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  • mrpon 9 Jan 2014 10:04:04 32,858 posts
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  • Tonka 9 Jan 2014 11:02:46 25,156 posts
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    I have a recurring bore dream about having to take the tube in London and not being able to find the correct platform.
  • Deleted user 10 January 2014 10:31:27
    I dreamt I was travelling in India and was going from somewhere I knew to somewhere I had not intended on going, somewhere beginning with Z.

    I arrived there and the next thing I remember is wondering around a strange village at night with a flashlight and then I was in some kind of Biohazard/ Astronaut suit running towards an old man sitting in a chair.

    I then woke up.

    I have no idea what the fuck that's from. Apart from travelling in India which is something I intend on doing it's completely random. :S

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  • elstoof 10 Jan 2014 10:47:02 17,563 posts
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    I dreamt I had a mole on my eyebrow that was releasing toxins and causing freaky things to happen, then the nurse drugged me up and tried to seduce me with her big round bootie.
  • glaeken 10 Jan 2014 10:48:52 11,832 posts
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    Lots of weird shit. I have actually started having stupidly complex dreams with plots and all sorts over the last month or so which is odd. It's a noticeable change in my normal dream pattern.

    Strangest one so far was I was a steam train driver in a very snowy place and I had a grudge against another steam train driver who happened to be Robert Shaw. I was being played by James Stewart. We were racing trains against each other. Where the fuck does my brain come up with such stuff.
  • Deleted user 10 January 2014 11:19:18
    I suppose my dream could have something to do with WWZ
  • CosmicFuzz 10 Jan 2014 11:24:24 31,516 posts
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    I dreamt I was standing on top of a bell tower with someone who might have been Benedict Cumberbatch. But we were in school, and we were trying to study. And outside people were playing rugby. I was soooo tired though, I could barely stay awake. And bloody Cumberbatch kept wanting to stand at the railing and watch the game, and he kept shouting at me to join him. Alright, Cumberbatch! I can barely stand up I'm so tired! So I flopped over to the railing and clung to it to stop myself falling over (the world was spinning at this point I was so desperate to collapse and sleep). And the worst part was, he'd picked the worst part of the bell tower to stand at, we couldn't see a bloody thing!

    But then someone punted the rugby ball up high into the air, and it soared towards us, and I couldn't take my eyes off it. Closer and closer it sailed, becoming larger and larger in the sky. Then, as we watched, it became more elongated, with straight edges and a delicious yellow glow. By the time it landed at our feet, it had transformed completely into a slice of pizza.

    Then I woke up. Dreams, eh? WTF was I thinking about last night...

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  • Deleted user 10 January 2014 11:28:02
    You were clearly hungry and dreaming about hunky men.
  • b0rk 10 Jan 2014 11:29:24 6,810 posts
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    pink sheep
  • CosmicFuzz 10 Jan 2014 11:30:32 31,516 posts
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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    You were clearly hungry and dreaming about hunky men.
    Oh god, you're right. My true feelings are being revealed to me! I WANT CUMBERBATCH TO FEED ME PIZZA IN A YOUNG SCHOOLBOY'S UNIFORM!
  • rockavitch 10 Jan 2014 13:41:46 924 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    I actually had a dream about Cumberbatch the other night too.

    We were in a room with no door or window with only a small lamp for light. The whole dream was me pacing the room trying to find a way out while he stared at me the whole tine. Didn't speak even when spoken to. Woke up very freaked out by the whole experience.
  • Deleted user 10 January 2014 14:16:04
    Arrive at a random train station. Get a taxi, which of course was a quad bike, don't have any money to pay the driver on arrival at my very remote beach cottage.

    Had to make him drive all the way back home so I could get the money from my change jar. He didn't like cashpoints...
  • Salaman 10 Jan 2014 14:19:34 22,325 posts
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    I dreamt there was some big party. A female colleague who's quite a hotty and always gets very drunk and flirty at every work do (irl) was there and made a bee line for me to snog me.
    The rest is a bit hazy.

    Still, got a dream-snog so all is well.
  • Cappy 10 Jan 2014 15:46:43 13,327 posts
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    I only remember fragments.

    People trapped in a concrete, underground place, for some reason we all have to die. Perhaps we carry some sort of infection? There did seem to be some 'greater good' reason for our confinement. Some try to escape, others resign themselves.

    I've lost a big chunk of what happens next, much of what's left is too vague to even describe.

    Human body parts everywhere, a torn chunk of face with a battered nose walks up the wall on fine, filament like spider legs. Something writhes on the ground, a bulging human head, almost bursting. The skin stretched almost to breaking, the eyes empty, stretched slits, various pieces of flesh seem to have been crammed inside, an arm extends out where the spinal column would have been, ruddy and raw, trailing uselessly behind whilst the head slowly pulls itself along using only it's mouth.

    I'm entranced by it's impossible movement, the mouth extends, front teeth digging in to the floor for purchase, then the jaw closes pulling the head forward. A few Centimetres at a time closer, closer, closer.

    The rest is lost.
  • Deleted user 10 January 2014 15:52:41
    A couple of weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night after a weird dream. I couldn't remember what the dream was, all I could remember was it being strange. I then fell asleep and then had another dream about me explaining to someone about my dream that I couldn't remember. Funny how I can remember the completely boring dream but not the strange one.
  • LockeTribal 22 Feb 2015 02:10:34 4,658 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    I had a very weird dream the other night. I was talking with my brother who lives in America. It was evening time and we were walking through a garden or a cemetery, not sure which, but there were monuments or shrines to musicians and cartoon characters all around us. He was wearing an armoured waistcoat and carrying dueling pistols. We stopped at one monument which had an image of David Bowie on it, in a sort of playing card style.

    I turned to my brother to say something but my mouth clamped shut. I levered my mouth open with one hand, put my other hand in and felt something metallic come loose. When I pulled out my hand my fingers were bloody and my brother looked amused.

    And then I woke up.
  • PES_Fanboy Funniest Forumite, 2016 22 Feb 2015 04:23:37 42,890 posts
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    That dream means you want to be bummed by your brother.
  • Deleted user 22 February 2015 11:37:33
    Exeter anxiety dream.
  • MrFlay 22 Feb 2015 11:41:04 2,906 posts
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    I dreamt I was awake. Maybe I was? I can't remember.
  • bone-on 22 Feb 2015 11:41:25 189 posts
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    Most of my dreams that I remember anyway are all always quite awful.

    Maybe I'm a secret psychopath
  • MrFlay 22 Feb 2015 11:47:35 2,906 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    Lucid dreams are fun but quite rare.
  • Furtive_Pygmy 22 Feb 2015 12:52:57 5,596 posts
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    I dreamed last night that the front doorbell rang at about 3am, it was so real I got up to answer the door. Nobody was there of course.
  • captainrentboy 22 Feb 2015 13:32:14 1,614 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Last night I dreamt that I was working as a caretaker in a US high school, and as I was going about doing my cleaning biz I heard their 'Glee' club practicing down the hall. I sneaked up and burst into the room belting out 'Candle in the Wind', they all stopped singing and dancing and looked at me. They fucking loved it.
    So I took over as their new group leader and we became huge, touring the States and what not, but all we ever did were brilliant Elton John covers, nothing else..
    That was it.

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