If trailers told the truth

From the archive: the class of 2011 seen through a more honest filter.

Every Sunday we haul an exciting article out of the Eurogamer archive so you can read it again or enjoy it for the first time if you missed it. John Teti compiled and created these for us back in 2011.

Let's face it, "trailer" is just a fancy word for "advert". They exist to whet our appetites for forthcoming games, to get us excited about them and to make us want to know more. This is why trailers rarely feature footage of loading screens, pause menus or the main character wandering round and round the same set of corridors looking for a rusty key.

But what if things were different? What if trailers revealed what we can really expect from games, or what the people making them are thinking?

Here, John Teti answers those questions with trailers for three of next year's biggest titles. Just to be clear, these videos are in no way official - they're Eurogamer's take on what would happen... If trailers told the truth.

LittleBigPlanet 2

Everybody loves LittleBigPlanet. Except people who call it "That game about the teddy bear made by those hippies", but they have no soul and probably work on games industry trade publications.

The rest of us can't wait to see what Media Molecule's come up with for the sequel, which is out in January. In the meantime...

Two million levels later...

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Prepare to swap your sword for a lightsabre, your wizard's hat for a Jedi's hood and your yellow exclamation marks for a probably quite similar but not to the point of patent infringement selection of quest-giver identification symbols - Star Wars: The Old Republic is on the way!

Will this MMO have the might to bring down Blizzard's empire? Who knows? Perhaps this developer diary will reveal more.

SWTOR dev diary #9

The Sims Medieval

Do you ever long for a happier, simpler time? A time when no one worried about terrorism or Sarah Palin or global economic recession? Especially the last one, seeing as there wasn't even an economy, or a globe?

Then it sounds like you'd like to live in Ye Olde Medieval Days. And soon you'll be able to, sort of, with The Sims Medieval. Here's a look at how it's shaping up.

Behold, simulations of a Medieval nature.

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