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  • Turning Up The Heat: Part 1

    Part one of our huge Fahrenheit interview with David Cage.

    Interview 28/06/2005 48

  • A Sensible Decision

    Jon Hare on Sensible Soccer's Plug n' Play reawakening.

    Interview 22/06/2005 25

  • The Juice on Juiced

    We catch up with Juice Games' Don Whiteford.

    Interview 13/06/2005 47

  • The Jak X factor

    "It's not a Kart racer."

    Interview 08/06/2005 21

  • Criterion on Black

    Alex Ward on reinventing the FPS.

    Interview 07/06/2005 37

  • Alan Wake

    Remedy has the cure for insomnia.

    Interview 31/05/2005 49

  • Ghost Recon 3

    The tactical shooter goes 360...

    Interview 20/05/2005 17

  • Microsoft's J Allard on Xbox 360

    Creativity over graphical fidelity.

    Interview 20/05/2005 245

  • Prince Of Persia 3: Kindred Blade

    (Working title.) A princely return to form?

    Interview 18/05/2005 22

  • Cold Winter

    Better than Killzone and Rogue Agent! Phew...

    Interview 15/05/2005 8

  • Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

    The lead designer reckons it's smashing.

    Interview 11/05/2005 16

  • Hitman: Blood Money

    Producer Adam Lay puts the emphasis on choice.

    Interview 10/05/2005 7

  • Football Manager 2006

    SI's Miles Jacobson opens up about the PC and PSP versions.

    Interview 09/05/2005 5

  • That's 'Mr Scarface' to you...

    We grab an exclusive chat with Cam Webber, the producer of the forthcoming Scarface videogame...

    Interview 27/04/2005 25

  • F.E.A.R And Loving In San Francisco

    We grab an exclusive one-to-one interview with Monolith's technology chief Kevin Stephens about the most exciting first-person shooter of the year.

    Interview 17/03/2005 36

  • Coming Full Circle

    The concluding part of our exclusive interview with Circle's Adrian Smith, who talks next-gen plans, why PS2 will be around for years and why they ditched their own technology.

    Interview 04/03/2005 10

  • A Warning Sign

    Circle Studio's Adrian Smith gives an exclusive insight into the development of Without Warning, the team's first post-Tomb Raider project...

    Interview 03/03/2005 9

  • It Came Without Warning

    An exclusive interview with Circle Studio's Adrian Smith about life after Lara, the break up of Core and the formation of the studio behind Capcom's Without Warning.

    Interview 02/03/2005 17

  • When Game Developers Attack

    A full and frank exclusive interview with Team 17's Martyn Brown on the realities of modern game development in Britain. With a few words on Worms 4: Mayhem thrown in for good measure.

    Interview 19/01/2005 70

  • Sid Meier's Interview!

    The Firaxis supremo answers our questions about Pirates!, the strategy genre at large, and where the developer plans to head next.

    Interview 06/12/2004 23

  • Brothers In Arms

    We chat to Gearbox's Stephen Palmer about the forthcoming tactical World War II shooter.

    Interview 28/10/2004 17

  • Can we call it 'FootMan'?

    On the day Football Manager 2005 went Gold, we strolled down to Islington to grab an exclusive in-depth interview with Sport Interactive MD Miles Jacobson. Read the full interview here, or download the video via Eurofiles...

    Interview 19/10/2004 28

  • Obscurity Knocks

    We chat to Olivier Grassiano about Microids' survival horror title Obscure, reviewed elsewhere on the site today.

    Interview 29/09/2004 2

  • This Sword's Gone To Heaven

    Tameem Antoniades talks Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory's next-gen answer to Ninja Gaiden.

    Interview 03/09/2004 41

  • Silent Hill 4: Two Guys In A Room

    We sit down for a slightly disturbing chat with Silent Hill 4's chief designer Masashi Tsuboyama and producer Akira Yamaoka to find out if they're really as strange as the game suggests...

    Interview 25/08/2004 53

  • Prince Of Persia 2

    Yannis Mallot, producer of Prince of Persia 2 talks about the game's new Freeform Fighting System and the various improvements the Montreal team has made since The Sands Of Time.

    Interview 03/08/2004 36

  • The March of Hare

    Sensible Soccer and Jon Hare return after a period out of the limelight, and Eurogamer grabbed an exclusive interview with the development legend to talk about his role at Tower Studios, something of a Sensible/Bitmaps dream team...

    Interview 29/07/2004 43

  • The Burning Issue

    We talk to Criterion's Alex Ward about Burnout 3 - the online aspect, the technology, the EA deal, breaking America, and plenty more.

    Interview 28/07/2004 31

  • The Man With The Golden Licence

    We chat to EA's Chris Plumber about GoldenEye: Rogue Agent - what's changed since E3, what makes it stand out, and why he thinks GoldenEye fans should keep an open mind. Read inside, or download the video from Eurofiles.

    Interview 23/07/2004 57

  • The Future looks Perfect

    Karl Hilton, director of Free Radical talks to Eurogamer about the latest in the TimeSplitters series. Read or download a video of the interview right here.

    Interview 22/07/2004 30

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