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Oozi! Rush! Earth! Moon! Race!

Oozi: Earth Adventure Episode 1

  • Xbox Live Indie Game - 80 Microsoft Points (0.68)

While all the supercool kids with their Super Nintendos were busy harping on about Super Mario World back in 1993, the Amiga-owning portion of the world were having a completely super time with Superfrog, thank-you-very-much.

But while Mario continues to stride across the world like a beaming tubby colossus, the memory of poor old underrated Superfrog only lingers in the minds of the most nostalgic Amigaphiles - and possibly the developer of Oozi: Earth Adventure.

Although the similarity is probably coincidental, Awesome Games Studio's determination to make its indie platformer look and play like Team 17's forgotten classic is uncanny.

With a similar graphic style and breezy colour scheme, familiar floaty jump mechanic and simple kleptomaniacal gameplay, you'll bound around cheerfully with a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

And the best thing about it is the ridiculous price. Despite offering the kind of warm-hearted side-scrolling platforming thrills that would have once graced the front covers of magazines, all this can be yours for the price of a chocolate bar. Ok, Oozi might well sport the most sickeningly cheesy grin of any game character ever, but don't hold that against him.


GO Series: Earth Saver

  • DSiWare - 500 DSiWare Points (4.50)


How many times does the average gamer have to save the Earth in their lifetime? I've been at this lark for about 30 years now, and I'm definitely well into four figures.

And yet despite the inexorable monotony of having to protect your sorry arses from imminent doom on a regular basis, I find myself curiously unable to stop playing Earth Saver.

Fortunately the premise is the only boring thing about Tom Create's hideously addictive little action puzzler. The idea is to blow up a meteor that's hurtling towards Earth, but in sufficiently small chunks that they burn up on re-entry.

To do this, you have to guide your little space dude around fault lines, and place explosive charges en route so that the cracks deepen, and the rock falls away. With time firmly against you, quick, accurate bomb-placement is crucial

Bumble along tardily whistling the theme tune to The Great Escape, and it'll be a fiery death for mankind, but if you rush through carelessly plopping bombs down willy-nilly, you run the risk of sending giant chunks of rock hurtling towards the ground.

As a result, the line between heroic acts of rescue, and hapless mass murder is wafer thin, and so begins a mini-obsession with blowing up little chunks of rock against the clock. Still not convinced? Then how does Qix-meets-Bomberman grab you?


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