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Eurogamer vs. Yoshinori Ono FIGHT!

Eurogamer: Online, you can filter searches for Pro mode or Lite mode. Right now it's hard to get a game in Pro mode because players favour being able to perform charge moves with just a tap of the touch screen. Does this mean we will have to relearn how to play the game?

Yoshinori Ono: One thing I must make clear: these two different modes of playing aren't parallel. They're linear. For people who are used to playing the game with commands, good for them. They don't even need to think about Lite mode.

There are a lot of things you have to know to play fighting games. You need to know the timings, you need to understand the concept and at the same time you have to input a relatively complicated command.

We wanted to alleviate that entry barrier. So by removing the need to input commands, we first want people to learn how to play just from a timing point of view.

You'll end up in the same place. It's just a matter of entrance. It's just extending a narrow corridor for those people who were unable to get into it because of these difficulties. They will now be able to get in a lot easier because we have opened up our door.

It's a matter of flavour. People who've never played the game can try the Lite mode. If they get the hang of it, then we think they will naturally progress to Pro mode.

Eurogamer: Are you worried that those who play Street Fighter on a fighting stick will be unable to play the 3D Edition?

Yoshinori Ono: If you're used to the sticks it may not be as comfortable as it is for others. But there are trade-offs. If you're playing with the stick, you have to be at home and you've got to dedicate your time to it.

With the 3DS you can play anywhere, any time and with anyone. It's a matter of convenience. With a stick you have to bring it out. It requires a lot more work to do that.

If you're a really hardcore Street Fighter player, you probably won't even complain about the controls. I think the hardcore players will come up with their own way of playing 3DS Street Fighter in a hardcore way. I have no idea how, but they'll come up with something.

If you ask me have I targeted those hardcore players only, I'd say no. It is designed for the wide audience the 3DS will have. But, in terms of purely comparing it with the sticks, it will be a different experience.

I've spoken to some hardcore players already. OK, they might complain in the beginning, but they're hardcore players for a reason. They can't not play. If they've got a 3DS and they're not at home, they will start playing. They're already playing it and enjoying. I don't see it as a problem at all.

Eurogamer: Do you see a future when you'll be able to play Street Fighter on a home console and then transport your profile onto a handheld when you leave the home and continue playing? Is cross-platform play between home and portable consoles possible?

Yoshinori Ono: Yeah, I think we're probably three months too early to answer that question. But if you're going to be at E3, see you there.

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