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    Dear Janice,

    I hope you are well. I was reminiscing the other morn about our brief liaison back in May of 1996. Although we have not shared a moment like that since the memory and feelings of that hot spring day still sit fresh in my mind as if they were only yesterday. I remember your warm breath on my skin and the heady scent of your perfume as we lay in each others arms under the sun.

    I wonder if things could have been, would have been, different between us had it not been the events that followed that fateful day. I mourn opportunities lost, but celebrate a friendship that arouse our fleeting tryst.

    Please do not take this as a letter of self-pity or desperation, but as one of grateful thanks. I value our friendship more than anything, that day will always be the beginning of a bond that exceeds any moment of passion.

    Your friend, always,


    P.S. I am wanking whilst I write this.

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