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Numbas! Apples! Meerkats! Race! Feel!

Feel For Two

  • PSP Minis / 3.19

If you're the kind of thrifty soul who checks at least four reviews before committing 59p to an iPhone game, then how does less than 27 pence per game sound? Available as a joyously bananas 12-game suite of two-player Minis, you'll scarcely care whether they're any good or not - this is like the gaming equivalent of open mic night where everyone's come with excellent wigs and hats.

Given that Sony's Japan Studio is behind all this horseplay [neigh! -Ed], there's an inherent deranged creativity about throwaway nonsense like Love Cupid.

Tasked with helping a couple fall in love, one player holds the left side of the PSP and controls the angel with the bow trying to shoot hearts, while the other holds the right side and has to collect them and bring them to the scales to ensure the couple make sweet love.

Then there's the (literally) barking Sheep Defence, where the two of you have to run around in circles trying to protect your flock from wild beasts, or Pile Up! Bakery, where you have to try to create the tallest tower of cakes and pastries possible within the time limit.


Feel For Two: I can see it, but I can't feel it.

Perhaps in the right circumstances (if you're, say, 15 and want to find a bizarre means of getting physical contact with a 'friend'), then games like Finger Connection will have a disproportionate appeal. Who couldn't love a digit-based take on Twister?

On the other hand, for every charming piece of lunacy, there are a couple of equally forgettable offerings, such as Pinball Duel, Homerun Hitters, One Two Boat Race, or Ramen Heaven, where fighting it out to spoon the oily deposits will either make you giggle or give you an existential crisis.

With its impulse price and feelgood vibe, it's hard to be too down on Feel For Two's hit to miss ratio. Just shotgun a six pack of Pocari Sweat and get into the spirit of it.



  • DSiWare / 800 points (7.20)

AiRace: Ali G's favourite racing game

I wonder exactly how many high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled racing games there have been in the history of videogames. Let's do a sweepstake! No, I'm not counting.

QubicGames can be forgiven for unimaginative hyperbole, because its rather slick stab at aerial racing succeeds in all the areas that matter.

With its unflinching frame-rate and highly responsive controls, AiRace lets you careen around all six courses without feeling like you're fighting against the limitations of the ageing hardware.

With multiple branching paths and an array of collectibles to aim for, there's a nagging desire to do better next time, which goes some way to making up for the lack of tracks.

While it probably won't get the adrenaline pumping for long, AiRace is certainly high-octane fun while it lasts. (Am I fired yet?)


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