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Zen Studios' "music combat game" KickBeat dated next month for PS3 and Vita

Just beat it.

Zen Studios - of Zen Pinball fame - is releasing its rhythm-based brawler KickBeat on 4th September on PS3 and Vita.

This will be a Cross-Buy title, so purchase it on one Sony device and get it on both at no extra charge. No price has been announced, but Zen's Bobby Loertscher noted in a comment on the EU PlayStation Blog that "It'll be in line with our other games as far as price goes."

KickBeat looks rather unique in that it's a rhythm game with combat, no on-screen prompts, and you're free to create your own attack sequences.

The dance-fighting game will contain the music of Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, Pendulum and more. Zen promises it contains no Justin Bieber, but players can upload their own music onto it.

Get a look at KickBeat in action in the release trailer below, or see how it actually plays in the gameplay footage below that.

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