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On Unreal Engine 3, Natal, Cliff Bleszinski and more.

Eurogamer: Yes very nice but doesn't the deal mean the Doom Engine [id Tech 5] is now a stronger competitor, seeing as it's got the backing of such a big rich publisher?

Mark Rein: You'd have to ask them what their plans are. Bethesda is very much focused on intellectual properties, great games and servicing their fans. I don't see them getting serious about the engine business.

Eurogamer: I know you haven't made any announcements regarding a possible third instalment in the Gears of War series, and I know you hate stupid questions along those lines. So when is Gears of War 3 out?

Mark Rein: Haha! Gears of War what?

Eurogamer: Gears of War 3. You made quite a successful series of shooter games called Gears of War, do you remember?

Mark Rein: You know we're still working on Gears of War 2, right?

Eurogamer: No, Gears of War 2 was released last November. Didn't anyone tell you? Have they pretended you're still working on it all this time?


Mark Rein's wikipedia entry is surprisingly uninspiring when it comes to writing captions.

Mark Rein: We've just put out title update four and we have new DLC...

Eurogamer: Yeah, no one cares about that. When's Gears of War 3 out?

Mark Rein: We've got the Dark Corners pack coming out...

Eurogamer: Is that the codename for Gears of War 3?

Mark Rein: No. That is the pack we announced. So that's coming, there's lots of stuff going on for Gears of War 2 right now.

Eurogamer: What about Gears of War 3?

Mark Rein: Never heard of it.

Eurogamer: Are you saying there literally isn't a single piece of paper in your office or email in your inbox with the phrase "Gears of War 3" on it?

Mark Rein: Well there's probably "Gears of War" and then somewhere the number 3 in an email, but it's probably saying, 'Let's talk about Gears of War 2 at 3 o'clock today.'


Rumours that Gears of War 3 will feature a cooking mini-game are entirely made up.

Eurogamer: You should probably make a start, the Gears of War games come out in November so you've only got a few months now. Anyway, how's CliffyB? Although he doesn't like being called that any more, does he?

Mark Rein: People took that completely out of proportion. He has fun with that whole public persona thing.

Eurogamer: Well yes, he has got a diamond earring and a Bon Jovi haircut.

Mark Rein: I do this because it's my job and Cliff does the whole public persona thing because he loves interfacing with the fans, being a personality; he's really good at it. He's a great face for the game business and I think he has fun with it. He doesn't care what you call him, just as long as you call him.


Why not rename Epic Games too? How about The Funky Bunch?

Eurogamer: Do you ever look at him and think, 'I, Mark Rein, would like to be a bit cooler? Perhaps I should get a gold chain and start calling myself Marky R?'

Marky R: No.

Eurogamer: Just going back to Gears of War 3, the tagline for the second game was, "Bigger, better, more badass." How can you top that? Have you reached the ultimate level of badass yet or is there room to grow?

Marky R: We're always getting better at what we do.

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