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Quell! Ski! Primrose! Fur! See!

Furry Legends: Chapter One

  • WiiWare / 1000 WiiWare Points (£7.00)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't developers learn in about 2007 that needless use of motion control was the quickest way to screw up a promising Wii game? If so, how do you explain Furry Legends?

In its charming ball-rolling premise, you guide a disembodied furry-faced fiend around various "lush and vibrant" side-scrolling 3D environments, hopping around solving regulation puzzles and smashing “squaries” right in the cakehole.

Sure, it's not especially original, but the strong presentation, happy vibe and wallet-friendly price make you determined to throw your arms around its huggable exterior. Thanks to needlessly fiddly controls, Furry Legends never really gets going.


Fur, enough.

The main problem is the unreliable method of dispensing with the baddies. Rather than sticking to the platform tradition of stomping on an enemy's head, you're forced into the thoroughly irritating process of holding down Z first, pushing a control stick direction, then flicking the remote.

If this was a reliable 'lock-on'-style process, fair enough, but more often than not you end up taking damage because you deigned to strike the enemy at the wrong angle. As a direct result, you end up running out of lives and having to start from scratch.

With ever-present control frustration taking the shine off an otherwise commendable effort, you'll be hard-pressed to see the game through all five levels, never mind slog through the upcoming chapters. Unless they fix the controls, that is...


Say What You See: Music Fest

  • iPhone / £0.59

Current score 23/50. Must try harder

Saying what I see is probably not going to win me this game very often. I can see a tartan-winged fly. A wasp nestling on what looks like a Spanish flag with the number 11 on it. An eskimo holding up a skull. Band and artist names are steadfastly refusing to reveal themselves from this sodding musical canvas.

But that's the beauty of Say What You See. In bored moments waiting for tardy public transport, you'll stare balefully at this single clue-ridden picture in the hope that some flash of inspiration will strike. Sometimes two will come to you at once. You won't know why.

Like the Dingbats board game I've, er, never played, you'll tap in the name, and sit in more hope than expectation that the answer is correct. And that's it. You can zoom around the picture for a closer inspection, but there are no clues. It's stubborn like that. You could probably cheat, but where's the fun in that?

This is probably the least videogame-like app I've ever reviewed, but don't hold that against it. It's a curiously addictive time-sink, but with only one picture to gaze at, there's precious little to it. How about more puzzles next time, chaps?


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