePad along WITH stunning visuals will provide the most immersive, fun and uniqe gameplay too.

    The dumb little butthurt Microshit fanboys really are the worst, those that slate Nintendo really should get back to Xbox Live (subscription based internet for children) before their subscription times out or their cheaply made, last gen, 100% failure rate console get's RROD.

    Since I own all consoles from last gen (360, Wii, PS3) I will probably continue that trend for next gen but next gen is already here. Wii U is here and anyone that talks smack about it either:

    A. Doesn't have one.
    B. Butthurt that Wii U is much more powerful than 360/PS3.
    C. Can't afford one.
    D. All the above. (Most likely)
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